Modern Occupations

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<sgdisplay iterations="1">

call “Modern Occupations.main” for: (sample)
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call “Modern” for: (sample)
[lc] [lc] [lc] [lc]
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4190,[non_acronym] 17,[acronym]


5200,[non_acronym] 17,[acronym_lc]


242,[Operators] Operator 226,[Clerks] Clerk 204,[Workers] Worker 201,[Supes] Supervisor 116,[Drivers] Driver 112,[Managers] Manager 93,[Machine Ops] Machine Operator 92,[Man]man 87,[Attendants] Attendant 76,[Inspectors] Inspector 75,[Makers] Maker 70,[Teachers] Teacher 66,[Agents] Agent 62,[Officers] Officer 59,[Profs] Professor 57,[Techs] Technician 53,[-ologists] ologist 51,[Engineers] Engineer 51,[Analysts] Analyst 47,[Aides] Aide 43,[Installers] Installer 43,[Directors] Director 42,[Mechanics] Mechanic 40,[Laborers] Laborer 38,[Instructors] Instructor 38,[Guards] Guard 37,[Counselors] Counselor 35,[Cooks] Cook 34,[Cutters] Cutter 33,[Superintendents] Superintendent 33,[Investigators] Investigator 31,[Cleaners] Cleaner 26,[Specialists] Specialist 24,[Consultants] Consultant 22,[Writers] Writer 21,[Admins] Administrator 19[Graders] Grader 19,[Farmers] Farmer 18,[Nurses] Nurse 18,[Hands] Hand 18,[Chemists] Chemist 17,[Scientists] Scientist 17,[Collectors] Collector 17,[-ographers]ographer 16,[Machinists] Machinist 15,[Therapists] Therapist 15,[Capts] Captain 15,[Boys] Boy 15,[-keepers]keeper 14,[Tenders] Tender 14,[Electr] Electrician 14,[Designers] Designer 13,[Washers] Washer 13,[Reps] Representative 13,[Repairers] Repairer 13,[Examiners] Examiner 12,[Smiths]smith 12,[Salespersons] Salesperson 12,[Prgmrs] Programmer 12,[Pickers] Picker 12,[Grinders] Grinder 12,[Editors] Editor 12,[Contractors] Contractor 12,[Chiefs] Chief 12,[Buyers] Buyer 12,[Artists] Artist 11,[Players] Player 11,[Pilots] Pilot 11,[Librarians] Librarian 11,[Fitters] Fitter 11,[Dealers] Dealer 11,[Adjusters] Adjuster 11,[Accountants] Accountant 10,[Secretaries] Secretary 10,[Psychs] Psychologist 10,[Packers] Packer 10,[Devs] Developer 10,[Attorneys] Attorney 9,[Readers] Reader 9,[Dispatchers] Dispatcher 8,[Welders] Welder 8,[Surgeons] Surgeon 8,[Reporters] Reporter 8,[Doctors] Doctor 8,Director of [Dir] 8,[Chefs] Chef 8,[Cashiers] Cashier 8,[Appraisers] Appraiser 8,[-masters] master 7,[Surveyors] Surveyor 7,[Planners] Planner 7,[Photogs] Photographer 7,[Painters] Painter 7,[Mates] Mate 7,[Masters] Master 7,[Layers] Layer 7,[Detectives] Detective 7,[Coordinators] Coordinator 7,[Bosses] Boss 7,[Auditors] Auditor 7,[Advisors] Advisor 6,[Testers] Tester 6,[Experts] Expert 6,[Checkers] Checker 6,[Architects] Architect 6,[Advisers] Adviser 5,[Roasters] Roaster 5,[Practs] Practitioner 5,[Pathologists] Pathologist 5,[Conductors] Conductor 5,[Comms] Commissioner 5,[Carpenters] Carpenter 100,Homemaker 100,Student 50,Maid 50,Secretary 20,Nurse 15,Janitor 10,Ambulance Driver-Paramedic 10,Apprentice [main] 10,Assistant [main] 10,Barista 10,Bodyguard 10,Bouncer 10,Caregiver 10,Cleaner 10,Clerk 10,Consultant 10,Farmer 10,Farmworker 10,Guard 10,Inspector 10,Laborer 10,Mail Carrier 10,Server 10,Waiter 5,Assembler 5,Attendant 5,Builder 5,Caretaker 5,Carpenter 5,Cashier 5,Cook 5,Coordinator 5,Investigator 5,Paramedic 5,Steelworker 5,Stevedore 5,Woodworker 3,Accountant 3,Analyst 3,Bicycle Messenger 3,Broker 3,Counselor 3,Dishwasher 3,Driver 3,Intern 3,Mechanic 3,Paralegal 3,Plumber 3,Receptionist 3,Scientist 3,Stylist 3,Teacher 3,Valet 3,Washer 2,Actuary 2,Administrator 2,Agent 2,Aide 2,Arbitrator 2,Artist 2,Athletic Coach 2,Attorney 2,Boner 2,Buyer 2,Casino Floor Person 2,Chauffeur 2,Coal Miner 2,Contract Negotiator 2,Custodian 2,Deputy Sheriff 2,Dog Sitter 2,Electrician 2,Electronics Assembler 2,Embalmer 2,Engineer 2,Manager 2,Mortgage Underwriter 2,Ship Loader 2,Voice Coach 2,Zoo Caretaker 1,Abrasive Wheel Molder 1,Accordion Tuner 1,Account Executive 1,Acrobat 1,Acrobatic Dancer 1,Actor 1,Acupuncturist 1,Adjudicator 1,Adjuster 1,Advertising Copywriter 1,Advertising Executive 1,Advertising Man 1,Adviser 1,Advocate 1,Aerial Advertiser 1,Aerial Crop Duster 1,Aerophysicist 1,Agricultural Researcher 1,Air Bag Builder 1,Air Brake Rigger 1,Air Traffic Controller 1,Aircraft Engine Assembler 1,Aircraft Riveter 1,Alligator Trapper 1,Aluminum Molder 1,Amusement Park Entertainer 1,Analytical Statistician 1,Anatomist 1,Anchor 1,Anesthetist 1,Angle Bender 1,Animal Anatomist 1,Animal Breeder 1,Animal Caretaker 1,Animal Feeder 1,Animal Sitter 1,Animator 1,Apiarist 1,Apothecary 1,Appliance Fixer 1,Arboriculturist 1,Archaeologist 1,Architect 1,Architectural Drafter 1,Art Critic 1,Artificial Inseminator 1,Artist’s Model 1,Asbestos Remover 1,Assessor 1,Astrologer 1,Astronaut 1,Astrophysicist 1,Athlete 1,Au Pair 1,Auctioneer 1,Auditor 1,Author 1,Autism Tutor 1,Auto Battery Builder 1,Auto Detailer 1,Auto Refinisher 1,Auto Servicer 1,Automobile Engine Assembler 1,Aviator 1,Bacon De-Rinder 1,Baffle Mounter 1,Baggage Handler 1,Bagger 1,Baker 1,Ballet Dancer 1,Balloon Seller 1,Balloonist 1,Bank President 1,Banker 1,Bar Host 1,Bar Waiter 1,Barber 1,Bareback Rider 1,Barge Loader 1,Barrel Bander 1,Baseball Coach 1,Baseball Umpire 1,Basket Weaver 1,Basketball Coach 1,Batboy 1,Beach Lifeguard 1,Bead Stringer 1,Beef Boner 1,Bell Ringer 1,Bellboy 1,Bellhop 1,Bench Molder 1,Berry Planter 1,Beveler 1,Beverage Server 1,Bicycle Racer 1,Bioanalyst 1,Biochemist 1,Biophysicist 1,Bird Raiser 1,Bishop 1,Blade Sharpener 1,Blasting Gang Miner 1,Block Paver 1,Blocker 1,Blood Donor Recruiter 1,Boardmaker 1,Boat Builder 1,Boat Deckhand 1,Boathand 1,Body Builder 1,Book Critic 1,Bookbinder 1,Bootlegger 1,Borer 1,Botanist 1,Bottler 1,Boxer 1,Boxing Trainer 1,Braider 1,Braille Coder 1,Brake Liner 1,Breaker 1,Brewer 1,Brickmason 1,Bridge Builder 1,Broadcaster 1,Buffer 1,Building Wrecker 1,Bulker 1,Bumboater 1,Bundler 1,Burglar 1,Business Economist 1,Busperson 1,Busser 1,Butcher 1,Butler 1,Cabinetmaker 1,Cable Braider 1,Caddie 1,Caddy 1,Cadet 1,Cafeteria Food Server 1,Cake Decorator 1,Cake Froster 1,Calculator 1,Call Box Wirer 1,Calligrapher 1,Can Sterilizer 1,Canary Breeder 1,Canary Raiser 1,Candlemaker 1,Candy Dipper 1,Candy Vendor 1,Caner 1,Canner 1,Canoe Builder 1,Canter 1,Cantor 1,Canvasser 1,Captain 1,Car Detailer 1,Car Dryer 1,Car Parker 1,Car Wrecker 1,Cartoonist 1,Carver 1,Caser 1,Cast Iron Dipper 1,Casting Molder 1,Castrator 1,Catcher 1,Caterer 1,Cattle Brander 1,Cattle Rancher 1,Cellist 1,Cement Mixer 1,Censor 1,Census Enumerator 1,Census Taker 1,Chair Upholsterer 1,Chambermaid 1,Chaperone 1,Chaplain 1,Checker 1,Chef 1,Chemist 1,Chicken Boner 1,Chicken Handler 1,Chief of Police 1,Chief of Staff 1,Chiropractor 1,Chocolate Temperer 1,Choir Singer 1,Chopper 1,Christian Science Healer 1,Chrome Plater 1,Church Official 1,Church Organist 1,Cigarette Machine Filler 1,Circuit Court Judge 1,Circus Performer 1,City Assessor 1,City Bailiff 1,City Comptroller 1,City Council Member 1,City Jailer 1,City Marshal 1,City Official 1,City Solicitor 1,City Treasurer 1,Civil Lawyer 1,Claim Adjudicator 1,Claim Processor 1,Clairvoyant 1,Clam Digger 1,Clam Shucker 1,Clay Pigeon Loader 1,Cleaning Maid 1,Cleaning Matron 1,Cleaver 1,Clergy 1,Climber 1,Clinical Biochemist 1,Clinical Dietitian 1,Clockmaker 1,Clothier 1,Clothing Model 1,Cloud Physicist 1,Clown 1,Co-pilot 1,Coach 1,Coal Bagger 1,Coal Digger 1,Coal Hauler 1,Coal Loader 1,Cobbler 1,Cocktail Waitress 1,Coder 1,Collator 1,Collector 1,College Campus Tour Guide 1,College President 1,College Recruiter 1,Colorer 1,Columnist 1,Comedian 1,Comic 1,Commentator 1,Commercial Census Taker 1,Committeeperson 1,Community Organizer 1,Composer 1,Comptroller 1,Computer Support 1,Concert Pianist 1,Concert Singer 1,Concierge 1,Concrete Curer 1,Concrete Mixer 1,Conductor 1,Conduit Bender 1,Confectioner 1,Conference Organizer 1,Conservationist 1,Constable 1,Contact Lens Molder 1,Contortionist 1,Contractor 1,Conveyor Belt Loader 1,Cooper 1,Cop 1,Corn Detasseler 1,Corn Grower 1,Corn Husker 1,Corn Popper 1,Corn Shucker 1,Coroner 1,Corporate Counsel 1,Corrugator 1,Cosmetician 1,Costumer 1,Cotton Baler 1,Councilmember 1,County Assessor 1,County Bailiff 1,County Judge 1,County Official 1,County Sheriff 1,County Treasurer 1,Courier 1,Court Bailiff 1,Court Messenger 1,Cowboy 1,Criminal Judge 1,Critic 1,Crop Duster 1,Croupier 1,Crude Oil treater 1,Cryptanalyst 1,Cryptography Trainer 1,Curb Hop 1,Currency Sorter 1,Custom Shoemaker 1,Custom Tailor 1,Cutter 1,Dairy Farmworker 1,Dance Hall Host 1,Dancer 1,Data Entry Keyer 1,Data Keyer 1,De-icer 1,Deacon 1,Deaf Interpreter 1,Dealer 1,Dean of Students 1,Deboner 1,Deck Builder 1,Deckhand 1,Decorator 1,Deli Cutter Slicer 1,Deliverer 1,Delivery Runner 1,Demonstrator 1,Dental Hygienist 1,Dental Intern 1,Dentist 1,Department Head 1,Deputy 1,Designer 1,Detailer 1,Detective 1,Developer 1,Diagnostician 1,Dictaphone Typist 1,Dietitian 1,Digger 1,Diplomat 1,Diplomatic Courier 1,Director 1,Disc Jockey 1,Dispatcher 1,Distributor 1,Ditch Digger 1,Diver 1,Divine Healer 1,Division Head 1,Dockhand 1,Doctor 1,Dog Barber 1,Dog Bather 1,Dog Catcher 1,Dog Groomer 1,Dog Handler 1,Domestic Maid 1,Door Greater 1,Dormitory Maid 1,Doughnut Fryer 1,Dredger 1,Drifter 1,Drummer 1,Drywall Hanger 1,Dyer 1,Ecologist 1,Economist 1,Editor 1,Editorial Cartoonist 1,Educator 1,Egg Candler 1,Election Judge 1,Electric Solderer 1,Electric Wirer 1,Electrical Calibrator 1,Electrical Wirer 1,Electrochemist 1,Elocutionist 1,Embroiderer 1,Enamel Applier 1,Engineering Drafter 1,Engraver 1,Entertainer 1,Environmental Planer 1,Equestrian 1,Escort 1,Etcher 1,Evangelist 1,Examiner 1,Executive Casino Host 1,Exerciser 1,Exotic Dancer 1,Exterminator 1,Faith Healer 1,Farm Rancher 1,Fashion Illustrator 1,Fashion Model 1,Feltmaker 1,Fence Erector 1,Filter Changer 1,Financier 1,Fingerprinter 1,Fire Marshal 1,Fire Ranger 1,Firefighter 1,Fish and Game Warden 1,Fish Butcher 1,Fish Filleter 1,Fish Smoker 1,Fletcher 1,Floriculturist 1,Florist 1,Flower Gardener 1,Food Preparer 1,Food Server 1,Foot orthopedist 1,Foreign Correspondent 1,Foreign Exchange Trader 1,Forest Ecologist 1,Forest Fire Fighter 1,Fortune Teller 1,Fountain Jerk 1,Fox Raiser 1,Framer 1,Freak 1,Freight Broker 1,Freight Handler 1,Freight Trucker 1,Freight Unloader 1,Fruit Canner 1,Fruit Harvester 1,Fruit Rancher 1,Fur Trapper 1,Furnace Caretaker 1,Furniture Mover 1,Furrier 1,Gaffer 1,Gambler 1,Game Warden 1,Gang Leader 1,Garbage Man 1,Gardener 