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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,A princess, garbed in pink, whose kingdom is in peril. 1,A beautiful maiden, held prisoner in another castle. 1,A tiny race, renowned for their mushroom hats, under occupation by an alien power. 1,A dark tyrant with spiked armor and a crown of fire. 1,The King of Reptiles, a mighty conqueror. 1,A secret cavern beneath the desert, guarded by reticent cactuses. 1,An angry Sun God, lashing out at those who have forgotten him. 1,Turtle soldiers, loyal to their king, violent and relentless. 1,A winged turtle, trapped in servitude, yearning for its freedom. 1, Traitorous fungal soldiers, motivated by greed 1,A red weapon that seeks out its targets relentlessly. 1,A squat man with a red hat, boundless heroism, and a broad mustache. 1,A tall man with a green hat, impetuous attitude, and a broad mustache. 1,A stash of coins, hidden within a disused sewer pipe. 1,Smashed bricks, left in ruin by a passing giant. 1,A wart covered frog who uses his fantastic machine to invade dreams and imprison sleepers. 1,A flower, from whose pollen can be extracted a rare drug that gives men power of flames. 1,A flatulent fat man in yellow cover-alls, whose wicked mustache covers yellow teeth, cracked in a smile of malicious greed. 1,A foreboding Castle, built over lava and filled with flame. 1,A mischievous creature who rides on a cloud and communicates to the world below with spiky messengers. 1,A wicked stick thin man in purple cover-alls, with a glint in his eye that screams of the devil and a wiry mustache, twisted like him. 1,A cannon that can shoot living bullets, ensorcelled souls of murderers bound into metal. 1,A mushroom servant, possessing fantastic physical prowess for his size, lost and alone. 1,A ghost that fears to look upon the face of the living, but strikes when their backs are turned. 1,A green mushroom that seeks hidden places and moves of its own accord, can grant a second chance at life. 1,A floating platform, ferrying its passenger away from danger. 1,A bottomless pit, dug in ages long forgotten. 1,A cheerful dinosaur, the sole appointed guardian of a destined child. 1,Enemies and allies alike have met together for the grand races. 1,A furious ape-lord, lustful and angry at those who have violated his homeland. 1,A prince of a savage people, seeking to learn the ways of civilization. 1,A dark haired woman from another world, following the cold trail of her old lover. 1,The princess of a foreign kingdom, clad in yellow, seeking word of her mysterious savior. 1,A pair of hammer-wielding warriors, bound in battle as well as in brotherhood. 1,A deceitful sprite, dangling the promise of another life. 1,An enchanted castle floating amongst the clouds 1,A fleet of airships, festooned with cannons and captained by petty reptilian children 1,An abandoned underground sewer, rife with evil creatures. 1,A mysterious, ghostly hand, dealing out aid and woe in equal measure. 1,A false princess, held captive only as a decoy. 1,A tree whose leaves grant the power of flight. 1,A ghost ship, heavy with coin, that answers only to those that know its secrets. 1,A fallen star that will grant its possessor the power of the heavens, if only for a moment. 1,An endless ocean, full of peril, hidden behind the fabric of the world and only accessible to those that know the secret ways. 1,A mushroom which, when eaten, turns an ordinary man into a titan. 1,A tree whose leaves give their possessors the power of animals, a power with no small price. 1,A grand fish, grown to monstrous size and age by eating her own progeny. 1,A mysterious box, marked as such, containing within in a man's fortune. 1,A trap disguised as a treasure. 1,A reptilian egg-merchant, seeking a way that he may be transformed into a woman. 1,A mouse, trained in the manufacture of alchemical explosives, seeking to bring about the downfall of a nation. 1,A grand party thrown by a princess, with all manner of entertainments. 1,A carnivorous weed, hungry for flesh, hungrier for company.

1,Friends intending a relaxing vacation instead are met with disaster and dismay. 1,A malicious shadow mistaken for a man, cunning and quick. 1,The natives of a tropical paradise, made sick by vandal who spread a dark pollution over land and sea. 1, A Great pale cephalopod who's short attention span limits it to pursuing prey who try to flee 1, A great, mutant, stone-throwing crustacean spawned in the realm of dreams 1, A race of mischievous little people, with dangerous senses of humor. Their bodies concealed beneath voluminous robes, Their faces by featureless masks 1,A large gun that can fire a powerful jet of cleansing fluid and has a mind of its own. 1,The Prince of Reptiles who wants nothing less than to make a legacy greater than his father's.

1,A foster mother to stars, who travels the cosmos and will do anything to make her children strong. 1,A mysterious comet ship, whose rider enforces the cycle of death and rebirth. 1,A queen bee and her hive of loyal servants are overrun by rampaging insects. 1,A small starship in the shape of a mushroom in need of repair, and its stranded crew. 1,A man with a suit from a haunted mansion that allows him to become one of the ghostly dead, at a cost.