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1,Qualm 1,Quell Energy 1,Quench 1,Questing Stone 1,Quick Change 1,Quick Throwing 1,Quieting Weapons 1,Quintessence 1,Quintessence Mastery 1,Radiation Ward 1,Rage 1,Raging Rubble 1,Rags to Riches 1,Raiment of Command 1,Rain of Arrows 1,Rain of Frogs 1,Rainbow Pattern 1,Raise Animal Companion 1,Raise Dead 1,Rally Point 1,Rampart 1,Rapid Repair 1,Raven's Flight 1,Ray of Enfeeblement 1,Ray of Exhaustion 1,Ray of Frost 1,Ray of Sickening 1,Read Magic 1,Read Weather 1,Realm Retribution 1,Reaper's Coterie 1,Reboot 1,Rebuke 1,Rebuke Technology 1,Recentering Drone 1,Recharge 1,Recharge Innate Magic 1,Reckless Infatuation 1,Recoil Fire 1,Recorporeal Incarnation 1,Red Hand of The Killer 1,Redcap’s Touch 1,Reduce Animal 1,Reduce Person 1,Refine Improvised Weapon 1,Reflexive Barrier 1,Refuge 1,Regenerate 1,Reincarnate 1,Reincarnate Spy 1,Reinforce Armaments 1,Reinvigorating Wind 1,Rejuvenate Eidolon 1,Release Fury 1,Release The Hounds 1,Reloading Hands 1,Remarkable Legerdemain 1,Remote Viewing 1,Remove Blindness/Deafness 1,Remove Curse 1,Remove Disease 1,Remove Fear 1,Remove Paralysis 1,Remove Radioactivity 1,Remove Sickness 1,Rend Body I 1,Renovation 1,Repair Undead 1,Repel Metal or Stone 1,Repel Vermin 1,Repel Wood 1,Replay Tracks 1,Replenish Ki 1,Repress Memory 1,Reprobation 1,Repugnant Taste 1,Repulsion 1,Residual Tracking 1,Resilient Reservoir 1,Resilient Sphere 1,Resinous Skin 1,Resist Energy 1,Resist Starvation 1,Resistance 1,Resonating Word 1,Resounding Blow 1,Resounding Clang 1,Respectful Quiet 1,Resplendent Mansion 1,Rest Eternal 1,Restful Cloak 1,Restful Sleep 1,Restoration 1,Restore Corpse 1,Restore Eidolon 1,Resurgent Transformation 1,Resurrection 1,Retribution 1,Retributive Reparations 1,Retrieve Item 1,Retrocognition 1,Returning Weapon 1,Reveal Emotions 1,Reveal Mirage 1,Reveal Secrets 1,Reveal True Shape 1,Revelation 1,Revenant Armor 1,Reverse Gravity 1,Reversion 1,Reviving Finale 1,Ricochet Shot 1,Ride the Lightning 1,Ride the Waves 1,Riding Possession 1,Rift of Ruin 1,Righteous Blood 1,Righteous Condemnation 1,Righteous Might 1,Righteous Vigor 1,Rigor Mortis 1,Rising Water 1,Rite of Bodily Purity 1,Rite of Centered Mind 1,Rival’s Weald 1,River of Wind 1,River Whip 1,Riversight 1,Roaming Pit 1,Rock Whip 1,Rope Tornado 1,Rope Trick 1,Ropeweave 1,Rotgut 1,Rubberskin 1,Rumbling Fury 1,Rumormonger 1,Rune of Durability 1,Rune of Ruin 1,Rune of Rule 1,Rune of Warding 1,Rune Trace 1,Runic Overload 1,Rusting Grasp 1,Sabotage Construct 1,Sacramental Seal 1,Sacred Bond 1,Sacred Nimbus 1,Sacred Space 1,Sacrifice 1,Sacrificial Oath 1,Saddle Surge 1,Sadomasochism 1,Salvage 1,Sanctify Armor 1,Sanctify Corpse 1,Sanctify Weapons 1,Sanctuary 1,Sand Table 1,Sand Whirlwind 1,Sands of Time 1,Savage Maw 1,Saving Finale 1,Sawtooth Terrain 1,Scale Spikes 1,Scales of Deflection 1,Scamper 1,Scare 1,Scarify 1,Scent Trail 1,Scintillating Pattern 1,Scintillating Wall 1,Scorching Ash Form 1,Scorching Ray 1,Scourge of the Horsemen 1,Scouring Winds 1,Screaming Flames 