Plot Kickers and Oracles

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Name Description Sample
1001 Nights Story Title <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[1001 Nights Story Title.main]”</sgdisplay>
Bad Year in Bear Lake semi-coherent supercentenarian hillbilly recollects long-forgotten hard times <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Bad Year in Bear Lake.main]”</sgdisplay>
But Cards for when your “Yes, But” just kinda trails off. <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[But Cards.main]”</sgdisplay>
Conundrum <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Conundrum.main]”</sgdisplay>
Deadlands Plots and Oracles Wild west adventure generators. <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Deadlands Plots and Oracles.main]</sgdisplay>
DM Dungeon Kit Adventure Builder Based on the DM Dungeon Kit for AD+D <sgdisplay iterations="1">[DMDK Adventure.main]</sgdisplay>
Dungeon Dozen Dodecadecider Random link to a table on Jason Sholtis’ Dungeon Dozen blog with a d12 result (Dec ’11–Mar ’12 entered)
Fantasy Adventure Generator <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Fantasy Adventure Generator.main]”</sgdisplay>
Fantasy Scenario Generator <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Fantasy Scenario Generator.main]”</sgdisplay>
Fantasy Scene <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Fantasy Scene.main]”</sgdisplay>
Fantasy Town Event <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Fantasy Town Event.main]”</sgdisplay>
Film Noir Monologue <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Film Noir Monologue.Main]”</sgdisplay>
Gates & Gorgons scenario generator, per the text.
Generic Mission Generator <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Generic Mission Generator.main]”</sgdisplay>
Grey Ranks Oracles
In a Wicked Age list of resources for playing In a Wicked Age, by Vincent Baker.
Jacob's Instant Plot Generator <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Jacob's Instant Plot Generator.Plot]</sgdisplay>
Mutant Academy Adventure Generator <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Mutant Academy Adventure Generator.main]”</sgdisplay>
Mutants and Masterminds Plot Kickers and Oracles <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Mutants and Masterminds Plot Kickers and Oracles.main]</sgdisplay>
Mythic Random Events Based on the Mythic GM Emulator <sgdisplay iterations="2">“[Mythic Random Events.main]”</sgdisplay>
Oblique Strategy Random advice to break your creative block. Developed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt[1]
Parable Title <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Parable Title.main]”</sgdisplay>
Penny For My Thoughts Memory Trigger <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Penny For My Thoughts Memory Trigger.main]”</sgdisplay>
Plot Keyword Oracle Rob Donoghue extracted over 32,000 plot keywords from IMDB. Here are 3. <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Plot Keyword Oracle.Keyword]; [Plot Keyword Oracle.Keyword]; [Plot Keyword Oracle.Keyword]”</sgdisplay>
Police Dispatches (note: dispatch includes quotes) <sgdisplay iterations="1">[Police Dispatches.main]</sgdisplay>
Random Fantasy Plot The hero with 1d1000 faces. <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Random Fantasy Plot.main]”</sgdisplay>
Scrambled Tarot <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Scrambled Tarot.Main]”</sgdisplay>
Shadowrun Tools and Plots Random runs, bounty hunts, critter hunts, vehicles, drones, and weapons useful for any “mission” or “run” based game.
Solid Gold Easy Action T.Rex Gaming Oracle Selected babblings of Marc Bolan. <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Solid Gold Easy Action T.Rex Gaming Oracle.main]” (Note: the full stop in “T.Rex” confuses Abulafia, so nothing displays)</sgdisplay>
Splats outline of a faction v. faction setting <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Splats.main]”</sgdisplay>
Spycraft Triggering Event Your mission, should you choose to accept it… <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Spycraft Triggering Event.main]”</sgdisplay>
Status Changes Based on Play Unsafe <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Status Changes.status_change]”</sgdisplay>
Tarot Plot Generator Act III Climax <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Tarot Card.drawFacade]”</sgdisplay>
Ten word adventure synopsis short adventure hooks <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[Ten word adventure synopsis.main]”</sgdisplay>
The World's Unknown CHAPTER SEVEN: <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[The World's Unknown.arctic]”</sgdisplay>
ThreeSixteen Planets generates planets for Gregor Hutton’s game 3:16
A Nice Southern Town Fiasco! <sgdisplay iterations="1">“[A Nice Southern Town.main]”</sgdisplay>