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'''Suggested Rewards Per Party / Dungeon Level'''<br>
'''Suggested Rewards Per Dungeon Level'''<br>
1 / 1 - 700gp, 5% one magic item<br>
1 - 500gp, 5% 2 magic items<br>
2-3 / 2- 1,500gp, 7% one magic item<br>
2 - 1,500gp, 15% 2 magic items<br>
4-5 / 3- 3,250gp, 20% one magic item<br>
3 - 2,500gp, 25% 3 magic items<br>
6-7 / 4- 6,000gp, 75% 1 sword, weapon or armor; 75% 1 potion; 30% any 1<br>
4 - 5,000gp, 40% 3 magic items<br>
8-9 / 5- 12,000gp, 75% 1 sword, weapon or armor; 75% 2 potions; 50% any 2<br>
5 - 9,000gp, 50% 4 magic items<br>
10+ / 6- 45,000gp, 2d4 potions; 2d4 scrolls; 75% 1d3 of each category (swords, armor, miscellaneous weapon, wand/staff/rod, miscellaneous item, ring)<br><br><br>
6 - 20,000gp, 50% 6 magic items<br><br>
{{Cols|2|<ul><sgdisplay iterations="10"><li>[value] [item] contained in {{ia|[container]}} which is [hidden].</sgdisplay></ul>}}
{{Cols|2|<ul><sgdisplay iterations="10"><li>[value] [item] contained in {{ia|[container]}} which is [hidden].</sgdisplay></ul>}}

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Suggested Rewards Per Dungeon Level
1 - 500gp, 5% 2 magic items
2 - 1,500gp, 15% 2 magic items
3 - 2,500gp, 25% 3 magic items
4 - 5,000gp, 40% 3 magic items
5 - 9,000gp, 50% 4 magic items
6 - 20,000gp, 50% 6 magic items



1,hidden magically (invisible) 1,hidden magically (illusion) 3,hidden 1,magically locked 1,poisoned 1,trapped


1,bag 1,box 1,small chest 1,medium chest 1,large chest 1,coffer 1,jar 1,trunk 1,urn




1, 9,[ones] 15,[ones][ones] 9,[ones][ones][ones] 1,[ones][ones][ones][ones]


1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9


10,[armor] 10,[art] depicting [subject] 10,[furnishing] 10,[gems] 10,in [goods] 10,[ones] volumes of a book on [book] 10,[shape] [blade material] [meleeweapon] 10,[skin] [clothing] 10,bejeweled [bejeweled] set with [gems] 10,in gold coins 4,[egg] egg 1,[armor] that [magic] 1,[shape] [blade material] [meleeweapon] that [magic]


1,dragonnel 1,giant eel 1,griffon 1,hippogriff 1,pegasus 1,roc 1,wyvern


1,Bone carving 1,Drawing 1,Glasswork 1,Metal sculpture 1,Painting 1,Pottery 1,Stone sculpture 1,Tapestry 1,Woodwork


1,abstraction 1,a monster or monsters 1,a humanoid or humanoids 2,a natural subject 1,a supernatural subject 3,a local subject 3,a historical subject 5,a religious subject 2,a noble subject 1,a royal subject


1,Aiguillette 1,Anklet 1,Ankle chain 1,Armband 1,Bangles 1,Belt 1,Body piercing 1,Button 1,Small box 1,Bracelet 1,Brooch 1,Buckle 1,Chain 1,Chalice 1,Chatelaine 1,Choker 1,Circlet 1,Clasp 1,Collar 1,Coffer 1,Comb 1,Coronet 1,Crown 1,Cuff link 1,Decanter 1,Diadem 1,Earring 1,Egg 1,Fob 1,Goblet 1,Headband 1,Idol 1,Icon 1,Lapel pin 1,Locket 1,Mask 1,Medal 1,Medallion 1,Navel jewel 1,Neck chain 1,Necklace 1,Nose ring 1,Pendant 1,Pin 1,Prayer beads 1,Puzzle 1,Orb 1,Ring 1,Scepter 1,Seal 1,Statuette 1,Tiara 1,Torc 1,Toe ring 1,Utensils 1,Ornamental disc 1,[meleeweapon] 1,[armor] 1,Tool 1,Chest


1, (takes up [ones] equipment slots)