1,Screech 1,Screen 1,Scribe’s Binding 1,Scripted Hallucination 1,Scrivener's Chant 1,Scrying 1,Sculpt Corpse 1,Sculpt Simulacrum 1,Sculpt Sound 1,Sculpted Cape 1,Sea of Dust 1,Sea Stallion 1,Sea Steed 1,Sealed Life 1,Sealed Sending 1,Seamantle 1,Searching Shadows 1,Searing Light 1,Sebaceous Twin 1,Secluded Grimoire 1,Second Wind 1,Secret Chest 1,Secret Coffer 1,Secret Page 1,Secret Sign 1,Secret Speech 1,Secret Vault 1,Secret Workshop 1,Secure Shelter 1,Seducer’s Eyes 1,See Alignment 1,See Beyond 1,See Invisibility 1,See Through Stone 1,Seed Spies 1,Seeds of Influence 1,Seek Shelter 1,Seek Thoughts 1,Seeming 1,Seismic Fissure 1,Selective Alarm 1,Selective Invisibility 1,Sending 1,Sense Fear 1,Sense Madness 1,Sense Spirit Magic 1,Sense Vitals 1,Sensory Amplifier 1,Sensory Overload 1,Sentry Skull 1,Sepia Snake Sigil 1,Sequester 1,Sequester Thoughts 1,Serenity 1,Sessile Spirit 1,Severed Fate 1,Shackle 1,Shades 1,Shadow Anchor 1,Shadow Barbs 1,Shadow Body 1,Shadow Bomb Admixture 1,Shadow Claws 1,Shadow Conjuration 1,Shadow Dragon Aspect 1,Shadow Enchantment 1,Shadow Endurance 1,Shadow Evocation 1,Shadow Invasion 1,Shadow Jaunt 1,Shadow Memory 1,Shadow of Doubt (Tiefling) 1,Shadow Projection 1,Shadow Step 1,Shadow Transmutation 1,Shadow Trap 1,Shadow Walk 1,Shadow Weapon 1,Shadowbard 1,Shadowfade 1,Shadowform 1,Shadowmind 1,Shadowy Haven 1,Shambler 1,Shamefully Overdressed 1,Shapechange 1,Shapechanger's Gift 1,Shaper's Touch 1,Shard of Chaos 1,Share Language 1,Share Memory 1,Share Senses 1,Share Shape 1,Share Skin 1,Shared Sacrifice 1,Shared Suffering 1,Shared Training 1,Shared Wrath 1,Sharesister 1,Shatter 1,Sheet Lightning 1,Shield 1,Shield Companion (PZ09429) 1,Shield Companion (PZO1129) 1,Shield of Darkness 1,Shield of Dawn 1,Shield of Faith 1,Shield of Fortification 1,Shield of Law 1,Shield of Shards 1,Shield of Wings 1,Shield Other 1,Shield Speech 1,Shield the Banner 1,Shifted Steps 1,Shifting Sand 1,Shifting Shadows 1,Shillelagh 1,Shining Cord 1,Shining Scales 1,Shock Arrow 1,Shock Shield 1,Shocking Grasp 1,Shocking Image 1,Shout 1,Shrink Item 1,Shroud of Darkness 1,Shroud of Innocuity 1,Sickening Entanglement 1,Sickening Strikes 1,Siege of Trees 1,Siege Scatter (Dwarf) 1,Sift 1,Sign of the Faithful 1,Sign of Wrath 1,Signifer's Rally 1,Signs of the Land 1,Silence 1,Silent Image 1,Silent Table 1,Silk to Steel 1,Silt Sphere 1,Silver Darts 1,Silverlight 1,Simulacrum 1,Siphon Magic 1,Siphon Might 1,Sirocco 1,Skeleton Crew 1,Skim 1,Skin Tag 1,Skinsend 1,Sky Steed 1,Sky Swim 1,Skyshroud 1,Slave to Sin 1,Slay Living 1,Sleep 1,Sleepwalk 1,Sleepwalking Suggestion 1,Sleet Storm 1,Slick Walls 1,Slipstream 1,Slough 1,Slow 1,Slow Suffocation 1,Slowing Mud 1,Smite Abomination 1,Smug Narcissism 1,Snake Staff 1,Snapdragon Fireworks 1,Snare 1,Snow Shape 1,Snowball 1,Soften Earth and Stone 1,Solid Fog 1,Solid Note 1,Solidify Earth 1,Song of Discord 1,Song of Healing 1,Songbird 1,Sonic Form 1,Sonic Scream 1,Sonic Thrust 1,Soothe Construct 1,Soothing Mud 1,Soothing Word 1,Soul Bind 1,Soul Transfer 1,Soul Vault 