1,Genealogist 1,Geneticist 1,Geochemist 1,Geological Economist 1,Geological Scout 1,Geophysicist 1,Glass Bender 1,Glass Blower 1,Glass Etcher 1,Glazer 1,Glazier 1,Goat Herder 1,Gofer 1,Golf Caddy 1,Golf Pro 1,Golfer 1,Gopher 1,Governor 1,Grain Farmworker 1,Grave Digger 1,Gravel Hauler 1,Grease Monkey 1,Greaser 1,Greeter 1,Grinder 1,Grit Blaster 1,Grocer 1,Groundskeeping Maintenance 1,Gynecologist 1,Haberdasher 1,Hacker 1,Hair Colorist 1,Hairdresser 1,Hall Monitor 1,Ham Curer 1,Handbag Stitcher 1,Handicapper 1,Harness-maker 1,Harpist 1,Harpooner 1,Hatchery Employee 1,Hatter 1,Hauler 1,Hawker 1,Hay Baler 1,Hay Stacker 1,Hazardous Waste Handler 1,Hazardous Waste Remover 1,Head Baker 1,Head Porter 1,Health Educator 1,Heavy Equipment Assembler 1,Hedge Trimmer 1,Helper 1,Herbalist 1,Historian 1,Hockey Scout 1,Hoer 1,Hog Killer 1,Hog Raiser 1,Honey Processor 1,Hooker 1,Horse Breeder 1,Horse Groomer 1,Horse Rider 1,Horse Trainer 1,Horticultural Farmworker 1,Horticulturist 1,Hospital Orderly 1,Hospital Pharmacist 1,Host 1,Hostler 1,Hunting Guide 1,Hydroelectric Plant Maintainer 1,Hydrogeologist 1,Hypnotherapist 1,Hypnotist 1,Ice Cream Dipper 1,Ice Cream Scooper 1,Ice Sculptor 1,Ice Skater 1,Illustrator 1,Immunochemist 1,Impersonator 1,Importer 1,Income Tax Preparer 1,Indexer 1,Indian Blanket Weaver 1,Industrial Economist 1,Injection Molder 1,Inker 1,Inlayer 1,Insulation Sprayer 1,Insurance Actuary 1,Insurance Broker 1,Insurance Underwriter 1,Interior Decorator 1,Interior Wirer 1,Interpreter 1,Interviewer 1,Inventor 1,Investment Banker 1,Investor 1,Iron Founder 1,Iron Miner 1,Ironmolder 1,Ironworker 1,Irradiated Fuel Handler 1,Irrigation Equipment Remover 1,Jail Keeper 1,Jailer 1,Jeweler 1,Jockey 1,Joiner 1,Joint Finisher 1,Joint Sealer 1,Joint Setter 1,Jointer 1,Journalist 1,Judge 1,Juggler 1,Juicer 1,Justice of the Peace 1,Kennel Keeper 1,Killer 1,Kinesiotherapist 1,Kitchen Steward 1,Knife Sharpener 1,Knitter 1,Label Sewer 1,Labeler 1,Labor Mediator 1,Laboratory Veterinarian 1,Laceworker 1,Lacquerer 1,Land Clearer 1,Land Planer 1,Landlord 1,Landscape Gardener 1,Landscaper 1,Language Translator 1,Lard Refiner 1,Lard Renderer 1,Latex Spooler 1,Launderer 1,Laundry Machine Presser 1,Laundry Sorter 1,Law Researcher 1,Lawn Caretaker 1,Lawn Sprinkler Servicer 1,Lawyer 1,Lay Brother 1,Lay Midwife 1,Lead Blasting Miner 1,Lead Janitor 1,Lead Miner 1,Leaser 1,Leather Carver 1,Leather Shaver 1,Leather Skinner 1,Lecturer 1,Legal Counsel 1,Legislator 1,Lens Engraver 1,Librarian 1,Library Historian 1,Library Page 1,Lieutenant Governor 1,Light Bulb replacer 1,Lighthouse Keeper 1,Lion Trainer 1,Liquid Fertilizer Servicer 1,Liquid Sugar Melter 1,Liquidator 1,Livestock Auctioneer 1,Livestock Breeder 1,Livestock Broker 1,Livestock Caretaker 1,Livestock Rancher 1,Loan Processor 1,Loan Reviewer 1,Loan Teller 1,Lobby Porter 1,Lobbyist 1,Lockmaker 1,Locomotive Boilermaker 1,Log Scaler 1,Logger 1,Logistician 1,Lookout 1,Looper 1,Lottery Executive 1,Lube Man 1,Lubricator 1,Lumberjack 1,Lunchroom Monitor 1,Lyricist 1,Machine Greaser 1,Machinist 1,Maestro 1,Magician 1,Magistrate 1,Magnetic Healer 1,Maintenance Plumber 1,Maitre D’ 1,Mammalogist 1,Mangler 1,Manicurist 1,Mannequin Mounter 1,Map Drafter 1,Marble Carver 1,Marine Diver 1,Marine Fire Fighter 1,Marine Geologist 1,Marine Oiler 1,Marine Pipefitter 1,Marine Plumber 1,Mariner 1,Marionette Performer 1,Marshal 1,Mason 1,Mass Spectroscopist 1,Masseur 1,Masseuse 1,Master at Arms 1,Master Brewer 1,Master Dyer 1,Master Plumber 1,Matchmaker 1,Mate 1,Mathematician 1,Matron 1,Mattress Filler 1,Meat Boner 1,Meat Carver 1,Meat Slicer 1,Mechanist 1,Mediator 1,Medical Researcher 1,Medical Resident 1,Medicine Man 1,Medium 1,Member of Congress 1,Mental Hygienist 1,Merchant 1,Merchant Mariner 1,Mesmerist 1,Messenger 1,Metal Coater 1,Metal Engraver 1,Metal Lather 1,Metallurgist 1,Midwife 1,Milk Deliverer 1,Milk Pasteurizer 1,Miner 1,Mineralogist 1,Mining Speculator 1,Minister 1,Mink Rancher 1,Minstrel 1,Mirror Framer 1,Missionary 1,Mobile Home Servicer 1,Model 1,Mohel 1,Molecular Physicist 1,Molecular Spectroscopist 1,Money Counter 1,Monk 1,Monkey Keeper 1,Moonshiner 1,Mortician 1,Mortuary Beautician 1,Mosquito Sprayer 1,Motel Maid 1,Mother Superior 1,Motion Picture Actor 1,Motion Picture Critic 1,Motion Picture Projectionist 1,Motorcycle Deliverer 1,Mover 1,Movie Critic 1,Munitions Handler 1,Museum Curator 1,Museum Host 1,Mushroom Grower 1,Music Composer 1,Musician 1,Mycologist 1,Mystery Shopper 1,Nanny 1,Narrator 1,Naturalist 1,Naturopath 1,Naturopathic Physician 1,Navigator 1,Negotiator 1,Net Mender 1,Neuropsychiatrist 1,Neuropsychologist 1,Neurosurgeon 1,News Anchor 1,News Commentator 1,News Correspondent 1,Newsboy 1,Newspaper Carrier 1,Newspaper Correspondent 1,Newspaper Illustrator 1,Newspaper Subscription Solicitor 1,Nickel Plater 1,Notary Public 1,Novelist 1,Nuclear Physicist 1,Numismatist 1,Nun 1,Nurse Anesthetist 1,Nurse Midwife 1,Nurse Receptionist 1,Nursemaid 1,Nut Farmworker 1,Nutritionist 1,Obstetrician 1,Occupational Physician 1,Office Employee 1,Oil Driller 1,Oil Prospector 1,Oil Pumper 1,Oil Scout 1,Opera Singer 1,Operating Room Orderly 1,Optician 1,Optometrist 1,Oral Hygienist 1,Orchid Grower 1,Ore Smelter 1,Organ Tuner 1,Organist 1,Organizer 1,Orientation Therapist for the Blind 1,Ornamental Plasterer 1,Orthodontist 1,Orthopedic Podiatrist 1,Orthopedist 1,Orthoptist 1,Orthotist 1,Osteologist 1,Osteopath 1,Osteopathic Physician 1,Osteopathic Resident 1,Otolaryngologist 1,Otorhinolaryngologist 1,Oven Loader 1,Owner 1,Oyster Shucker 1,Package Sorter 1,Packer 1,Paint Formulator 1,Paint Mixer 1,Painter 1,Paleobotanist 1,Paleologist 1,Parakeet Raiser 1,Parish Priest 1,Park Ranger 1,Pastry Decorator 1,Pathologist 1,Pawn Shop Keeper 1,Pawnbroker 1,Peanut Sheller 1,Pecan Huller 1,Pediatric Allergist 1,Pediatric Dentist 1,Pediatrician 1,Pediatrist 1,Pedicurist 1,Peeler 1,Performer 1,Personal Shopper 1,Personal Trainer 1,Pest Controller 1,Petroleum Geologist 1,Pharmacist 1,Pharmacologist 1,Phlebotomist 1,Photoengraver 1,Photojournalist 1,Physician 1,Physicist 1,Pianist 1,Piano Mover 1,Piano Tuner 1,Picker 1,Picture Framer 1,Pig Handler 1,Pilot 1,Pimp 1,Pipe Bender 1,Pipe Roller 1,Pipe Straightener 1,Pipe Threader 1,Pitcher 1,Pizza Baker 1,Planter 1,Plasma Donor 1,Plasterer 1,Plastic Molder 1,Plate Glass Polisher 1,Plater 1,Playwright 1,Podiatrist 1,Poet 1,Police Cadet 1,Police Lieutenant 1,Police Sergeant 1,Polisher 1,Politician 1,Poll Watcher 1,Pollster 1,Pond Scaler 1,Popcorn Vendor 1,Port Purser 1,Porter 1,Post Hole Digger 1,Postal Carrier 1,Postal Mail Carrier 1,Potato Chip Fryer 1,Potato Peeler 1,Potter 1,Poultry Boner 1,Poultry Breeder 1,Poultry Farmworker 1,Poultry Inseminator 1,Poultry Sexer 1,Preacher 1,Precision Dancer 1,Precision Dyer 1,Predatory Animal Trapper 1,Prefect 1,President 1,Press Assistant 1,Priest 1,Principal 1,Printer 1,Printing Plate Setter 1,Printmaker 1,Private 1,Private Eye 1,Private Tutor 1,Prize Fighter 1,Probate Judge 1,Probate Lawyer 1,Proctor 1,Producer 1,Professional Shopper 1,Professor 1,Profiler 1,Programmer 1,Projection Printer 1,Projectionist 1,Promoter 1,Proofreader 1,Property Evaluator 1,Proprietor 1,Prosecutor 1,Prospecting Driller 1,Prospector 1,Prostitute 1,Provost 1,Pruner 1,Psychiatric Orderly 1,Psychiatrist 1,Psychoanalyst 1,Psychotherapist 1,Public Defender 1,Public Health Educator 1,Publicist 1,Publisher 1,Puppeteer 1,Purchase 1,Purser 1,Purveyor 1,Pushcart Peddler 1,Pyrotechnist 1,Quartz Miner 1,Rabbi 1,Racehorse Trainer 1,Radiation Monitor 1,Radio Announcer 1,Radio Commentator 1,Radio Producer 1,Rail Setter 1,Rail Walker 1,Railroad Police 1,Ranger 1,Rat Exterminator 1,Reader 1,Real Estate Assessor 1,Real Estate Broker 1,Realtor 1,Recruiter 1,Referee 1,Refrigeration Engineering 1,Register of Wills 1,Registrar 1,Religious Healer 1,Reporter 1,Repossessor 1,Representative 1,Researcher 1,Resident Physician 1,Restauranteur 1,Reverend 1,Rigger 1,Riveter 1,Robber 1,Rod Greaser 1,Rodent Exterminator 1,Rodeo Clown 1,Rodeo Rider 1,Roofer 1,Roughneck 1,Runner 1,Rural Mail Carrier 1,Sailor 1,Salesperson 1,Sanitarian 1,Santa Claus 1,Scheduler 1,School Bus Monitor 1,School Custodian 1,School Principal 1,School Vice Principal 1,Scientific Illustrator 1,Scout 1,Scrap Handler 1,Scrap Sorter 1,Screen Printer 1,Screenwriter 1,Scriber 1,Scrubber 1,Scuba Diver 1,Sculptor 1,Seamstress 1,Seaweed Harvester 1,Secretary of State 1,Senator 1,Sergeant 1,Sergeant at Arms 1,Servant 1,Shale Miner 1,Share Cropper 1,Sheep Herder 1,Sheriff 1,Shop Steward 1,Show Dog Trainer 1,Shrimp Trawler 1,Singer 1,Sitter 1,Skip Minder 1,Snake Charmer 1,Soil Conservationist 1,Solderer 1,Solicitor 1,Solicitor General 1,Sommelier 1,Songwriter 1,Sorority Mother 1,Speculator 1,Spice Blender 1,Sports Announcer 1,Sportscaster 1,Squirrel Man 1,Stagehand 1,State Comptroller 1,State Game Protector 1,State Official 1,State Superintendent of Schools 1,State Trooper 1,Statistician 1,Stenciler 1,Stereoptician 1,Steward 1,Stock Trader 1,Stonecutter 1,Stripper 1,Structural Ironworker 1,Subpoena Server 1,Sugar Boiler 1,Sugar Refiner 1,Sunday School Missionary 1,Superintendent 1,Supervisor 1,Surgeon 1,Surgical Orderly 1,Surrogate 1,Survey Crew 1,Surveyor 1,Swabber 1,Swimming Coach 1,Systems Integrator 1,Taffy Puller 1,Tailor 1,Talent Scout 1,Talent Show Host 1,Tap Dancer 1,Tavern Keeper 1,Tax Assessor 1,Taxidermist 1,Taxonomist 1,Teacher for the Blind 1,Teacher for the Deaf 1,Teamster 1,Technical Illustrator 1,Technician 1,Telemarketer 1,Telephone Sales 1,Telephone Solicitor 1,Television Actor 1,Television Announcer 1,Teller 1,Tennis Coach 1,Test Borer 1,Theater Usher 1,Theatrical Performer 1,Therapist 1,Thrower 1,Ticket Broker 1,Ticket Scalper 1,Ticket Seller 1,Tinker 1,Tinkerer 1,Tobacco Grower 1,Tobacconist 1,Tour Guide 1,Toxicologist 1,Track Maintainer 1,Trader 1,Transit Police 1,Trapper 1,Travel Guide 1,Treasurer 1,Trombonist 1,Trooper 1,Trouble Shooter 1,Trucker 1,Trumpeter 1,Tutor 1,Typesetter 1,Typist 1,Underwriter 1,Upholsterer 1,Usher 1,Varnisher 1,Vaudeville Actor 1,Vegetable Canner 1,Vending Machine Servicer 1,Ventriloquist 1,Veterinarian 1,Veterinary Dentist 1,Vice President 1,Vineyardist 1,Violinist 1,Viticulturist 1,Vocalist 1,Wallpaper Hanger 1,Warden 1,Wardrobe Mistress 1,Watchmaker 1,Weather Forecaster 1,Weaver 1,Weed Controller 1,Welder 1,Well Driller 1,Wheelwright 1,Wine Steward 1,Word Processor 1,Worker 1,Wrangler 1,Wrapper 1,Wrecker 1,Wrestler 1,Writer 1,Youth Pastor


