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The parish of <sgdisplay iterations="1">[parish-name]</sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations = "1">[parish]</sgdisplay>


<sgdisplay iterations = "3">[job]</sgdisplay>

People You Meet

<sgdisplay iterations = "5">[individual]</sgdisplay>

In The News

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1,treachery 1,disease 1,predators 1,traps 1,sorcery 1,freelancers 1,trackless 1,necromancy 1,divinity 1,cold 1,nightmares


17,an [item-descriptor-vowel] [item-name] 41,a [item-description-consonant] [item-name] 1,the recipe for [Brewnames.main]


1,[Jewelry.item] 1,[ClothingFemale.FemaleClothing]


1,eldritch 1,ogrish 1,ice 1,orichalem 1,adamantine 1,elven 1,ancient 1,enchanted 1,invested 1,epic 1,Imperial 1,actinic 1,evanescing 1,astral 1,ethereal 1,exotic 1,imperial


1,bone 1,titan 1,dragon 1,diamond 1,glass 1,sinister 1,lordly 1,masterwork 1,horned 1,majestic 1,dwarven 1,fanged 1,legendary 1,mythic 1,golden 1,jeweled 1,chitinous 1,divine 1,profane 1,sacred 1,runic 1,foetid 1,royal 1,loyal 1,fey 1,winged 1,shadow 1,ceremonial 1,prismatic 1,coruscating 1,star-forged 1,meteoric 1,resplendent 1,spiked 1,venomous 1,frivolous 1,madcap 1,gladiator's 1,professor's 1,warrior's 1,mage's


1,[individual-short] asks you to acquire [item-indefinite] from [individual-short] who lives in a [job-location]. 1,[individual-short] asks you to deliver [item-indefinite] to [individual-short] in a [job-location]. 1,[individual-short] asks you to explore a [job-location]. 1,[individual-short] desires the death of [individual-short] who lives in a [job-location]. 1,[individual-short] needs protection from [individual-short]. 1,[individual-short] asks you to raid a [job-location].


4,a [species-descriptor] [individual-role] named [Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel] 1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel], the [species-descriptor] [individual-role], 1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel], a visiting [species-name-singular] [individual-role] 1,a gang of [species-descriptor] [species-name-singular] [individual-role-plural] 1,a company of [species-descriptor] [individual-role-plural] 3,a [individual-descriptor] [species-name-singular] / [species-name-singular] [individual-role] named [Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel]


1,acquire 1,deliver 1,explore 1,kill


1,nearby parish 1,distant parish 1,nearby plane 1,distant plane


3,criminal 3,cult 3,guild 3,library 3,Temple 3,Wizard 2,diplomat 2,freebooter 2,merchant 2,militarist 2,pilgrim 2,refugee 1,alien god 1,diabolist 1,immortal 1,outlaw 1,philospher 1,spirit


1,[Fantasy Town Event.main].


1,[Fantasy Town Names.main]


1,This [atmosphere-descriptor] [borderlands] parish is [parish-feature-verb-singular] [feature]. [population]. 1,This [atmosphere-descriptor] [borderlands] parish is [parish-feature-verb-plural] [feature-plural]. [population].


20, 1,borderlands


1,best known for its 1,dominated by a massive 1,treasured for its 1,notorious for its


1,crosscrossed with 1,riddled with 1,famous for 1,surrounded by


1,[feature-name] 2,[feature-descriptor] [feature-name] 2,[feature-descriptor] [feature-name] and [feature-name] 1,[feature-descriptor] [feature-name] and [feature-descriptor] [feature-name]


2,[feature-name-plural] 2,[feature-descriptor] [feature-name-plural] 2,[feature-descriptor] [feature-name-plural] and [feature-name-plural] 1,[feature-descriptor] [feature-name-plural] and [feature-descriptor] [feature-name-plural]


1,. who prevent all others from settling here 1,. who annihilate any others who try to settle here 1,. There is a small [species-descriptor] [species-name-singular] enclave within its borders 1,who live peacefully alongside a a significant minority of [species-descriptor] [species-name-plural] 1,and their [species-relationship], the [species-name-plural]


1,clients 1,patrons 1,masters 1,slaves 1,rivals 1,allies 1,uneasy allies 1,enemies 1,despised enemies 1,allies of convenience 1,allies of necessity 1,satraps 1,symbionts 1,creations


