Oddments for Apocalypse World

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Items available for barter: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[oddments], [oddments], and [oddments]</sgdisplay>

(The majority of items generated here are borrowed from Mike Harrel's blog Infinite Machine).



20,condiment packs (ketchup, hot sauce) 20,soap/bleach/cleaning agents 20,canned food 10,spices (esp. salt) 10,a cigarette lighter 10,rechargable batteries 10,a battery charger 10,a keg 10,a pack of MREs 10,a tanks-worth of fuel 10,ammunition 10,narcotics 10,water filtration parts 10,birth-control pills 10,painkillers 10,a geiger counter 10,plant/vegetable seeds 10,chocolate 10,livestock (chickens, etc) 10,a music box 10,a scarf 10,a bottle of booze 10,needles and thread 10,pots and pans 10,plastic beads and shiny things 10,bandages 10,coffee 10,alcohol swabs 10,glass bottles 10,candles 10,shoes 10,hard candy 10,writing utensils 10,paper 10,toilet paper 10,books 10,cigarettes 10,toothbrushes 10,porn 10,chapstick 10,matches 10,garden and hand tools 10,pens and pencils 10,can of powdered milk 10,binoculars