Level 6 Monster

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A monster appropriate for level 6 of a dungeon, including source rulebook.

<sgdisplay iterations="5">

  • [monster]</sgdisplay>
    97,[result] 3,[result] AND [result]
    1,[Level 4 Monster.level4] 2,[Level 5 Monster.level5] 9,[level6]
    3,NPC Party 3,Hezrou demon (1d3) Monstrosities 3,Greater basilisk Tome of Horrors 3,Purple worm ACKS Monsters 3,Demon boar ACKS Monsters 1,Red Dragon ACKS Monsters 1,Black Dragon ACKS Monsters 1,Blue Dragon ACKS Monsters 3,Hydra (12 headed) ACKS Monsters 3,Lamia ACKS Monsters 3,Remorhaz ACKS Monsters 3,Gorgon ACKS Monsters 3,Skittering maw ACKS Monsters 3,Vampire ACKS Monsters 3,Bulette ACKS Monsters 3,Linnorm Monstrosities 3,Shambling mound Monstrosities 3,Tendriculos Monstrosities 3,Chimera ACKS Monsters 3,Bone Mound Monstrosities 3,Elemental (12HD) ACKS Monsters (roll 1d4 for element) 3,Stegocentipede Tome of Horrors 3,Charon Fiend (1d8) Monsters of Aihrde 3,Aru Demon (1d4) Monsters of Aihrde 3,Ulthal demon (1d4) Monsters of Aihrde 3,Copper golem (1) Monsters of Aihrde 3,Giant amoeba (1) Creature Catalog 3,Fyrsnaca (1d2) Creature Catalog 3,Death Demon (1d4) Creature Catalog 3,Dusanu (2d2) Creature Catalog 1,Ember dragon (1d4) Hamsterish Horde 1,Shade dragon (1d4) Hamsterish Horde 1,Dungeon dragon (1d4) Tome of Horrors 3,Dire Wolfwere (1d4) Tome of Horrors 3,Glabrezu demon (1d6) Monstrosities 3,Clay golem (1d2) Monstrosities 3,Khavorr demon (1d3) Monstrosities </sgtable>