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1,Arms split into 2 arms at elbows 1,Tiny gaping baby bird heads sprout along your collar bone, eyeless and silently cheeping. 1,You face and body is smooth like a cheap manikin, with "normal features" existing on it as a flat but vivid images. 1,All your body fluids will glow in the dark if exposed to oxygen 1,  Your spine is ridiculously flexible. You now sleep curled up like a rattle snake. This gives you a +2 dodge bonus to your a.c 1,When completed submerged in warm or cold (but not hot) water you freeze solid and go into a staisis state until removed from the water and left to thaw for an hour 1,You can invert your stomach out of mouth like a frog, thus, (also like a frog) allowing you to excavate its contents manually. This allows you a new fortitude save againest something that's fucking with you that you ingested, or at least avoid secondary damage 1,YOu have a big tight mass along your spine and back of neck. This allows you to generate a powerfult eletric jolt like the famous electric eel! ie shocking grasp once a day. The day after a day that you don't use this power you get head aches, mild hallecanations and a 1 in 8 chance of a epilitic fit . Also? you can only use this power if you are really scared or angry. 1,Your urethra protrudes from your body encased in a hand span length of sensitive tissue Gills. On your neck, that open and allow you to breath some kind of poison gas. Anytime you are exposed to a poison gas roll a d8, on a 8 that's a type of gas you can breathe to no ill effect. 1,Any opening in your body (eyes, ears, mouth etc) closes over with skin when you sleep, and every morning you must cut them open if you want to use them. The skin is thin, and bleeds little, but hurts still. The skin is still permeable to air 1,You may blow a shimmery bubble of muscus from your mouth. This bubble drifts at your urging , reaching a chosen location up to mile per cha point. When it reachs this loaction, it pops and 3 sentences of your voice are audible. The bubble moves at a brief walking pace 1,. Instead of blinking, tongues insinuate themselves from your tearducts and lick your eyes clean. 1,You sweat a sweet smelling dust of a dull metallic hue instead of the usual 1,Your teeth are small bone pointed worms , writhing slowly 1,THe centre of your chest is a blacked gnarled ruin of bone and hair with red maddend eyes and thick tusks. If you forgo chest armour you can make an unarmed bite attack for a d10 damage 1,You hair is constantly in motion as if there was a stiff breeze or shit ass shampoo commeical 1,You always know which direction is north and crave small amounts of rust in your food 1,Flowers shoot, bloom and die in ten second cycles on the undersides of your arms. This, of course, allows you to restore 1d4 hit points per level if you eat the still warm heart of someone whos name you know. 1,+2 constitution  when you are at least 10 feet below the earths surface. Not being in contact with a solid surface is agonizing for you and you suffer -2 on all rolls. You feet are now like crude hooves of meat and bone. 1,Everytime you take electrical damage that is equal or higher to your constitution you change sex. 1,You body can concertina  on itself allowing you to fit into space a 5th of your size, if you spend a round "compacting" 1,Your skin hangs off your body in great sloughing sheets. If some of this skin is taken, and ploughed into the earth, nothing will grow there for a year and a day, and after then strange trees with malign fruit. 1,You can roll your eyes back in your head and watch your thoughts hump. Reroll a failed knowledge check per day per point of inteligence modifirer , minimum of one 1,Thy neck is liketh the giraffe, being at least half your body length again. 1,Your skin is furloughed and trenched in a elaborate labyrinthine patterns. 1,You have a long forked tongue of bright, dizzying hue. You can "taste" spoken words, and lies taste sweet, while the truth bitter. +6 to sense motive checks. 