Pathfinder Spell List E-H

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1,Eagle Aerie 1,Eagle Eye 1,Eagle's Splendor 1,Eaglesoul 1,Ear-Piercing Scream 1,Early Judgment 1,Ears of the City 1,Earsend 1,Earth Glide 1,Earth Tremor 1,Earthquake 1,Echo 1,Echolocation 1,Ectoplasmic Eruption 1,Ectoplasmic Hand 1,Ectoplasmic Snare 1,Effortless Armor 1,Ego Whip I 1,Eldritch Conduit 1,Eldritch Fever 1,Elemental Assessor 1,Elemental Aura 1,Elemental Body 1,Elemental Mastery 1,Elemental Speech 1,Elemental Swarm 1,Elemental Touch 1,Elude Time 1,Emblazon Crest 1,Emblem of Greed 1,Embrace Destiny 1,Emergency Force Sphere 1,Emotive Block 1,Empathy Conduit 1,Empower Holy Water 1,Enchantment Foil 1,Enchantment Sight 1,Endothermic Touch 1,Endure Elements 1,Enemy Hammer 1,Enemy Insight 1,Enemy's Heart 1,Energy Drain 1,Energy Hack 1,Energy Siege Shot 1,Enervation 1,Enhance Water 1,Enhanced Diplomacy (3.5E) 1,Enlarge Person 1,Enlarge Tail 1,Enlightened Step 1,Enshroud Thoughts 1,Entangle 1,Enter Image 1,Enthrall 1,Entice Fey, Lesser 1,Enticing Adulation 1,Entomb 1,Entrap Spirit 1,Entropic Shield 1,Envious Urge 1,Epidemic 1,Erase 1,Erase Impressions 1,Erode Defenses 1,Eroding Ray 1,Eruptive Postules 1,Escape Alarm 1,Escaping Ward 1,Ether Step 1,Ethereal Envelope 1,Ethereal Envelopment 1,Ethereal Fists 1,Ethereal Jaunt 1,Etherealness 1,Etheric Shards 1,Euphoric Cloud 1,Euphoric Tranquility 1,Evaluator's Lens 1,Evolution Surge 1,Excruciating Deformation 1,Expeditious Construction 1,Expeditious Excavation 1,Expeditious Retreat 1,Expel Blood 1,Expend 1,Explode Head 1,Explosion of Rot 1,Explosive Runes 1,Exquisite Accompaniment 1,Extreme Buoyancy 1,Extreme Buoyancy 1,Extreme Flexibility 1,Eyebite 1,Eyes of The Void 1,Fabricate 1,Fabricate Bullets 1,Fabricate Disguise 1,Face of the Devourer 1,Faerie Fire 1,Fair Is Foul 1,Fairness 1,Fairy Ring Retreat 1,Fallback Strategy 1,False Age 1,False Alibi 1,False Belief 1,False Face 1,False Future 1,False Life 1,False Resurrection 1,False Vision 1,Familiar Double 1,Familiar Figment 1,Familiar Melding 1,Fastidiousness 1,Fear 1,Fear the Sun 1,Fearsome Duplicate 1,Feast of Ashes 1,Feast On Fear 1,Feather Fall 1,Feather Step 1,Feeblemind 1,Ferment 1,Fester 1,Fey Form 1,Fey Gate 1,Fickle Winds 1,Fiendish Wrath 1,Fiery Body 1,Fiery Runes 1,Fiery Shuriken 1,Final Sacrifice 1,Find Fault 1,Find Quarry 1,Find the Path 1,Find Traps 1,Finger of Death 1,Fins to Feet 1,Fire Breath 1,Fire of Entanglement 1,Fire of Judgment 1,Fire of Vengeance 1,Fire Seeds 1,Fire Shield 1,Fire Snake 1,Fire Sneeze 1,Fire Storm 