2,House 2,Zoo 1,Bar 1,Bee 1,Book 1,Game 1,Grounds 1,Head Book 1,Head House 1,Inn 1,Score 1,Stock 1,Time


1,Brew 1,Dock 1,Pay 1,Post 1,Quarter 1,Ring 1,Web 1,Wharf


4,Cart 1,Bibli 1,Cardi 1,Chore 1,Cinemat 1,Legal Sten 1,Lexic 1,Lith 1,Mamm 1,Ocean 1,Phot 1,Spectr 1,Sten 1,Top


3,Bi 1,Anesthesi 1,Animal Physi 1,Anthrop 1,Aquatic Bi 1,Bacteri 1,Cardiac Catheterization Techn 1,Cardi 1,Climat 1,Cosmet 1,Crimin 1,Cyt 1,Cytotechn 1,Dermat 1,Endocrin 1,Fishery Bi 1,Gastroenter 1,Gem 1,Herpet 1,Immun 1,Invertebrate Paleont 1,Mammography Techn 1,Marine Bi 1,Marine Meteor 1,Medical Microbi 1,Meteor 1,Micro Paleont 1,Microbi 1,Microbiology Techn 1,Mix 1,Neur 1,Nuclear Medical Techn 1,Numer 1,Oceanographic Meteor 1,Ophthalm 1,Ornith 1,Paleont 1,Pediatric Cardi 1,Phil 1,Physical Anthrop 1,Proct 1,Protozo 1,Radiation Therapy Techn 1,Radi 1,Seism 1,Soci 1,Therapeutic Radi 1,Ultrasound Techn 1,Ur 1,Volcan 1,Zo


