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E<sgdisplay iterations="1">[E1]</sgdisplay><sgdisplay iterations="1">[E2]</sgdisplay><sgdisplay iterations="1">[E3]</sgdisplay><sgdisplay iterations="1">[E4]</sgdisplay><sgdisplay iterations="1">[E5]</sgdisplay>



1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A Piotr Michalowski landscape painting in a gilt frame, stolen from a private collection. 1,A valise containing German intelligence intercepts concerning the Russian army’s plan to stop their offensive at the Vistula, letting the Home Army be slaughtered. 1,Ayaz Hesuinov, an especially brutal Azeri officer of RONA, about to commit mass murder. 1,Daniel Vollmann, vengeful surviving Jew. 1,Dozens of Polish children have been rounded up at their primary school and are being used as hostages. 1,Igo Sym, a delightful Polish actor and Nazi spy. 1,SS-Hauptscharführer August Kretschmann, commandant of the Gesiówka concentration camp, in embarrassing distress. 1,SS-Sonderregiment Dirlewanger, comprised of convicts, political prisoners, and poachers and led by a fanatic child molester named Dr. Oskar Dirlewanger, is “hunting partisans” – by raping and looting. 1,The Grzybowski square checkpoint in Old Town. 1,The Saxon Garden bunker, in Old Town.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A beautiful midnight blue party dress with a note pinned to the hem. 1,A home-made gun, greasy and covered with tiny metal lathe shavings. 1,A listening post above Pulsudski square in Sródmiescie. 1,A pair of dusty hard candies in colorful wrappers. 1,An empty envelope, smelling of perfume. 1,Driving away the one you love, for their own good. 1,Franciszek and Maria, misguided parents. 1,The cellar of the police command post in Mokotów. 1,The sewers beneath Old Town. 1,There’s no barricade cutting off access to a district, but there needs to be. If it isn’t up in an hour, and defended, the whole area will fall.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A criminal gang is robbing a neighborhood business. 1,A gold wedding ring. 1,A rooftop above Wilson square, in Zolibórz. 1,A serious talk about love, patriotism, and family. 1,A woman in labor, Rada Mazowiecki, needs to be brought to a hospital. She is wanted by the Germans. 1,An informant, Janek Weclawek, is on his way to alert the Germans of a planned operation. 1,Grzednik’s, on Ordynacka street, a popular restaurant and bar that seems to feed half of Warsaw for free. 1,Maria Dunajewski, English teacher and dirty traitor. 1,Obsession, maybe with someone else. 1,Unterfeldwebel Walter Singer, aggressive non-commissioned officer with a battle-hardened squad.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A church on Karceli square, in Ochota. 1,A dented tin of English marmalade. 1,A field kitchen with nothing to cook. 1,A fourteen-year-old deaf boy, Josef Augsberg, has lost his way in hostile territory. 1,A rooftop sniper is picking off Poles that try to reach the district’s last functioning water pump. 1,A thick and ancient family album, stuffed with photographs and birth certificates. 1,Amalia Fissler, an ambitious physician’s wife and ardent Nazi. 1,The Warsaw Special Court has sentenced your cousin Antoni Pawlik to death as a collaborator and informer for the Gestapo. 1,The Waterworks and Gasworks in Mokotów. 1,We have a secret now and forever.


1,“Karl” Mortar, a 35-foot-long, 132-ton monstrosity that can fire a mortar round capable of penetrating 100 inches of concrete. It has a crew of 110 men. 1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A badly injured German soldier, Gefreiter Horst Kuhn, is hiding in a ditch. 1,A group of Home Army troops has been cut off and is trapped in the sewers. 1,A lost child named Eva. 1,Attack group Dirlewanger has fortified a building and is surrounded. Someone needs to enter and persuade the survivors to surrender. 1,German police are abandoning Pawiak prison, releasing hundreds of convicts – both political prisoners and hardened criminals. 1,Grenadier Herbert Müller, nervous foot soldier who misses the Bodensee. 1,Stuka dive-bombers. Partisans are under strict orders not to waste precious ammunition shooting at them. 1,The “crooked lantern” field hospital. 1,The wine cellar of the Citadel (Festung Warshau).


