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all kinds








5,[Portrait] 5,A painting of [SpiritForm.main] 5,[AnimalPainting] 5,[Landscape] 5,[Mythological] 5,[NudePortrait] 5,[Religious] 5,[StillLife] 1,[GroupPortrait] 0,[BattlePainting]


15,[PortraitFemale] 15,[PortraitMale]


2,A portrait of [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main] He is wearing [ClothingMale.MilitaryUniformGeneric] [HistoricalAge] [HoldingSentence] [PortraitPose] 1,A portrait of [Fantasy Saint.main] [HistoricalAge] [HoldingSentence] [PortraitPose] 1,A portrait of an unknown man. [ClothingMale.MaleOutfit] [HistoricalAge] [HoldingSentence] [PortraitPose] 0,A portrait of [FamousPeople.StartWithDescriptionMale]. [HistoricalAge] [HoldingSentence] [PortraitPose]


1,A portrait of [UnknownSubjectFemale]. [ClothingFemale.Outfit] [HistoricalAgeFemale] [HoldingSentenceFemale] [PortraitPoseFemale] 0,A portrait of [FamousPeople.StartWithDescriptionFemale]. [HistoricalAge] [HoldingSentence] [PortraitPose]


50,an unknown female human 10,an unknown female elf 1,an unknown female dwarf 1,an unknown female gnome 1,an unknown female halfling


5,[Weapon.main] 3,[Jewelry.main] 1,the severed head of a [SeveredHead] by its hair in one hand and a bloody [Weapon.NoDescription] in the other


6, 5,He is holding [Holding]


5,He probably lived about [Dice.1d6]00 years ago 5,the painting looks [Dice.digit][Dice.digit+1]0 years old.


5, 2,He is pictured on a [Horse Description.BaseColor] [Horse Description.Breed] [Horse Description.Marking]} 1,He is pictured with a [Dogs.Breed] 1,He is seated in a chair draped with [ClothingFemale.Cloth_Color] fabric


6, 5,She is holding [Holding]


5,She probably lived about [Dice.1d6]00 years ago 5,the painting looks [Dice.digit][Dice.digit+1]0 years old


5, 2,She is pictured on a [Horse Description.BaseColor] [Horse Description.Breed] [Horse Description.Marking]} 1,She is pictured with a [Dogs.Breed] 1,She is seated in a chair draped with [ClothingFemale.Cloth_Color] fabric


5,A nude portrait of [NudeSubjectFemale]. She is [NudePortraitPose] [NudePortraitFacing]. [FamousPeople.HumanFemaleDescription] [HistoricalAge] 0,A nude portrait of [FamousPeople.StartFemale] She is [NudePortraitPose] [NudePortraitFacing]. [FamousPeople.HumanFemaleDescription] [HistoricalAge]


10,an unknown woman 1,a nymph 1,a mermaid 1,an unknown female elf


1,bathing in a peaceful pool 1,bathing in a swift-flowing river 1,bathing in the ocean near high cliffs 1,bathing near a waterfall 1,curled up in a woodland setting 1,curled up on a bed 1,curled up on a gray stone floor 1,curled up on a sofa 1,dancing in a woodland glade 1,holding the severed head of a [SeveredHead] by its hair in one hand and a bloody sword in the other 1,laying down in a ring of brightly colored mushrooms 1,laying on a stone altar in a druid circle 1,leaning against a doorway 1,partially hidden by a rock formation 1,partially hidden by jungle undergrowth 1,reclining in a field of grain 1,reclining in a woodland setting 1,reclining in the snow in a field 1,reclining on a beach 1,reclining on a bed 1,reclining on a pile of furs 1,reclining on a sofa 1,reclining on a sofa with servants attending her 1,running in the snow 1,running on a beach 1,running through a woodland 1,seated on a horse 1,sitting against a wall clutching her knees to her chest 1,sitting in a small boat on a lake 1,sitting on a rock amidst crashing waves 1,sitting on a ruined wall dangling her feet over the edge 1,sitting such that she is leaning up against her knees in a woodland setting 1,standing at a parapet on a tower 1,standing at the railing of a ship 1,standing in a field, holding a hawk on one gauntleted hand 1,standing near a balcony 1,standing near a window 1,standing on a beach 1,standing on a mountain ledge 1,taking aim with a longbow