1,Bank 1,Budget 1,Cost 1,Fiscal 1,Industrial 1,Machine 1,Medical 1,Payroll 1,Property 1,Public 1,Tax


1,Account 1,Claim 1,Complaint 1,Credit 1,Finance 1,Financial 1,Fire 1,Income Tax 1,Insurance 1,Loan 1,Radio


1,Computer Systems 1,County 1,Database 1,Health 1,Health Care 1,Hospice 1,Hospital 1,Hospital Plan 1,Legal 1,Long Term Care 1,Maintenance 1,Medical Care 1,Medical Records 1,Network Security 1,Network Systems 1,Nurse 1,Nursing 1,Public Health 1,Social Insurance 1,Web 1,Welfare


1,Bank 1,Economic 1,Insurance 1,Investment 1,Loan 1,Vocational


2,Academic 1,Educational 1,Financial 1,Income Tax 1,Personal Financial 1,Student


5,Burial 2,Booking 2,Freight 1,Advertising Sales 1,Agricultural 1,Apartment Rental 1,Author’s 1,Baggage 1,Business 1,Buyers’ 1,Car Rental 1,Cargo 1,Circus 1,Claim 1,Commercial 1,Commissary 1,Contract 1,Customer 1,Customer Service 1,Customs 1,Depot 1,Farm 1,Import/Export 1,Insurance 1,Insurance Sales 1,Intelligence 1,Internal Revenue 1,Leasing 1,Literary 1,Mail 1,Manufacturers 1,Marketing 1,Mutual Funds 1,Narcotics 1,News 1,Operations 1,Outdoor Advertising Leasing 1,Parole 1,Patent 1,Press 1,Printing 1,Purchasing 1,Real Estate 1,Real Estate Rental 1,Real Estate Sales 1,Residential Leasing 1,Scale 1,Secret Service 1,Securities Sales 1,Shipping 1,Special 1,Station 1,Station Baggage 1,Subscription 1,Tax 1,Theatrical 1,Ticket 1,Travel 1,Treasury 1,Undercover


3,Home Health 1,Biomedical Engineering 1,Children’s 1,Civil Engineer’s 1,Clerical 1,Clinical Laboratory 1,Community 1,Community Development 1,Community Health 1,Congressional 1,Day Care 1,Dental 1,Dietary 1,Engineering 1,Environmental Engineering 1,Fire Control 1,Geriatric 1,Health Care 1,Health Education 1,Home Care 1,Hospice 1,Hospital 1,Insect Control 1,Instructional 1,Legislative 1,Library 1,Medical 1,Mental Health 1,Meteorological 1,Neuropsychiatric 1,Nurse’s 1,Nursing 1,Occupational Therapy 1,Optometric 1,Oxygen Equipment 1,Pharmacist’s 1,Physical Therapy 1,Physician’s 1,Police 1,Psychiatric 1,Public Health 1,Stichen 1,Surgical 1,Tailor’s 1,Veterinary


2,Account 2,Computer Systems 1,Administrative 1,Budget 1,Business 1,Business Systems 1,Chemical 1,Computer 1,Contrast 1,Cost 1,Credit 1,Data Processing Systems 1,Economic 1,Efficiency 1,Engineering 1,Environmental 1,Financial 1,Food 1,Industrial 1,Insurance 1,Intelligence 1,Investment 1,Laboratory 1,Legal Research 1,Liability 1,Loan 1,Logistics 1,Loss Prevention 1,Market 1,Market Research 1,Network 1,Network Systems 1,News 1,Oil 1,Operations 1,Petroleum 1,Political 1,Price 1,Production 1,Program 1,Public Health 1,Purchase 1,Research 1,Sales 1,Securities 1,Statistical 1,Statistical Financial 1,Stress 1,Time Study


1,Art 1,Auto Damage 1,Building 1,Insurance 1,Jewelry 1,Merchandise 1,Real Estate 1,Tax


1,Landscape 1,Marine 1,Naval 1,Network 1,Supervising 1,Systems


1,Airbrush 1,Commercial 1,Glass 1,Graphic 1,Layout 1,Make Up 1,Multi-Media 1,Recording 1,Sketch 1,Stained Glass 1,Tattoo 1,Trapeze


10,Ambulance 3,Blood Bank 3,Car 1,Airplane Flight 1,Baby 1,Bar 1,Bowling Alley 1,Box Office 1,Bus 1,Cafeteria 1,Candy Bar 1,Cardroom 1,Carousel 1,Child Care 1,Children’s 1,Christian Science Reading Room 1,Cloak Room 1,Club 1,Club Car 1,Club Room 1,Clubhouse 1,Coffee Bar 1,Concession 1,Costume 1,Counter 1,Crematory 1,Day Care 1,Door 1,Dry Cleaning 1,Elevator 1,Escalator 1,Escort Service 1,Filling Station 1,Flight 1,Floor 1,Food Cart 1,Funeral Home 1,Garage 1,Gas 1,Gas Station 1,Gym 1,Hatchery 1,Home 1,Hospital 1,Incinerator 1,Infirmary 1,Ladies 1,Landfill 1,Laundry 1,Lobby 1,Locker 1,Luggage 1,Lunchroom 1,Medical 1,Morgue 1,Nursery 1,Park 1,Parking 1,Parking Lot 1,Platform 1,Playground 1,Playroom 1,Pound 1,Psychiatric 1,Pump 1,Restroom 1,Salad Counter 1,Sandwich Counter 1,Service Station 1,Ski Lift 1,Stable 1,Swimming Pool 1,Used Car Lot 1,Washroom


1,City 1,Claim 1,Commonwealth 1,County 1,District 1,Insurance 1,Patent 1,Real Estate 1,Tax 1,Trial


1,City 1,County 1,Internal 1,Night 1,Payroll 1,Railroad 1,State


1,Breaker 1,Gang 1,Mine 1,Pit 1,Quarry 1,Road 1,Shift


5,Stock 3,Bag 1,Ball 1,Best 1,Bus 1,Cabin 1,Captain’s 1,Grocery 1,Pony


1,Cotton 1,Cow 1,Cream 1,Fruit 1,Gold 1,Hog 1,Horse 1,Poultry 1,Produce 1,Seed 1,Timber 1,Wheat


1,Barge 1,Boat 1,Canal Boat 1,Ferryboat 1,Fishing Boat 1,Fishing Vessel 1,Motorboat 1,Police 1,Precinct 1,River 1,Sea 1,Sloop 1,Steamboat 1,Towboat 1,Tugboat


1,Acoustical 1,Building 1,Maintenance 1,Ship’s 1,Stage


5,Check Out 2,Bank 1,Bingo 1,Floor 1,Gaming Cage 1,Gas Station 1,Head 1,Parking Lot


1,Credit 1,Grocery 1,Inventory 1,Invoice 1,Quality Control 1,Stock


2,Head 1,Broiler 1,Executive 1,Head Pastry 1,Kitchen 1,Pastry 1,Sous


1,Agricultural 1,Analytical 1,Bench 1,Biophysical 1,Cereal 1,Coal 1,Food 1,Industrial 1,Inorganic 1,Laboratory 1,Nutritional 1,Organic 1,Pesticide 1,Pharmaceutical 1,Pollution Control 1,Rubber 1,Soil 1,Textile


1,Bureau 1,Crew 1,Deputy Fire 1,Deputy Police 1,Fire 1,Hydroelectric Station 1,Jail 1,Laboratory 1,Operations 1,Plant 1,Police 1,Station


2,Auto 2,Bus 2,Window 1,Basin 1,Bottle 1,Cabin 1,Carpet 1,Catch Basin 1,Chicken 1,Equipment 1,Filter 1,Furnace 1,Furniture 1,Glass 1,Hospital 1,House 1,Laboratory Equipment 1,Leather 1,Office 1,Pipe 1,Plate 1,Poultry 1,Road 1,Rug 1,Septic Tank 1,Stable 1,Steam 1,Street Light


50,Store 10,Check Out 10,File 5,Desk 5,Stock 3,Computer 1,Adjustment 1,Administrative 1,Amortization 1,Animal Shelter 1,Apparel Rental 1,Assignment 1,Auction 1,Audit 1,Auditing 1,Baggage 1,Bakery 1,Bank 1,Betting 1,Blueprint 1,Bookkeeping 1,Bowling Front Desk 1,Brokerage 1,Candy Counter 1,Cash Accounting 1,Catalogue 1,Circuit Court 1,City 1,Claim 1,Clearing House 1,Coding 1,Continuity 1,Contract 1,Copyright 1,Counter 1,County 1,Credit Card 1,Customer Service 1,Data Entry 1,Data Input 1,Data Processing 1,Deli 1,Delicatessen 1,Delivery 1,Deputy 1,Dietary 1,Direct Mail 1,Distribution 1,Dividend 1,Document 1,Encoding 1,Escrow 1,Film Rental 1,Finance 1,Fiscal Accounting 1,Floor 1,Foreign Exchange 1,Fountain 1,Front Desk 1,Government 1,Grain Elevator 1,Grocery Checking 1,Grocery 1,Grocery Marking 1,Grocery Stocking 1,Grocery Store 1,Hospital Admitting 1,Hotel 1,Hotel Desk 1,Hotel Front Desk 1,Human Resource 1,Index 1,Insurance 1,Interviewing 1,Inventory 1,Investigation 1,Invoice 1,Journal 1,Judge’s 1,Judicial Law 1,Laboratory 1,Laundry 1,Law 1,Layaway 1,Ledger 1,Legal 1,Library 1,License 1,Loan 1,Locker Room 1,Mail 1,Mailroom 1,Manifest 1,Material 1,Measuring 1,Meat Sales 1,Media 1,Medical Records 1,Microfilm 1,Money Order 1,Mortgage Accounting 1,Mortgage 1,Motel 1,Motel Front Desk 1,Municipal 1,Office 1,Operations 1,Outpatient Admitting 1,Outpatient 1,Packing 1,Parts 1,Payroll 1,Pharmacy 1,Post Office 1,Postal 1,Probate 1,Procurement 1,Produce 1,Property 1,Receiving 1,Reconsignment 1,Record 1,Rental 1,Reservation 1,Safe Deposit 1,Securities 1,Shipping 1,Shop 1,Skating Front Desk 1,Stamp 1,Statistical 1,Stockroom 1,Student Admissions 1,Supply 1,Tax 1,Telephone 1,Teletype 1,Ticket 1,Ticketing 1,Time 1,Title 1,Toolroom 1,Trailer Rental 1,Transit 1,Underwriting 1,Video Rental 1,Warehouse 1,Warehouse Record 1,Agent Contract


