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Based on ChaoticShiny's (with permission) here and SeventhSanctum's here Potion generators.

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]



1,[Potion]: a [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] potion, [SwirlSparkle] [PotionDescription] contained in a [PotionContainer] The potion smells [PotionSmellTaste] and tastes [PotionSmellTaste]. 1,[Pathfinder Potions.main]: a [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] potion, [SwirlSparkle] [PotionDescription] contained in a [PotionContainer] The potion smells [PotionSmellTaste] and tastes [PotionSmellTaste]. 1,[Pathfinder Magic Item.Potions]: a [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] potion, [SwirlSparkle] [PotionDescription] contained in a [PotionContainer] The potion smells [PotionSmellTaste] and tastes [PotionSmellTaste].


1,Potion of Aid 1,Potion of Barkskin 1,Potion of Bear's Endurance 1,Potion of Blur 1,Potion of Bull's Strength 1,Potion of Cat's Grace 1,Potion of Cure Light Wounds 1,Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds 1,Potion of Cure Serious Wounds 1,Potion of Darkvision 1,Potion of Delay Poison 1,Potion of Displacement 1,Potion of Eagle's Splendor 1,Potion of Endure Elements 1,Potion of Enlarge Person 1,Potion of Fly 1,Potion of Fox's Cunning 1,Potion of Gaseous Form 1,Potion of Good Hope 1,Potion of Haste 1,Potion of Heroism 1,Potion of Hide from Animals 1,Potion of Hide from Undead 1,Potion of Invisibility 1,Potion of Jump 1,Potion of Levitate 1,Potion of Mage Armor 1,Potion of Magic Circle against Evil 1,Potion of Magic Circle against Chaos 1,Potion of Magic Circle against Good 1,Potion of Magic Circle against Law 1,Potion of Magic Fang 1,Potion of Magic Fang, Greater 1,Potion of Misdirection 1,Potion of Neutralize Poison 1,Potion of Nondetection 1,Potion of Owl's Wisdom 1,Potion of Pass Without Trace 1,Potion of Protection from Evil 1,Potion of Protection from Chaos 1,Potion of Protection from Good 1,Potion of Protection from Law 1,Potion of Protection from Arrows 1,Potion of Protection from Energy (acid) 1,Potion of Protection from Energy (cold) 1,Potion of Protection from Energy (electricity) 1,Potion of Protection from Energy (fire) 1,Potion of Protection from Energy (sonic) 1,Potion of Rage 1,Potion of Reduce Person 1,Potion of Remove Blindness/Deafness 1,Potion of Remove Curse 1,Potion of Remove Disease 1,Potion of Remove Fear 1,Potion of Remove Paralysis 1,Potion of Resist Energy (acid) 1,Potion of Resist Energy (cold) 1,Potion of Resist Energy (electricity) 1,Potion of Resist Energy (fire) 1,Potion of Resist Energy (sonic) 1,Potion of Restoration, Lesser 1,Potion of Sanctuary 1,Potion of Shield of Faith 1,Potion of Spider Climb 1,Potion of Tongues 1,Potion of Undetectable Alignment 1,Potion of Water Breathing 1,Potion of Water Walk


10, 1,Dark 1,Deep 1,Light 1,Medium 1,Opalescent 1,Pale 1,Semi-transparent 1,Solid 1,Transparent 1,Very pale


7,[Color.all] 1,Amber 1,Amethyst 1,Aquamarine 1,Beryl 1,Black 1,Blue 1,Brown 1,Burnt orange 1,Cerulean 1,Cobalt 1,Copper 1,Ebony 1,Emerald 1,Gold 1,Golden 1,Green 1,Indigo 1,Ivory 1,Mint green 1,Pearl 1,Pink 1,Purple 1,Red 1,Rose 1,Ruby 1,Sapphire 1,Scarlet 1,Sea green 1,Silver 1,Topaz 1,Violet 1,White 1,Yellow 1,Yellow-orange


5, 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] accretions on the bottom and 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] accretions on the side and 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] flakes and 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] flashes and 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] flecks and 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] globules and 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] oddiments and 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] sparkles and 1,with spots of [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] and 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] streaks and 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] swirls and 1,with metallic swirls and 1,with varicolored layers and


