Pathfinder Spell List I-L

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<sgdisplay iterations="8">[main]

See Also

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1,Ice Armor 1,Ice Body 1,Ice Crystal Teleport 1,Ice Slick 1,Ice Spears 1,Ice Storm 1,Icicle Dagger 1,Icy Prison 1,Id Insinuation I 1,Identifier’s Eye 1,Identify 1,Ignoble Form 1,Ill Omen 1,Illusion of Calm 1,Illusion of Treachery 1,Illusory Crowd 1,Illusory Hoard 1,Illusory Maze 1,Illusory Poison 1,Illusory Script 1,Illusory Wall 1,Imbue Army Special Ability 1,Imbue Hex 1,Imbue With Addiction 1,Imbue with Aura 1,Imbue with Elemental Might 1,Imbue with Flight 1,Imbue with Spell Ability 1,Impart Mind 1,Impede Speech 1,Impenetrable Veil 1,Implant False Reading 1,Implant Urge 1,Implanted Projection 1,Implosion 1,Impossible Angles 1,Imprisonment 1,Improve Trap 1,Incendiary Cloud 1,Incendiary Runes 1,Incessant Buzzing 1,Incorporeal Chains 1,Infernal Challenger 1,Infernal Healing 1,Inflict Critical Wounds 1,Inflict Light Wounds 1,Inflict Moderate Wounds 1,Inflict Pain 1,Inflict Serious Wounds 1,Influence Wild Magic 1,Infuse Robot 1,Infuse Self 1,Inheritor's Smite 1,Inhibiting Patterns 1,Inner Focus 1,Innocence 1,Innocuous Shape 1,Insanity 1,Insect Plague 1,Insect Scouts 1,Insect Spies 1,Inspiring Recovery 1,Instant Armor 1,Instant Clot 1,Instant Enemy 1,Instant Fake 1,Instant Portrait 1,Instant Restoration 1,Instant Suffocation 1,Instant Summons 1,Instant Weapon 1,Instigate Psychic Duel 1,Instrument of Agony 1,Intellect Fortress I 1,Intensify Psyche 1,Interplanetary Teleport 1,Interposing Hand 1,Interrogation 1,Inveigle Monster 1,Inveigle Person 1,Investigative Mind 1,Invigorate 1,Invigorating Poison 1,Invigorating Repose 1,Invisibility 1,Invisibility Alarm 1,Invisibility Bubble 1,Invisibility Bubble 1,Invisibility Purge 1,Invisibility Sphere 1,Invoke Deity 1,Invoke Primal Power 1,Iron Body 1,Iron Spine 1,Iron Stake 1,Ironbeard 1,Ironskin 1,Ironwood 1,Irradiate 1,Irregular Size 1,Irresistible Dance 1,Isolate 1,Itching Curse 1,Ja Noi Aspect 1,Janni's Jaunt 1,Jealous Rage 1,Jester's Jaunt 1,Jitterbugs 1,Jolting Portent 1,Joyful Rapture 1,Judgment Light 1,Judgment Undone 1,Jump 1,Jungle Mind 1,Jury-Rig 1,Karmic Blessing 1,Keen Edge 1,Keen Senses 1,Keep Watch 1,Keif Addiction 1,Keif Vigor 1,Ki Arrow 1,Ki Leech 1,Ki Shout 1,Kinetic Reverberation 1,King's Castle 1,Kiss of the First World 1,Knell of the Depths 1,Knight's Calling 1,Knock 1,Know Direction 1,Know Peerage 1,Know the Enemy 1,Lament of Summer's Last Breath 1,Languid Bomb Admixture 1,Languid Venom 1,Lash of the Astradaemon 1,Lay of the Land 1,Lead Anchor 1,Lead Anchor 1,Lead Blades 1,Lead Plating 1,Leashed Shackles 1,Legend Lore 1,Legendary Proportions 1,Lend Judgment 1,Leshy Swarm 1,Levitate 1,Liberating Command 1,Life Blast 1,Life Bubble 1,Life Channel 1,Life Conduit 1,Life Current 1,Life Current 1,Life of Crime 1,Life Pact 1,Life Shield 1,Light 1,Light Lance 1,Light Prison 1,Lighten Object 1,Lightfingers 1,Lightning Arc 1,Lightning Bolt 1,Lightning Conductor 1,Lightning Lash Bomb Admixture 1,Lily Pad Stride 1,Limited Wish 1,Limp Lash 1,Line In The Sand 1,Linebreaker 1,Linked Legacy 1,Lipstitch 1,Liquefy 1,Litany of Admonition 1,Litany of Defense 1,Litany of Dependability 1,Litany of Duty 1,Litany of Eloquence 1,Litany of Entanglement 1,Litany of Escape 1,Litany of Madness 1,Litany of Order 1,Litany of Righteousness 1,Litany of Sight 1,Litany of Sloth 1,Litany of the Red Crusader 1,Litany of Thunder 1,Litany of Vengeance 1,Litany of Warding 1,Litany of Weakness 1,Liveoak 1,Loathsome Veil 1,Locate Creature 1,Locate Gate 1,Locate Object 1,Locate Portal 1,Locate Weakness 1,Lock Gaze 1,Lockjaw 1,Locksight 1,Long Arm 1,Longshot 1,Longstrider 1,Lose the Trail 1,Lost Legacy 1,Lost Locale (Samsaran) 1,Lost Passage (Samsaran) 1,Lover's Vengeance 1,Lucky Number 1,Lullaby 1,Lunar Veil