3,Waste 2,Debt 2,Garbage 1,Bad Credit 1,Bridge Toll 1,Coin Box 1,Parking Meter 1,Refuse 1,Revenue 1,Rubbish 1,Tax 1,Toll 1,Trash


1,County 1,Highway 1,Labor 1,Land 1,Liquor


1,Orchestra 1,Railroad 1,Train 1,Streetcar 1,Subway


1,Aviation 1,Beauty 1,Building 1,Clothing 1,Color 1,Communications 1,Computer 1,Cosmetic 1,Database Software 1,Income Tax 1,Labor Relations 1,Marketing 1,Medical 1,Mental Health 1,Mental Hygiene 1,Mortgage 1,Network 1,Network Software 1,Political 1,Public Relations 1,Software 1,Technical 1,Telecommunications 1,Wedding


1,Cable Television 1,Drywall 1,Electrical 1,Farm 1,Farm Labor 1,Hauling 1,Labor 1,Landscape 1,Logging 1,Masonry 1,Painting 1,Roofing


20,Fast Food 2,Cafeteria 1,Barbecue 1,Chuck Wagon 1,French Pastry 1,Fry 1,Galley 1,Glue 1,Grill 1,Head 1,Prep 1,School 1,Ship’s 1,Short Order 1,Specialty


1,Admissions 1,Grant 1,Home Care 1,Logistics 1,Nurse 1,Operations 1,Production


2,Education 2,Employment 1,Activities 1,Addiction 1,Admissions 1,Alcoholism 1,Baby 1,Beauty 1,Bereavement 1,Camp 1,Career 1,Child Guidance 1,Clinical Mental Health 1,Cosmetic 1,Diet 1,Drug Abuse 1,Drug 1,Educational 1,Employee 1,Family 1,Financial Aid 1,Food 1,Guidance 1,Insurance 1,Investment 1,Loan 1,Marriage 1,Mental Health 1,Pet 1,Placement 1,Public Relations 1,School 1,School Guidance 1,Substance Abuse 1,Teen


2,Hair 1,Arc 1,Bolt 1,Box 1,Brush 1,Bush 1,Cane 1,Cement 1,Clothing 1,Coil 1,Crystal 1,Diamond 1,Die 1,Drapery 1,Eyeglass 1,Frozen Meat 1,Garment 1,Gem 1,Gem Stone 1,Glass 1,Grass 1,Insulation 1,Joint 1,Key 1,Knife 1,Leather 1,Lens 1,Log 1,Lumber 1,Pipe 1,Throat 1,Timber 1,Tree


1,Dice 1,Antique 1,Gambling 1,Drug 1,Blackjack 1,Junk 1,Keno 1,Car 1,Poker 1,Craps 1,Baccarat


1,Circuit 1,Clothing 1,Commercial 1,Computer Systems 1,Electronic Parts 1,Fabric 1,Fashion 1,Furniture 1,Hat 1,Interior 1,Jewelry 1,Software 1,Tool 1,Web


1,City 1,Investigative 1,Narcotics 1,Police 1,Private 1,Railroad 1,Vice


3,Software 1,Computer Applications 1,Database 1,Film 1,Internet 1,Intranet 1,Photograph 1,Web


1,Admissions 1,Athletics 1,Employee Development 1,Food Service 1,Housing 1,Public Relations 1,Public Safety 1,Sales


1,Activities 1,Athletic 1,Band 1,Bureau 1,Business 1,Campaign 1,Choir 1,Clinical 1,Community Center 1,Costume 1,Entertainment 1,Field 1,Funeral 1,Health 1,Hospice 1,Labor Relations 1,Laboratory 1,Library 1,Managing 1,Marketing 1,Medical Safety 1,Montessori Program 1,Motion Picture 1,Museum 1,Music 1,News 1,Pageant 1,Parole 1,Personnel 1,Playground Equipment 1,Preschool 1,Program 1,Public Affairs 1,Public Safety 1,Purchasing 1,Recreation 1,Regional Sales 1,Religious Education 1,Research 1,Safety 1,Student Activities 1,Youth Program 1,Zoo


1,Ambulance 1,Bus 1,Car 1,Garbage Truck 1,Public Safety 1,Radio 1,Repair Service 1,Taxicab 1,Truck


1,Eye 1,Foot 1,Homeopathic 1,Horse 1,Medical 1,Naturopathic 1,Resident 1,Tree


30,Cab 10,Ambulance 10,Bus 5,Armored Car 5,Auto 3,Taxi 3,Taxicab 3,Truck 2,Cross Country Truck 2,Motorcycle Delivery 1,Boat 1,Buggy 1,Car 1,Cattle 1,Coach 1,Courtesy Van 1,Crane 1,Dairy Truck 1,Delivery 1,Delivery Truck 1,Farm Truck 1,Fire Engine 1,Food Service 1,Fork Truck 1,Funeral Car 1,Garbage Truck 1,Hack 1,High Lift 1,Interstate Bus 1,Jitney 1,Lifter 1,Limousine 1,Log Truck 1,Mail Truck 1,Maintenance Truck 1,Milk Truck 1,Miniature Train 1,Moving Van 1,Mule 1,Newspaper Delivery 1,Pick Up 1,Pick Up Truck 1,Racing Car 1,Rickshaw 1,Rubbish Truck 1,School Bus 1,Skidder 1,Speedboat 1,Stock Car 1,Stunt Car 1,Subway Train 1,Test Car 1,Tow Truck 1,Tractor 1,Trailer Truck 1,Zamboni


1,Art 1,Book 1,Copy 1,Film 1,Magazine 1,Manuscript 1,Newspaper 1,Photo 1,Publication 1,Script 1,Sound 1,Technical


2,Automotive 2,Radio 1,Aircraft 1,Airplane 1,Auto 1,Diesel 1,Maintenance 1,Marine 1,Master 1,Motor 1,Neon 1,Stage


2,Civil 1,Aeronautical 1,Aerospace 1,Aircraft 1,Architectural 1,Audio 1,Automotive 1,Bio Chemical 1,Bio 1,Bio Mechanical 1,Biomedical 1,Building Construction 1,Building 1,Ceramic 1,Chemical 1,Chief 1,City Planning 1,Computer 1,Computer Hardware 1,Computer Software 1,Computer Systems 1,Cost Analysis 1,Database 1,Electrical 1,Flood Control 1,Forestry 1,Geological 1,Highway 1,Hydraulic 1,Industrial 1,Industrial Hygiene 1,Locomotive 1,Marine 1,Mechanical 1,Medical 1,Mining 1,Oil Exploration 1,Petroleum 1,Pollution Control 1,Public Health 1,Radio 1,Research 1,Safety 1,Sanitation 1,Ship’s 1,Software 1,Structural 1,Telecommunications 1,Traffic 1,Zoning


1,Adjustment 1,Claim 1,Elevator 1,Financial 1,Hearing 1,Land 1,Lease 1,Mine 1,Patent 1,Polygraph 1,Postal 1,Qualifications 1,Tax


1,Ballistic 1,Diamond 1,Efficiency 1,Explosive 1,Handwriting 1,Income Tax


2,Dairy 2,Fish 2,Fruit 1,Cattle 1,Coffee 1,Cotton 1,Frog 1,Game Bird 1,Horticultural 1,Landscape 1,Livestock 1,Muck 1,Nut 1,Oyster 1,Poultry 1,Reptile


2,Hearing Aid 1,Artificial Limb 1,Corset 1,Electric Motor 1,Garment 1,Glass 1,Orthopedic Shoe 1,Pipe 1,Steam Pipe 1,Valve


1,Abrasive 1,Banana 1,Butter 1,Cheese 1,Cotton 1,Diamond 1,Egg 1,Fruit 1,Grain 1,Leather 1,Log 1,Lumber 1,Meat 1,Metal 1,Oyster 1,Poultry 1,Rag 1,Tobacco 1,Wool


1,Abrasive 1,Bench 1,Blade 1,Carbon 1,Coffee 1,Crystal 1,Gear 1,Hand 1,Jewel 1,Knife 1,Metal 1,Organ


15,Security 5,Campus Security 4,School Crossing 3,Armored Car 1,Bank 1,Convict 1,Customs 1,Gate 1,Immigration 1,Jail 1,Life 1,Maritime 1,Prison 1,School Traffic 1,Subway


10,Migratory Farm 1,Barn 1,Farm 1,Foundry 1,Hired 1,Orchard 1,Railroad 1,Ranch 1,Shed


1,Aeronautical 1,Air Pollution 1,Aircraft Landing Gear 1,Airplane 1,Ammunition 1,Auto 1,Baggage 1,Bedding 1,Boiler 1,Bridge 1,Car Body 1,Credit Rating 1,Disease Control 1,Drilling 1,Electrical 1,Environmental Compliance 1,Environmental Protection 1,Exhaust Emissions 1,Fabric 1,Female Body 1,Fire Extinguisher 1,Flight Operations 1,Food 1,Freight 1,Fruit 1,Garment 1,Health 1,Highway 1,Housing 1,Immigration 1,Insect Control 1,License 1,Liquor 1,Livestock 1,Loan 1,Lumber 1,Masonry 1,Meat 1,Milk 1,Mold 1,Motor Vehicle 1,Naval 1,Office 1,Oil 1,Optical Glass 1,Paper 1,Paper Product 1,Parts 1,Pharmaceutical 1,Police 1,Potato 1,Poultry 1,Quality Control 1,Quality 1,Railroad 1,Road 1,Safety 1,Salvage 1,Sanitation 1,Security 1,Service 1,Sewer 1,Station 1,Stock 1,Street 1,Tariff 1,Timber 1,Time Clock 1,Tree 1,Tunnel 1,Vegetable 1,Veterinary 1,Weed Control 1,Wheat 1,Wood 1,Work Environment Safety


1,Acoustical 1,Air Compressor 1,Auto Glass 1,Blower 1,Burglar Alarm 1,Chair 1,Conveyor Belt 1,Duct 1,Electric 1,Electric Meter 1,Electrical 1,Equipment 1,Escalator 1,Evaporative Cooler 1,Fence 1,Fiberglass Insulation 1,Fire Alarm 1,Furnace 1,Gas Furnace 1,Gas Meter 1,Hardwood Floor 1,Heater 1,Instrument 1,Insulation 1,Irrigation Equipment 1,Lawn Sprinkler 1,Leaded Glass 1,Lightning Rod 1,Linoleum Floor 1,Office Equipment 1,Pipe 1,Pipe Organ 1,Pool 1,Radio 1,Refrigeration 1,Security System 1,Septic Tank 1,Sign 1,Software 1,Sprinkler 1,Stereo Equipment 1,Water Meter 1,Window


