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A Dozen Inscriptions



10,[Advice] 5,[Abs_Noun]’s [Abs_Noun] 5,[Def_Noun] of [Abs_Noun] 5,[Def_Noun][Suf_Neg] 5,[Secret Society Title.TitleDescriptor] [Abs_Noun] 3,[Abs_Noun] of [Creatures] 3,[Secret Society Title.Title] of [Abs_Noun] 3,[Secret Society Title.Title] of [Def_Noun]s 3,[Secret Society Title.TitleDescriptor] [Def_Noun] 1,[Abs_Noun] 1,[Abs_Noun_Neg][Suf_Neg] 1,[Abs_Noun_Neg][Suf_Pos] 1,[Abs_Noun_Pos][Suf_Neg] 1,[Abs_Noun_Pos][Suf_Pos] 1,[Def_Noun]


1,the [Def_Noun] 1,Ten [Def_Noun]s 1,a Hundred [Def_Noun]s 1,a Thousand [Def_Noun]s


2,[Abs_Noun_Pos] 1,[Abs_Noun_Neg]


10,Might 10,Power 5,Battle 5,Beauty 5,Bravery 5,Clarity 5,Control 5,Courage 5,Destiny 5,Determination 5,Eternity 5,Faith 5,Fate 5,Fire 5,Focus 5,Fortune 5,Glory 5,Grace 5,Health 5,Heritage 5,Honor 5,Independence 5,Invulnerability 5,Justice 5,Knowledge 5,Labor 5,Leadership 5,Legend 5,Life 5,Light 5,Lightning 5,Loyalty 5,Luck 5,Magic 5,Order 5,Patience 5,Peace 5,Pleasure 5,Prestige 5,Prosperity 5,Protection 5,Prowess 5,Purpose 5,Reason 5,Redemption 5,Resistance 5,Respect 5,Riches 5,Sacrifice 5,Salvation 5,Soul 5,Spirit 5,Steadfastness 5,Stealth 5,Storm 5,Strength 5,Success 5,Survival 5,Thunder 5,Treasure 5,Truth 5,Unity 5,Valor 5,Victory 5,Vigor 5,Virtue 5,Vision 5,Wealth 5,Willpower 5,Wisdom 3,Balance 3,Dream 3,Endurance 3,Law 2,Brilliance 2,Cunning 2,Dawn 2,Dignity 2,Judgment 2,Splendor 2,Wind


3,Death 2,Agony 2,Anger 2,Annihilation 2,Blood 2,Bloodshed 2,Carnage 2,Chaos 2,Darkness 2,Despair 2,Destruction 2,Devastation 2,Disaster 2,Discord 2,Dishonor 2,Doom 2,Dread 2,Evil 2,Fear 2,Fire 2,Greed 2,Hatred 2,Night 2,Pain 2,Pestilence 2,Pride 2,Rage 2,Revenge 2,Ruin 2,Shadow 2,Sin 2,Slaughter 2,Suffering 2,Temptation 2,Terror 2,Thunder 2,Vengeance 2,War 1,Avarice 1,Frost 1,Fury 1,Lust 1,Murder 1,Plague 1,Torture 1,Winter 1,Wrath


8,Dragon 6,Foe 4,Fox 4,Hydra 4,Lion 4,Wolf 3,Bear 3,Beast 3,Demon 3,Devil 3,Eagle 3,Fiend 3,Ghost 3,Hunter 3,Jackal 3,Scorpion 3,Serpent 3,Stag 3,Stalker 2,Archon 2,Basilisk 2,Bull 2,Claw 2,Constrictor 2,Falcon 2,Hawk 2,Hound 2,Juggernaut 2,Knight 2,Mantis 2,Panther 2,Phoenix 2,Ram 2,Raven 2,Seeker 2,Shark 2,Skull 2,Tiger 2,Vampire 2,Viper 2,Warlord 2,Warrior 2,Wasp 2,Wyrm 1,Adder 1,Angel 1,Army 1,Asp 1,Avenger 1,Badger 1,Banshee 1,Bastion 1,Bat 1,Boar 1,Brawler 1,Buckler 1,Centaur 1,Chalice 1,Chameleon 1,Child 1,Chimera 1,Cockatrice 1,Condor 1,Crocodile 1,Crow 1,Crown 1,Crusher 1,Death 1,Dog 1,Drake 1,Eel 1,Eye 1,Fang 1,Felldrake 1,Ferret 1,Feyfolk 1,Fortress 1,Fury 1,Giant 1,Goblin 1,Griffon 1,Gryphon 1,Hammer 1,Hand 1,Harpy 1,Harrier 1,Helmet 1,Horn 1,Hornet 1,Hyena 1,Infiltrator 1,Jaguar 1,King 1,Knave 1,Knife 1,Kobold 1,Kraken 1,Lamprey 1,Leopard 1,Leviathan 1,Lizard 1,Locust 1,Manticore 1,Mastiff 1,Minotaur 1,Monkey 1,Ogre 1,Osprey 1,Owl 1,Owlbear 1,Phantom 1,Prince 1,Python 1,Raider 1,Ravager 1,Reaper 1,Reaver 1,Rhino 1,Rogue 1,Rook 1,Scarab 1,Scythe 1,Shadow 1,Shield 1,Siren 1,Snake 1,Sphinx 1,Spider 1,Stallion 1,Stirge 1,Stone 1,Storm 1,Stronghold 1,Talon 1,Titan 1,Troll 1,Vulture 1,Werewolf 1,Whirlwind 1,Wolfhound 1,Wolverine 1,Woman 1,Wraith 1,Wyvern