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A brief and surreal moment of peace. 1,A German garrison in the village of Sadyba, a Warsaw suburb. 1,A private garden near the auxiliary telephone exchange in Mokotów. 1,A psychiatrist, Dr. Rudolf Müller, with two patients in tow, seeks a third before he evacuates. 1,An abandoned animal, all skin and bones and sad, rheumy eyes, sits next to a freshly-dug garden grave. 1,An explosion has trapped an old German man, Otto Romeike, under a tram. 1,Medical supplies stolen from Sr. Lazarus’, the only Warsaw hospital that refuses to cooperate with the German military. 1,Obergrenadier Karl Witt, drunken soldier with something to prove. 1,Our families don’t matter. 1,Tattered fragments of a Girl Guides handbook.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A best friend steps in. 1,A letter authorizing the bearer to break curfew. 1,A notebook crammed with observations of German military movements out of Praga station over four years. 1,Edmund Telakowski, dashing partisan and liar. 1,Lacy undergarments. 1,Rags, empty wine bottles, and ten liters of gasoline. 1,The Bank of Poland in Sródmiescie, on family business. 1,The Grzybowski square checkpoint in Old Town. 1,Why can’t we talk to each other? 1,Wlodzimierz, resourceful grandparent with a gift.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A chaste kiss, but an important one. 1,A lock of hair bound with twine. 1,A root cellar containing a happy surprise. 1,Grandfather’s house, in Mokotów’s Pulawska neighborhood. 1,My friends hate her. 1,Our friends want us to be a couple 1,Pranks and flirting. 1,Some home-made vodka in shampoo bottles, terrible tasting but potent. 1,The campus of Warsaw Polytechnic. 1,True friends – more than lovebirds.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A solemn promise. 1,A tightly-bound collection of love letters, soaking in the gutter. 1,Everyone is interested in our business. 1,Gdansk station, embarkation point for prisoners and untermensch. 1,German officer’s housing in the Polna neighborhood in Ochota. 1,Hearts unburdened, a passionate kiss – perhaps the last one ever. 1,Her parent’s bedroom. 1,Karl-Heinz Lindenau, quiet sympathizer haunted by his past. 1,Leutnant Karl Thiel, thoughtful officer ashamed and proud of his duty. 1,Wladyslaw Kostecki, wounded martyr with a tale to tell.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A marriage certificate, awaiting a single signature. 1,A Ukrainian woman, Marunia Kravchenko, forced by the Germans to gather intelligence in Warsaw, has been captured. 1,A warehouse adjacent to Mokotów’s Lazienki park. 1,An overturned tram in Mokotów’s Pulawska neighborhood. 1,British and Polish Air Force planes are making poorly-aimed supply drops. 1,Goliath remote-controlled mine-tanks. Operated from a distance by cable, they contain 100 kilos of explosives and are driven over barricades and through doorways. 1,Hans-Georg Wohlgemuth, eager journalist who believes he can be apolitical. 1,Someone is lying, and she is believing. 1,The death of a hero. 1,The last words of a dead man, written on a wall.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A bronze statue of General Thaddeus Kosciuszko, Polish hero of the American revolution, is about to be dynamited. 1,A butcher shop in Marymont, a rural suburb of Warsaw, decorated with a prominent German flag. 1,A nice private attic hideout. 1,A rail crossing outside the city. 1,A well-loved toy airplane. 1,An Opel truck carrying a squad of nervous Panzergrenadiers has gotten lost in the wrong part of town. 1,Badly forged papers. 1,Jerzy Bialowiejski, irritating kid with important parents. 1,Secret documents detailing KEDYW (Kierownictwo Dywersji, the Directorate of Sabotage and Diversion) insertion points. Most members of KEDYW are former Scouts from the Grey Ranks. Many of the officers are trained in the United Kingdom and parachute into Poland for operations. 1,The park where you first met, now covered in rubble.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A flower shop in the Dluga neighborhood in Old Town. 1,A locked diary. 1,A supervised visit. 1,Everybody said we should get together. 1,Fortune telling beneath warm August skies. 1,Hearty sandwiches and fresh fruit. 1,My family needs me. 1,The Main post office, awaiting a letter. 1,The shady grounds of Brühl Palace. 1,We can heal the rift between our families.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A flamboyant bouquet of cheap flowers. 1,A hastily-written love note. 1,A well-used concert bassoon in a padded case. 1,Finishing each other’s sentences. 1,Mutual attraction can’t be denied. 1,Old friends – now something more? 1,Stolen beer, still cold. 1,The Polonia football grounds on Konwiktorska street. 1,The sidewalk behind the royal castle in Old Town. 1,The world can wait. We’re footloose and fancy-free!


