Into the Odd Arcana

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portable Arcana, fabric materials

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[fabricarcanum]

portable Arcana, solid materials

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[solidarcanum]

Arcanum fixtures and furniture

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[largearcanum]

potion-like Arcana

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[potionarcanum]



1,The power of this [fabricappearance] is that [youcan]


1,This [solidappearance] has the power that [youcan]


1,Thanks to the power of this [largeappearance], [youcan]


1,With a vial of this [potionappearance], [youcan]


1,you choose a time limit, and then immediately turn into mist for exactly that long. You have no senses and are unaware of the passage of time while in mist form. 1,you are permanently floating 5ft off the ground. You must push off something in order to move. 1,you can jump 10ft in the air, without a running start. 1,a putrid stench constantly surrounds you: creatures within 15ft vomit copiously unless they make a STR save. 1,you can create a 10ft section of crystal wall. Up to 4 sections can exist at a time: the oldest one will vanish when another is created. 1,you can become a [largetype] statue until you decide to change back. You have Armour 3, are completely immobile, and can hear but not see. 1,you can charge yourself with electricity, dealing d10 Damage to the next person who touches you. 1,you can see inside sealed containers (chests, barrels, etc) with X-ray vision. 1,you become invisible as long as you are standing in a shadow. 1,you cannot make any sound, even on purpose. 1,you can breathe underwater indefinitely. This power doesn't protect items from water damage. 1,you randomly teleport by 10ft every time you take Damage. 1,you can reflect rays/beams back upon themselves by passing a WIL save. 1,a plant you touch can speak, until the power is next used. Flowers are gossipy, trees are wise. 1,you have turned into living ice. You have Armour 1, and deal d6 Damage while unarmed. Fire attacks on you are enhanced, cold attacks are impaired. 1,you can change a 10ft area from rock to sand, or vice-versa. Lasts until the power is next used. 1,a piece of text you indicate becomes scrambled gibberish until you decide to return it to normal. 1,you can eat stone (excreting sand), but can no longer eat normal food. Some types of stone are stodgy, (un)healthy, sweet, savoury, etc. 1,you can convert metal into a random type of fungal matter. Roll 1d8: (1) Burns warmly like firewood, long-lasting greenish flame. (2) Nutritious and tasty! Makes a good meal all by itself. (3) When touched, phosphoresces brightly for a few minutes. (4) Explodes into a 10ft butt of spores when struck hard (lose d6 DEX). (5) If disturbed, collapses into 10ft puddle of slime (DEX save or fall over). (6) Mushroom cap fires off like a rocket (d12 Damage) when lit. (7) Vile medicinal taste, cures d6 STR loss. (8) Far out! Everything looks so cosmic now. (lasts d6 hours) 1,you can cast an indigo ray at a creature, causing its STR/WIL scores to switch. A DEX save dodges the ray. 1,you can touch an apple to make it become golden and shiny; when eaten, the apple heals 1 STR loss. The apple lasts until consumed or until the power is next used. 1,objects you touch become [potioncolour]. This effect lasts until another item is touched. 1,objects you touch turn to [largetype]. This effect lasts until another item is touched. 1,you can grab a fistful of sand and make it become a dagger. Daggers created this way revert to sand if they are ever more than 20ft from you. 1,you can turn a gold object into straw with a touch. The transformation lasts until the power is next used, or until you decide to release it. 1,iron objects within 5ft of you rust at an extremely rapid pace. 1,a target creature's body becomes strongly magnetic, until the power is next used. 1,a target creature experiences reverse gravity, until the power is next used. 1,you can animate a weapon: it attacks a creature indicated by you by itself until the power is next used. You have no control over the weapon once a target is chosen. 1,you can create a 20ft area of [potioncolour] mist that panics anyone caught in it unless they pass a WIL save. 1,you can project [potioncolour] lightning bolts, dealing d8 Damage that ignores metal Armours. 1,a creature you specify catches fire if it tells a lie, taking d6 Damage. The effect lasts 1 hour or until the power is next used. 1,you can spontaneously create d6 flesh-eating maggots, which attack the nearest living creature. Each has STR 1, DEX 10, WIS 1, 1HP, and attacks for 1 Damage. 1,a ghastly siren noise causes d6 Damage to everything in a 30ft radius, except you. It is sure to attract attention. 1,a violent gust of wind knocks over a target you specify, unless it passes a DEX save to keep its balance. 1,d6 icicles launch in random directions from you, each dealing d6 Damage. 1,an object touched by you causes anyone who subsequently touches it to fall asleep unless they pass a WIL save. 1,you can create a boulder nearby, which lasts until the power's next use. The boulder causes d12 damage if dropped on someone's head. 1,you can create a small [potioncolour] butt just above head level. Each butt created acts randomly on your turn. Roll a d8: (1) Dissipate (2) Drift in a random direction (3) Drift over a nearby creature (4) Start raining (5) Start snowing (6) Start hailing, causing d4 Damage (7) Stop precipitation (8) Start thundering: the next time anyone is underneath, they take d8 Damage and thundering ends. 1,you can turn into a spider until you decide to change back. You have STR 5 and DEX 14, but keep the same WIL. Your bite deals 1 Damage, and on Critical Damage your poison drains d6 DEX. 1,a [potioncolour] beam afflicts a target creature with violent explosive vomiting and diarrhoea. A STR save resists the beam, and the victim can make STR saves on subsequent turns to break the effect. 1,any book you touch comes to life. Animated books can fly by flapping their pages. They are all quite rebellious towards you and deliberately try to annoy you. Each has STR 5, DEX 10, WIS 13, 1 HP, and attacks for d4 Damage. 1,a [potioncolour] aura surrounds an object you specify. The object becomes irresistible to all who see it unless they pass a WIL save; those affected strive anxiously to reach the object with every means at their disposal. The effect ends when the object is touched. 1,you can enchant an empty book with a touch. Anything written in such a book appears in every other. 1,a random object is automatically created every hour, whether you want it or not. Roll 1d8: (1) Cowbell. Will probably make a racket when it appears. (2) d6 tissue-paper flowers. (3) A human skull. (4) A steel can full of ball-bearings. (5) A 10ft piece of string. (6) A small pot of [potioncolour] paint. (7) A flask of blood. (8) A delicious fruit pie. 1,an aura of temporal distortion allows you to take a double turn at the cost of losing 1 WIL each time. 1,you can create a 5ft-wide pillar of ice, up to 50ft tall. It lasts until the power is next used. 1,if you touch a creature with your eyes closed, you can thereafter see through its eyes. The effect ends if you open your eyes again. Your other senses continue working normally. 1,a door you touch redirects to lead to a different door nearby. The effect remains until the power's next use. 1,you can walk on water as long as you keep your balance. If rushed or threatened, you must make a DEX save or else fall in. 1,a creature you specify begins dancing a jig uncontrollably unless it passes a WIL save. The creature can make a WIL save to break free each turn. 1,you can store or retrieve a single item in your own shadow. 1,an iron or steel item can be levitated and manipulated remotely by you. The item remains under your control until you next use this power. 1,you can claim that recent events were in fact a prescient vision. Rewind time to when you entered the current room and proceed, with the warnings from your vision. You can only use this power once per room.


