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Based on Player Emulator (with Tags) by Tam.

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1,Agenda: [agenda]
Personality: [personality]
Focus: [focus]


1,True Face - Loves secrets and dramatic reveals; good or bad, himself or someone else. 1,Inept - Chaotic, bored, and not paying attention. Will try to assassinate anyone who might have good loot or for laughs. 1,Flashback - All about backstory and character development, but focused on her own character and pet NPCs. 1,Ignoble - Cares about keeping his character intact and about amassing something of value – name it. 1,Weak - Craves new experiences, escapism. Not chaotic but doesn’t think about her allies before acting on temptation. 1,Focused - Wants to play the game he signed up for, do what’s on his character sheet, and avoid too much of any one game aspect. 1,Skilled - Plays skilled or flexible characters; wants to show that off. 1,Noble - Wants to do the right thing and sacrifice herself for the greater good, preferably while being recognized and suffering for it. 1,On Point - Brings his best game. Always pushes the story and adventure towards a dramatic and satisfying conclusion. 1,Team-Player - Only interested in helping out the rest of the party. Doesn't focus too much on specializing his own character. 1,Joker - Interested in having a fun time, and being the comic relief, even if she has to break the fourth wall.


1,[personality_tag] 1,[personality_tag], [personality_tag] 1,[personality_tag], [personality_tag], [personality_tag]


1,Chatty 1,Ruthless 1,Casual 1,Cheerful 1,Indecisive 1,Assertive 1,Asocial 1,Blunt 1,Timid 1,Rigid 1,Invested 1,Argumentative 1,Gambler 1,Greedy 1,Turtle 1,Methodical 1,Whimsical 1,Mercurial 1,Needy 1,Asexual 1,Curious 1,Bully 1,Lecherous 1,Peacemaker 1,Smart 1,Clumsy 1,Flaky 1,Restless 1,Flamboyant 1,Charismatic 1,Creative 1,Dramatic 1,Thespian 1,Trouble 1,Leader 1,Forgetful 1,Demanding 1,Stubborn 1,Dedicated 1,Vengeful 1,Democratic 1,Competitive 1,Kind 1,Romantic 1,Puns 1,Determined 1,Arrogant 1,Hidebound 1,Sensible 1,Free 1,Flighty 1,Callous 1,Avaricious 1,Conventional 1,Hoarder 1,Spendthrift 1,Fighter 1,Depressed 1,Manic 1,Quixotic 1,Attentive 1,Precise 1,Inattentive 1,Eidetic 1,Careless 1,Careful 1,Empathetic 1,Chummy 1,Louche 1,Daredevil 1,Sensitive 1,Amoral


1,[focus_tag], [focus_tag]


1,Fame 1,Wealth 1,Knowledge 1,Magic 1,Do Good 1,Mayhem 1,Backstory 1,Romance 1,Explore 1,Conflict 1,Prove Self 1,Rivalry 1,Item 1,Dominate 1,Crush Foe 1,Uplift Ally 1,Infamy