3,Most of the inhabitants are [cultural-descriptor] [species-plural] [species-minority] 3,For many years, [cultural-descriptor] [species-plural] and [cultural-descriptor] [species-plural] have shared this parish 3,It is [ownership-verb] by [species-plural] [species-minority] 3,The [species-descriptor] [species-name-plural] here have tense relations with their neighbours, the [cultural-descriptor] [species-name-plural] 3,A restive mix of [species-descriptor] [species-name-plural], [species-descriptor] [species-name-plural], and [cultural-descriptor] [species-name-plural] [ownership-verb-present-tense] this parish 1,Before the pogroms, [cultural-descriptor] [species-name-plural] were common here. Today only the [species-descriptor] [species-name-plural] remain 3,A[organization] of [cultural-descriptor] [species-plural] and [species-plural] [ownership-verb-present-tense] this parish


1,bureaucracy 1,syndicate 1,uneasy alliance 1,consortium 1,fellowship 1,council 1,pact 1,star chamber 1,secret court 1,conspiracy 1,secret society 1,veiled society


1,dominated 1,owned 1,controlled 1,managed 1,populated


1,dominates 1,owns 1,controls 1,manages 1,populates


4,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel], [species-descriptor] [individual-role], [individual-descriptor] and [individual-descriptor] 1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel], [individual-descriptor] [individual-role] 1,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel], a visiting [species-name-singular] [individual-role], [individual-descriptor] and [species-descriptor] 1,a gang of [species-descriptor] [species-name-singular] [individual-role-plural] 1,a company of [species-descriptor] [individual-role-plural] 3,[Fantasy Names.mainNoLabel], [individual-descriptor] [species-name-singular] / [species-name-singular] [individual-role]


1,[species-descriptor] [species-name-plural] 1,[species-name-plural]


1,For the most part, the population is [cultural-descriptor] and [cultural-descriptor] 1,Life here is a struggle between the [cultural-descriptor] and the [cultural-descriptor] 1,The population is [cultural-descriptor], [cultural-descriptor], and [cultural-descriptor] 1,There are two kinds of people here: the [cultural-descriptor] and the [cultural-descriptor]


1,seers 1,alchemists 1,librarians 1,sages 1,gigolos 1,men-at-arms 1,assassins 1,bards 1,hunters 1,sherpas 1,spies 1,beastmasters 1,homunculi 1,warlocks 1,engineers 1,architects 1,poets 1,jesters 1,mercenaries 1,bookkeepers 1,inventors 1,astrologers 1,scientists 1,socialites 1,courtesans 1,eunuchs 1,translators 1,bodyguards 1,cooks 1,taxidermists 1,collectors 1,diplomats 1,councillors 1,midwifes 1,stonemasons 1,surgeons 1,gunners 1,navigators 1,duellists 1,apothecaries 1,fireworks makers 1,bailiffs 1,burglars 1,confidence men 1,grifters 1,dilletantes 1,ferrymen 1,fences 1,gamblers 1,monster hunters 1,pilgrims 1,highwaymen 1,innkeepers 1,knights 1,lamplighters 1,attorneys 1,flagelants 1,bishops 1,hermits 1,patriarchs 1,matriarchs 1,orphans 1,scouts 1,servants 1,slaves 1,slavers 1,brewers 1,stevedores 1,spies 1,agents 1,stewards 1,chatelaines 1,headmasters 1,prefects 1,students 1,toll collectors 1,tax collectors 1,bakers 1,vagabonds 1,valets 1,butlers 1,torturers 1,armorers 1,barbers 1,beekeepers 1,butchers 1,cobblers 1,coopers 1,merchants 1,glassblowers 1,haulers 1,mariners 1,tailors 1,haberdashers 1,moneylenders 1,vagrants 1,healers 1,herbalists 1,jewelers 1,locksmiths 1,mendicants 1,minstrels 1,ostlers 1,urchins 1,smugglers 1,couriers 1,shamans 1,revolutionarys 1,activists 1,scavengers 1,hierophants 1,hermits 1,jailers 1,executioners 20,road wardens 1,cultists