1,and is facing the viewer 1,and is looking over her shoulder at the viewer


5,man 5,woman 1,female dwarf 1,female elf 1,female halfling 1,gnoll 1,goat 1,goblin 1,lion 1,male dwarf 1,male elf 1,male halfling 1,sheep 1,warrior orc 1,wolf


1,A group of old, ugly men who look like they are probably all [Fantasy Profession.maleanyclass]s


1,A grotesque painting of [GheronUtility.DeityEvil] performing or originating a dark ceremony surrounded by worshippers 1,A painting of [Fantasy Pantheon.main] 1,A painting of [GheronUtility.DeityDruidic] performing or originating a druidic ceremony in the wilderness 1,A painting of [GheronUtility.DeityPaladin] in shining armor, knighting a paladin


8,A painting of [Fantasy Pantheon.main] 4,A painting of [GheronUtility.DeityNonEvil] battling [GheronUtility.DeityEvil] 1,A painting of [Fantasy Pantheon.DeityFemale] attempting to seduce [Fantasy Pantheon.DeityMale], based on a well-known story 1,A painting of [Fantasy Pantheon.DeityMale] bringing a gift to [Fantasy Pantheon.DeityFemale] 1,A painting of [GheronUtility.DeityNonEvil] counseling with [GheronUtility.DeityNonEvil]


4,A landscape painting showing [LandscapeAdj] [Utility.Terrains] 1,A painting of [Animal] in [LandscapeAdj] [Utility.Terrains] 1,A painting of [SpiritForm.main] in [LandscapeAdj] [Utility.Terrains] 1,A painting of [Utility.PlantSymbol] in [LandscapeAdj] [Utility.Terrains]


1,a deserted 1,a brightly lit 1,an unnatural 1,a beautiful 1,a strangely geometric 1,a [Color.huesCap] 1,a melancholic 1,a lavish 1,a luxurious 1,a minimalistic 1,a chaotic 1,a silly-looking 1,a crushingly desperate


1,A painting of [Animal]


1,a [AnimalDanger] 1,a [AnimalDomestic] 1,[AnimalHunted] 1,a [AnimalOther]


1,dire wolf 1,bear 1,lion 1,pack of wolves 1,fox 1,tiger 1,panther 1,dire wolverine 1,constrictor snake 1,nest of vipers 1,spider 1,scorpion 1,dire ape


1,cow 1,sheep 5,bull 2,goat 3,ram 1,donkey 3,dog 3,housecat 1,mouse 1,chicken 2,fighting cock 1,rooster 3,pig


1,an elephant 1,an elk 1,a deer 1,a stag 1,a fox 1,a wild boar


1,scarab beetle 1,housefly 1,horned owl 1,hawk 1,eagle 1,crow 1,songbird 1,swan 1,goose 1,monkey 1,rat 1,squirrel


1,A still life painting of [StillLifeSubject]


1,a [MusicalInstruments.BrassType] 1,a [MusicalInstruments.StringedType] 1,a basket of flowers 1,a bottle and glass of red wine 1,a bowl of eggs 1,a bowl of fruit 1,a cattle skull 1,a pile of vegetables 1,a roasted duck on a platter, garnished by vegetables 1,a set of blacksmith’s tools on an anvil 1,a simple breakfast meal 1,a stack of skulls 1,a table laid out with a feast 1,a vase of flowers 1,a writing desk with inkwell and quill 1,dried leaves 1,glass bottles on a table in the sunlight


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