Modern Profession

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<sgdisplay iterations="25">[main]</sgdisplay>





1,Pilot 2,[Military] 4,[Medical] 2,[Religious] 1,Teacher 1,Firefighter 2,[Academic] 2,[Journalism] 1,[IsCrooked]Lawyer 4,[Entertainer] 2,[Modeltype] Model 2,[Cop] 1,Private Eye 1,[Criminal] 1,[IsCrooked][Politician] 1,Entrepreneur 1,Tycoon 1,Astronaut 1,Exterminator 1,Mechanic 1,Construction Worker 1,Architect 1,Florist 1,Bookkeeper 1,Homemaker 1,Legal Transcriptionist 1,Storm Chaser 1,Toll Collector 1,Fast Food Worker 1,Adoption Counselor 1,[IsCrooked]CEO 1,Tennis Instructor 1,Swimming Instructor 1,Carpenter 1,Pro Chess Player 1,Recent Lottery Winner 1,Farmer 1,Office Assistant 1,Assembly Line Worker 1,Garbage Collector 1,Meter Reader 1,Convenience Store Owner 1,Manicurist 1,Pedicurist 1,Teacher 1,Dressmaker 1,Fashion Designer 1,Apparel Designer 1,Graphic Designer 1,Salesman 1,Bodybuilder 1,Fitness Trainer 1,Personal Trainer 1,Gym Owner 1,Fitness Instructor 1,Advice Columnist 1,Accountant 1,Acrobatic Pilot 1,Animal Rights Advocate 1,Art Critic 1,Art Museum Curator 1,Assistant 1,Assistant Store Manager 1,Assistant Manager 1,Attorney 1,Architect 1,Boxer 1,Bike Shop Owner 1,Beatboxer 1,Brand Representative 1,Bartender 1,Barista 1,Butcher 1,Beauty Queen 1,Bank Teller 1,Bookstore Owner 1,Brick Layer 1,Baker 1,Bus Driver 1,Blackjack Dealer 1,Building Manager 1,Blogger 1,Bouncer 1,Business Manager 1,Baseball Player 1,Basketball Player 1,Bodyguard 1,Barber 1,Bar Owner 1,B & B Owner 1,Choir Director 1,Casino Manager 1,Casino Attendant 1,Coffee Barista 1,Clinical Psychologist 1,Craft Store Owner 1,Casting Director 1,Clerk 1,Clown 1,Circus Performer 1,Candy Store Owner 1,Candymaker 1,Comedian 1,Chef 1,Chaplain 1,Cake Decorator 1,Cupcake Shop Owner 1,Club Owner 1,Chambermaid 1,Country Singer 1,Costume Designer 1,Dance Instructor 1,Disc Jockey 1,Dressmaker 1,Designer 1,Deacon 1,Driver 1,Drugstore Owner 1,Day Care Owner 1,Day Care Assistant 1,Dog Breeder 1,Dog Trainer 1,District Attorney 1,Dramaturg 1,Elephant Trainer 1,Event Planner 1,Event Producer 1,Erotic Novelist 1,Engineer 1,Electrician 1,Electrical Engineer 1,Executive Assistant 1,Federal Agent 1,Factory Worker 1,Family Counselor 1,Fortune Teller 1,Former Child Star 1,Football Player 1,Flight Attendant 1,Guidance Counselor 1,Gardener 1,Gay Rights Activist 1,Glassblower 1,Gift Shop Owner 1,Geriatric Nurse 1,Gambler 1,Historian 1,Housemaid 1,Hairdresser 1,Hair Stylist 1,High Jumper 1,Hunter 1,Hang Gliding Instructor 1,House Cleaner 1,Housekeeper 1,Hotel Clerk 1,Hotel Receptionist 1,Hot Dog Vendor 1,Headhunter 1,House Painter 1,IT Specialist 1,Irish Step Dancer 1,Impressionist 1,Intern 1,Ice Cream Vendor 1,Insurance Sales 1,Image Consultant 1,Information Technologist 1,Innkeeper 1,Jeweler 1,Jewelry Designer 1,Jailer 1,Janitor 1,Joke Shop Owner 1,Kindergarten Teacher 1,Lawyer 1,Law Student 1,Lifeguard 1,Landscaper 1,Lumberjack 1,Landlord 1,Legal Secretary 1,Maid 1,Mailman 1,Magician's Assistant 1,Music Teacher 1,Massage Therapist 1,Musical Instrument Repair 1,Museum Curator 1,Museum Guide 1,Mechanical Bull Operator 1,Makeup Artist 1,Motivational Speaker 1,Mill Worker 1,Manager 1,Nonprofit Organizer 1,Nutritionist 1,Nurse 1,Nursing Home Operator 1,National Park Ranger 1,Nanny 1,Newspaper Reporter 1,Oil Rig Worker 1,Opera Singer 1,Office Administrator 1,Office Manager 1,Poker Dealer 1,Poker Player 1,Pageant Coach 1,Perfume Sprayer 1,Personal Stylist 1,Painter 1,Pole Dancer 1,Plumber 1,Pastor 1,Physical Therapist 1,Personal Trainer 1,Personal Chef 1,Party Planner 1,Paper Artist 1,Pet Store Owner 1,Postal Worker 1,Police 1,Pop Singer 1,Pool Cleaner 1,Principal 1,Photographer 1,Powerlifter 1,Preschool Teacher 1,Performance Artist 1,Playwright 1,Quiz Show Host 1,Recruiter 1,Racecar Driver 1,Retiree 1,Retired Teacher 1,Retired Lawyer 1,Retired Engineer 1,Radio Announcer 1,Radio DJ 1,Radio Talk Show Host 1,Researcher 1,Receptionist 1,Sex Therapist 1,Scout Leader 1,Stage Manager 1,Soapmaker 1,Sous Chef 1,Salsa Dancer 1,Sailor 1,Ship Captain 1,Storyteller 1,Store Manager 1,School Counselor 1,School Psychologist 1,School Nurse 1,Stay-At-Home Parent 1,Secretary 1,Sports Reporter 1,Sports Photographer 1,Salsa Dancer 1,Security Guard 1,Technical Writer 1,TV Host 1,Talk Show Host 1,Tourism Agent 1,Travel Agent 1,Tap Dancer 1,Telephone Salesman 1,Teller 1,Tutor 1,Taxi Driver 1,Traffic Reporter 1,Tarot Card Reader 1,Troop Leader 1,Truck Driver 1,Used Car Salesman 1,Usher 1,Veterinarian 1,Veterinary Technician 1,Volunteer Fireman 1,Volunteer Policemen 1,Window Washer 1,Wrestler 1,Writer 1,Weightlifter 1,Winemaker 1,X-Ray Technician 1,Youth Pastor 1,Youth Group Leader 1,Yoga Instructor 1,Zoologist 1,Zookeeper