1,boiling, 1,boiling intensely, 1,bubbling, 1,chunky, 1,fizzing, 1,fizzing intensely, 1,fizzing slightly, 1,foaming, 1,foaming slightly, 1,frothing, 1,glowing, 1,hot, 1,ichorous, 1,lukewarm, 1,moving, 1,murky, 1,phosphorescing, 1,reflective, 1,smoking intensely, 1,smoking slightly 1,steaming intensely, 1,swirling, 1,thick, 1,thin, 1,warm, 1,watery, 1,with a syrupy texture, 1,with floating chunks of something, 1,with [ColorAdjective] [PotionColor] bubbles, 1,with crushed ice, 1,very cold, 1,very foamy, 1,viscous,


7,[Trade Goods.OilContainer]. 7,[Household Treasures Based]. 1,bloodstained flask. 1,bone flask. 1,carved bone cup. 1,crystal vial. 1,cup made of bark. 1,dirty vial. 1,flask inset with bone. 1,flask inset with iron. 1,flask inset with silver. 1,flask with runes carved on the side. 1,flask with runes drawn on the side. 1,glass vial. 1,large flask. 1,metal flask. 1,pewter flask. 1,plain flask. 1,plain vial. 1,silver vial. 1,small cup. 1,tall tumbler. 1,vial with an unidentifiable spice on the rim. 1,vial with droplets running down the sides. 1,vial with runes etched in the side.

Household Treasures Based

1,[Household Treasures.MetalHead] [Metal Container] 1,[Household Treasures.StoneHead] [Stone Container] 1,[Household Treasures.OrganicHead] [Organic Container] 1,[Household Treasures.GlassHead] [Glass Container] 1,[Household Treasures.MetalHead] [Metal Container] [Household Treasures.p] 1,[Household Treasures.StoneHead] [Stone Container] [Household Treasures.p] 1,[Household Treasures.OrganicHead] [Organic Container] [Household Treasures.p] 1,[Household Treasures.GlassHead] [Glass Container] [Household Treasures.p]

Metal Container

5,chalice 4,bowl 4,goblet 3,decanter 3,flagon 2,cup 1,basin 1,ewer 1,kettle 1,large cauldron 1,pitcher 1,pot 1,shotglass 1,small cauldron 1,vial with stopper 1,mug 1,pitcher 1,pot 1,punchbowl 1,shotglass 1,vial with stopper

Stone Container

4,bowl 2,cup 1,basin 1,goblet 1,mug 1,vial with stopper

Organic Container

5,chalice 4,bowl 4,goblet 3,decanter 3,flagon 3,tankard 2,drinking horn 2,cup 1,basin 1,ewer 1,mug 1,pitcher 1,punchbowl 1,shotglass

Glass Container

5,wineglass 4,bottle 4,bowl 4,chalice 4,flask 4,goblet 4,vial 3,decanter 3,ewer 3,pitcher 2,basin 2,cup 2,jar 2,punchbowl 2,shotglass 1,mug 1,tankard


5,like [Trade Goods.PerfumeScents] 3,like [Utility.Fruit] 2,like [FantasyMenu.Nuts] 3,like [FantasyMenu.Veggies] 3,like [FantasyDrinks.main] 1,a bit like charcoal 1,acidic 1,alcoholic 1,bad 1,frightening 1,good 1,heavenly 1,horrible 1,like acorns 1,like alcohol 1,like ambrosia 1,like bananas 1,like beer 1,like bile 1,like blackberries 1,like black pepper 1,like blood 1,like bread 1,like butter 1,like cabbage 1,like candy 1,like cantaloupe 1,like caramel 1,like carrots 1,like cave rock 1,like celery 1,like chemicals 1,like cherries 1,like chicken 1,like chocolate 1,like cider 1,like cinnamon 1,like coconut 1,like cooked meat 1,like cream 1,like cucumber 1,like excrement 1,like fish 1,like fresh dirt 1,like freshly cut grass 1,like fruit 1,like garlic 1,like grapes 1,like green peppers 1,like herbs 1,like hot chocolate 1,like lemons 1,like lettuce 1,like licorice 1,like lime 1,like medicine 1,like nuts 1,like ooze 1,like oranges 1,like orc spit 1,like peaches 1,like pea soup 1,like peppermint 1,like perfume 1,like rat droppings 1,like rot 1,like rum 1,like spices 1,like spinach 1,like spit 1,like tea 1,like the sea 1,like tomato juice 1,like urine 1,like vanilla 1,like vegetables 1,like walnuts 1,like wine 1,metallic 1,minty 1,nice 1,nightmarish 1,questionable 1,scary 1,somewhat like cheese 1,somewhat like coffee 1,somewhat like whiskey 1,spoiled 1,strongly of nuts 1,sweet 1,very mellow </sgtable>