Alchemist 1
Alchemist 2
Alchemist 3
Alchemist 4
Alchemist 5
Alchemist 6
Antipaladin 1
Antipaladin 2
Antipaladin 3
Antipaladin 4
Bard 0
Bard 1
Bard 2
Bard 3
Bard 4
Bard 5
Bard 6
Bloodrager 1
Bloodrager 2
Bloodrager 3
Bloodrager 4
Cleric/Oracle 0
Cleric/Oracle 1
Cleric/Oracle 2
Cleric/Oracle 3
Cleric/Oracle 4
Cleric/Oracle 5
Cleric/Oracle 6
Cleric/Oracle 7
Cleric/Oracle 8
Cleric/Oracle 9
Druid 0
Druid 1
Druid 2
Druid 3
Druid 4
Druid 5
Druid 6
Druid 7
Druid 8
Druid 9
Inquisitor 0
Inquisitor 1
Inquisitor 2
Inquisitor 3
Inquisitor 4
Inquisitor 5
Inquisitor 6
Magus 0
Magus 1
Magus 2
Magus 3
Magus 4
Magus 5
Magus 6
Medium 0
Medium 1
Medium 2
Medium 3
Medium 4
Mesmerist 0
Mesmerist 1
Mesmerist 2
Mesmerist 3
Mesmerist 4
Mesmerist 5
Mesmerist 6
Occultist 0
Occultist 1
Occultist 2
Occultist 3
Occultist 4
Occultist 5
Occultist 6
Paladin 1
Paladin 2
Paladin 3
Paladin 4
Psychic 0
Psychic 1
Psychic 2
Psychic 3
Psychic 4
Psychic 5
Psychic 6
Psychic 7
Psychic 8
Psychic 9
Ranger 1
Ranger 2
Ranger 3
Ranger 4
Shaman 0
Shaman 1
Shaman 2
Shaman 3
Shaman 4
Shaman 5
Shaman 6
Shaman 7
Shaman 8
Shaman 9
Sorcerer/Wizard 0
Sorcerer/Wizard 1
Sorcerer/Wizard 2
Sorcerer/Wizard 3
Sorcerer/Wizard 4
Sorcerer/Wizard 5
Sorcerer/Wizard 6
Sorcerer/Wizard 7
Sorcerer/Wizard 8
Sorcerer/Wizard 9
Spiritualist 0
Spiritualist 1
Spiritualist 2
Spiritualist 3
Spiritualist 4
Spiritualist 5
Spiritualist 6
Summoner 0
Summoner 1
Summoner 2
Summoner 3
Summoner 4
Summoner 5
Summoner 6
Unchained Summoner 0
Unchained Summoner 1
Unchained Summoner 2
Unchained Summoner 3
Unchained Summoner 4
Unchained Summoner 5
Unchained Summoner 6
Witch 0
Witch 1
Witch 2
Witch 3
Witch 4
Witch 5
Witch 6
Witch 7
Witch 8
Witch 9
Abjuration Low Level
Abjuration Medium Level
Abjuration High Level
Conjuration Low Level
Conjuration Medium Level
Conjuration High Level
Divination Low Level
Divination Medium Level
Divination High Level
Enchantment Low Level
Enchantment Medium Level
Enchantment High Level
Evocation Low Level
Evocation Medium Level
Evocation High Level
Illusion Low Level
Illusion Medium Level
Illusion High Level
Necromancy Low Level
Necromancy Medium Level
Necromancy High Level
Transmutation Low Level
Transmutation Medium Level
Transmutation High Level
Air Low Level
Air Medium Level
Air High Level
Earth Low Level
Earth Medium Level
Earth High Level
Fire Low Level
Fire Medium Level
Fire High Level
Water Low Level
Water Medium Level
Water High Level
Metal Low Level
Metal Medium Level
Metal High Level
Wood Low Level
Wood Medium Level
Wood High Level
Void Low Level
Void Medium Level
Void High Level
Force/Arcane Low Level
Force/Arcane Medium Level
Force/Arcane High Level
Chaos Low Level
Chaos Medium Level
Chaos High Level
Evil Low Level
Evil Medium Level
Evil High Level
Good Low Level
Good Medium Level
Good High Level
Law Low Level
Law Medium Level
Law High Level
Darkness Low Level
Darkness Medium Level
Darkness High Level
Light Low Level
Light Medium Level
Light High Level
Poison Low Level
Poison Medium Level
Poison High Level
Ice Low Level
Ice Medium Level
Ice High Level