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Automations of just some of the amazing tables from Kevin Crawford's DEAD NAMES for Stars Without Number.

<sgdisplay iterations="1">LOST RACE
[lost race]



lost race

1,Madness: [madness]
Madness Intensity: [madness intensity]
Madness Motivation: [madness motivation]
Type: [lr type] Motif: [motif]
Body Format: [body format]
Name: [name]


1,Abstention 1,Anguish 1,Arete 1,Beauty 1,Connection 1,Construction 1,Conversion 1,Corruption 1,Deceit 1,Degradation 1,Disassembly 1,Escape 1,Esoterica 1,Exclusion 1,Forgetting 1,Hatred 1,Healing 1,Hunger 1,Inversion 1,Knowing 1,Luddism 1,Memorial 1,Nihilism 1,Pleasure 1,Protection 1,Reproduction 1,Rule 1,Sacrifice 1,Schism 1,Selfishness 1,Servitude 1,Shame 1,Stasis 1,Survival 1,Torment 1,Unity

madness intensity

1,Decaying 1,Fresh 1,Hidden 1,Maniacal 1,Reasoned 1,Ruinous 1,Strong 1,Tic 1,Triggered 1,Variable

madness motivation

1,Created 1,Defiance 1,Delusion 1,Historical 1,Ideological 1,Imputed 1,Intrinsic 1,Relict 1,Subsistence 1,Theological

lr type

Aberration: [aberration]
Purpose: [purpose]
Sojourn: [sojourn]


1,Accidental Outcomes 1,Creator's Children 1,Enforcers of Law 1,Experimental Subjects 1,Improved Shells 1,New Artificial Man 1,Servants of a Duty 1,Tools of War 1,Utopia's Slaves 1,Victims of Torment


1,Assimilationists 1,Body Reshaping 1,Environmental Reshapers 1,Hyperconnectivity 1,Identity Redefinition 1,Lovers of Stasis 1,Mental Reshaping 1,Reality Lawbreakers 1,Social Cancers 1,Temporal Anomalies


1,Ambassadorial Corps 1,Colony Settlement 1,Conquering Force 1,Exile Fragment 1,Gone Native 1,Prisoners of War 1,Resource Extractors 1,Scholarly Conclave 1,Spy Outpost 1,Waystation Keepers


1,Emotion 1,Entropy 1,Gravity 1,Energy 1,Mental process 1,Physical process 1,Reproduction 1,Tangibility 1,Temporality 1,Visibility


1,Strength 1,Agility 1,Symmetry 1,Color 1,Beast 1,Allure 1,Material 1,Allegiance 1,Elemental 1,Decay 1,Size 1,Unity

body format

1,Centauroid 1,+1d3 extra limb pairs 1,Tentacles 1,Wings 1,Absence of one or more limbs/extremities 1,Quadrupedal but can stand upright 1,Amorphous 1,Acephalous 1,Serpentine 1,Pincers 1,Large numbers of extra legs or arms 1,Finned or flippered 1,Snakelike 5,Humanoid


1,[syllable][syllable][syllable] 1,[syllable][syllable][syllable][syllable] 1,[syllable][syllable][syllable][syllable][syllable]


1,[c][v][v] 1,[v][v][c][v] 1,[v] 1,[v][c] 1,[v][v] 1,[c][c][v] 1,[v][c][v] 1,- 1, 1,[v][c][c] 1,[c][c][v][c] 1,[c] 1,[c][v] 1,[c][c] 1,[v][v][c] 1,[c][v][c]


1,a 1,e 1,i 1,o 1,u 1,y


1,b 1,c 1,d 1,f 1,g 1,h 1,j 1,k 1,l 1,m 1,n 1,p 1,q 1,r 1,s 1,t 1,v 1,w 1,x 1,y 1,z


1,Original Purpose: [site purpose]
Discovery: [discovery]
Hazard: [hazard]
Locations: [locations]

site purpose

1,Aesthetic 1,Communication 1,Domicile 1,Embassy 1,Extractor 1,Factory 1,Farm 1,Fortress 1,Laboratory 1,Palace 1,Pleasure 1,Prison 1,Refuge 1,School 1,Temple 1,Tomb 1,Transport 1,Vault 1,Watchpost 1,Xenoform


1, Aesthetic 1, Communication 1, Domicile 1, Embassy 1, Extractor 1, Factory 1, Farm 1, Fortress 1, Laboratory 1, Palace 1, Pleasure 1, Prison 1, Refuge 1, School 1, Temple 1, Tomb 1, Transport 1, Vault 1, Watchpost 1, Xenoform


1,Allure 1,Atmosphere 1,Automatons 1,Beasts 1,Crumbling 1,Hidden 1,Inaccessible 1,Nanites 1,OneWay 1,Plagued 1,Savages 1,Sealed 1,Submerged 1,Taboo 1,Temperature 1,Toxic 1,Traps 1,Treachery 1,Twisted 1,Vertical


1,[loc] 1,[loc], [loc] 1,[loc], [loc], [loc] 1,[loc], [loc], [loc], [loc] 1,[loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc] 1,[loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc] 1,[loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc] 1,[loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc] 1,[loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc] 1,[loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc], [loc]


1,Aestheticizing 1,Constructing 1,Consuming 1,Healing 1,Protecting 1,Recording 1,Reproducing 1,Resting 1,Socializing 1,Worshiping </sgtable>