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1,Mad Hallucination 1,Mad Monkeys 1,Mad Sultan’s Melody 1,Maddening Oubliette 1,Mage Armor 1,Mage Hand 1,Mage's Crawl Space 1,Mage's Decree 1,Mage's Disjunction 1,Mage's Faithful Hound 1,Mage's Lucubration 1,Mage's Magnificent Enclosure 1,Mage's Magnificent Mansion 1,Mage's Perusal 1,Mage's Private Sanctum 1,Mage's Sword 1,Magic Army 1,Magic Aura 1,Magic Boulder 1,Magic Circle against Chaos 1,Magic Circle against Evil 1,Magic Circle against Good 1,Magic Circle against Law 1,Magic Circle Against Technology 1,Magic Fang 1,Magic Jar 1,Magic Missile 1,Magic Mouth 1,Magic Siege Engine 1,Magic Stone 1,Magic Vestment 1,Magic Weapon 1,Magical Beast Shape 1,Magnetic Field 1,Magnifying Chime 1,Majestic Image 1,Major Creation 1,Major Image 1,Major Phantom Object 1,Make Lost 1,Make Whole 1,Malediction 1,Malediction (PZO9213) 1,Malfunction 1,Malicious Spite 1,Mantle of Calm 1,Mantle of Doubt 1,Mantle of the Magic Warriors 1,Marching Chant 1,Marid's Mastery 1,Marionette Possession 1,Mark of Blood 1,Mark of Buoyancy 1,Mark of Justice 1,Mark of Obvious Ethics 1,Mark of Spite 1,Mark of the Reptile God 1,Marks of Forbiddance 1,Martial Marionette 1,Martial Telekinesis 1,Martyr’s Bargain 1,Mask Dweomer 1,Mask From Divination 1,Masochistic Shadow 1,Massacre 1,Master's Escape 1,Master's Mutation 1,Masterwork Transformation 1,Matchmaker 1,Mathematical Curse 1,Maze 1,Maze of Madness and Suffering 1,Medusa’s Bane 1,Meld into Stone 1,Memorize Page 1,Memory Lapse 1,Memory of Function 1,Mending 1,Mental Barrier I 1,Mental Block 1,Merge with Familiar 1,Message 1,Metabolic Molting 1,Meteor Swarm 1,Meticulous Match 1,Miasmal Dread (Half-Orc) 1,Miasmatic Form 1,Microcosm 1,Mighty Fist of the Earth 1,Mighty Strength 1,Mind Blank 1,Mind Fog 1,Mind Maze 1,Mind Over Matter 1,Mind Probe 1,Mind Swap 1,Mind Thrust I 1,Mindlink 1,Mindlocked Messenger 1,Mindscape Door 1,Mindshock 1,Mindwipe 1,Minor Creation 1,Minor Dream 1,Minor Image 1,Minor Phantom Object 1,Miracle 1,Mirage 1,Mirage Arcana 1,Mirror Hideaway 1,Mirror Image 1,Mirror Mantis 1,Mirror Polish 1,Mirror Sight 1,Mirror Strike 1,Mirror Transport 1,Mischievous Shadow 1,Misdirection 1,Miserable Pity 1,Mislead 1,Mnemonic Enhancer 1,Mnemonic Siphon 1,Modify Memory 1,Molten Orb 1,Moment of Greatness 1,Moment of Prescience 1,Monkey Fish 1,Monstrous Extremities 1,Monstrous Physique 1,Moonstruck 1,Morning Sun 1,Mortal Terror 1,Motes of Dusk And Dawn 1,Mount 1,Move Earth 1,Mud Buddy 1,Mudball 1,Muffle Sound 1,Murderous Command 1,Murderous Crow (Orc) 1,Music of the Spheres 1,Mutagenic Touch 1,Mydriatic Spontaneity 1,Naga Shape 1,Named Bullet 1,Nap Stack 1,Natural Rhythm 1,Nature's Exile 1,Nature's Paths 1,Nature's Ravages 1,Nauseating Dart 1,Nauseating Trail 1,Necromantic Burden 1,Necrostasis 1,Negate Aroma 1,Negative Reaction 1,Nereid's Grace 1,Neutral Buoyancy 1,Neutralize Poison 1,Night Blindness 1,Night of Blades 1,Night Terrors 1,Nightmare 1,Nine Lives 1,Nixie's Lure 1,Node of Blasting 1,Nondetection 1,Numerological Evocation 1,Numerological Resistance 1,Oasis 1,Oath of Anonymity 1,Oath of Justice 1,Oath of Peace 1,Object Possession, Lesser 1,Object Reading 1,Obscure