1,[fabrictype] [fabricshape]


1,[solidtype] [solidshape]


1,[largetype] [largeshape]


1,[potioncolour] [potionstyle] liquid


1,moth-eaten 1,gauzy 1,cotton 1,linen 1,woollen 1,tapestried 1,colourful 1,ripped 1,stained 1,silken 1,scaly 1,padded 1,jewelled 1,gilt-edged 1,tasselled 1,sparkling 1,leather 1,furred 1,cloth-of-gold 1,flowing metal 1,brocade 1,embroidered 1,hand-woven 1,plated


1,blanket 1,veil 1,vest 1,waistcoat 1,kilt 1,pair of stockings 1,tunic 1,toga 1,shirt 1,pair of trousers 1,pair of gloves 1,cap 1,handkerchief 1,pair of slippers 1,ribbon 1,overcoat 1,cloak 1,belt 1,robe 1,jacket 1,neckerchief 1,scarf 1,parasol 1,pouch 1,mantle 1,toy animal


1,spiked 1,fluted 1,hexagonal 1,iron 1,brazen 1,silver 1,golden 1,platinum 1,carved 1,organically grown 1,star-metal 1,non-euclidean 1,jade 1,filigreed 1,ironbark 1,rosewood 1,blackwood 1,stone 1,striated crystal 1,shell-carved 1,rowanwood 1,glass 1,porcelain 1,mirrored 1,mother-of-pearl 1,onyx 1,sapphire 1,emerald 1,diamond


1,ring 1,armlet 1,necklace 1,brooch 1,rod 1,pair of boots 1,shield 1,orb 1,bangle 1,dish 1,key 1,ocarina 1,censer 1,chain 1,box 1,pen 1,helmet 1,torc 1,hammer 1,mask


1,rowanwood 1,oaken 1,birchwood 1,mahogany 1,ivory 1,granite 1,sandstone 1,marble 1,green glass 1,clear glass 1,bone-carved 1,terracotta 1,dark crystal 1,bright crystal 1,iron 1,carved 1,organically grown 1,star-metal 1,non-euclidean 1,jade 1,filigreed 1,rosewood 1,blackwood 1,brazen 1,silver 1,golden 1,platinum 1,glowing metal


1,door 1,cabinet 1,bathing-pool 1,anvil 1,lampstand 1,wall mirror 1,huge vase 1,font 1,lectern 1,gazebo 1,chandelier 1,large clock 1,obelisk 1,sarcophagus 1,statue 1,dais 1,table 1,gate 1,altar 1,throne


1,white 1,blood-red 1,salmon 1,light yellow 1,leaf-green 1,chocolatey brown 1,sky-blue 1,royal purple 1,mint-green 1,wine-red 1,black 1,storm-grey 1,pale violet 1,sea-green 1,peach-coloured 1,regal blue 1,fruity orange 1,golden-yellow 1,beige 1,rainbow-hued 1,[Color.huesCap]


1,translucent 1,sludgy 1,oily 1,bubbly 1,fizzy 1,shimmering 1,gritty 1,creamy 1,glutinous 1,sticky 1,foaming 1,metallic 1,scummy 1,flecked 1,smoky 1,cloudy 1,slimy 1,luminous 1,pulsing 1,glittering