Level 3 Monster

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A monster appropriate for level 3 of a dungeon, including source rulebook.

<sgdisplay iterations="5">

  • [monster]</sgdisplay>
    97,[result] 3,[result] AND [result]
    1,[Level 1 Monster.level1] 2,[level2] 6,[Level 3 Monster.level3] 2,[Level 4 Monster.level4] 1,[Level 5 Monster.level5]
    3,Dretch demon (1d8) Monstrosities 3,Heartbriar (1d2) Hamsterish Horde 3,Ogre (1d6) ACKS Monsters 3,Gorbel (1d20) Monstrous Compendium 3,Abyssal Larva (2d4) Tome of Horrors 3,Lizard, Draco (1d3) ACKS Monsters 3,Scorpion, Giant (1d6) ACKS Monsters 3,Wight (1d6) ACKS Monsters 3,Pearl ooze (1d3) Hamsterish Horde 3,Death Dog (2d4) Tome of Horrors 3,Whip jelly (1d6) Tome of Horrors 3,Smoke dragon (1) Tome of Horrors 3,Retch Hound (1d6) Tome of Horrors 3,Volt (1d10) Tome of Horrors 3,Walking Slime (1d6) Monstrosities 3,Exploding Bones (1d4+1) Monstrosities 3,Giant Earwig (male) (4d10) Monsters of Myth 3,Carcass Scavenger (1d3) ACKS Monsters 3,Gargoyle (1d6) ACKS Monsters 3,Dust Mephit (1) Monstrous Compendium 3,Ooze Mephit (1) Monstrous Compendium 3,Smoke Mephit (1) Monstrous Compendium 3,Ash Mephit (1) Monstrous Compendium 3,Living Statue, Jade (1) Creature Catalog 3,Magen, Demos (2d6) Creature Catalog 3,Caldron Magen (1d4) Creature Catalog 3,Aranea (1d3) Creature Catalog 3,Ash Crawler (1d6) Creature Catalog 3,Pocket Dragon (1) Creature Catalog 3,Lesser Haunt (1) Creature Catalog 3,Ibar (1d10) Monsters of Aihrde 3,Lesser Chimera (1d12) Monsters of Aihrde 3,NPC Party </sgtable>