Object 1,Obscure Poison 1,Obscured Script 1,Obscuring Mist 1,Obsidian Flow 1,Old Salt's Curse 1,Oneiric Horror 1,Ooze Form 1,Open and Shut 1,Open Arms 1,Open Book 1,Open-Close 1,Opportunistic Loyalty 1,Oppressive Boredom 1,Oracle's Burden 1,Oracle's Vessel 1,Orb of the Void 1,Orchid’s Drop 1,Order's Wrath 1,Out of Sight 1,Outbreak 1,Overland Flight 1,Overlook 1,Overstimulate 1,Overwhelming Grief 1,Overwhelming Poison 1,Overwhelming Presence 1,Owl's Wisdom 1,Pack Empathy 1,Page-Bound Epiphany 1,Pain Strike 1,Painful Revelation 1,Paladin's Sacrifice 1,Pale Flame 1,Paragon Surge 1,Paranoia 1,Parasitic Soul 1,Parchment Swarm 1,Particulate Form 1,Pass without Trace 1,Passing Fancy 1,Passwall 1,Path of Glory 1,Path of the Winds 1,Pattern Recognition 1,Peace Bond 1,Peacebond 1,Peacemaker's Parley 1,Peerless Integrity 1,Pellet Blast 1,Penumbral Disguise 1,Perceive Betrayal 1,Perceive Cues 1,Perfect Placement 1,Permanency 1,Permanent Hallucination 1,Permanent Image 1,Pernicious Poison 1,Pernicious Pranksters 1,Persistent Image 1,Persistent Vigor 1,Persuasive Goad 1,Pessimism 1,Phantasmal Affliction 1,Phantasmal Asphyxiation 1,Phantasmal Killer 1,Phantasmal Putrefaction 1,Phantasmal Reminder 1,Phantasmal Revenge 1,Phantasmal Web 1,Phantom Blood 1,Phantom Chariot 1,Phantom Driver 1,Phantom Hunt 1,Phantom Limb 1,Phantom Steed 1,Phantom Trap 1,Phase Door 1,Phase Step 1,Phasic Challenge 1,Phobia 1,Pick Your Poison 1,Pied Piping 1,Pierce Disguise 1,Pierce Facade 1,Piercing Shriek 1,Pilfering Hand 1,Pillar of Life 1,Pillow Talk 1,Pinecone Bomb 1,Placebo Effect 1,Plague Bearer 1,Plague Carrier 1,Plague Storm 1,Planar Adaptation 1,Planar Aegis 1,Planar Ally 1,Planar Binding 1,Planar Inquiry 1,Planar Orientation 1,Planar Refuge 1,Plane Shift 1,Planeslayer's Call 1,Planetarium 1,Planetary Adaptation 1,Planned Assault 1,Plant Growth 1,Plant Shape 1,Plant Voice 1,Play Instrument 1,Plundered Power 1,Pocketful of Vipers 1,Poison 1,Poison Breath 1,Poisoned Egg 1,Poisonous Balm 1,Poisonous Cloud 1,Polar Midnight 1,Polar Ray 1,Polymorph 1,Polymorph Any Object 1,Polymorph Familiar 1,Polypurpose Panacea 1,Positive Pulse 1,Possess Object 1,Possession 1,Possession Trap 1,Pouncing Fury 1,Power Word Blind 1,Power Word Kill 1,Power Word Stun 1,Pox of Rumors 1,Pox Pustules 1,Prayer 1,Prediction of Failure 1,Prehensile Pilfer 1,Preserve 1,Preserve Grace 1,Pressure Adaptation 1,Prestidigitation 1,Primal Regression 1,Primal Scream 1,Prismatic Sphere 1,Prismatic Spray 1,Prismatic Wall 1,Probe History (Half-Elf) 1,Produce Flame 1,Profane Nimbus 1,Prognostication 1,Programmed Image 1,Project Image 1,Prophetic Lore 1,Prosperous Room 1,Protection from Arrows 1,Protection from Chaos 1,Protection from Energy 1,Protection from Evil 1,Protection from Good 1,Protection from Law 1,Protection from Natural Attacks 1,Protection from Outsiders 1,Protection from Spells 1,Protection from Spores 1,Protection from Technology 1,Protective Penumbra 1,Protective Spirit 1,Prying Eyes 1,Psychic Asylum 1,Psychic Crush I 1,Psychic Image 1,Psychic Leech 1,Psychic Reading 1,Psychic Surgery 1,Psychonaut Manifestation 1,Pugwampi’s Grace 1,Punishing Armor 1,Pup Shape 1,Purge Spirit 1,Purging Finale 1,Purified Calling 1,Purify Body 1,Purify Food and Drink 1,Putrefy Food and Drink 1,Puzzle Box 1,Pyrotechnic Eruption 1,Pyrotechnics