3, 1,Fashion 1,Artistic 1,Nude 1,Spokes 1,Hand 1,Promotional


2, 1,Crooked


1,President 1,Big City Mayor 1,Small Town Mayor 1,State [Legislator] 1,U.S. [Legislator] 1,Governor 1,Sheriff 1,Judge 1,County Commissioner 1,Politician 1,Clerk of the Court


1,Representative 1,Senator


1,[squad][grade] 1,Beat Cop 1,Rookie Cop


1,Homicide 1,Narcotics 1,Vice


1,Detective 1,Lieutenant 1,Captain 1,Cop


1,Air Force [AFspec] 1,Army [Aspec] 1,Navy [Nspec] 1,Marine Corps [Mspec]


1,Air Force 1,Army 1,Navy 1,Marine Corps


1,Pilot 1,Demolitions Expert 1,Security Police 1,Intelligence 1,Office of Special Investigations 1,Adjutant 1,Medic 1,Surgeon 1,Search and Rescue 1,Special Forces 1,Military Training Instructor 1,Chaplain 1,Base Commander 1,Officer 1,General


1,Infantry 1,Demolitions Expert 1,Military Police 1,Intelligence 1,Criminal Investigations Division 1,Adjutant 1,Medic 1,Surgeon 1,Chaplain 1,Drill Instructor 1,Tanker 1,Tank Commander 1,Special Forces 1,Infantry Commander 1,Officer 1,General


1,Shore Patrol 1,Seaman 1,Skipper 1,Demolitions Expert 1,SEAL 1,First Officer 1,Admiral 1,Chaplain 1,Intelligence 1,Investigator 1,Search and Rescue 1,Corpsman 1,Surgeon 1,Pilot 1,Drill Instructor


