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This comic was not approved by the CCA:


<sgdisplay iterations="5">[reason]</sgdisplay>



1,creates [creates] 40,contains [contains]


1,sympathy for criminals 1,distrust for forces of law and justice 1,desire to imitate criminals


1,scenes [scenes] 1,stories dealing with evil, [evil] 1,'horror' in the title 1,'terror' in the title 1,depravity 1,lust 1,sadism 1,masochism 1,lurid illustrations 1,unsavory illustrations 1,gruesome illustrations 1,instruments associated with [monsters] 1,profanity 1,obscenity 1,smut 1,vulgarity 1,words or symbols which have acquired undesirable meanings 1,nudity 1,indecent or undue exposure 1,suggestive illustration 1,salacious illustration 1,suggestive posture 1,females drawn unrealistically, with exaggeration of physical qualities 1,hints of illicit sex relations 1,potrayal of illicit sex relations 1,sexual abnormalities 1,suggestion of seduction 1,suggestion of rape 1,sex perversion 1,inference to sex perversion 1,nudity with meretricious purpose 1,salacious postures 1,clothed figures presented in such a way as to be offensive 1,clothed figures presented in such a way as to be contrary to good taste or morals


1,with criminals rendered glamorous 1,where evil prevails over good 1,with criminals not punished for their misdeeds 1,of excess violence 1,of brutal torture 1,of excessive and unnecessary knifeplay 1,of physical agony 1,of gory and gruesome crime 1,of horror 1,of excessive bloodshed 1,dealing with [monsters] 1,of rape 1,of seduction


1,not illustrating a moral issue 1,presented alluringly 1,injuring the sensibilities of the reader


1,the walking dead 1,torture 1,vampires and vampirism 1,ghouls 1,cannibalism 1,werewolfism