2,[Adj_Pos] 1,[Adj_Neut]


2,[Adj_Neg] 1,[Adj_Neut]


2,Almighty 2,Blessed 2,Chosen 2,Enlightened 2,Exalted 2,Fearless 2,Fierce 2,Glorious 2,Great 2,Hallowed 2,Illuminated 2,Illustrious 2,Loyal 2,Matchless 2,Mighty 2,Radiant 1,Admirable 1,Ancient 1,Anointed 1,Ascendant 1,Avenging 1,Beatific 1,Beautiful 1,Best 1,Bright 1,Brilliant 1,Calm 1,Celestial 1,Courageous 1,Cunning 1,Dauntless 1,Dedicated 1,Determined 1,Devoted 1,Enchanted 1,Essential 1,Esteemed 1,Eternal 1,Excellent 1,Extraordinary 1,Faithful 1,Favored 1,Flawless 1,Fortunate 1,Golden 1,Grand 1,Heavenly 1,Holy 1,Honored 1,Honourable 1,Humble 1,Immortal 1,Incomparable 1,Inestimable 1,Just 1,Learned 1,Legendary 1,Majestic 1,Mighty 1,Noble 1,Omnipotent 1,Peaceful 1,Penitent 1,Perfect 1,Pious 1,Profound 1,Pure 1,Radiant 1,Relentless 1,Resplendent 1,Revered 1,Royal 1,Sacred 1,Serene 1,Shining 1,Silver 1,Steadfast 1,Swift 1,Tenacious


10,Black 8,Iron 8,Grey 7,Red 7,Invisible 7,Green 6,White 6,Blue 3,Wild 3,Steel 3,Sleeping 3,Silent 3,Phantom 2,Scarlet 2,Ebony 2,Brazen 1,Ancient 1,Arcane 1,Astral 1,Awakened 1,Azure 1,Bearded 1,Bone 1,Ceaseless 1,Changing 1,Constant 1,Copper 1,Crimson 1,Divided 1,Divine 1,Dormant 1,Elder 1,Eldritch 1,Elemental 1,Emerald 1,Emerald 1,Endless 1,Epic 1,Eternal 1,Ethereal 1,Fifth 1,Final 1,Final 1,First 1,Fourth 1,Fundamental 1,Hidden 1,Imperial 1,Inner 1,Inscrutable 1,Ivory 1,Last 1,Legitimate 1,Lonely 1,Lost 1,Misty 1,Mysterious 1,Mystic 1,Naked 1,New 1,Obscure 1,Outer 1,Pale 1,Penultimate 1,Platinum 1,Primary 1,Prime 1,Primeval 1,Prophetic 1,Proud 1,Recognized 1,Red 1,Relentless 1,Renowned 1,Royal 1,Ruby 1,Sapphire 1,Second 1,Seventh 1,Sixth 1,Stone 1,Sublime 1,Third 1,Wandering


8,Bloody 8,Dark 8,Fiery 8,Night 7,Shadow 5,Blind 3,Warlike 2,Raging 2,Screaming 2,Venomous 1,Abyssal 1,Barren 1,Bitter 1,Blind 1,Burning 1,Chthonic 1,Concealed 1,Conquering 1,Corrupted 1,Crazy 1,Creeping 1,Cryptic 1,Cursed 1,Dark 1,Desolate 1,Destroying 1,Faithless 1,Fallen 1,Fiery 1,Foolish 1,Forbidden 1,Forgotten 1,Frenzied 1,Furious 1,Hidden 1,Horned 1,Infernal 1,Profane 1,Proud 1,Reaping 1,Secret 1,Serpentine 1,Stupid 1,Stygian 1,Unholy 1,Untamed 1,Useless 1,Weak 1,Withered


20,-Bringer 2,-Dancer 3,-Maker 3,-Singer 2,-Spreader 3,-Forger 1, Speaker 1,’s Avenger 2,’s Essence 2,’s Herald 1,’s Servant 2,’s Spirit 1,’s Voice


1,-Destroyer 1,-Hunter 1,-Killer 1,-Ravager 3,-Slayer 1,-Stalker 2, Blight 1, Breaker 2, Cleaver 1, Crusher 1, Master 3, Piercer 1, Reaper 2, Reaver 3, Slayer 1, Stealer 1, Taker 1, Ward 1,’s Curse 1,’s Dark Curse 1,’s Eternal Curse 1,’s Eternal Wrath 1,’s Harbinger 1,’s Revenge 1,’s Vengeance 1,’s Wrath