1,Your chin curves and tapers to a hard bone point, like a Egypt fake beard, or the business end of a spider wasp. If you jab this into a tree, you can hear the trees "thoughts" , as "speak with plants" 1,A canal like network of cartilage tubes runs under your ears, throat and jaw line, leading to your nose, which is flared and vaulted. Twice a day , you can spend up to your constitution score in rounds producing bizarre fluting  with this, just above and below normal hearing range. Everyone but you in 60 feet must fortitude save every round your play or become nauseated for as long as you "play" . D.c is 10 + twice your level 1,The fingers on your hands end in tiny hands, the fingers of which also end in tiny hands 1,A hour after your body lies cold and dead, your torso cracks like an egg, and out you pop in miniature. 01 You always feel feverish to the touch , this means you have  5 points of cold resistance. 1,You have the stooped brutish build of a gorilla . A unloved gorilla. +2 str, -2 dex 1,You have a consumptive ethereal look. In fact in dim light light you are ever so slightly translucent.+2 to stealth, -2 con, +2 int or wis or cha. YOu choose. 1,You are a hyper active midget. You vibrate slightly when still. +2 dex - 2 con, and are size small 1,Your blood congeals fast and rock hard. After taking damage that would cause bleeding, you get +1 natural a.c. This is stacks to a +5modifier. The blood cracks and falls off after about a hour, or prolonged exposure to running water. Also this means you are no subject to additional bleeding damage effects, but blood draining would still get you, the blood not getting enough contact with air to congeal. 1,Your eyes can extend on stalks 1,You have retractable claws like a cat, these do 1d3 damage, crit on 20 for x2. 1,You have spurs on the back of your legs like a rooster or male platypus (except not poisonous). The do 1d6 dmg, crit on 19-20 for x2, but they attack as unproficient  weapon unless you have the unarmed combat feat. 1,Your lower body is that of a snake! hiss! snake!, take 10 feet off your move speed, but you can't be tripped. 1,You get one random corponaut power 1-6 1st level, 7-8 2nd level, and enough power points to use once a day. 1,You have no colour in your skin, eyes, hair or blood. 1,Very long tongue. Like a metre long. Stores handily when not in use. 1,Double jointed! +4 to escape artist. And because that's dull, your finger tips have tiny mouths on them. They quietly sing you to sleep and whisper in your sleep. 1,You have big porcupine quills coming out your back. Armour is like 3 times as much, but you have +4 natural a.c from rear attacks, and anyone attacking you with a small or smaller weapon takes 1d6 damage 1,You have a snail shell that you can retreat into, giving you +8 a.c but you can't see anything or move. . Are you slow? you betcha, 5 feet per round as you drag your sorry ass around. Get your self a cart or something. +2 str though from all the arm work it takes  to pull yourself around. 1,You can vomit up a collection of organs, which can move independently from your body and spy on stuff with the same senses you have. Because they have eyes and ears. The organs move at your half your normal speed, and you  -6 to constitution while your organs are outside your body. They have hit points equal to you unmodified con, and if slain you take a week to grow new ones (and suffering the -6 to con the whole time). You may channel touch range spells/powers from your organs. 1,There is small wrinkled conjoined twin somewhere on your body. Its asleep most of time, but it has one savant power it can use once a day, if you wake it up and ask it nicely. 1,Your face is blank like a spooky egg. A seemless when closed slit is how you eat. You draw your features on every morning. Well you don't haaaaave to. -4 cha in any case. 1,Arms are snakes. -4 to do anything with them that would need a thumb, cause they are snakes. No they don't have poison. Yes it sucks to be you 1,There is a small arm growing out of your chest. It is pitiful and weak, but it could hold a lantern or potion or something. 1,You have a centipedeesque body, with either arms or extra legs instead of the myriapod equivalent. Its about 3 times your normal body length. It means you count as large in all ways except reach. And +6 hit points. +2 to climb, and +20 to your movement 1,Centaur! But like a pantomime  horse , like a bent over human torso sticks out of your back. Is there a insane twin trapped in your butt? Lets hope not. Any way you count as large for purposes of overrun, bullrush and grapple and the like. But not in the sense of a.c or reach. + 10 feet speed as well. 1,You have gliding membranes like a flying squirrel or someone wearing a creepy skin poucho. This means you don't take falling damage as long as you can move 20 feet vertically for every ten feet fallen. It takes you like 20 feet to turn 90 degrees. 