2,Nursing 1,Aerobics 1,Automotive Engineering 1,Chef 1,Child Development 1,Communications 1,Composition 1,Cooking 1,Drafting 1,Drill 1,Driving 1,Fine Arts 1,Flight 1,Flying 1,General Engineering 1,Judo 1,Karate 1,Language 1,Lip Reading 1,Meat Cutting 1,Mechanical Drawing 1,Mining 1,Modeling 1,Music 1,Navigation 1,Parachute 1,Public Speaking 1,Safety 1,Scuba Diving 1,Singing 1,Skiing 1,Speech 1,Swimming 1,Teaching 1,Violin 1,Weight Training 1,Yoga


2,Arson 2,Criminal 2,Fraud 2,Gaming 2,Insurance 2,Private 1,Accident 1,Case 1,Casino 1,Child Support 1,Claim 1,Clerical 1,Credit 1,Detective 1,Homicide 1,Income Tax 1,Legal 1,Mining 1,Narcotics 1,Postal 1,Radio Interference 1,Reference 1,Rent and Housing 1,Special 1,Tax 1,Utility Bill Complaints 1,Welfare


11,Construction 10,Farm 2,Golf Course 1,Airport Maintenance 1,Boat 1,Circus 1,Cleaning 1,Dock 1,Garage 1,Irrigation 1,Landscape 1,Laundry 1,Livestock 1,Mine 1,Nursery 1,Odd Jobs 1,Pie Baker 1,Poultry Farm 1,Wharf 1,Worm Farm


1,Block 1,Carpet Floor 1,Criminal 1,Gas Pipe 1,Hardwood Floor 1,Pipe 1,Tile


2,Medical Records 1,Audio-Visual 1,Computer Tape 1,Film 1,Law 1,Media 1,Medical 1,Morgue 1,Prison 1,Record

Machine Ops

1,Addressing 1,Anode 1,Asphalt Mixing 1,Asphalt Paving 1,Beaming 1,Bearing 1,Bender 1,Bolt 1,Boring 1,Bottle 1,Bottle Washing 1,Buffing 1,Burnishing 1,Burr 1,Button 1,Button Sewing 1,Cable 1,Can Closing 1,Canning 1,Capping 1,Capsule 1,Carton Filling 1,Carton Forming 1,Case Making 1,Casting 1,Cellophane Bag 1,Chucking 1,Cleaning 1,Coil 1,Coin Rolling 1,Digging 1,Dough Mixing 1,Dowel 1,Drilling 1,Dry Ice 1,Drying 1,Dyeing 1,Electrolytic Plating 1,Embossing 1,Envelope Folding 1,Excavation 1,Fiberglass 1,Fleshing 1,Glass Rolling 1,Glazing 1,Gluing 1,Horizontal Earth Boring 1,Impregnating 1,Incubator 1,Injection 1,Injection Molding 1,Knitting 1,Knotting 1,Labeling 1,Lace 1,Laminating 1,Lens Grinding 1,Loading 1,Marshmallow 1,Masking 1,Milking 1,Milling 1,Mining 1,Mixing 1,Nailing 1,Paper 1,Pasteurizing 1,Perforating 1,Photo 1,Photocopying 1,Pickling 1,Pin 1,Planing 1,Plastic 1,Polishing 1,Pressing 1,Pretzel Twisting 1,Printing 1,Punch 1,Quilting 1,Reaming 1,Refining 1,Refrigerating 1,Rolling 1,Sawing 1,Sewing 1,Stamping 1,Steam Cleaning 1,Stitching 1,Stuffing 1,Tamping 1,Threshing 1,Zipper


1,Auto 1,Automotive 1,Camera 1,Electrical 1,Experimental 1,Laboratory 1,Lathe 1,Marine Engine 1,Marine 1,Master 1,Metal 1,Precision 1,Printing Press 1,Radio 1,Tool 1,Toolroom


1,Artificial Glass Eye 1,Awning 1,Bag 1,Balloon 1,Bandage 1,Basket 1,Bed 1,Blanket 1,Box 1,Brace 1,Bracelet 1,Butter 1,Cable 1,Camera 1,Can 1,Candy 1,Card 1,Casket 1,Cathode 1,Chain 1,Cheese 1,Chocolate 1,Cider 1,Cigar 1,Cinder Block 1,Cleat 1,Cottage Cheese 1,Cotton Candy 1,Doll 1,Doll Wig 1,Drapery 1,Electrical Instrument 1,Figurine 1,Fishing Rod 1,Frame 1,Fuse 1,Handle 1,Ink 1,Jewelry 1,Key 1,Lamp Shade 1,Lens 1,Luggage 1,Lure 1,Map 1,Maple Sugar 1,Marzipan 1,Medical Instrument 1,Model 1,Mold 1,Necktie 1,Neon Sign 1,Net 1,Novelty Candy 1,Perfume 1,Pickle 1,Pie 1,Pierogi 1,Puppet 1,Reed 1,Rope 1,Saddle 1,Sandwich 1,Sausage 1,Sign 1,Skating Rink Ice 1,Soap 1,Suit 1,Surgical Instrument 1,Tamale 1,Tool 1,Tortilla 1,Vinegar 1,Violin 1,Wig


10,Bonds 10,Mail 5,Handy 3,Trades 1,Able Sea 1,Animal Feed Sales 1,Appliances Sales 1,Assembly 1,Auto Parts Sales 1,Auto Sales 1,Ax 1,Baby Food Sales 1,Barge 1,Boat 1,Brake 1,Broom 1,Cable 1,Camera 1,Cattle 1,City Alder 1,Commercial Fisher 1,Congress 1,Council 1,Crab Fisher 1,Delivery 1,Diesel Locomotive Fire 1,Door 1,Draughts 1,Electric Motor 1,Electronic Parts Sales 1,Engine 1,Field Handy 1,Fisher 1,Furniture Sales 1,Highway Patrol 1,Junk 1,Kettle 1,Life Insurance Sales 1,Lobster Fisher 1,Longshore 1,Loom Repair 1,Marine Fire 1,Motion Picture Camera 1,Oyster Fisher 1,Patrol 1,Pearl Fisher 1,Plane Table 1,Plow 1,Post 1,Pump 1,Quarry 1,Rag 1,Railroad Watch 1,Ramp 1,Sales 1,Seafood Fisher 1,Sea 1,Select 1,Show 1,Stunt 1,Timber 1,Traveling Sales 1,Used Car Sales 1,Waste 1,Weather 1,Wheel 1,Yachts 1,Yard


2,Bar 2,Branch 1,Accounts 1,Airfield 1,Auto Repair Shop 1,Bank 1,Barber Shop 1,Benefits 1,Bowling Alley 1,Business 1,Casino 1,Communications 1,Computer Project 1,Concessions 1,Construction 1,Customer Service 1,Dairy Farm 1,Dance Studio 1,Data Processing 1,Dealership 1,Department Store 1,District 1,Division 1,Doc Track Kennel 1,Dog Track 1,Employment 1,Engineering 1,Facilities 1,Factory 1,Farm 1,Fast Food Restaurant 1,Fight 1,Floor 1,Game Preserve 1,Garage 1,Gas Station 1,Golf Club 1,Groundskeeping 1,Homeowner Association 1,Hospital 1,Hotel 1,Household 1,Housing 1,Human Resources 1,Investment 1,Kennel 1,Kitchen 1,Labor Relations 1,Laboratory 1,Landscaping 1,Leasing 1,Loan 1,Logistics 1,Marketing 1,Mining 1,Mobile Home Park 1,Motel 1,Music 1,Network 1,Nursery 1,Off Track Betting 1,Office 1,Oil Well Drilling 1,Parking Garage 1,Parking Lot 1,Personnel 1,Pineapple Plantation 1,Plant 1,Poolhall 1,Produce Department 1,Production 1,Program 1,Project 1,Property Leasing 1,Property 1,Public Housing 1,Public Relations 1,Purchasing 1,Quality Control 1,Radio Station 1,Range 1,Real Estate 1,Rental 1,Research 1,Restaurant 1,Retail Store 1,Sales 1,Scrapyard 1,Service 1,Service Station 1,Shift 1,Shop 1,Skating Rink 1,Snack Bar 1,Social Services 1,Sports Betting 1,Stage 1,Station 1,Stock Room 1,Store 1,Supermarket 1,Television Station 1,Theater 1,Traffic 1,Trailer Park 1,Transportation 1,Truck Leasing 1,Warehouse 1,Website 1,Welfare


1,Chorus 1,Dancing 1,Harbor 1,Lock 1,Puppet 1,Sailing 1,Special


1,Barge 1,First 1,Fishing Vessel 1,Fourth 1,Second 1,Ship’s 1,Third


1,Aircraft Engine 1,Aircraft 1,Airframe 1,Airplane 1,Auto Body 1,Auto Body Service 1,Auto Garage 1,Auto 1,Automatic Door 1,Automatic Pilot 1,Automatic Teller Machine 1,Boat 1,Boiler 1,Bridge 1,Car Body 1,Car 1,Construction Equipment 1,Conveyor 1,Crane 1,Diesel 1,Farm Equipment 1,Heating Unit 1,Home Appliance 1,Household Appliance 1,Hydraulic 1,Hydro 1,Jet 1,Kiln 1,Lawn Mower 1,Maintenance 1,Marine 1,Motorboat 1,Motorcycle 1,Railroad 1,Railroad Track 1,Robotics 1,School Bus 1,Slot Machine 1,Transmission 1,Truck 1,Vehicle 1,Wind Turbine


1,Christian Science 1,Community Health 1,County 1,Emergency Room 1,Geriatric 1,Head 1,Intensive Care Unit 1,Obstetrical 1,Occupational 1,Operating Room 1,Pediatric 1,Physical Therapy 1,Post Anesthesia Room 1,Psychiatric 1,Receptionist 1,School 1,Student 1,Surgical


5,Animal Control 2,Casino Surveillance 1,Border Patrol 1,Chief Executive 1,Chief Financial 1,Chief Information 1,Commissary 1,Communication 1,Compliance 1,Corporate 1,County Health 1,Court 1,Customs 1,Employment 1,Financial Aid 1,Fire Control 1,Flight Communications 1,Gaming Surveillance 1,Health 1,Hearing 1,Homicide Squad Commanding 1,Hospital Admissions 1,Immigration 1,Investigation Division Commanding 1,Investigation 1,Juvenile Corrections 1,Juvenile 1,Juvenile Probation 1,Law Enforcement 1,Liaison 1,Loan 1,Logistics Supply 1,Maritime 1,Morale 1,Motorcycle Police 1,Mounted Police 1,Navigation 1,Park 1,Parking Enforcement 1,Parole 1,Patrol 1,Police 1,Precinct Commanding 1,Prison 1,Probation 1,Procurement 1,Public Safety 1,Purchasing 1,Reserve 1,Security 1,State Highway Police 1,Supply 1,Surveillance 1,Traffic Division Commanding 1,Traffic 1,Undercover Police 1,Wildlife