15,[Abs_Noun] Is the [Relationship] [Abs_Noun] 5,[Abs_Noun] Comes From [Abs_Noun], Not From [Abs_Noun] 5,[Abs_Noun] Is Worth More Than [Abs_Noun] 5,[Abs_Noun_Pos] Comes to He Who Has the [Abs_Noun_Pos] of the [Adj_Pos_Neut] [Def_Noun] 5,[Guard_Word] Against the [Adj_Neg_Neut] [Def_Noun] 5,[Guard_Word] Ye Well This [Adj_Pos_Neut] [Abs_Noun_Pos] 5,[Onlyword] [Abs_Noun] [Impt_Vb] 5,[Onlyword] the [Adj_Pos] [Vb_Effect] 5,[Trust_Word] the [Adj_Pos_Neut] [Def_Noun] for [Abs_Noun_Pos] 5,[Vb_2nd_Pers1] [Vb_2nd_Pers2] the [Abs_Noun], Lest It [Effect] 5,Beware the [Adj_Neg_Neut] [Def_Noun] 5,He Who [Vb_3rd_Pers] [Abs_Noun] Also [Vb_3rd_Pers] [Abs_Noun] 5,He Who [Vb_3rd_Pers] [Abs_Noun] Is as [Adj_Pos] as the [Def_Noun] 3,[Abs_Noun_Neg] Only Begets [Abs_Noun_Neg] 3,[Abs_Noun_Pos] Precedes [Abs_Noun_Pos] 3,[Abs_Noun_Pos] Will Overcome [Abs_Noun_Neg] 3,Only Through [Abs_Noun_Pos] Can [Abs_Noun_Pos] Be Achieved 3,the [Essence_Word] [Abs_Noun] Is [Abs_Noun] 3,Those Who Seek [Abs_Noun_Pos] Are Doomed to [Abs_Noun_Neg] 3,Trust in the [Adj_Pos_Neut] [Def_Noun] and [Abs_Noun_Pos] Shall Be Yours 3,When Faced With [Abs_Noun_Neg] or [Abs_Noun_Neg], Choose [Abs_Noun_Pos] 3,Who Can Have [Abs_Noun_Pos] When Confronted With [Abs_Noun_Neg]? 3,Without [Abs_Noun_Pos] There Can Be No [Abs_Noun_Pos] 2,[Abs_Noun_Neg] Can Never Break My [Abs_Noun_Pos] 2,the [Time_Period] of [Abs_Noun] Is [Time_Prox] 2,Trust in the [Abs_Noun] of the [Adj_Pos_Neut] [Def_Noun] and [Abs_Noun_Pos] Shall Be Yours 1,[Abs_Noun_Pos] Can Only Be Gained by [Abs_Noun] 1,[Desire_Word] [Fantasy Male Military Hero.HumanRacialEnemies] Blood!


1,Child of 1,Companion of 1,Daughter of 1,Embodiment of 1,Father of 1,Harbinger of 1,Herald of 1,Master of 1,Mother of 1,Noblest Reason for 1,Price of 1,Purest Form of 1,Reward of 1,Root of all 1,Slave of 1,Son of 1,True Source of 1,Wages of


1,Attains 1,Becomes one with 1,Comprehends 1,Conquers 1,Controls 1,Emulates 1,Fights against 1,Learns 1,Masters 1,Resists 1,Seeks after 1,Understands


1,Aspire to 1,Attempt to 1,Endeavor to 1,It is time to 1,Learn to 1,Look to 1,Seek to 1,Strive to 1,Try to 2,You must


1,Attain 1,Bridle 1,Command 1,Comprehend 1,Constrain 1,Control 1,Dominate 1,Expand 1,Give in to 1,Govern 1,Master 1,Restrain 1,Surrender to 1,Tame 1,Unleash 1,Yield to


10,Survive 2,Can Withstand My [Abs_Noun] 2,Shall Live 2,Shall Prosper 1,Endure 1,Will Inherit the Earth


1,Become your Master 1,Become your downfall 1,Find you unprepared 1,Lead to [Abs_Noun_Neg] 1,Rule over you 1,Take from you that which you hold most dear


3,Age 2,Rise 2,Time 1,Dawn 1,Day 1,Epoch 1,Era


5,I Thirst for 3,I Desire 3,I Need 2,I Want 1,Bathe me in 1,Forged in 1,I Covet 1,I Long for 1,Quench me in 1,Thirsty for


8,Guard 4,Ward 3,Protect 2,Defend 1,Safeguard


6,Look to 5,Trust in 4,Rely upon 3,Believe in 2,Confide in 1,Depend on 1,Lean towards


4,Nigh 2,Beginning 2,Dawning 2,Ended 2,Near 2,Over 2,Past 2,Rising 1,Starting 1,Upon us


5,Essence of 3,Key to 2,Basis of 2,Secret to 1,Soul of 1,Source of


5,Matters 1,Can Save You 1,Can Stop Me Now 1,Is Important


5,Only 1,Nothing but


4,[GheronUtility.HumanLanguagesWritten] 1,[GheronUtility.NonHumanLanguagesWritten]



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