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A pack of Russian cigarettes with cardboard filters. 1,A pilgrimage medal awarded by Pope Pius XII, tarnished by daily handling. 1,A stack of carefully catalogued American records – Chick Webb and Count Basie at the Savoy, Artie Shaw’s Moonglow, Glen Gray’s Casa Loma Orchestra and others. 1,A tiny box of chocolates. 1,Boating near the Palace on the Water in beautiful Lazienki park. 1,Gardening with his grandparents. 1,Mother, we’re young and need to have fun. 1,On Srednikowy bridge beneath the moonlight. 1,Stacks of fake issues of supposedly German newspapers, as well as propaganda newspapers and leaflets. 1,Uncertainty and insecurity.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A brothel in the Stoleczna neighborhood of Zolibórz. 1,A house-to-house search is underway for something too big to hide and too important to abandon. 1,A picnic basket filled with chocolate bars, Italian salami, fresh fruit, German wine, and a cut glass container full of tincture of laudanum. 1,A Polish flag. 1,A staff car with motorcycle escort. 1,A torn up photograph. 1,Behind a barricade on Jerusalem Avenue. 1,Hans Tollsdorff, optimistic businessman so fat he can barely stand. 1,Lieutenant General Stahel’s Warsaw garrison contains a large proportion of Polish collaborationist scum. These men are on the fence concerning their loyalties and need some patriotic encouragement. 1,The Warsaw central printing plant in Mokotów.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A hastily-covered corpse. 1,A Panzerkampfwagen V “Panther” tank. The crew is forcing women to walk alongside them as protection from partisan attack. 1,A pre-occupation Boy Scout leader’s cap. 1,Gustav Kleffel, stoic veteran biding his time. 1,Home Army troops are retreating past a barricade that must be held with a pair of machine-shop-made PIAT anti-tank weapons. 1,Our fighting is breaking my heart. 1,Since 1943 the Home Army has been in competition with the People’s Army, backed by the Soviet Union and controlled by the Polish Communist Party. Nobody is cooperating and if they don’t, people will die tonight. 1,The Adria hotel, German-only until this morning. 1,The Europejski hotel on Krakowskie Przedmiescie street in Old Town. 1,There is no more food.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A list of suspected collaborators is missing en route to Home Army headquarters. 1,A ragged band of ghetto survivors is learning how to fight. 1,A tearful farewell. 1,An automobile Bridge on the Krakow-Warsaw road. The street lamps are freshly decorated with Nur für Deutsche, to suggest that those who hang people will themselves be hanged. 1,Anna Miesowicz, crippled beauty with a strange talent. 1,At the wall of the Powarkowska street ghetto, with a package. 1,Father, we were made for each other! 1,In the back of an armored, 3-ton Chevrolet German postal service bank truck. 1,Jadwiga Ruffowa, patriotic slut. 1,Jerzy Nowicki, soft-spoken greengrocer who knows everyone.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A christening blanket. 1,A drunken woman outside the Under the Palm café on Grus street, begging for a few zlotys “for bread for her children”. 1,A German-only theater in Sródmiescie. 1,A Marsh on the outskirts of Greater Warsaw, near a fish camp. 1,A single, fragile gladiolus stem. 1,A special pass to a German-only theater. 1,An ill-considered comment and the harm it causes. 1,It’s puppy love, nothing more. 1,My parents disapprove. 1,The National Museum, in sad disrepair.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A coward shows his true colors. 1,A steamy make-out session. 1,An apparel factory opposite the police barracks in Wola. 1,An SS-operated farm outside the city proper. 1,Dr. Friedrich Uhlig, inquisitive police inspector with a list. 1,Henryk Grzedzielski, reluctant hero and enthusiastic womanizer. 1,Home-distilled 190 proof “bimber”, mixed with raspberry juice. 1,Is he just an annoyance – or something more dangerous? 1,The ruins of your living room. 1,We’re from different worlds, you and I.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A freight train carrying horses and other war materiel east. 1,A full mail-bag belonging to the Scouting Postal Service, Grey Ranks mail carriers who take great risks moving vital information across occupied Poland. 1,A list of Polish collaborators tucked in the frontispiece of a Lutheran bible. 1,A terrified hausfrau, Emma Kraus, is willing to pay any price for safe passage out of Warsaw. 1,A vicious rival gambles everything. 1,Anna Ostrowska, zealous communist and morphine addict. 1,Powazki Cemetery in Wola, a mass execution site. 1,Somebody is pregnant. 1,SS-Gruppenführer Reinefarth’s eponymous battle group is trying to push through an apartment block to a hospital that is treating wounded refugees and Home Army soldiers. They are vicious bastards who routinely murder innocent civilians. 