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...for In a Wicked Age

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,A rebellious sim-stim starlet and her controlling corporate handler 1,An honest cop driven to desperate means. 1,A 10-year-old urchin boy with a perfect memory. 1,A jaded reporter covering the criminal beat. 1,A hardened private investigator hunting the man who killed her partner. 1,A gluttonous and corrupt politician, seeking to fill his boundless appetites. 1,A nightclub for the extreme body-modification crowd. 1,A junkyard out on the edge of town, guarded by robotic dogs. 1,The workshop of a tinkerer whose only friends are his own inventions. 1,The best noodle shop in town, run by an infamous ex-hacker who got out while he still could. 1,A high-end orbital casino for the nouveau riche. 1,A scuffle between two vendors at a body-modding conference where all the newest prototypes are being shown. 1,An underground bloodsport arena with few rules and fewer survivors. 1,The clone of a rich woman, dreaming computer-generated dreams in her cryogenic sleep. 1,A corporate bodyguard, thick with grafted animal muscle. 1,A vat-grown ninja assassin, too curious about the outside world for his own good. 1,The powerful head of an orbital data brokerage. 1,A neo-Victorian businessman slowly dying of cancer. 1,A conference room with bulletproof glass and a view overlooking the city. 1,An offshore oil rig, lined with explosives and overinsured, and its unsuspecting crew. 1,The office of a lawyer who holds a corporation's skeletons in his closet. 1,The research vessel of a half-mad oceanographer with gill implants. 1,The secret alliance of two corporations against a third. 1,An online televangelist being blackmailed for his forbidden desires. 1,A briefcase full of data, drugs, and money, attached to the wrist of a courier. 1,A legendary cyberdeck cowboy with a price on his head. 1,A Turing policeman hot on the trail of a sentient AI. 1,A soldier, now more machine than man, with only a memory of what it was like to be loved. 1,A vast warehouse of meat-growing vats and a vat-grown overseer who has never been outside. 1,The sabotage of the first operational space elevator by its competitors. 1,The only Operating Room capable of performing a new high-end surgery. 1,The public unveiling of a new model of "near-sentient" pleasure robot, its proud creator not knowing he has succeeded beyond what he intended. 1,A microfilament knife in the thumb of its wielder capable of cutting through anything. 1,A space tug full of neo-Rastafarians. 1,The constructed personality of a dead hacker, now free inside the network. 1,The spirits of an ancient god masquerading as a corporate AI while it waits for plans to mature. 1,The corporate database of an online bank, protected in the Grid by lethal neurofeedback firewalls. 1,The designer of an online game so immersive those who are not careful waste away and starve. 1,A military-grade icecutter fallen into civilian hands. 1,A government spook whose allegiances not even his employer truly knows. 1,A mule with implants to smuggle both designer drugs and valuable data. 1,An ex-Special Forces commando, now for hire to the highest bidder. 1,A young but heavily modified street samurai. 1,A man who can get almost anything, for a price. 1,A celebrity lookalike prostitute who murders her clients. 1,A burned out building with a secret tunnel underneath, and its only resident. 1,A back room OR of a black-marked surgeon. 1,The assassination of a Yakuza clan head by his most trusted friend. 1,A gang of dog-men who hunt their rivals by scent. 1,A heavily tattooed Yakuza, both shrewd and full of hate. 1,A violent crew of Marxist Luddites enraged at what Capitalism has wrought. 1,Illegal pheromone emitters in a high-end callgirl. 1,A shipment of anti-tank missiles purchased by a street gang. 1,A cheap pistol with polymer grips bearing a dragon logo, recently fired and left in an alleyway. 1,A highly-customized, high-speed delivery vehicle with a matte black finish, and its driver. </sgtable>