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Need something quick and can't think of anything? This should help.

Random Encounters

<sgdisplay iterations="1">In the wasteland: [Random encounters in the wasteland.wasteland]
In a settlement: [Random encounters in the wasteland.settlement]
Along a journey: [Random encounters in the wasteland.journey]
On the road: [Random encounters in the wasteland.road]</sgdisplay>

Random Threat

<sgdisplay iterations="1">Name: [Apocalypse World Names.metatable]
Type: [threat]</sgdisplay>

A Random Move

<sgdisplay iterations="1">MC: [mcmove]
Warlord: [warmove]
Grotesque: [gromove]
Landscape: [lanmove]
Affliction: [affmove]
Brute: [brumove]
Follow up with "What do you do?"</sgdisplay>

Random NPCs

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[Apocalypse World NPC Description.npc]</sgdisplay>
Need more? <sgtable>


Kind: [wartype] 1,Grotesque
Kind: [grotype] 1,Landscape
Kind: [lantype] 1,Affliction
Kind: [afftype] 1,Brute
Kind: [brutype]


1,Slaver (impulse: to own and sell people) 1,Hive queen (impulse: to consume and swarm) 1,Prophet (impulse: to denounce and overthrow) 1,Dictator (impulse: to control) 1,Collector (impulse: to own) 1,Alpha wolf (impulse: to hunt and dominate)


1,Cannibal (impulse: craves satiety and plenty) 1,Mutant (impulse: craves restitution, recompense) 1,Pain addict (impulse: craves pain, its own or others’) 1,Disease vector (impulse: craves contact, intimate and/or anonymous) 1,Mindfucker (impulse: craves mastery) 1,Perversion of birth (impulse: craves overthrow, chaos, the ruination of all)


1,Prison (impulse: to contain, to deny egress) 1,Breeding pit (impulse: to generate badness) 1,Furnace (impulse: to consume things) 1,Mirage (impulse: to entice and betray people) 1,Maze (impulse: to trap, to frustrate passage) 1,Fortress (impulse: to deny access)


1,Disease (impulse: to saturate a population) 1,Condition (impulse: to expose people to danger) 1,Custom (impulse: to promote and justify violence) 1,Delusion (impulse: to dominate people’s choices and actions) 1,Sacrifice (impulse: to leave people bereft) 1,Barrier (impulse: to impoverish people)


1,Hunting pack (impulse: to victimize anyone vulnerable) 1,Sybarites (impulse: to consume someone’s resources) 1,Enforcers (impulse: to victimize anyone who stands out) 1,Cult (impulse: to victimize & incorporate people) 1,Mob (impulse: to riot, burn, kill scapegoats) 1,Family (impulse: to close ranks, protect their own)


1,Separate them. 1,Capture someone. 1,Put someone in a spot. 1,Trade harm for harm (as established). 1,Announce off-screen badness. 1,Announce future badness. 1,Inflict harm (as established). 1,Take away their stuff. 1,Make them buy. 1,Activate their stuff’s downside. 1,Tell them the possible consequences and ask. 1,Offer an opportunity, with or without a cost. 1,Turn their move back on them. 1,Make a threat move (from one of your fronts).


1,Outflank someone, corner someone, encircle someone. 1,Attack someone suddenly, directly, and very hard. 1,Attack someone cautiously, holding reserves. 1,Seize someone or something, for leverage or information. 1,Make a show of force. 1,Make a show of discipline. 1,Offer to negotiate. Demand concession or obedience. 1,Claim territory: move into it, blockade it, assault it. 1,Buy out someone’s allies. 1,Make a careful study of someone and attack where they’re weak.


1,Display the nature of the world it inhabits. 1,Display the contents of its heart. 1,Attack someone from behind or otherwise by stealth. 1,Attack someone face-on, but without threat or warning. 1,Insult, affront, offend or provoke someone. 1,Offer something to someone, or do something for someone, with strings attached. 1,Put it in someone’s path, part of someone’s day or life. 1,Threaten someone, directly or else by implication. 1,Steal something from someone. 1,Seize and hold someone. 1,Ruin something. Befoul, rot, desecrate, corrupt, adulter it.


1,Reveal something to someone. 1,Display something for all to see. 1,Hide something. 1,Bar the way. 1,Open the way. 1,Provide another way. 1,Shift, move, rearrange. 1,Offer a guide. 1,Present a guardian. 1,Disgorge something. 1,Take something away: lost, used up, destroyed.


1,Someone neglects duties, responsibilities, obligations. 1,Someone flies into a rage. 1,Someone takes self-destructive, fruitless, or hopeless action. 1,Someone approaches, seeking help. 1,Someone approaches, seeking comfort. 1,Someone withdraws and seeks isolation. 1,Someone proclaims the affliction to be a just punishment. 1,Someone proclaims the affliction to be, in fact, a blessing. 1,Someone refuses or fails to adapt to new circumstances. 1,Someone brings friends or loved ones along.


1,Burst out in uncoordinated, undirected violence. 1,Make a coordinated attack with a coherent objective. 1,Tell stories (truth, lies, allegories, homilies). 1,Demand consideration or indulgence. 1,Rigidly follow or defy authority. 1,Cling to or defy reason. 1,Make a show of solidarity and power. 1,Ask for help or for someone’s participation.