1,The John of God church in Old Town.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A brand new carton of German cigarettes. 1,A hidden room in the Krasinskiego neighborhood of Zolibórz. 1,A rucksack stuffed with postcards from Jewish “evacuees” to Auschwitz. 1,Church of the Holy Cross in Old Town. 1,Jan Krukowski, Home Army soldier bearing bad news. 1,Men, women, and children are being methodically rounded-up and executed by German police under orders from SS-Gruppenführer Heinz Reinefarth. 1,St. Zofia’s hospital, in Wola on Zelazna street, which once contained a German police barracks. 1,Tadeusz Stozek, rich coward with something to prove. 1,The sewers beneath the Prudential building in Sródmiescie. 1,The so-called Verbrennungskommando is composed of selected Polish men, who stack and burn the victims of mass executions. These men are considered traitors, and an order has come down to deal with them before their next assignment.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A bucket of unsorted loose ammunition. 1,A restaurant command post in the Polna neighborhood of Ochota. 1,A truckload of machine-shop-made grenades and other small arms is moving to a Home Army safe house across town too late. 1,Betrayal. 1,Elements of Major General Rohr’s eponymous battle group are flanking a Home Army company near the German-operated Stawki stores in Old Town. Greek Jews from Salonika work there. 1,Grenadier Gottfried Keussler, opera singer and guard. 1,The baroque altar salvaged from a demolished church. 1,The fortified Powisle electrical plant in Sródmiescie, in Polish hands. 1,The Panzerzug-75 armored train, on a rail siding in Gdansk station. 1,We’re about to be killed; we can wait no longer.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A cattle car packed with camp-bound Jews is stranded, locked, on a siding. 1,A cigar box full of carefully-collected clippings and cast-offs from a Home Army forgery shop, the work of a traitor. 1,A dog-eared pornographic magazine. 1,A hole dug into the Pfeiffer tannery’s foundation. 1,A jeweled swastika brooch. 1,A school in the Jerusalem Avenue neighborhood of Sródmiescie. 1,Aleksandr Kowalski, all-around suspicious character. 1,Karl Stillger, the paymaster of a group of collaborators, is making a hand-off. 1,The Chestnut café, in the yard of the Deaf and Dumb Institute. 1,Troops of the 9 Armee Obercommando are marching into Warsaw. A vast throng of starving refugees precede them, and require immediate assistance that is impossible to provide.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,A box full of anti-venereal disease medical supplies. 1,A crate of ammunition, missing but sought after. 1,A makeshift field hospital in the Appeals Court building on Leszno street. 1,A stylish black Polski Fiat 508 sedan. 1,Adam Lomnicki, religious bully with a secret. 1,An empty parabellum pistol. 1,Heavy shelling has us pinned down. 1,Inside newly-liberated Pawiak prison. 1,Making love. 1,The ‘Goose Farm’ concentration camp, Gesiówka, on the site of the cleared ghetto.


1,[LEFTOVERS] 1,200 people are killed when an “abandoned” German tank, filled with thousands of pounds of explosives, detonates after German troops retreat. 1,A cheap ceramic sculpture stuffed with zlotys and jewelry. 1,A matched pair of simple white gold rings, bound with a lock of hair. 1,A shattered pump station on the Vistula. 1,Berta Millberg, a hysterical woman with a blood-chilling story. 1,Gefreiter Karl Löwe, either a deserter with nowhere to turn – or an Abwehr spy. 1,SS-Gruppenführer Heinz Reinefarth, commander of the elite urban warfare unit Gruppe Reinefarth, hunting partisans like quail. 1,The Fourth Panzer Division, commanded by Generalleutnant Clemens Betzel, is rallying near Ochota for a concerted push into Old Town. Stopping them will take a miracle. 1,The nun-staffed Hospital of the Knights of Malta, near Grzybowska street. 1,The PASTa Telephone exchange (Polska Akcyjna Spólka Telefoniczna) in Sródmiescie.


1,A brother puts his foot down. 1,A cell in the liberated central police barracks. 1,A shared acquaintance muddies the waters. 1,A sturdy pair of boots, spotted with blood. 1,A uniform. 1,An apartment block occupied by Home Army soldiers. 1,An apartment in the Leszno street ghetto in Old Town. 1,An exhausted rendezvous. 1,and late for a funeral. 1,Courage crumbles into panic. 1,Do you realize that we actually dislike one another? 1,Eavesdropping and distrust. 1,Her parents want to kill me. 1,If I linger, I’ll let down the Grey Ranks! 1,Maria Grekowa, angry neighbor in pain. 1,My parents are ashamed. 1,Orpo-SS General Otto Lasch, sadistic pervert under impossible pressure. 1,Serious intimacy in an awkward location. 1,She’s grief-stricken or shellshocked. 1,Tending to an injured friend. 1,Terror overflows into madness. 1,The last upright tram car in Warsaw. 1,Your nemesis will stop at nothing to ruin you.