20,road warden 1,cultist 1,seer 1,alchemist 1,librarian 1,sage 1,gigolo 1,man-at-arms 1,assassin 1,bard 1,hunter 1,sherpa 1,spy 1,beastmaster 1,homunculus 1,warlock 1,engineer 1,architect 1,poet 1,jester 1,mercenary 1,bookkeeper 1,inventor 1,astrologer 1,scientist 1,socialite 1,courtesan 1,eunuch 1,translator 1,bodyguard 1,cook 1,taxidermist 1,collector 1,hermit 1,diplomat 1,councillor 1,midwife 1,stonemason 1,surgeon 1,gunner 1,navigator 1,duellist 1,apothecary 1,fireworks maker 1,bailiff 1,burglar 1,confidence man 1,grifter 1,dilletante 1,ferryman 1,fence 1,gambler 1,monster Hunter 1,pilgrim 1,highwayman 1,innkeeper 1,knight 1,lamplighter 1,attorney 1,flagelant 1,bishop 1,patriarch 1,matriarch 1,orphan 1,scout 1,servant 1,slave 1,slaver 1,brewer 1,stevedore 1,spy 1,agent 1,steward 1,chatelaine 1,headmaster 1,prefect 1,student 1,toll collector 1,tax collector 1,baker 1,vagabond 1,valet 1,butler 1,torturer 1,armorer 1,barber 1,beekeeper 1,butcher 1,cobbler 1,cooper 1,merchant 1,glassblower 1,hauler 1,mariner 1,tailor 1,haberdasher 1,moneylender 1,vagrant 1,healer 1,herbalist 1,jeweler 1,locksmith 1,mendicant 1,minstrel 1,ostler 1,urchin 1,smuggler 1,courier 1,shaman 1,revolutionary 1,activist 1,scavenger 1,hierophant 1,hermit 1,jailer 1,executioner


1,loathesome 1,insomniac 1,contagious 1,mutated 1,winsome 1,furtive 1,feverish 1,tenacious 1,hunchbacked 1,sterilized 1,ill 1,diseased 1,handsome 1,lascivious 1,undersexed 1,elderly 1,unaging 1,musical 1,ugly 1,pregnant 1,wealthy 1,corpulent 1,skinny 1,tattooed 1,baubled 1,resplendent 1,elegant 1,robust 1,limping 1,serene 1,romantic 1,vivacious 1,sullen 1,young 1,childish 1,cynical 1,fierce 1,feeble 1,feebleminded 1,insane 1,venomous 1,gossipy 1,limbless 1,deaf 1,blind 1,earnest 1,disapproving 1,mute 1,unremarkable 1,tormented 1,anguished 1,reserved 1,energetic 1,topknotted 1,bearded 1,mustachioed 1,shaved 1,bald 1,notorious 1,one-eyed 1,savage 1,effete


1,macabre 1,tainted 1,notorious 1,luxurious 1,posh 1,uninhabitable 1,silent 1,sinking 1,collapsing 1,overcrowded 1,crumbling 1,stone 1,forbidden 1,iron 1,forgotten 1,wooden 1,adamancrete 1,clockwork 1,filthy 1,cobbled 1,weathered 1,shining 1,obsidian 1,foetid 1,marble 1,cursed 1,endless 1,stately 1,ancient 1,quarantined 1,magnificent 1,central 1,colossal 1,haunted


1,sinister 1,numbing 1,sleepless 1,lush 1,terrifying 1,notorious 1,muddy 1,tropical 1,dank 1,dark 1,sun-soaked 1,wintry 1,teeming 1,overcrowded 1,foggy 1,damp 1,frigid 1,stormwracked 1,charming 1,silent 1,tropical 1,muggy 1,sprawling 1,sun-blasted 1,starlit 1,moonlit 1,rainy 1,idyllic 1,pleasant 1,sandstorm-blasted


1,enigmatic 1,backwards 1,superstitious 1,advanced 1,prosperous 1,chaotic 1,honourable 1,law-abiding 1,impoverished 1,noble 1,marauding 1,courageous 1,seafaring 1,slaveowning 1,peaceful 1,warlike 1,cursed 1,sylvan 1,commercial 1,corrupt 1,conquering 1,underground 1,reborn 1,imperial 1,decadent 1,conquering 1,decorous 1,artful 1,industrious 1,learned 1,spiritual 1,herding 1,caste-driven 1,agricultural 1,egalitarian 1,pacifist 1,staunch 1,pioneering 1,sentimental 1,romantic 1,xenophobic 1,fading 1,cannibalistic 1,activist 1,artisanal 1,revolutionary 1,fashionable 1,ancient 1,posessed 1,parasite-infested 1,mad 1,nomadic 1,cultish 1,blasphemous 1,hidebound 1,feral 1,gestalt 1,iconoclastic 1,mystic 1,puritan 1,clannish 1,damned 1,imprisoned 1,primordial 1,divine 1,profane 1,polluting 1,tribal 1,musical 1,prescient 1,wrathful 1,declining 1,territorial 1,underclass 1,harmonious 1,doomed 1,industrial 1,oppressive 1,resurgent 1,collectivist 1,orthodox 1,interloping 1,cloned