5,Cash Register 5,Equipment 5,Machine 2,Band Saw 1,Acetylene Torch 1,Acid Plant 1,Air Compressor 1,Almond Blancher 1,Ammonia Still 1,Anchor 1,Annealing Furnace 1,Anvil Seating Press 1,Apple Press 1,Audio 1,Autoclave 1,Back Digger 1,Back Hoe 1,Belt Press 1,Belt Sander 1,Bessemer Converter 1,Binder 1,Blacktop Paver 1,Blast Furnace 1,Bleach Boiler 1,Blow Torch 1,Boiler 1,Bone Char Kiln 1,Bowling Alley 1,Braider 1,Brake 1,Bridge Crane 1,Brine Mixer 1,Brine Plant 1,Bulldozer 1,Burner 1,Camera 1,Canteen 1,Carriage 1,Catalytic Converter 1,Caterpillar Tractor 1,Caustic Purification 1,Centrifuge 1,Chemical Plant 1,Chief Substation 1,Chopper 1,Chronograph 1,Chute 1,Cider Press 1,Cinema 1,Circle Saw 1,Circular Saw 1,Clothes-washer 1,Coal Mill 1,Cocoa Powder Mixer 1,Cold Press 1,Color Printer 1,Comber 1,Communications 1,Computer 1,Concrete Grinder 1,Condenser 1,Control Room 1,Control Tower 1,Conveyor 1,Crane 1,Crusher 1,Cutting Torch 1,Dehydration Unit 1,Demolition Crane 1,Dice Table 1,Diesel Crane 1,Diesel Engine 1,Diesel Plant 1,Drill 1,Drill Punch 1,Drum 1,Dumpster 1,Electric Crane 1,Electric Drill 1,Electric Furnace 1,Electrolysis 1,Emergency 1,Escalator 1,Exchange 1,Extruder 1,Extrusion Press 1,Feed Mill 1,Field Laboratory 1,Filtration 1,Filtration Plant 1,Fireboat 1,Fore 1,Forklift 1,Furnace 1,Gaming Table 1,Gas Engine 1,Gas Pumping Station 1,Generator 1,Grinder 1,Guillotine 1,Hack Saw 1,Harvester 1,Heavy Equipment 1,Heavy Road Construction Equipment 1,High Lift 1,Hoist 1,Hole Digger 1,Horizontal Drill 1,Hydrator 1,Hydraulic 1,Hydraulic Press 1,Hydro Station 1,Hydroelectric 1,Hydroelectric Station 1,Ice Plant 1,Incinerator 1,Induction Furnace 1,Irrigation System 1,Jackhammer 1,Jig 1,Jigsaw 1,Kiln 1,Ladies Suit 1,Ladies Underwear 1,Lathe 1,Laundry Press 1,Lawn Mower 1,Lead Furnace 1,Letter Opener 1,Letter Press 1,Lie Detector 1,Lift Truck 1,Lighting Equipment 1,Linotype 1,Liquefaction Plant 1,Loader 1,Locomotive Crane 1,Locomotive 1,Log Handling Equipment 1,Log Haul 1,Long Distance 1,Loom 1,Lumber Kiln 1,Lunch Truck 1,Lunch Wagon 1,Luncheonette 1,Lye Bath 1,Macaroni Press 1,Machine Tool 1,Magnetic Prospecting 1,Marine Tower 1,Mash Tub Cooker 1,Merry-go-round 1,Metal Drill Press 1,Microphone 1,Mill 1,Mimeograph 1,Mine Motor 1,Miter Saw 1,Mixer 1,Mold Injector 1,Monorail 1,Needle Loom 1,Noodle Press 1,Nuclear Reactor 1,Pasta Press 1,Paver 1,Pest Control 1,Petroleum Plant 1,Picker 1,Pile Driver 1,Pit Furnace 1,Planer 1,Polygraph 1,Power Digger 1,Power Plant 1,Power Shovel 1,Power Station 1,Press 1,Projector 1,Pulp Mill 1,Pulp Refiner 1,Pulverizer Mill 1,Pump 1,Radial Arm Saw 1,Radial Drill Press 1,Refinery 1,Refining Equipment 1,Ride 1,Road Grader 1,Rock Drill 1,Roto-Rooter 1,Sandblast 1,Sanitary Landfill 1,Saw 1,Scanner 1,Seismograph 1,Semaphore 1,Sewage Plant 1,Sewage Treatment Plant 1,Sheet Metal 1,Shovel 1,Signal 1,Signal Tower 1,Silkscreen Printer 1,Smelter 1,Smoke Room 1,Spinning Mule 1,Steam Plant 1,Steam Roller 1,Stenotype 1,Street Sweeper 1,Substation 1,Subway Train 1,Switchboard 1,Table Saw 1,Tavern 1,Telescope 1,Toll Bridge 1,Toll 1,Trolley Car 1,Tumbler 1,Turbine 1,Video Camera 1,Waste Disposal Plant 1,Wastewater Treatment Plant 1,Water Plant 1,Water Treatment Plant 1,Well Drill


1,Bulb 1,Carton 1,Citrus Fruit 1,Fruit 1,Gift Basket 1,Meat 1,Olive 1,Poultry 1,Seed 1,Vegetable


2,House 1,Auto 1,Boat 1,Interior 1,Portrait 1,Resin


1,Clinical 1,Forensic 1,Medical 1,Oral 1,Speech


1,Commercial 1,Medical 1,Micro 1,Motion Picture 1,News 1,Portrait 1,Wedding


2,Crop 1,Apple 1,Berry 1,Chicken 1,Citrus 1,Claim 1,Corn 1,Mushroom 1,Oyster 1,Potato 1,Vegetable


1,Aircraft 1,Airline 1,Executive 1,Ferry 1,Ferryboat 1,Helicopter 1,Marine 1,Ship 1,Steamboat 1,Submarine 1,Test


1,City 1,Conference 1,Facilities 1,Financial 1,Party 1,Regional 1,Urban


1,Baseball 1,Basketball 1,Calliope 1,Card 1,Football 1,Guitar 1,Hockey 1,Jai Alai 1,Piano 1,Pool 1,Tennis


1,Familiar 1,General 1,Nurse 1,Orthopedic Nurse 1,Psychiatric Nurse


3,Computer 1,Business 1,Engineering 1,Internet 1,Mainframe 1,Scientific 1,Senior 1,Systems 1,Tool 1,Web


2,College 1,Abnormal Psychology 1,Accounting 1,Aeronautics 1,Anthropology 1,Archaeology 1,Architecture 1,Astronomy 1,Astrophysics 1,Biochemistry 1,Biological Science 1,Biology 1,Biophysics 1,Botany 1,Business Administration 1,Child Psychology 1,Clinical Psychology 1,Computer Science 1,Criminal Justice 1,Criminology 1,Cryptanalysis 1,Dentistry 1,Design 1,Ecology 1,Economics 1,Education 1,Electrical Engineering 1,Electronics 1,Engineering 1,Farm Management 1,Finance 1,Foreign Language 1,History 1,Inorganic Chemistry 1,Journalism 1,Law 1,Life Sciences 1,Literature 1,Marine Engineering 1,Marketing 1,Mechanical Engineering 1,Medical 1,Meteorology 1,Microbiology 1,Neurology 1,Nuclear Physics 1,Occupational Therapy 1,Oceanography 1,Optometry 1,Paleontology 1,Pediatrics 1,Pharmacology 1,Physics 1,Psychology 1,Public Health 1,Religion 1,Sociology 1,Theology


1,Forensic 1,Child 1,Counseling 1,Engineering 1,Animal 1,Abnormal 1,Educational 1,Organizational 1,School 1,Sports


1,Psychic 1,Mind 1,Bible 1,Palm 1,Water Meter 1,Gas Meter 1,Meter 1,Script 1,Manuscript


1,Antique 1,Appliance 1,Auto Body 1,Bicycle 1,Camera 1,Cryogenics 1,Electric Meter 1,Electrical Appliance 1,Elevator 1,Gas Line 1,Luggage 1,Motorcycle 1,Power Transformer


1,Court 1,Cub 1,Investigative 1,Law 1,News 1,Newspaper 1,Political 1,Society


1,Airline Security 1,Business 1,Claim 1,Congressional 1,Customer Relations 1,Labor 1,Loss Prevention 1,Manufacturers 1,Medical Service 1,Pharmaceutical 1,Public Relations 1,Quality Assurance 1,Union


1,Clay 1,Cocoa 1,Coffee 1,Grain 1,Peanut


1,Aircraft 1,Athletic Goods 1,Book 1,Cable Television 1,Clothing 1,Computer 1,Footwear 1,Insurance 1,Paint 1,Radio Time 1,Telephone 1,Television Time


1,Agricultural 1,Behavioral 1,Biological 1,Computer 1,Environmental 1,Food 1,Forestry 1,Information 1,Life 1,Medical Research 1,Nautical 1,Nuclear 1,Plant 1,Political 1,Poultry 1,Research 1,Soil


2,Legal 1,Dental 1,Executive 1,Law 1,Membership 1,Personal 1,Press 1,School 1,Social


1,Black 1,Copper 1,Gold 1,Gun 1,Jewel 1,Key 1,Leather 1,Lock 1,Metal 1,Platinum 1,Silver 1,Tool


2,Artificial Intelligence 1,Computer Security Information 1,Computer Security 1,Demolition 1,Ear 1,Hazardous Material 1,Heart 1,Human Resources 1,Information Systems 1,Intelligence 1,Laser 1,Lighting 1,Logistics 1,Lubricating 1,Metallurgical 1,Network 1,Polymer 1,Preventive Medicine 1,Public Relations 1,Quality Assurance 1,Radiological Health 1,Retirement Plan 1,Software Development 1,Software System 1,Sterilization


11,Building 2,Production 1,City 1,Construction 1,Custodial 1,Golf Course 1,Grain Elevator 1,Grounds 1,Heating Plant 1,Hospital 1,Hotel 1,Laundry 1,Mail 1,Maintenance 1,Mine 1,Park 1,Postal 1,Refinery 1,School 1,Shift 1,Track 1,Wharf


