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3,[Title]: [Premise] 1,[Title]: The moral of this story is “[Inscriptions.Advice]”

1, and the 


1,The [ti]


2,[Beast] that [did_beast_thing] 2,[♀] who [did_♀_thing] 2,[♂] who [did_♂_thing] 1,[Beast][+][Beast] 1,[Beast][+][Object] 1,[Nature][+][Beast] 1,[Nature][+][Nature] 1,[Originals] 1,[Person][+][Beast] 1,[Person][+][Nature] 1,[Person][+][Object] 1,[Person][+][Person]


1,[♀] 1,[♂]

1,Beggar 1,Boy 1,Cobbler 1,Farmer 1,King 1,Man 1,Minstrel 1,Monk 1,Peasant 1,Prince 1,Sailor 1,Shepherd 1,Soldier 1,Tailor

1,Abbess 1,Girl 1,Fishwife 1,Lady 1,Maiden 1,Nun 1,Princess 1,Queen 1,Woman


1,Ant 1,Bear 1,Billy Goat 1,Bull 1,Butterfly 1,Cat 1,Caterpillar 1,Chicken 1,Cow 1,Crow 1,Dog 1,Donkey 1,Dove 1,Eagle 1,Fox 1,Frog 1,Goose 1,Grasshopper 1,Hare 1,Hawk 1,Hen 1,Horse 1,Lamb 1,Lion 1,Mouse 1,Owl 1,Ox 1,Pig 1,Rabbit 1,Ram 1,Rooster 1,Scorpion 1,Swan 1,Tortoise 1,Turkey 1,Wolf


1,Blacksmith 1,Bread 1,Grapes 1,Hay Wain 1,Honey 1,Kettle 1,Oven 1,Oxcart 1,Pitcher 1,Pitchfork 1,Road 1,Rosebush 1,Stone Wall


1,lived with the [Beast] 1,made fun of the [Beast] 1,wanted to be a [Beast] 1,wanted to be a [Person]


3,[did_thing] 1,thought it was a [Beast] 1,wished it were the [Nature]


3,[did_thing] 1,thought he was a [Beast] 1,wished he were the [Nature]


3,[did_thing] 1,thought she was a [Beast] 1,wished she were the [Nature]


3,[Compass direction.4] Wind 1,Autumn 1,Clouds 1,Darkness 1,Day 1,Moon 1,Mountain 1,Night 1,Rain 1,Sea 1,Snow 1,Springtime 1,Stars 1,Summer 1,Sun 1,Thunder 1,Trees 1,Winter


1,Ant[+]Grasshopper 1,Boy Who Cried Wolf 1,Crow[+]Pitcher 1,Dog in the Manger 1,Dog[+]Bone 1,Fox[+]Grapes 1,Frog[+]Ox 1,Frogs Who Desired a King 1,Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs 1,Lion[+]Mouse 1,North Wind[+]Sun 1,Scorpion[+]Frog 1,Tortoise[+]Hare 1,Town Mouse[+]Country Mouse 1,Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


1,How can


1,know what is best for


1,more important than


1,When is it


1,What makes


1,Why should you serve


10,Why is [Ideal] [mi] [Ideal]? 5,What is the price of [Ideal]? 5,[wm] us worthy of [Ideal]? 4,Who is deserving of [Ideal]? 1,[hc] a student [kw] his teacher? 1,[hc] a teacher [kw] the student? 1,[hc] we recognize true [Ideal]? 1,[hc] you show compassion to your enemy? 1,[hc] you show disapproval to your friend? 1,Is it better to be judged by your [Ideal], or your [Ideal]? 1,To what point should you remain loyal to your family? 1,[wm] a bad leader? 1,[wm] a good leader? 1,[wm] us worthy? 1,[wi] right to use force? 1,[wi] wrong to speak the truth? 1,Why is duty [mi] honor? 1,Why is honor [mi] duty? 1,Why is who you are [mi] what you are? 1,[ws] others before yourself? 1,[ws] yourself before others?


1,beauty 1,compassion 1,desire 1,desire for acceptance 1,devotion to a cause 1,duty 1,family 1,fear of death 1,following orders 1,following the law 1,following your dreams 1,forgiving another 1,freedom 1,happiness 1,helping others 1,honesty 1,honor 1,instinct 1,invention 1,justice 1,keeping a promise 1,keeping your dignity 1,keeping your word 1,learning 1,loyalty 1,maintaining your station in life 1,mercy 1,passion 1,poverty 1,power 1,preserving the life of another 1,pride 1,protecting those you love 1,religious conviction 1,reputation 1,respect 1,revenge 1,romantic attraction 1,security 1,society’s expectations 1,the truth 1,true love 1,vigilance 1,virtue 1,wealth 1,wisdom


Suggested by Daniel Solis


  • Beast
  • did_♀_thing
  • did_♂_thing
  • did_beast_thing
  • did_thing
  • Ideal
  • Nature
  • Object
  • Originals
  • Person
  • Premise
  • Title
  • main
  • +
  • hc
  • kw
  • mi
  • ti
  • wi
  • wm
  • ws

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