1,Fire Trail 1,Fire Trap 1,Fire's Friend 1,Fireball 1,Firebelly 1,Firebrand 1,Firefall 1,Firestream 1,Firewalker’s Meditation 1,First World Revisions 1,Flame Arrow 1,Flame Blade 1,Flame Steed 1,Flame Strike 1,Flames of the Faithful 1,Flaming Aura 1,Flaming Sphere 1,Flare 1,Flare Burst 1,Flash Fire 1,Flash Flood 1,Flash Forward 1,Flashfire 1,Fleeting Defect 1,Fleeting Memory 1,Flesh Puppet 1,Flesh to Ooze 1,Flesh to Stone 1,Flesh Wall 1,Fleshcurdle 1,Fleshwarping Swarm (Drow) 1,Fleshworm Infestation 1,Fleshy Facade 1,Flexible Fury 1,Flexile Curse 1,Flickering Lights 1,Floating Disk 1,Flotsam Vessel 1,Fluid Form 1,Flurry of Snowballs 1,Fly 1,Fly, Mass 1,Focused Scrutiny 1,Foe to Friend 1,Fog Cloud 1,Follow Aura 1,Font of Spirit Magic 1,Fool's Forbiddance 1,Fool's Gold (PZO1136) 1,Fool's Teleport 1,Fool’s Gold 1,Forbid Action 1,Forbiddance 1,Force Anchor 1,Force Hook Charge 1,Force Punch 1,Force Sword 1,Forcecage 1,Forced Mutation 1,Forced Quiet 1,Forced Repentance 1,Forceful Hand 1,Forceful Strike 1,Foresight 1,Forest Friend 1,Forest's Sense 1,Foretell Failure 1,Forgetful Slumber 1,Form of The Alien Dragon I-III 1,Form of the Dragon 1,Form of the Exotic Dragon I-III 1,Form Validation 1,Fortune’s Path 1,Foster Hatred 1,Fox's Cunning 1,Fractions of Heal and Harm 1,Free Spirit 1,Free Swim 1,Free Swim 1,Freedom 1,Freedom of Movement 1,Freedom's Toast 1,Freezing Sphere 1,Frightful Aspect 1,Frigid Souls 1,Frigid Touch 1,Frost Fall 1,Frost Mammoth 1,Frostbite 1,Frosty Aura 1,Frozen Note 1,Full Pouch 1,Fumblestep 1,Fumbletongue 1,Funereal Weapon 1,Fungal Blisters 1,Fungal Infestation 1,Furious Fire Barrage 1,Fury of the Sun 1,Gallant Inspiration 1,Garden of Peril 1,Garrulous Grin 1,Gaseous Form 1,Gate 1,Geas/Quest 1,Genesis 1,Geniekind 1,Genius Avaricious 1,Gentle Breeze 1,Gentle Repose 1,Geomessage 1,Getaway 1,Geyser 1,Ghost Brand 1,Ghost Sound 1,Ghost Whip 1,Ghost Wolf 1,Ghostbane Dirge 1,Ghostly Disguise 1,Ghoul Army 1,Ghoul Hunger 1,Ghoul Touch 1,Giant Form 1,Giant Vermin 1,Gift of the Deep 1,Gilded Whispers 1,Gird Ally 1,Glibness 1,Glide 1,Glimpse of The Akashic 1,Glimpse of Truth 1,Glimpse The Hidden 1,Glitterdust 1,Globe of Invulnerability 1,Globe of Tranquil Water 1,Gloomblind Bolts 1,Glue Seal 1,Glyph of Warding 1,Golden Guise 1,Good Hope 1,Goodberry 1,Grace 1,Grand Destiny 1,Grappling Scarf 1,Grasp 1,Grasping Corpse 1,Grasping Depths 1,Grasping Hand 1,Grasping Tentacles 1,Grasping Vine 1,Grave Words 1,Gravel Vortex 1,Gravity Bow 1,Gravity Sphere 1,Gravity Well 1,Grease 1,Green Caress 1,Greensight 1,Grim Stalker 