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9,A [descriptor] glaive who [focus]. [glaive_background] Your power comes from [power_origin]. 9,A [descriptor] nano who [focus]. [nano_background] Your power comes from [power_origin]. 9,A [descriptor] jack who [focus]. [jack_background] Your power comes from [power_origin]. 1,A [descriptor] glaive who [focus]. [glaive_background] Your power comes from a confluence of both [power_origin] and [power_origin]. 1,A [descriptor] nano who [focus]. [nano_background] Your power comes from a confluence of both [power_origin] and [power_origin]. 1,A [descriptor] jack who [focus]. [jack_background] Your power comes from a confluence of both [power_origin] and [power_origin].


1,[descriptor] [type] who [focus]


1,glaive 1,nano 1,jack


1,Charming 1,Clever 1,Graceful 1,Intelligent 1,Learned 1,Mechanical 1,Mystical 1,Rugged 1,Stealthy 1,Strong 1,Strong-Willed 1,Swift 1,Tough


1,Bears a Halo of Fire 1,Carries a Quiver 1,Commands Mental 1,Powers 1,Controls Beasts 1,Controls Gravity 1,Crafts Illusions 1,Crafts Unique Objects 1,Employs Magnetism 1,Entertains 1,Exists Partially Out of Phase 1,Explores Dark Places 1,Fights With Panache 1,Focuses Mind Over 1,Matter 1,Fuses Flesh and Steel 1,Howls at the Moon 1,Hunts With Great Skill 1,Leads 1,Lives in the Wilderness 1,Masters Defense 1,Masters Weaponry 1,Murders 1,Rages 1,Rides the Lightning 1,Talks to Machines 1,Wears a Sheen of Ice 1,Wields Power With 1,Precision 1,Wields Two Weapons at Once 1,Works Miracles 1,Works the Back Alleys


1,You were in the military and have friends who still serve. Your former commander remembers you well. 1,You were the personal guard of a wealthy merchant who accused you of theft. You left her service in disgrace. 1,You were the bouncer in a local bar for a while, and the patrons there remember you. 1,You trained with a highly respected mentor. He regards you well, but he has many enemies. 1,You trained in an isolated monastery far away. The monks think of you as a brother, but you’re a stranger to all others. 1,You have no formal training. Your abilities come to you naturally (or unnaturally). 1,You spent time on the streets and even were in prison for a while. 1,You were conscripted into military service, but you deserted before long. 1,You served as a bodyguard to a powerful criminal who now owes you his life. 1,You worked as a constable. Everyone knows you, but their opinions of you vary. 1,Your older sibling is an infamous glaive who has been disgraced. 1,You served as a caravan guard. You know a smattering of people in many cities and towns. 1,Your best friend is a sage and a scholar. She is a great source of knowledge. 1,You and a friend both smoke the same kind of rare, expensive tobacco. The two of you get together weekly to chat and smoke. 1,Your uncle runs a theater in town. You know all the actors and watch all the shows for free. 1,Your blacksmith friend sometimes calls on you for help at the forge. However, he pays you well. 1,Your mentor wrote a book on the martial arts. Sometimes other warriors seek you out to ask about its stranger passages. 1,A man you fought alongside in the military is now the mayor of a nearby town. 1,You saved the lives of a family when their house burned down. They’re indebted to you, and their neighbors regard you as a hero. 1,Your old trainer still expects you to come back and sharpen her blades and clean up after her classes, but when you do, she occasionally shares interesting rumors.


