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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,A powerful clairvoyant, witness to atrocities, dying from insomnia. 1,The reanimated clockwork body of a long-dead Atlantean science wizard. 1,A wandering ghoul, its fang-filled maw uttering ancient curses. 1,A floating, disembodied head, jealous of the living, seeking a new body. 1,A scholar of forbidden mathematics, poised to pen the final strokes of a dire equation. 1,The ghost of a soldier, felled before he could complete his secret mission. 1,The return of the beautiful and cruel true ancestors of man, prepared to accept thrones and honor. 1,An experienced paranormal agent, grim from all he has seen and done, seeking an end. 1,The offspring of god and demon, furious in his strength, uncertain of the path he should tread. 1,The transformation of a great sea into a raging fire which surrounds a citadel not of this world. 1,A willful and lovely angel fallen to earth, speaking of war. 1,The forgotten cisterns beneath a holy city, echoing with whispered rituals. 1,The burial vaults of alien travelers whose prehistoric mission may yet reach its fruition. 1,A celestial alignment presaging a return to savagery. 1,A rend in the fabric of reality, emitting dark and precious energies. 1,The daughter of a great sorcerer, nearing the consummation of her betrothal to a terrible entity. 1,A cadre of battle-hardened mercenaries, in the employ of forces they do not understand. 1,The diadem of the last Atlantean warlord, discovered by a mortal who is ignorant of its true purpose. 1,A demon of black smoke, newly unbound, craving the memories of others for its sustenance. 1,A decaying reel of black and white film, revealing the truth of what lies beyond death. 1,Three .45 caliber bullets, cast from the nails of the One True Cross. 1,A squat stone temple in a remote mountain pass, home to an apocalyptic order. 1,The dank basement storeroom of an alehouse, the place where the Devil fell to Earth. 1,A dark, primeval forest, from which issue unnatural murders of crows. 1,The dusty stacks of a University library, holding strange texts in forgotten tongues. 1,A clearing in the deepest rainforest, home to a tribe practicing unwholesome traditions. 1,The horn-tip of a demon, said to point the way to its mummified body. 1,A professor of linguistics, struck dumb by the alien runes he has inscribed. 1,A convocation of celestial entities, disguised as a mundane family reunion. 1,The reborn avatar of flames, enraptured by the vast energies at her command. 1,A series of unnatural killings, targeting the faithful. 1,A warehouse of strange jars and crates, recently burgled, its lock sheared away. 1,A rookie police detective, suspended for investigating the affairs of an important local official. 1,A tattooed mystic, adept of a secret order, traveling ahead of an approaching doom. 1,The frail human servant of the outer gods. 1,A foul lagoon, home to a tentacled thing of infinite appetites. 1,The last of her family line, destined to finally accomplish the revenge due an ancient evil. 1,A security professional, assigned to protect an initiate wizard during her journey to her new master. 1,A holy weapon, secured against the return of the fell godling it once dispatched. 1,The executive director of the agency, more concerned with budgets and politics than the mission. </sgtable>