1,Groundswell 1,Grove of Respite 1,Guardian Armor 1,Guardian Monument, Lesser 1,Guardian of Faith 1,Guardian Wasps 1,Guarding Knowledge 1,Guards and Wards 1,Guidance 1,Guiding Star 1,Gullibility 1,Gust of Wind 1,Gusting Sphere 1,Hag's Seasoning 1,Hairline Fractures 1,Half-Blood Extraction 1,Halfling Vengeance 1,Hallow 1,Hallucinatory Decor 1,Hallucinatory Terrain 1,Hallucinogenic Smoke 1,Halt Undead 1,Hammer of Mending 1,Handy Grapnel 1,Hardening 1,Harm 1,Harmless Form 1,Harrowing 1,Harvest Knowledge 1,Harvest Season 1,Haste 1,Hasten Judgment 1,Haunted Fey Aspect 1,Haunting Choir 1,Haunting Mists 1,Haunting Reminder 1,Haze of Dreams 1,Heal 1,Heal Mount 1,Healing Flames 1,Healing Leak 1,Healing Thief 1,Healing Token 1,Healing Warmth 1,Heart of the Mammoth 1,Heart of The Metal 1,Heat Metal 1,Heatstroke 1,Heavy Water 1,Heckle 1,Hedging Weapons 1,Heightened Awareness 1,Heightened Reflexes 1,Hellfire Ray 1,Hellmouth Lash 1,Helping Hand 1,Hermean Potential 1,Hero's Defiance 1,Heroes' Feast 1,Heroic Finale 1,Heroic Fortune 1,Heroic Invocation 1,Heroism 1,Hex Glyph 1,Hex Vulnerability 1,Hex Ward 1,Hidden Blades 1,Hidden Diplomacy 1,Hidden Knowledge 1,Hidden Presence 1,Hidden Speech 1,Hidden Spring 1,Hide Bruises 1,Hide Campsite 1,Hide from Animals 1,Hide from Undead 1,Hideous Laughter 1,Hobbling Bomb Admixture 1,Hold Animal 1,Hold Fey 1,Hold Monster 1,Hold Person 1,Hold Portal 1,Hollow Blades 1,Hollow Heroism 1,Holy Aura 1,Holy Ice 1,Holy Ice Weapon 1,Holy Javelin 1,Holy Shield 1,Holy Smite 1,Holy Sword 1,Holy Whisper 1,Holy Word 1,Homeward Bound 1,Honeyed Tongue 1,Hoodwink 1,Horn of Pursuit 1,Horrid Wilting 1,Horrific Doubles 1,Horrifying Visage 1,Hostile Juxtaposition 1,Hostile Levitation 1,Howling Agony 1,Human Potential 1,Hunger for Flesh 1,Hungry Darkness 1,Hungry Earth 1,Hungry Pit 1,Hunter's Blessing 1,Hunter's Eye 1,Hunter's Friend 1,Hunter's Howl 1,Hunter’s Lore 1,Huntmaster's Spear 1,Hurricane Blast 1,Hydraulic Push 1,Hydraulic Torrent 1,Hydrophobia 1,Hymn of Mercy 1,Hymn of Peace 1,Hypercognition 1,Hypnotic Pattern 1,Hypnotism

Alchemist 1
Alchemist 2
Alchemist 3
Alchemist 4
Alchemist 5
Alchemist 6
Antipaladin 1
Antipaladin 2
Antipaladin 3
Antipaladin 4
Bard 0
Bard 1
Bard 2
Bard 3
Bard 4
Bard 5
Bard 6
Bloodrager 1
Bloodrager 2
Bloodrager 3
Bloodrager 4
Cleric/Oracle 0
Cleric/Oracle 1
Cleric/Oracle 2
Cleric/Oracle 3
Cleric/Oracle 4
Cleric/Oracle 5
Cleric/Oracle 6
Cleric/Oracle 7
Cleric/Oracle 8
Cleric/Oracle 9
Druid 0
Druid 1
Druid 2
Druid 3
Druid 4
Druid 5
Druid 6
Druid 7
Druid 8
Druid 9
Inquisitor 0
Inquisitor 1