1,Android 1,Human 1,Elf 1,Halfling 1,Dwarve 1,Amazon 1,Ghoul 1,Beast Folk 1,Minotaur 1,Great Ape 1,Mushroom Folk 1,Vampire 1,Starfish Man 1,Deep Folk 1,Gargoyle 1,Rat Thing 1,Ogre 1,Titan 1,Demon 1,Thrall 1,Elemental 1,Construct 1,Lightning Brain 1,Slime 1,Gith 1,Squid Folk 1,Spider 1,Cat-Demon 1,Giant Ant 1,Giant Wasp 1,Beyond-Spawn 1,Slug 1,Raptor Man 1,Krakenoid 1,Shadow 1,Siren 1,Ghost 1,Lizard Folk 1,Angel 1,Centaur 1,Scorpion 1,Rook Folk 1,Archon 1,Gorgon 1,Vulture Folk 1,Pixie 1,Yeti 1,Serpent-Thing 1,Automaton


1,Androids 1,Humans 1,Elves 1,Halflings 1,Dwarves 1,Amazons 1,Ghouls 1,Beast Folk 1,Minotaurs 1,Great Apes 1,Mushroom Folk 1,Vampires 1,Starfish Men 1,Deepfolk 1,Gargoyles 1,Rat Things 1,Ogres 1,Titans 1,Demons 1,Elementals 1,Constructs 1,Lightning Brains 1,Slimes 1,Gith 1,Squid Folk 1,Spiders 1,Cat-Demons 1,Giant Ants 1,Giant Wasps 1,Beyond-Spawn 1,Slugs 1,Raptor Men 1,Krakenoids 1,Shadows 1,Sirens 1,Ghosts 1,Lizard Folk 1,Angels 1,Centaurs 1,Scorpions 1,Rook Folk 1,Archons 1,Gorgons 1,Vulture Folk 1,Pixies 1,Yeti 1,Serpent-Things 1,Automatons


1,mutant 1,flawless 1,refugee 1,ungendered 1,albino 1,blue-skinned 1,green-skinned 1,orange-skinned 1,purple-skinned 1,spotted 1,brown-skinned 1,pale-skinned 1,black-skinned 1,hairless 1,giant 1,cyclopean 1,glowing-eyed 1,triple-eyed 1,faceless 1,masked 1,unblinking 1,shining 1,miasmic 1,gilled 1,tattooed 1,clawed 1,singing 1,keening 1,tusked 1,horned 1,beast-riding 1,winged 1,shape-changing 1,demon-ridden 1,magical 1,immortal 1,sorcerous 1,astral 1,ghostly 1,eldritch 1,feral 1,empathic 1,spiny


1,plantation 1,garden 1,arcade 1,bazaar 1,park 1,theater 1,colosseum 1,forum 1,parliament 1,fairground 1,crater 1,necropolis 1,temple 1,observatory 1,lighthouse 1,harbor 1,labyrinth 1,landfill 1,sewer 1,dungeon 1,monastery 1,abbey 1,slum 1,dock 1,palace 1,auction house 1,tower 1,brewery 1,well 1,lake 1,menagerie 1,manor 1,ruins 1,prison 1,tree-city 1,pit 1,tomb 1,asylum 1,hospital 1,architecture 1,bourse 1,pilgrim's shrine 1,gate 1,stockyard 1,stockade 1,palisade 1,barbican 1,inner city 1,wurm 1,fortress 1,vault 1,mine 1,shantytown 1,arena 1,stadium 1,racetrack 1,festival grounds 1,wall


1,plantations 1,gardens 1,arcades 1,bazaars 1,parks 1,theaters 1,colosseums 1,forums 1,parliaments 1,fairgrounds 1,craters 1,necropolises 1,temples 1,observatories 1,lighthouses 1,harbors 1,canals 1,labyrinths 1,landfills 1,sewers 1,caves 1,dungeons 1,monasteries 1,abbeys 1,slums 1,docks 1,palaces 1,auction houses 1,warehouses 1,towers 1,breweries 1,alleys 1,wells 1,lakes 1,menageries 1,manors 1,ruins 1,prisons 1,tree-cities 1,pits 1,tombs 1,asylums 1,hospitals 1,architectures 1,bourses 1,pilgrims' shrines 1,gates 1,stockyards 1,stockades 1,palisades 1,barbicans 1,wurms 1,fortresses 1,vaults 1,mines 1,shantytowns 1,arenas 1,stadiums 1,racetracks 1,festival grounds 1,walls