1,Prehensile tail. +2 to climb and acrobatics. 1,Froglike build. +4 acrobatics and add to ten feet to your jump height and length. 1,Another face is on the back of your head. It shows the opposite expression to you but does give you +2 to perception 1,You can run around real good on all your hands and feet. +10 feet speed when you doing this. 1,You have horrible fangs like a shark that eats glass and meth. Your bite is does 1d6 damage but still counts as unarmed attack for provoking attacks of opportunity. 1,Webbed hands and feet. +2 to swim. 1,You always feel cold to the touch, 5 points of fire/heat resistance. 1,A third eye is growing in your forehead. +1 to perception. 1,You shed and regrow your teeth in daily cycle 1,You must shed your skin once a week. This restores any stat damage you may have suffered, but it's process that takes a hour and leaves you weak and defenseless the whole time 1,The back of your head is a mass of writhing insectile limbs. The delicate hairs on them give you +2 perception 1,Instead of sleeping you must spend the time standing still and extending vein like tendrils out of your face and feet, drawing strange nutrition from the ether. This only can be done if the soil beneath your feet is fertile and suitable for growing stuff. Upon resting like this it acts as a restoration spell. 1,You have holes in your body, like a swiss cheese. 1,There is another bone to your arms given you a extra 5 feet of reach. 1,Your legs can unfold like uncanny origami , your height doubling, giving you another 20 feet of movement but make you unbalanced, - 2 dex when your legs are unfolded. 1,Your eye lids close  vertically. 1,When you are scared you sweat a mild poison of a bright blue tinge. Contact with this poison will force others to make a fort save at 15 or take 1d6 con damage 1,Your back is a writhing mass of insectile limbs tipped with poison stabbers, you may attack behind you at -2 , inflicting 1d6 damage and forcing a fort save at d.c 11+ your level or take a further 2d6 damage. 1,Delicate translucent wings grow sublimely underneath your back and forearm skin. if concentrate for a minute, they softy spring forth, fluttering in the sunlight/moonlight(choose on character creation). If you spend 5 minutes like this you can regain 1d4 hitpoints or power points per level. This maybe done once a day, and you take an additional 2d6 damage from any attack while the wings are out. 1,Your skin is somehow sharp, to a soft touch feeling normal, but any fast movement against it is cut by a score of invisible razors. Anyone grappling with you if you are at least showing 40% skin takes  1d8 damage. 1,  Unnaturally light, +4 to acrobatics and stealth (where noise is the primary concern), but you count as tiny for purposes of weight, eg bullrush, overrun, pressure plate etc. 1,Unnaturally heavy, the reverse of the above 1,If you succeed in fortitude save against a poison you can spit it back as a ranged touch attack 1d4 rounds later. You may hold the poison in a hour before you have to make the original save again or be affected by it. You may only hold one poison at a time. The d.c of poison is the same as the original. 1,Your eyes project light constantly, so you can see in the dark, but you must close your eyes to hide. 1,hemophiliac. You take 1 point of damage after being damaged, until a heal check is made on you d.c 12. On the plus side Heal is a class skill for you if it wasn't already. 1,You can dislocate your jaw and eat stuff bigger than your head. 1,Your blood bursts into flame on contact with air, anyone damaging you with slashing or piercing attacks must make a ref save at d.c 10 + the damage inflicted or take 1d4 damage per 5 points of damage done to you (minimum 1d4, max 10d4) 1,You have massive shoulders a hunched over posture like some kinda bear. And soft white fur grows in patches over your body. This is not however fur, but a symbiotic fungus, that whispers to you secrets! +2 strength +2 wisdom 1,  The hair on your head is an unusual colour. Choose. Hairs on head left in lightless water turn into snakes and leeches in 1d4 days. 1,Thorns grow from your body, they are long and spindle and red like dirty junkie syringes. Anyone grappling you or otherwise contacting your skin takes 1d6 damage - whatever natural a.c bonus they might have. They do not contract hep C because that was a simile I used before. 