1,Soulseeker 1,Soulswitch 1,Sound Burst 1,Source Severance 1,Sow Thought 1,Spark 1,Spawn Ward 1,Speak Local Language 1,Speak with Animals 1,Speak with Dead 1,Speak With Haunt 1,Speak with Plane 1,Speak with Plants 1,Speak with Soul 1,Speak With Waves 1,Spear of Purity 1,Spectral Hand 1,Spectral Saluqi 1,Spectral Scout 1,Speechreader’s Sight 1,Spell Absorption 1,Spell Gauge 1,Spell Immunity 1,Spell Resistance 1,Spell Scourge 1,Spell Turning 1,Spellbane 1,Spellblight Jinx 1,Spellcasting Contract 1,Spellcrash, Lesser 1,Spellcurse 1,Spellscar 1,Spellstaff 1,Spellsteal 1,Spellsword 1,Sphere of Warding 1,Spherescry 1,Spider Climb 1,Spike Growth 1,Spike Stones 1,Spiked Armor 1,Spiked Pit 1,Spindrift Spritz 1,Spiral Ascent 1,Spiral Descent 1,Spirit Bonds 1,Spirit Call 1,Spirit Share 1,Spirit-Bound Blade 1,Spiritual Ally 1,Spiritual Squire 1,Spiritual Weapon 1,Spit Venom 1,Spite 1,Splinter Spell Resistance 1,Spontaneous Immolation 1,Spore Burst 1,Spotlight 1,Squeeze 1,Stabilize 1,Stabilize Powder 1,Stabilize Pressure 1,Stabilize Pressure 1,Stage Fright 1,Staggering Fall 1,Stalwart Resolve 1,Starsight 1,Statue 1,Status 1,Stave Off Corruption 1,Stay the Hand 1,Steal Breath 1,Steal Size 1,Steal Voice 1,Steam Ray Fusillade 1,Steam Ray Fusillade 1,Stench of Prey 1,Stinking Cloud 1,Stoke the Inner Fire 1,Stolen Light 1,Stone Call 1,Stone Discus 1,Stone Fist 1,Stone Shape 1,Stone Shield 1,Stone Tell 1,Stone Throwing 1,Stone to Flesh 1,Stoneskin 1,Storm of Blades 1,Storm of Vengeance 1,Storm Sight 1,Storm Step 1,Stormbolts 1,Straitjacket 1,Strand of the Tangled Knot 1,Strangling Hair 1,Stricken Heart 1,Strip Scales 1,Strong Jaw 1,Strong Wings 1,Stumble Gap 1,Stunning Barrier 1,Stunning Finale 1,Sturdy Tree Fort 1,Subjective Reality 1,Submerge Ship 1,Substitute Trail 1,Suffocation 1,Suggestion 1,Summon Accuser 1,Summon Ancestral Guardian 1,Summon Cacodaemon 1,Summon Ceustodaemon 1,Summon Derghodaemon 1,Summon Eidolon 1,Summon Elder Worm 1,Summon Erodaemon 1,Summon Flight of Eagles 1,Summon Froghemoth 1,Summon Genie 1,Summon Giant Ally 1,Summon Infernal Host 1,Summon Instrument 1,Summon Kami 1,Summon Laborers 1,Summon Lesser Psychopomp 1,Summon Meladaemon 1,Summon Minor Ally 1,Summon Minor Monster 1,Summon Monster 1,Summon Nature's Ally 1,Summon Ship 1,Summon Stampede 1,Summon Swarm 1,Summon Thanadaemon 1,Summon Totem Creature 1,Summon Vanth 1,Summoner Conduit 1,Sun Metal 1,Sun's Disdain 1,Sunbeam 1,Sunburst 1,Sunder Breaker 1,Sundered Serpent Coil 1,Sundering Shards 1,Sunstalker 1,Suppress Charms and Compulsions 1,Suppress Primal Magic 1,Suppressing Stone 1,Sure Casting 1,Surefoot Boots 1,Surface Excursion 1,Surmount Affliction 1,Suspend Drowning 1,Swallow Poison 1,Swallow Your Fear 1,Swarm of Fangs 1,Swarm Skin 1,Sweat Poison 1,Swift Girding 1,Swipe 1,Sword to Snake 1,Sylvan Hideaway 1,Symbol of Death 1,Symbol of Debauchery 1,Symbol of Dispelling 1,Symbol of Distraction 1,Symbol of Exsanguination 1,Symbol of Fear 1,Symbol of Healing 1,Symbol of Insanity 1,Symbol of Laughter 1,Symbol of Mirroring 1,Symbol of Pain 