Pathfinder Spell List U-Z

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<sgdisplay iterations="8">[main]

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1,Umbral Infusion 1,Umbral Strike 1,Umbral Weapon 1,Unadulterated Loathing 1,Unbearable Brightness 1,Unbreakable Construct 1,Unbreakable Heart 1,Uncanny Reminder 1,Unconscious Agenda 1,Undead Anatomy 1,Undead Beacon 1,Undeath Inversion 1,Undeath Sense 1,Undeath to Death 1,Undeath Ward 1,Underbrush Decoy 1,Undetectable Alignment 1,Undetectable Trap 1,Undine's Curse 1,Unerring Tracker 1,Unerring Weapon 1,Unfetter 1,Unflappable Mien 1,Unhallow 1,Unhallowed Blows 1,Unholy Aura 1,Unholy Blight 1,Unholy Ice 1,Unholy Ice Weapon 1,Unholy Sword 1,Unholy Ward 1,Universal Formula 1,Unlife Current 1,Unlife Current 1,Unliving Rage 1,Unnatural Lust 1,Unprepared Combatant 1,Unravel Destiny 1,Unseen Crew 1,Unseen Engineers 1,Unseen Servant 1,Unsettling Presence 1,Unshakable Chill 1,Unshakable Zeal 1,Unspoken Name 1,Untold Wonder 1,Unwelcome Halo 1,Unwilling Shield 1,Unwitting Ally 1,Urban Grace 1,Urban Step 1,Utter Contempt 1,Vacuous Vessel 1,Vampiric Hunger 1,Vampiric Shadow Shield 1,Vampiric Touch 1,Vanish 1,Veil 1,Veil of Ash 1,Veil of Heaven 1,Veil of Positive Energy 1,Vengeful Comets 1,Vengeful Outrage 1,Vengeful Stinger 1,Venomous Bite 1,Venomous Bolt 1,Venomous Promise 1,Ventriloquism 1,Vermin Shape 1,Verminous Transformation 1,Versatile Weapon 1,Vestment of the Champion 1,Vex Giant 1,Vexing Miscalculation 1,Vicarious View 1,Vigilant Rest 1,Vigor 1,Vile Dog Transformation 1,Village Veil 1,Vine Strike 1,Vinetrap 1,Violent Accident 1,Violent Misfire 1,Viper Bomb Admixture 1,Virtue 1,Virtuoso Performance 1,Virulence 1,Virulent Miasma 1,Vision 1,Vision of Doom 1,Vision of Hell 1,Visualization of The Body 1,Visualization of The Mind 1,Vitriolic Mist 1,Vocal Alteration 1,Volcanic Storm 1,Voluminous Vocabulary 1,Vomit Swarm 1,Vomit Twin 1,Vortex 1,Waft 1,Wail of the Banshee 1,Wake of Light 1,Walk the Plank 1,Walk through Space 1,Wall of Blindness/Deafness 1,Wall of Bone 1,Wall of Brine (Merfolk) 1,Wall of Clockwork 1,Wall of Ectoplasm 1,Wall of Fire 1,Wall of Force 1,Wall of Ice 1,Wall of Iron 1,Wall of Lava 1,Wall of Light 1,Wall of Mist 1,Wall of Nausea 1,Wall of Silver 1,Wall of Sound 1,Wall of Split Illumination 1,Wall of Stone 1,Wall of Suppression 1,Wall of Thorns 1,Wandering Star Motes 1,Wandering Trail 1,Wandering Weather 1,Ward of the Season 1,Ward Shield 1,Ward the Faithful 1,Warding Weapon 1,Warp Metal 1,Warp Wood 1,Wartrain Mount 1,Watchful Animal 1,Watchful Eye 1,Water Breathing 1,Water of Maddening 1,Water Shield 1,Water Walk 1,Waterproof 1,Wave Form 1,Wave Form 1,Wave Shield 1,Waves of Blood 1,Waves of Ecstasy 1,Waves of Exhaustion 1,Waves of Fatigue 1,Weaken Powder 1,Weapon of Awe 1,Weapons Against Evil 1,Weaponwand 1,Web 1,Web Bolt 1,Web Cloud 1,Web Shelter 1,Weird 1,What Grows Within 1,Whip of Ants 1,Whip of Centipedes 1,Whip of Spiders 1,Whirlwind 1,Whispering Lore 1,Whispering Wind 1,Wicker Horse 1,Widen Auras 1,Wild Instinct 1,Wilderness Soldiers 1,Wind Blades 1,Wind Walk 1,Wind Wall 1,Winds of Vengeance 1,Windy Escape 1,Wing Bounty 1,Wing Thorns 1,Winged Sword 1,Winter Feathers 1,Winter's Grasp 1,Wish 1,With the Wind 1,Withdraw Affliction 1,Wither Limb 1,Witness 1,Wizened Appearance 1,Wood Shape 1,Wooden Phalanx 1,Wooden Wing Shield 1,Woodland Rune 1,Word of Beckoning 1,Word of Chaos 1,Word of Recall 1,Word of Resolve 1,World Wave 1,Wracking Ray 1,Wrath 1,Wrathful Mantle 1,Wrathful Weapon 1,Wreath of Blades 1,Yellow Sign 1,Youthful Appearance 1,Zephyr's Fleetness 1,Zone of Foul Flames 1,Zone of Silence 1,Zone of Truth