1,You served as an apprentice for a nano-sorcerer respected and feared by many people. Now you bear his mark. 1,You studied in a school infamous for its dark, brooding instructors and graduates. 1,You learned nano-sorcery (or gained your modifications) in the temple of an obscure god. Its priests and worshippers, although small in number, respect and admire your talents and potential. 1,While traveling alone, you saved the life of a powerful abhuman brute. Although unwilling to accompany you on your journey, he remains indebted to you. 1,Your mother was a powerful nano while she lived, helpful to many locals. They look upon you kindly, but they also expect much from you. 1,You owe money to a number of people around town and don’t have the funds to pay your debts. 1,You failed disgracefully at your initial studies with your teacher and now proceed on your own. 1,You learned your skills faster than your teachers had ever seen before. The powers that be took notice and are paying close attention. 1,You killed a well-known criminal in self-defense, earning the respect of many and the enmity of a dangerous few. 1,You trained as a glaive, but your skills with the numenera and other types of lore eventually led you down a different path. Your former comrades don’t understand you, but they respect you. 1,While studying to be a nano, you worked as an assistant for a seamstress, making friends with the owner and the clientele. 1,Your family owns a large vineyard nearby known to all for its fine wine and fair business dealings. 1,You trained for a time with a group of Aeon Priests, and they still look upon you with fondness. 1,You worked the gardens in the palace of an influential noble. She wouldn’t remember you, but you made friends with her young daughter. 1,An experiment you conducted in the past went horribly awry. The locals remember you as a dangerous and foolhardy individual. 1,You hail from a distant land where you were well known and regarded, but people here treat you with suspicion. 1,People you meet seem put off by the strange birthmark on your face. 1,Your best friend is also a nano. You and she share discoveries and secrets readily. 1,You know a local merchant very well. Since you give him so much business, he offers you discounts and special treatment. 1,You belong to a secretive social club that gathers monthly to drink and talk.


1,You come from a large family and had to fend for yourself from an early age. 1,Your older sister is a skilled nano. You weren’t able to follow her path, but the numenera is not unknown to you. 1,You’re a member of a guild of explorers who specialize in uncovering ancient mysteries. 1,You worked alongside your father, who was skilled in many things, until he disappeared one day with no explanation. 1,You grew up on the streets and studied at the school of hard knocks. 1,You remember little of your past, which has always seemed strange to you. 1,You came of age in the wild and are used to living rough. 1,Your family is wealthy but earns little respect from the locals. 1,You’re friends with many people in the community and are generally well regarded. 1,You have an annoying rival who always seems to get in your way or foil your plans. 1,You’re in love with a local shopkeeper, but that person shows little interest in you. 1,Several expeditions preparing to explore old ruins and odd mysteries would like you to join them because you seem like a promising addition to the team. 1,Your best friend from childhood is now an Aeon Priest. 1,You come from a nearby community, but the locals consider the folk of your hometown to be untrustworthy rivals. 1,You’re close friends with a local married couple, both of whom are experienced nanos. 1,You’re drinking buddies with a number of the local guards and glaives. 1,You once saved the child of a local noble from a fire, and she is very grateful. 1,You used to work with a troupe of traveling minstrels and performers, and they remember you fondly (as do people in the places you visited). 1,You’re wanted for a crime you didn’t commit. 1,You have a friend with an extensive library, plenty of food and drink, and a comfortable home—and the door is always open to you.


5,natural mutation 4,an unexpected viral reconstruction of your body 6,a mutation due to ancestral exposure to chemicals, radiation, or virus 6,a mutation due to experimental science performed on your ancestor(s) 6,an encounter with the Iron Wind (unexpected nanotech reconstruction of your body) 1,abduction by extraterrestrial(s) who experimented or performed surgery on you 1,abduction by rogue scientist(s) who experimented or performed surgery on you 1,abduction by machine intelligence that experimented or performed surgery on you 1,an encounter with an ultraterrestrial entity that mysteriously changed you 4,intentional or accidental fusion/implantation with mechanical devices in fingertips 4,intentional or accidental fusion/implantation with mechanical devices in palms 4,intentional or accidental fusion/implantation with mechanical device in head or eye 4,intentional or accidental fusion/implantation with mechanical device in chest 4,intentional or accidental immersion or treatment with ancient chemicals or radiation 5,hidden artifact(s) secreted on your person 4,a cloud of nanotech that follows and responds to you for reasons unknown 4,an implant or mutation that provides knowledge and power from the datasphere 2,drugs 1,training by extraterrestrial entities in strange and mysterious devotions 2,training by secret order that has mastered mysteries passed down from the ancients 1,training by machine intelligence that shared inhuman knowledge 20, something unknown


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