1,Symbol of Persuasion 1,Symbol of Revelation 1,Symbol of Scrying 1,Symbol of Sealing 1,Symbol of Sleep 1,Symbol of Slowing 1,Symbol of Storms 1,Symbol of Strife 1,Symbol of Striking 1,Symbol of Stunning 1,Symbol of Vulnerability 1,Symbol of Weakness 1,Sympathetic Aura 1,Sympathetic Vibration 1,Sympathetic Wounds 1,Sympathy 1,Synapse Overload 1,Synaptic Pulse 1,Synaptic Scramble 1,Synesthesia 1,Tactical Acumen 1,Tactical Adaptation 1,Tactical Formation 1,Tactical Insight 1,Tactical Miscalculation 1,Tail Current 1,Tail Strike 1,Tailwind 1,Talisman of Reprieve 1,Talismanic Implement 1,Tamer's Lash 1,Tap Inner Beauty 1,Tar Ball 1,Tar Pool 1,Targeted Bomb Admixture 1,Tattoo Potion 1,Tears to Wine 1,Technomancy 1,Tectonic Communion 1,Telekinesis 1,Telekinetic Assembly 1,Telekinetic Charge 1,Telekinetic Maneuver 1,Telekinetic Projectile 1,Telekinetic Sphere 1,Telekinetic Storm 1,Telekinetic Strikes 1,Telekinetic Volley 1,Telempathic Projection 1,Telepathic Bond 1,Telepathic Censure 1,Telepathic Silence 1,Telepathy 1,Teleport 1,Teleport Object 1,Teleport Structure 1,Teleport Trap 1,Teleportation Circle 1,Temporal Divergence 1,Temporal Regression 1,Temporal Stasis 1,Temporary Graft 1,Temporary Resurrection 1,Terrain Bond 1,Terrible Remorse 1,Thanatotic Fury 1,Thaumaturgic Circle 1,Theft Ward 1,They Know 1,Thirsting Entanglement 1,Thorn Body 1,Thorn Javelin 1,Thorny Entanglement 1,Thought Echo 1,Thought Shield 1,Thought Worm I 1,Thoughtsense 1,Threefold Aspect 1,Threefold Face 1,Threefold Form 1,Threefold Sight 1,Thunder Fire 1,Thundering Drums 1,Thunderous Footfalls 1,Thunderstomp 1,Tidal Surge 1,Time Shudder 1,Time Stop 1,Timely Inspiration 1,Tiny Hut 1,Tireless Pursuers 1,Tireless Pursuit 1,Titanic Anchoring 1,Toilsome Chant 1,Tomb Legion 1,Tongues 1,Torpid Reanimation 1,Torrent of Elemental Rage 1,Touch Injection 1,Touch of Blindness 1,Touch of Bloodletting 1,Touch of Combustion 1,Touch of Fatigue 1,Touch of Gracelessness 1,Touch of Idiocy 1,Touch of Madness 1,Touch of Mercy 1,Touch of Slime 1,Touch of the Sea 1,Touch of Truthtelling 1,Tough Crowd 1,Tower of Iron Will I 1,Toxic Blood 1,Toxic Gift 1,Toxic Rupture 1,Trace Teleport 1,Track Ship 1,Tracking Mark 1,Trade Items 1,Trail of the Rose 1,Transfer Familiar 1,Transfer Regeneration 1,Transfer Tattoo 1,Transfiguring Touch 1,Transformation 1,Transmogrify 1,Transmute Blood to Acid 1,Transmute Golem 1,Transmute Metal to Wood 1,Transmute Mud to Rock 1,Transmute Potion to Poison 1,Transmute Rock to Mud 1,Transplant Visage 1,Transport via Plants 1,Trap the Soul 1,Trap Ward 1,Trapfinder’s Focus 1,Traveling Dream 1,Treacherous Teleport 1,Treasure Stitching 1,Tree Shape 1,Tree Stride 1,Tremor Blast 1,Trial By Fire 1,Trial of Fire and Acid 1,Triggered Hallucination 1,Triggered Suggestion 1,True Appraisal 1,True Creation 1,True Form 1,True Prognostication 1,True Resurrection 1,True Seeing 1,True Skill 1,True Strike 1,Truespeak 1,Tsunami 1,Twilight Haze 1,Twilight Knife 1,Twin Form 1,Twine Double 1,Twisted Futures 1,Twisted Innards 1,Twisted Space

Alchemist 1