Inquisitor 2
Inquisitor 3
Inquisitor 4
Inquisitor 5
Inquisitor 6
Magus 0
Magus 1
Magus 2
Magus 3
Magus 4
Magus 5
Magus 6
Medium 0
Medium 1
Medium 2
Medium 3
Medium 4
Mesmerist 0
Mesmerist 1
Mesmerist 2
Mesmerist 3
Mesmerist 4
Mesmerist 5
Mesmerist 6
Occultist 0
Occultist 1
Occultist 2
Occultist 3
Occultist 4
Occultist 5
Occultist 6
Paladin 1
Paladin 2
Paladin 3
Paladin 4
Psychic 0
Psychic 1
Psychic 2
Psychic 3
Psychic 4
Psychic 5
Psychic 6
Psychic 7
Psychic 8
Psychic 9
Ranger 1
Ranger 2
Ranger 3
Ranger 4
Shaman 0
Shaman 1
Shaman 2
Shaman 3
Shaman 4
Shaman 5
Shaman 6
Shaman 7
Shaman 8
Shaman 9
Sorcerer/Wizard 0
Sorcerer/Wizard 1
Sorcerer/Wizard 2
Sorcerer/Wizard 3
Sorcerer/Wizard 4
Sorcerer/Wizard 5
Sorcerer/Wizard 6
Sorcerer/Wizard 7
Sorcerer/Wizard 8
Sorcerer/Wizard 9
Spiritualist 0
Spiritualist 1
Spiritualist 2
Spiritualist 3
Spiritualist 4
Spiritualist 5
Spiritualist 6
Summoner 0
Summoner 1
Summoner 2
Summoner 3
Summoner 4
Summoner 5
Summoner 6
Unchained Summoner 0
Unchained Summoner 1
Unchained Summoner 2
Unchained Summoner 3
Unchained Summoner 4
Unchained Summoner 5
Unchained Summoner 6
Witch 0
Witch 1
Witch 2
Witch 3
Witch 4
Witch 5
Witch 6
Witch 7
Witch 8
Witch 9
Abjuration Low Level
Abjuration Medium Level
Abjuration High Level
Conjuration Low Level
Conjuration Medium Level
Conjuration High Level
Divination Low Level
Divination Medium Level
Divination High Level
Enchantment Low Level
Enchantment Medium Level
Enchantment High Level
Evocation Low Level
Evocation Medium Level
Evocation High Level
Illusion Low Level
Illusion Medium Level
Illusion High Level
Necromancy Low Level
Necromancy Medium Level
Necromancy High Level
Transmutation Low Level
Transmutation Medium Level
Transmutation High Level
Air Low Level
Air Medium Level
Air High Level
Earth Low Level
Earth Medium Level
Earth High Level
Fire Low Level
Fire Medium Level
Fire High Level
Water Low Level
Water Medium Level
Water High Level
Metal Low Level
Metal Medium Level
Metal High Level
Wood Low Level
Wood Medium Level
Wood High Level
Void Low Level
Void Medium Level
Void High Level
Force/Arcane Low Level
Force/Arcane Medium Level
Force/Arcane High Level
Chaos Low Level
Chaos Medium Level
Chaos High Level
Evil Low Level
Evil Medium Level
Evil High Level
Good Low Level
Good Medium Level
Good High Level
Law Low Level
Law Medium Level
Law High Level
Darkness Low Level
Darkness Medium Level
Darkness High Level
Light Low Level
Light Medium Level
Light High Level
Poison Low Level
Poison Medium Level
Poison High Level
Ice Low Level
Ice Medium Level
Ice High Level