Alchemist 1
Alchemist 2
Alchemist 3
Alchemist 4
Alchemist 5
Alchemist 6
Antipaladin 1
Antipaladin 2
Antipaladin 3
Antipaladin 4
Bard 0
Bard 1
Bard 2
Bard 3
Bard 4
Bard 5
Bard 6
Bloodrager 1
Bloodrager 2
Bloodrager 3
Bloodrager 4
Cleric/Oracle 0
Cleric/Oracle 1
Cleric/Oracle 2
Cleric/Oracle 3
Cleric/Oracle 4
Cleric/Oracle 5
Cleric/Oracle 6
Cleric/Oracle 7
Cleric/Oracle 8
Cleric/Oracle 9
Druid 0
Druid 1
Druid 2
Druid 3
Druid 4
Druid 5
Druid 6
Druid 7
Druid 8
Druid 9
Inquisitor 0
Inquisitor 1
Inquisitor 2
Inquisitor 3
Inquisitor 4
Inquisitor 5
Inquisitor 6
Magus 0
Magus 1
Magus 2
Magus 3
Magus 4
Magus 5
Magus 6
Medium 0
Medium 1
Medium 2
Medium 3
Medium 4
Mesmerist 0
Mesmerist 1
Mesmerist 2
Mesmerist 3
Mesmerist 4
Mesmerist 5
Mesmerist 6
Occultist 0
Occultist 1
Occultist 2
Occultist 3
Occultist 4
Occultist 5
Occultist 6
Paladin 1
Paladin 2
Paladin 3
Paladin 4
Psychic 0
Psychic 1
Psychic 2
Psychic 3
Psychic 4
Psychic 5
Psychic 6
Psychic 7
Psychic 8
Psychic 9
Ranger 1
Ranger 2
Ranger 3
Ranger 4
Shaman 0
Shaman 1
Shaman 2
Shaman 3
Shaman 4
Shaman 5
Shaman 6
Shaman 7
Shaman 8
Shaman 9
Sorcerer/Wizard 0
Sorcerer/Wizard 1
Sorcerer/Wizard 2
Sorcerer/Wizard 3
Sorcerer/Wizard 4
Sorcerer/Wizard 5
Sorcerer/Wizard 6
Sorcerer/Wizard 7
Sorcerer/Wizard 8
Sorcerer/Wizard 9
Spiritualist 0
Spiritualist 1
Spiritualist 2
Spiritualist 3
Spiritualist 4
Spiritualist 5
Spiritualist 6
Summoner 0
Summoner 1
Summoner 2
Summoner 3
Summoner 4
Summoner 5
Summoner 6
Unchained Summoner 0
Unchained Summoner 1
Unchained Summoner 2
Unchained Summoner 3
Unchained Summoner 4
Unchained Summoner 5
Unchained Summoner 6
Witch 0
Witch 1
Witch 2
Witch 3
Witch 4
Witch 5
Witch 6
Witch 7
Witch 8
Witch 9
Abjuration Low Level
Abjuration Medium Level
Abjuration High Level
Conjuration Low Level
Conjuration Medium Level
Conjuration High Level
Divination Low Level
Divination Medium Level
Divination High Level
Enchantment Low Level
Enchantment Medium Level
Enchantment High Level
Evocation Low Level
Evocation Medium Level
Evocation High Level
Illusion Low Level
Illusion Medium Level
Illusion High Level
Necromancy Low Level
Necromancy Medium Level
Necromancy High Level
Transmutation Low Level
Transmutation Medium Level
Transmutation High Level
Air Low Level
Air Medium Level
Air High Level
Earth Low Level
Earth Medium Level
Earth High Level
Fire Low Level
Fire Medium Level
Fire High Level
Water Low Level
Water Medium Level
Water High Level
Metal Low Level
Metal Medium Level
Metal High Level
Wood Low Level
Wood Medium Level
Wood High Level
Void Low Level
Void Medium Level
Void High Level
Force/Arcane Low Level
Force/Arcane Medium Level
Force/Arcane High Level
Chaos Low Level
Chaos Medium Level
Chaos High Level
Evil Low Level
Evil Medium Level
Evil High Level
Good Low Level
Good Medium Level
Good High Level
Law Low Level
Law Medium Level
Law High Level
Darkness Low Level
Darkness Medium Level
Darkness High Level
Light Low Level
Light Medium Level
Light High Level
Poison Low Level
Poison Medium Level
Poison High Level
Ice Low Level
Ice Medium Level
Ice High Level