Alchemist 2
Alchemist 3
Alchemist 4
Alchemist 5
Alchemist 6
Antipaladin 1
Antipaladin 2
Antipaladin 3
Antipaladin 4
Bard 0
Bard 1
Bard 2
Bard 3
Bard 4
Bard 5
Bard 6
Bloodrager 1
Bloodrager 2
Bloodrager 3
Bloodrager 4
Cleric/Oracle 0
Cleric/Oracle 1
Cleric/Oracle 2
Cleric/Oracle 3
Cleric/Oracle 4
Cleric/Oracle 5
Cleric/Oracle 6
Cleric/Oracle 7
Cleric/Oracle 8
Cleric/Oracle 9
Druid 0
Druid 1
Druid 2
Druid 3
Druid 4
Druid 5
Druid 6
Druid 7
Druid 8
Druid 9
Inquisitor 0
Inquisitor 1
Inquisitor 2
Inquisitor 3
Inquisitor 4
Inquisitor 5
Inquisitor 6
Magus 0
Magus 1
Magus 2
Magus 3
Magus 4
Magus 5
Magus 6
Medium 0
Medium 1
Medium 2
Medium 3
Medium 4
Mesmerist 0
Mesmerist 1
Mesmerist 2
Mesmerist 3
Mesmerist 4
Mesmerist 5
Mesmerist 6
Occultist 0
Occultist 1
Occultist 2
Occultist 3
Occultist 4
Occultist 5
Occultist 6
Paladin 1
Paladin 2
Paladin 3
Paladin 4
Psychic 0
Psychic 1
Psychic 2
Psychic 3
Psychic 4
Psychic 5
Psychic 6
Psychic 7
Psychic 8
Psychic 9
Ranger 1
Ranger 2
Ranger 3
Ranger 4
Shaman 0
Shaman 1
Shaman 2
Shaman 3
Shaman 4
Shaman 5
Shaman 6
Shaman 7
Shaman 8
Shaman 9
Sorcerer/Wizard 0
Sorcerer/Wizard 1
Sorcerer/Wizard 2
Sorcerer/Wizard 3
Sorcerer/Wizard 4
Sorcerer/Wizard 5
Sorcerer/Wizard 6
Sorcerer/Wizard 7
Sorcerer/Wizard 8
Sorcerer/Wizard 9
Spiritualist 0
Spiritualist 1
Spiritualist 2
Spiritualist 3
Spiritualist 4
Spiritualist 5
Spiritualist 6
Summoner 0
Summoner 1
Summoner 2
Summoner 3
Summoner 4
Summoner 5
Summoner 6
Unchained Summoner 0
Unchained Summoner 1
Unchained Summoner 2
Unchained Summoner 3
Unchained Summoner 4
Unchained Summoner 5
Unchained Summoner 6
Witch 0
Witch 1
Witch 2
Witch 3
Witch 4
Witch 5
Witch 6
Witch 7
Witch 8
Witch 9
Abjuration Low Level
Abjuration Medium Level
Abjuration High Level
Conjuration Low Level
Conjuration Medium Level
Conjuration High Level
Divination Low Level
Divination Medium Level
Divination High Level
Enchantment Low Level
Enchantment Medium Level
Enchantment High Level
Evocation Low Level
Evocation Medium Level
Evocation High Level
Illusion Low Level
Illusion Medium Level
Illusion High Level
Necromancy Low Level
Necromancy Medium Level
Necromancy High Level
Transmutation Low Level
Transmutation Medium Level
Transmutation High Level
Air Low Level
Air Medium Level
Air High Level
Earth Low Level
Earth Medium Level
Earth High Level
Fire Low Level
Fire Medium Level
Fire High Level
Water Low Level
Water Medium Level
Water High Level
Metal Low Level
Metal Medium Level
Metal High Level
Wood Low Level
Wood Medium Level
Wood High Level
Void Low Level
Void Medium Level
Void High Level
Force/Arcane Low Level
Force/Arcane Medium Level
Force/Arcane High Level
Chaos Low Level
Chaos Medium Level
Chaos High Level
Evil Low Level
Evil Medium Level
Evil High Level
Good Low Level
Good Medium Level
Good High Level
Law Low Level
Law Medium Level
Law High Level
Darkness Low Level
Darkness Medium Level
Darkness High Level
Light Low Level
Light Medium Level
Light High Level
Poison Low Level
Poison Medium Level
Poison High Level
Ice Low Level
Ice Medium Level
Ice High Level