3,Factory 3,Fast Food 2,Farm 2,Traffic 1,Accounts Payable 1,Accounting 1,Admissions 1,Air Cargo Handling 1,Air Traffic 1,Aircraft Cleaning 1,Aircraft Maintenance 1,Airline 1,Airplane Flight Attendant 1,Aluminum Plant 1,Ammunition 1,Artificial Breeding Ranch 1,Asphalt Paving 1,Assembly Line 1,Assembly 1,Auto Mechanic 1,Auto Rental 1,Automobile Assembly 1,Automobile Leasing 1,Baggage Handling 1,Bakery 1,Billing 1,Blast Furnace 1,Body Shop 1,Bookkeepers 1,Building Cleaning 1,Building 1,Bus Driver 1,Bus Repair 1,Butcher 1,Cab 1,Cafeteria 1,Car Wash 1,Cargo 1,Cashier’s 1,Casino 1,Cellar 1,Cemetery Worker 1,Chemical Plant 1,Child Care 1,Church 1,Circus 1,Claims 1,Cleaning 1,Clerical 1,Clerk 1,Coal Yard 1,Computer Analyst 1,Computer Operations 1,Computer Programming 1,Construction 1,Correction Officer 1,Costuming 1,Counselor 1,Counter 1,County 1,Cured Meat Packing 1,Customer Services 1,Dairy Farm 1,Dance Hall 1,Day Care 1,Delivery 1,Department 1,Detective 1,Dispatcher 1,Dock 1,Dog License Officer 1,Dormitory 1,Dry Cleaning 1,Education 1,Electrical Assembly 1,Electrician 1,Electronic Maintenance 1,Employee Benefits 1,Engineering 1,Film Processing 1,Fish Hatchery 1,Floor 1,Gambling Floor 1,Gaming 1,Gas Station 1,Greenhouse 1,Groundskeeping Maintenance 1,Highway Maintenance 1,Home Management 1,Hospital 1,Hotel Cleaning 1,Hotel Front Desk 1,Hotel Room Service 1,Hotel 1,House Cleaner 1,Insect Inspection 1,Insurance Office 1,Irrigation 1,Janitorial Service 1,Jewelry Department 1,Labor Crew 1,Labor Relations 1,Laboratory 1,Landscaping 1,Lawn Service 1,Library Aide 1,Library 1,Line 1,Linen Room 1,Loan 1,Logging 1,Lunchroom 1,Machine Shop 1,Maid 1,Mail Carrier 1,Mail Handler 1,Mailroom 1,Maintenance 1,Meter Reader 1,Mine Administration 1,Mine 1,Mold Cleaning 1,Music 1,Natural Gas Plant 1,Nursery 1,Nurses 1,Office 1,Operating Room 1,Operations 1,Packing 1,Painting 1,Park Worker 1,Parking Lot 1,Parole 1,Payroll 1,Personnel 1,Pit 1,Plant 1,Plumber 1,Police 1,Potato Chip Processing 1,Poultry Farm 1,Power Reactor 1,Press 1,Production 1,Program 1,Programming 1,Property 1,Pumping Station 1,Quality Control 1,Railroad Car Repair 1,Ranch 1,Real Estate Appraiser 1,Real Estate Sales 1,Research 1,Restaurant 1,Retail Route 1,Retail 1,Room Service 1,Safety 1,Sales Clerk 1,Sales 1,Salvage 1,Sanitary Landfill 1,Sanitation 1,Schedule 1,School 1,Security Guard 1,Service 1,Sewer Maintenance 1,Sewer System 1,Shift 1,Shipping 1,Shop 1,Snow Removal 1,Social Work 1,Software Development 1,Software Engineering 1,Space Control 1,Station 1,Stock 1,Stockroom 1,Subway Repair 1,Surgical 1,Switchboard Operator 1,Taxi Driver 1,Technical 1,Toll Collector 1,Tool Machine Shop 1,Township 1,Transportation 1,Trash Collector 1,Uranium Processing 1,Warehouse 1,Wastewater Treatment Plant


1,Dental 1,Flight 1,Neurological 1,Oral 1,Orthopedic 1,Plastic 1,Tree 1,Veterinary


2,Marine 1,Geodetic 1,Land 1,Mineral 1,Railroad 1,Topographical


3,Elementary School 3,High School 3,Middle School 3,Preschool 3,School 2,Painting 1,Adult Education 1,Adult Literacy 1,Aerobic 1,Algebra 1,Arabic 1,Art 1,Auto Body Repair 1,Auto Mechanics 1,Ballet 1,Banking 1,Barbering 1,Bible 1,Biology 1,Braille 1,Calculus 1,Canine Service 1,Cardiology 1,Chemistry 1,Chinese 1,Choral 1,Citizenship 1,Civil Engineering 1,Clinical Laboratory Aides 1,Creative Writing 1,Dancing 1,Day Care 1,Dry Cleaning 1,English 1,Flight 1,Foreign Language 1,Forestry 1,Geography 1,Geometry 1,German 1,Golf 1,Health 1,Hebrew 1,History 1,Home Economics 1,Italian 1,Junior High School 1,Mathematics 1,Physical Education 1,Piano 1,Prekindergarten 1,Russian 1,Science 1,Social Science 1,Spanish 1,Special Education 1,Student 1,Swahili


1,Aerospace 1,Air Conditioning 1,Airplane 1,Audio Visual 1,Auto 1,Biological Specimen 1,Blood Bank 1,Cardiology 1,Chemical Engineering 1,Chemical 1,Civil Engineering 1,Communications 1,Conservation 1,Crime Scene 1,Darkroom 1,Dialysis 1,Electrical 1,Experimental 1,Explosive Ordnance Disposal 1,Explosive Ordnance 1,Field 1,Film Laboratory 1,Fingerprint 1,Fire Control 1,Flight 1,Forensic Science 1,Health Record 1,Highway 1,Hospital 1,Industrial 1,Instrument 1,Laboratory 1,Laser 1,Mechanical Laboratory 1,Mechanical 1,Medical 1,Mining 1,Nuclear Medicine 1,Nuclear 1,Nursery 1,Optical 1,Phlebotomy 1,Photographic Equipment 1,Physical Therapy 1,Power 1,Radar 1,Radiation Therapy 1,Radio 1,Refrigeration 1,Service 1,Studio 1,Television 1,Ultrasound 1,Water Treatment 1,Wind Turbine 2,Biomedical Engineering 2,Heating Repair


1,Beater 1,Bird 1,Chicken 1,Cow 1,Curing Oven 1,Dyeing Machine 1,Glory Hole 1,Lens Fabricating Machine 1,Oxide Furnace 1,Poultry 1,Shredder 1,Steamer 1,Vat 1,Vineyard


1,Blood 1,Drug 1,Food 1,Leakage 1,Liquor 1,Rocket Engine


2,Physical 1,Colon 1,Educational 1,Family 1,Health 1,Hearing 1,Massage 1,Occupational 1,Oral 1,Pediatric Physical 1,Pulmonary Physical 1,Recreational 1,Respiratory 1,Speech


3,Window 1,Auto 1,Benzene 1,Bottle 1,Cloth 1,Fruit 1,Laboratory 1,Mold 1,Pot 1,Pressure 1,Vegetable


1,Aluminum 1,Arc 1,Boiler 1,Electric Arc 1,Electric Spot 1,Electric 1,Oxyacetylene 1,Steel


20,Farm 10,Construction 10,Culinary 10,Migratory 10,Sanitation 5,Cafe 5,Factory 5,Fast Food 5,Production 5,Social 5,Warehouse 3,Body Shop 3,Production Line 3,Social Service 2,Maintenance 1,Adoption 1,Amusement Park 1,Animal Husbandry 1,Aquaculture 1,Ash Pit 1,Asphalt 1,Assembly Line 1,Blood Bank 1,Brewery 1,Bridge Gang 1,Cafeteria 1,Campaign 1,Cannery 1,Car Wash 1,Cemetery 1,Ceramic 1,Chemical Research 1,Child Abuse 1,Child Care 1,Christmas Tree Farm 1,Church 1,Civil Service 1,Club 1,Community Mental Health 1,Community Service 1,Concrete 1,Correction 1,Court 1,Creamery 1,Customer Support 1,Dairy 1,Derrick 1,Distillery 1,Dye 1,Embroidery 1,Field 1,Fire Crew 1,Foster Care 1,Foundry 1,Gaming Cage 1,Geriatric Social 1,Guest Services 1,Harvest 1,Health Care Social 1,Highway 1,Home Health Care Social 1,Hospice Social 1,Hospital Social 1,Hot Iron 1,Irrigation 1,Kennel 1,Kitchen 1,Laboratory 1,Laundry 1,Lawn Service 1,Leather 1,Long Term Care Social 1,Lubrication 1,Machine Maintenance 1,Machine Shop 1,Machine 1,Medical Social 1,Metal 1,Mill 1,Mud 1,Nursery 1,Nursing Home Social 1,Nursing Home 1,Office 1,Ornamental Metal 1,Overhead Line 1,Packing Room 1,Pediatric Social 1,Pet Crematory 1,Poll 1,Power Plant 1,Probation 1,Protective Services Social 1,Psychiatric Social 1,Psychotherapist Social 1,Quarry 1,Railroad 1,Rebar 1,Reclamation 1,Recording Studio 1,Red Cross 1,Rodent Control 1,Salvage 1,School Social 1,Sewing Room 1,Ship 1,Shop 1,Station 1,Steel Construction 1,Structural 1,Sugar Cane 1,Textile 1,Track 1,Tunnel 1,Utility 1,Veterans Services 1,Wharf 1,Yard


2,News 1,Abstract 1,Advertising 1,Commercial 1,Copy 1,Editorial 1,Fiction 1,Financial 1,Ghost 1,Handbook 1,Literary 1,Magazine 1,Movie 1,Music 1,Newspaper 1,Radio News 1,Scientific 1,Software 1,Speech 1,Technical 1,Television


1,AIDS Counselor 1,C.A.D. Operator 1,C.A.D. Designer 1,C.I.A. Agent 1,CAT Scanner Operator 1,E.M.T. Technician 1,F.B.I. Investigator 1,F.B.I. Special Agent 1,HIV Counselor 1,HVAC Technician 1,LAN Administrator 1,MRI Technologist 1,MRI Technician 1,OB/GYN 1,R&D Technician 1,X-ray Technician 1,X-ray Operator


1,AIDS counselor 1,C.A.D. operator 1,C.A.D. designer 1,C.I.A. agent 1,CAT scanner operator 1,E.M.T. technician 1,F.B.I. investigator 1,F.B.I. special agent 1,HIV counselor 1,HVAC technician 1,LAN administrator 1,MRI technologist 1,MRI technician 1,OB/GYN 1,R&D technician 1,X-ray technician 1,X-ray operator