1,You can excrete fluffy white goop from your face openings. you may spin this disgusting but special blessing rapidly and freakishly into silk like cloth or rope. This takes 1d4 minutes  and you can produce 20 feet of rope or a 10 by 10 sheet per day. You have to eat twice as much that day though or its like you ate nothing at all. If had the profession skill in weaving you could make fancier stuff if the dm could stay awake long enough to listen to your dumb idea. 1,A snake lives n your brain, which is compressed but still with the thinking able. The snake share your thoughts and sorts your memory like a personal assistant . It can leave via your nose or mouth, and likes to spend an hour each day having a bit of a stretch and a mouse. While its inside your head you get +4 int, and +2 to all your knowledge skills. Choose a knowledge skill, the snake is an expert at that knowledge and you have to be pretend to be interested in it or the snake gets huffy and wouldn't help into bribed with mice or attention. 1,If you scratch someone (as a unarmed attack) your nails tear off and burrow under their skin, causing great pain (-2 pain penalty on all rolls0 and 1d4 damage per round, until they make a fort save at dc 10+ your level. The can do this the round after been scratched, and make a new roll every round after that. 1,You have no teeth and must eat stuff like a fly, hoiking up digestion enzymes over your food and then soaking it up with your fan like tongue. 1,You can eerily copy other peoples voices. +4 to disguise when relevant. 1,You smell like death to (1-2 mammals, 3-4 reptiles, 5-6 insects, 7-8 pterasaurs and birds) -10 to handle animal checks against members of that type. On the plus side predators will only try and eat you if they are very hungry. Territory animals however are far more likely to go you. 1,Your blood is tiny, rice grain sized ants that are rainbow coloured and do the work of your blood. They sing all the fucking time too, but you have to have your ear right near them to hear. +2 con 1,Your legs taper to boney spikes, counter intuitively this makes you nimble , and graceful . +2 dex 1,You have crazy pheromones +2 cha 1,You never sleep. You can't sleep. -2 to any checks involving concentration because of constant mild hallucinations. Choose a  repetitive  task like knitting , mediating , counting , walking in circles, muttering, etc that you spend 4 hours doing instead of sleep to get the mechanical benefits of sleep. If the player suggests masturbation as an activity, they are dull and you should put cigarettes out them, and call them stinky ash tray and jeer at them. Fucking ashtray.. 1,Your hands are skeleton hands. 1,You have a mouth inside your mouth that repeats what you say slightly after you say it giving you a slight echo effect. 1,your exhaled breathe is visable no matter what the temputure 1,You have a different voice everyday 1,You have a nose like beak thing like someone grabbed your face and stretched to a point, ala that scene in beetle juice when those yuppie ghosts are learning to be scary 1,You have skin like a rhino + 2 natural a.c bonus 1,You diet consists solely of 1-2 insect wings 3-4 flower petals 5-6 teeth 7-8 hair 9-10 soil 1,your hands close the other way 1,cyclops! -2 to ranged attacks because no depth perception for you 1,You have weird excess skin in clumps around your body. +1 natural a.c 1,You make a bone blade pop out of the palm of hand. Treat as a short sword 1,Instead of hands you have long frond things. +2 to resisting disarm attempts 1,You skin has no pores and is slightly radiate 1,Covered in fur! 1,Massive lungs! double held breathe time and +2 to damage with blow guns 1,Tiny frogs hatch from cysts on you back and hatch and hop away in a 2 week cycle, if you catch and eat them you remember a dream you had forgotten. This could be a excuse for the d.m to give you a clue! Those frogs are pretty damn cute though.. 1,Your hair is feathers 1,Your organs kinda wander around your body by them selves. Once a day you may treat a critical hit as a normal hit. -4 to heal checks on you though. 