1,Infantry 1,Military Police 1,Intelligence 1,Search and Rescue 1,Demolitions Expert 1,Special Forces 1,Chaplain 1,Infantry Commander 1,Pilot 1,Drill Instructor


1,[major]Professor 1,Graduate Student in [major] 1,Undergrad in [major] 1,Bachelors in [major] 1,Ph.D in [major] 1,[clique]


1,Mathematics 1,Physics 1,Chemistry 1,Sociology 1,Psychology 1,Biology 1,Drama 1,English Literature 1,Creative Writing 1,Science 1,Liberal Arts 1,Theater 1,Equine Management 1,Anthropology 1,Sociology 1,Women's Studies 1,Linguistics 1,Economics 1,International Relations 1,Political Science 1,Business 1,Jewish Studies 1,Kinesiology 1,Dance 1,Classics 1,Music 1,Education 1,Law 1,Consumer Studies 1,French Studies 1,German Studies 1,Asian Studies 1,African Studies 1,Italian Studies 1,American Studies 1,Ethnic Studies 1,Early Childhood Education 1,Elementary Education 1,Special Education 1,Physical Education 1,Religion 1,Business Management 1,Zoology


1,Stoner 1,Nerd 1,Jock 1,Cheerleader 1,Metalhead 1,Drama Geek 1,Artiste 1,Goth


1,[SurgSpecialty]Surgeon 1,[Doctor] 1,[Dentist] 1,Medical Transcriptionist


1,Podiatrist 1,Psychiatrist 1,Doctor (GP) 1,Pediatrician 1,OB/GYN 1,Optometrist 1,Ophthalmologist 1,Paramedic 1,Medical Technician 1,Prosthetist 1,Psychotherapist 1,Pharmacist 1,Faith Healer 1,Reflexologist 1,Massage Therapist 1,Physical Therapist 1,Proctologist 1,Phlebotomist 1,Urologist 1,Optician 1,Gynecologist 1,Radiologist 1,Anesthesiologist


1,Dentist 1,Orthodontist 1,Dental Hygienist


1, 1,Thoracic 1,Brain 1,Cardiac 1,Flight


1,[Protestant] Minister 1,Televangelist 2,[Jewish] 2,[Catholic] 2,[Other]


1,Rabbi 1,Cantor 1,Matchmaker


1,Priest 1,Monk 1,Nun 1,Exorcist 1,Pope 1,Cardinal 1,Archbishop 1,Bishop


1,Buddhist 1,Hare Krishna 1,Mormon Missionary 1,Jehovah's Witnesses


1,Methodist 1,Presbyterian 1,Baptist 1,Lutheran 1,Episcopal/Anglican 1,Mormon 1,AME Zion 1,Seventh Day Adventist 1,Protestant


1,Photographer 1,Newspaper Columnist 1,Writer 1,Filmmaker 1,Novelist 1,Screenwriter 1,Anchor 1,Weatherperson 1,Gossip Columnist


1,Brawler 1,Murderer 2,Burglar 1,Professional Assassin 1,Rapist 2,Con Artist 1,Getaway Driver 2,Hacker 2,Pickpocket 1,Car Thief 2,Mugger 2,Prostitute 1,Forger 1,Embezzler 1,Counterfeiter 1,Literary Forger 1,Jewel Thief 1,Voyeur 1,Pyromaniac 2,Habitual Petty Offender 1,False Informant 1,Terrorist


1,[Actingtype] Actor 1,Singer 1,Musician 1,[Exotic] Dancer 1,Escort 1,Singing Telegram 1,Comedian 1,Caricaturist 1,Contortionist 1,Horse Jumper 1,Dog Trainer 1,Clown 1,Puppeteer 1,Children's Entertainer 1,Adult Entertainer 1,Porn Star 1,Stripper 1,Wild Animal Trainer 1,Lounge Singer 1,Concert Pianist 1,Drummer 1,Acrobat 1,Rock Star 1,Gospel Singer 1,Opera Singer 1,Jazz Singer 1,Folk Singer 1,Blues Singer 1,Rapper 1,Drag Queen 1,Nightclub Performer


3, 1,Exotic


3, 1,Dramatic 1,Supernumerary (Extra) 1,Broadway 2,Film 2,Television 1,Commercial