1,exotic coffee 1,exotic fruit 1,fine leather[es] 1,fine silk[es] 1,gold bars[es] 1,ivory[es] 1,rare medicine 1,rare perfumes 1,rare wood[es] 1,laboratory equipment[es] 1,magical components


1,altar 1,armchair 1,armoire 1,bed 1,bench 1,blanket 1,chandelier 1,brazier 1,carpet 1,buffet 1,bunks 1,cabinet 1,candelabrum 1,chair 1,chest of drawers 1,wardrobe 1,couch 1,cushion 1,dais 1,desk 1,fountain 1,fresco 1,idol 1,loom 1,mattress 1,pedestal 1,pillow 1,quilt 1,rug 1,shrine 1,sofa 1,stool 1,table 1,throne 1,bathtub 1,work bench


1,an autobiography 1,a biography 1,poetry 1,flora 1,history 1,travel 1,law 1,epic stories 1,religious scripture 1,philosophy 1,magic 1,alchemy 1,fauna 1,art 1,music 1,languages 1,legends and folklore 1,politics 1,geneology 1,astrology 1,numerology 1,divination 1,heraldry 1,sigils and signs 1,dimensions and planes


1,aurumvorax fur 1,bear fur 1,beaver fur 1,bobcat fur 1,bunyip fur 1,cheetah fur 1,chinchilla fur 1,cougar fur 1,ermine fur 1,fox fur 1,jaguar fur 1,giraffe fur 1,lamb fur 1,leopard fur 1,lion fur 1,lynx fur 1,mink fur 1,muskrat fur 1,ocelot fur 1,otter fur 1,owlbear fur 1,panther fur 1,seal fur 1,snow leopard fur 1,tiger fur 1,winter wolf fur 1,wolf fur 1,wolverine fur 1,zebra fur 1,behemoth skin 1,blink dog skin 1,dragon skin 1,phase panther skin 1,gorgon skin 1,hippo skin 1,snake skin 1,crocodile skin 1,giant lizard skin 1,dinosaur skin


1,apron 1,belt 1,blouse 1,boots 1,cap 1,cape 1,cloak 1,coat 1,doublet 1,dress 1,frock 1,gauntlets 1,girdle 1,gloves 1,gown 1,hat 1,habit 1,hood 1,jerkin 1,leggings 1,mantle 1,pants 1,petticoat 1,purse 1,robe 1,sandals 1,scarf 1,shawl 1,slipers 1,toga 1,trousers 1,tunic 1,veil 1,wallet


1,azurite 1,banded agate 1,blue quartz 1,ivory 1,eye agate 1,hematite 1,lapis lazuli 1,malachite 1,moss agate 1,obsidian 1,pyrite 1,tiger eye 1,turquoise 1,mother of pearl 1,bloodstone 1,citrine 1,jasper 1,moonstone 1,onyx 1,crystal 1,quartz 1,amber 1,alexandrite 1,amethyst 1,coral 1,garnet 1,jade 1,jet 1,pearl 1,aquamarine 1,peridot 1,topaz 1,opal 1,emerald 1,sapphire 1,ruby 1,diamond 1,jacinth

blade material

45,steel 5,crystal 5,bronze 5,glass 5,obsidian 5,ceramic 5,bone 1,[special material]


1,straight 1,curved 1,wavy 1,notched 1,spiky 1,sawtoothed 1,jagged

special material

1,nebulium 1,coronium 1,selenium 1,adamant 1,cold iron 1,alchemical silver 1,star metal 1,orichalcum 1,solid [gems] 1,damascus steel


1,spear 1,sword 1,handaxe 1,battleaxe 1,greatsword 1,greataxe 1,mace 1,flail 1,lance 1,dagger 1,quarterstaff


1,hums 1,whistles 1,glows [color] 1,drips [drips] 1,chuckles 1,is surrounded by [surrounded] 1,whispers 1,is runed 1,shines 1,is always polished 1,is always bloody 1,is weightless 1,throws off sparks


1,white 1,gold 1,silver 1,green 1,blue 1,red 1,purple 1,rose


1,ichor 1,sap 1,blood 1,tears 1,fire 1,poison 1,water 1,wax


1,motes 1,dust 1,wind 1,steam 1,smoke 1,leaves


1,[blade material] heavy armor 1,[skin] light armor 1,[blade material] medium armor