1,Anyone can feel your heart beat on any surface of your body. In fact if its quiet enough it's audible from up to ten feet away. 1,skin is slippery and eel like, +2 to escape artist and if you get set on fire , reduce the time on fire by 2 rounds. But you must drink twice as much water as a regular type person 1,Your flesh is translucent, but your organs and bones are not. +2 to intimidate 1,if you spend 1d4 rounds whispering a close like to an object, the next attack on it ignores hardness 1,You cast no shadow 1,You may shoot your finger nails off at people, treat as an attack with a +1 dart. You may fire one a round, and you regrow 1d4 back a day. 1,You are weirdly rubbery gaining damage resistance 5 against blunt weapons , +2 to grapple/ escape artist.. why have I so many escape artist mods? I don't even like to tie people up in real life 1,At least half your body is covered in tattoos. These move and frolic about when no one is looking. THEY GUIDE YOU +2 wis 1,One of your arms is a giant lobster / scorpion claw! RWAAGA!. You can't really do shit with it except crush dudes like fat maggots. 1d8 damage crit on 20 for x3 damage, -4 to do anything delicate with it. You count as proficient in it. 1,Your head rotates 360 degrees 1,Your eyes change colour like a mood ring, and anyone making you cry (happy cry or sad cry but not onion cry) can drink your tears healing 2d8+2 hitpoints 1,The shadow you cast acts out your hidden desires 1,Horns! spiral blunt goat ones! long spikey impala ones! You choose, they count as a unarmed attack but 1d6 lethal damage , crit on 20 for x2 1,From your brow grows a crown (or tiara) of bone or coral 1,+2 ref save and you smell like candy and attract bees 1,+2 fort save and fuck it I'm tired, you .. bits of ash float out of your mouth when you speak 1,+2 will save and have horrible big  pulsing veins on your head 1,You have a long plait of motile hair, that can be used by you like a whip or a ten feet rope and grappling hook 1,Your head is a part giant mushroom you fucking hippy, -2 cha. Any disease, poison or fungus attack that you make a successful fort safe from you may then release a spore attack a day later with the exact same effects, d.c etc. The spore attack maybe spored at one target up to 20 feet away with a ranged touch attack, (and a fort save) or everyone within 5 feet of you (fort save only, no attack roll needed) 1,Acid Excretion 1,Additional eye 1,Agility 1,Albino 1,Alcoholism 1,Atrophy 1,Beaked 1,Bestial Face 1,Beweaponed Extremities 1,Big Ears 1,Bird's Feet 1,Black Skin 1,Blood Rage 1,Blood Substitution 1,Breathes Fire 1,Brightly Patterned Skin 1,Bulging Eyes 1,Burning Body 1,Chaos Lord 1,Chaos Spawn 1,Chaos Were 1,Cloud of Flies 1,Cloven Hooves 1,Cowardice 1,Crest 1,Crossbreed 1,Crown of Flesh 1,Crystalline Body 1,Dimensional Instability 1,Duplication 1,Elastic Limbs 1,Enormously Fat 1,Enormous Noise 1,Evil Eye 1,Extra Joints 1,Extremely Thin 1,Eyestalks 1,Fangs 1,Fast 1,Fear of Blood 1,Feathered hide 1,Featureless Face 1,Fits 1,Flaming Skull Face 1,Furry 1,Growth 1,Headless 1,Hideous Appearance 1,Hopper 1,Horns 1,Horrible Stench 1,Huge Head 1,Hunchback 1,Hypnotic Gaze 1,Illusion of Normality 1,Invisibility 1,Iron Hard Skin 1,Irrational Fear 1,Irrational Hatred 1,Levitation 1,Limb Loss 1,Limb Transference 1,Long Legs 1,Long Neck 1,Long Nose 1,Long Spines 1,Mace Tail 1,Magician 1,Mane of Hair 1,Manic Fighter 1,Manikin 1,Massive Intellect 1,Mechanoid 1,Mercreature 1,Metal Body 1,Mindless 1,Moronic 1,Multiple Arms 1,Multiple Heads 1,Multiplication 1,One Eye vOvergrown Body Part 1,Pin Head 1,Plague Bearer 1,Pointed Head 1,Poisonous Bite 1,Powerful Legs 1,Prehensile Tail 1,Pseudo-Deamonhood 1,Psychic Immune 1,Psychic Resistant 1,Puny 1,Quadruped/Biped 1,Rapid Regeneration 1,Razor Sharp Claws 1,Rearranged Face 1,Regeneration 1,Resilient 1,Rotting flesh 1,Scaly skin 1,Scorpion Tail 1,Short Legs 1,Shrink 1,Siamese Twin 1,Silly Voice 1,Silly Walk 1,Skull Face 1,Snake Tail 1,Spits Acid 1,Strong 1,Suckers 1,Tail 1,Technology 1,Telekinesis 1,Teleport 1,Temporal Instability 1,Tentacles 1,Transparent skin 1,Uncanny Resemblance 1,Uncontrollable Flatulence 1,Vampire 1,Vividly Colored Skin 1,Walking Head 1,Warp Frenzy 1,Warty Skin 1,Weapon Master 1,Wings 1,Mechanical parts 1,Mechanical weaponry 1,Hairless (or skinless if base creature has skin or if you're bored with that) 1,Eyes are solid color 1,Eyes are (1,-flame 1,-jewel 1,-ice 1,-stone 1,-babies' heads 1,-missing) 1,Aflame 1,Covered in ice 1,Made of stone 1,Made of volcanic stone (lava