Alchemist 1
Alchemist 2
Alchemist 3
Alchemist 4
Alchemist 5
Alchemist 6
Antipaladin 1
Antipaladin 2
Antipaladin 3
Antipaladin 4
Bard 0
Bard 1
Bard 2
Bard 3
Bard 4
Bard 5
Bard 6
Bloodrager 1
Bloodrager 2
Bloodrager 3
Bloodrager 4
Cleric/Oracle 0
Cleric/Oracle 1
Cleric/Oracle 2
Cleric/Oracle 3
Cleric/Oracle 4
Cleric/Oracle 5
Cleric/Oracle 6
Cleric/Oracle 7
Cleric/Oracle 8
Cleric/Oracle 9
Druid 0
Druid 1
Druid 2
Druid 3
Druid 4
Druid 5
Druid 6
Druid 7
Druid 8
Druid 9
Inquisitor 0
Inquisitor 1
Inquisitor 2
Inquisitor 3
Inquisitor 4
Inquisitor 5
Inquisitor 6
Magus 0
Magus 1
Magus 2
Magus 3
Magus 4
Magus 5
Magus 6
Medium 0
Medium 1
Medium 2
Medium 3
Medium 4
Mesmerist 0
Mesmerist 1
Mesmerist 2
Mesmerist 3
Mesmerist 4
Mesmerist 5
Mesmerist 6
Occultist 0
Occultist 1
Occultist 2
Occultist 3
Occultist 4
Occultist 5
Occultist 6
Paladin 1
Paladin 2
Paladin 3
Paladin 4
Psychic 0
Psychic 1
Psychic 2
Psychic 3
Psychic 4
Psychic 5
Psychic 6
Psychic 7
Psychic 8
Psychic 9
Ranger 1
Ranger 2
Ranger 3
Ranger 4
Shaman 0
Shaman 1
Shaman 2
Shaman 3
Shaman 4
Shaman 5
Shaman 6
Shaman 7
Shaman 8
Shaman 9
Sorcerer/Wizard 0
Sorcerer/Wizard 1
Sorcerer/Wizard 2
Sorcerer/Wizard 3
Sorcerer/Wizard 4
Sorcerer/Wizard 5
Sorcerer/Wizard 6
Sorcerer/Wizard 7
Sorcerer/Wizard 8
Sorcerer/Wizard 9
Spiritualist 0
Spiritualist 1
Spiritualist 2
Spiritualist 3
Spiritualist 4
Spiritualist 5
Spiritualist 6
Summoner 0
Summoner 1
Summoner 2
Summoner 3
Summoner 4
Summoner 5
Summoner 6
Unchained Summoner 0
Unchained Summoner 1
Unchained Summoner 2
Unchained Summoner 3
Unchained Summoner 4
Unchained Summoner 5
Unchained Summoner 6
Witch 0
Witch 1
Witch 2
Witch 3
Witch 4
Witch 5
Witch 6
Witch 7
Witch 8
Witch 9
Abjuration Low Level
Abjuration Medium Level
Abjuration High Level
Conjuration Low Level
Conjuration Medium Level
Conjuration High Level
Divination Low Level
Divination Medium Level
Divination High Level
Enchantment Low Level
Enchantment Medium Level
Enchantment High Level
Evocation Low Level
Evocation Medium Level
Evocation High Level
Illusion Low Level
Illusion Medium Level
Illusion High Level
Necromancy Low Level
Necromancy Medium Level
Necromancy High Level
Transmutation Low Level
Transmutation Medium Level
Transmutation High Level
Air Low Level
Air Medium Level
Air High Level
Earth Low Level
Earth Medium Level
Earth High Level
Fire Low Level
Fire Medium Level
Fire High Level
Water Low Level
Water Medium Level
Water High Level
Metal Low Level
Metal Medium Level
Metal High Level
Wood Low Level
Wood Medium Level
Wood High Level
Void Low Level
Void Medium Level
Void High Level
Force/Arcane Low Level
Force/Arcane Medium Level
Force/Arcane High Level
Chaos Low Level
Chaos Medium Level
Chaos High Level
Evil Low Level
Evil Medium Level
Evil High Level
Good Low Level
Good Medium Level
Good High Level
Law Low Level
Law Medium Level
Law High Level
Darkness Low Level
Darkness Medium Level
Darkness High Level
Light Low Level
Light Medium Level
Light High Level
Poison Low Level
Poison Medium Level
Poison High Level
Ice Low Level
Ice Medium Level
Ice High Level