Mission of the Red legion

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This is for Tommi Brander's dungeoncrawling campaign. Please do not add content unless you know what you are doing.

The Red legion serves the demoninc entity known as Beelzebul and has the stated goal of conquering the world. The soldier you had the misfortune of meeting is trying to
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1,convert or kill [person] 1,build a barracks in [place] 1,desecrate or destroy [shrine] 1,build a shrine in [place] 1,acquire [item] 1,take control of [place] 1,escort [Dice.1d100] recruits to the mountain of Beelzebul


1,Grimoire of Walking Flesh 1,Gryphbane 1,Heart of Dur 1,Rod of ruin 1,Stone tablets of Zuul


1,a currently active player character 1,baron Asor 1,Bairwin 1,lord Padraig 1,Maenae 1,Rashid Al'Ghassani 1,Zenegral Byle


1,Barrow of Therex 1,the cave behind the waterfall 1,Devil's stone 1,Dismal depths 1,the dungeon Sing-song 1,the giant ant lair 1,Greenmeadow 1,ruins of the keep on the Shadowfell 1,Melford 1,Red castle 1,shrine of the Oracle 1,Winterhaven


1,ancient elven temple near Winterhaven 1,temple of Fharlaghan 1,shrine of the Oracle