through cracks) 1,Acidic drool 1,Made of rotting plant matter 1,Made of rotting meat 1,Is only half-visible 1,Extra eye 1,Extra eyes (1,d1,) 1,Covered in eyes 1,Extra arm (or 1,arms if base creature has none) 1,Extra arms (1,d1,) 1,Covered in arms 1,d1,Extra tongues 1,Extra mouth 1,extra mouths (1,d1,) 1,Covered in mouths 1,Extra head/face (1,% whole head, like Ettin or Demogorgon, 1,% just face, like Hindu god) 1,1,d1,Extra heads (1,% Ettin, 1,% like Hindu god) 1,Covered in faces 1,Covered in heads 1,Vertical symmetry (built like a king queen or jack playing card, with extra, inverted head and arms where legs should be 1,Wiry (extra agile) 1,Withered (extra slow) 1,Megafat (extra slow) 1,Huge: d1,+1,' tall 1,Elongated: d1,+1,' tall but skinny and fragile looking 1,Barely mobile: fat, d1,' tall, d1,'+1,feet in diameter, moves 1,foot per round, 1,extra powers 1,Rolling: is spherical or ring-shaped 1,Amphibious; a sea demon--gills and scales and what-all 1,Weapons for arms: 1,-Hooks 1,-Swords 1,-Serrated blades 1,-Whips 1,Claw feet 1,Extra pair of legs 1,1,d1,extra legs (as spider) 1,1,d1,extra legs (as centipede) 1,Halo of flies 1,Is pair of twin demons, half stats each, powers belong to one or the other 1,Extra joints 1,Eyestalks 1,Covered in ice 1,Faceless--if already faceless, then limbless 1,Headless--if already headless, then has random head 1,Hydrocephalic 1,Always levitates 1,Divided: left half and right half have separate attributes--roll full complement separately 1,Quartered: 1,quarters of body have separate attributes--roll full complement separately 1,Reptilian scales--bonus to AC 1,Missing d1,limbs typical of base creature 1,Missing mouth--if already mouthless, has mouth 1,Missing d1,eyes-if already eyeless, has 1,eye 1,d1,limbs in wr1,ng places--if this is not applicable, has d1,arms/legs 1,Elongated body part--1,d1,' longer or 1,x normal 1,-neck 1,-head 1,-arms 1,-legs 1,-1,arm 1,-1,leg 1,Spines 1,Mane like a lion or frilled lizard 1,Conjoined twin 1,Head that's just an eye 1,Head that's just a mouth 1,Tiny: d1,feet tall 1,Crawls if base creature doesn't, upright if base creature does 1,Facial features rearranged. If featureless, has a face now. 1,d1,tentacles 1,Bat wings 1,Butterfly wings 1,Bird wings 1,Insect wings 1,1,wings--roll d1,+1,on this table for each set 1,Walks as if gravity pointed toward whatever wall demon stands on 1,Body made of swarmed bodies of other creatures 1,Feet don't quite touch ground 1,Shadow moves independently but stays attached, has same stats as demon 1,Opposite gender to what you thought (if female, 1,disturbingly nice breasts 1,disturbingly withered breasts 1,hooklike protrusions for nipples 1,eyes for nipples 1,mouths for nipples 1,roll for each breast) 1,Covered in acidic slime, leaves trail 1,Antlers or horns 1,Body is elongated but has holes in it, like swiss cheese or torn dough 1,Object visibly embedded in-/worn on- body (egg, candle, crown, etc.) is power source--regenerates d1,per round unless this thing is removed, inwhich case it probably dies 1,Snake tongue 1,Barbed skin 1,Centaur (1,-quadruped 1,-spider/mass of tentacles 1,-slug/worm/giant tongue 1,-no lower body/mass of entrails) 1,Metallic skin 1,Appears with neck broken, spears through it, daggers in its face, crucified or otherwise physically mortified 1,Carries magic weapon (1,-axe 1,-morningstar 1,-spear 1,-sword 1,-hammer 1,-sickle 1,-whip 1,-scythe 1,-pair of wavy daggers 1,-circular shield with spikes/serrations) 1,Visible brain 1,Tree branch limbs (1,-arms 1,-legs 1,-growing from head 1,-one arm) 1,1,-Mandibles 1,-Tusks 1,-Fangs 1,-All teeth are fangs 1,body covered in teeth 1,Mandalaform: Creature has 1,torsos joined in the center 1,Demon can assume two forms: the one rolled so far and another one which is an ordinary human, demihuman or domestic animal with one minor irregularity (missing finger, heterochromatic eyes, etc.) 1,Body part "attached" backwards 1,-head 1,-arms 1,-legs 1,-hands 1,Crouches like a toad, maybe legs to match 1,Sheathed in ornate/ominous plate mail that hides its form 1,Tail (1,-spines 1,-forked 1,-arrow 1,-whips 1,-scorpion 1,-morningstar 1,-hand on tip 1,-second head on tip) 1,Elongated proboscis-face like the Spy Vs. Spy guys or an anteater. with long tongue 1,Animal face if humanoid body, humanoid face if otherwise 1,Features on palms (1,-eyes 1,-mouths 1,-whole face 1,-leechlike mouths