Gray Pawn Treasure Oracle

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<sgdisplay iterations = "5">[adjective] [item]</sgdisplay>



1,acid 1,automaton 1,balloon 1,bathtub 1,bead 1,beads 1,beehive 1,bell 1,belt 1,blueprint 1,boiler 1,bonesaw 1,book 1,boots 1,bottle 1,brooch 1,brush 1,bustier 1,buttons 1,cage 1,candlestick 1,cane 1,cape 1,card 1,catalyst 1,censer 1,chain 1,chamber pot 1,chest 1,clasp 1,clock 1,coins 1,comb 1,compass 1,contraceptive 1,control panel 1,corset 1,couch 1,crowbar 1,crown 1,dice 1,dice 1,diving suit 1,dominoes 1,dye 1,dynamo 1,earring 1,eyeglasses 1,eyepatch 1,facepaint 1,false teeth 1,figurine 1,file 1,flask 1,fountain 1,fuel 1,gauge 1,gearbox 1,goblet 1,hammer 1,handbill 1,harness 1,hatpin 1,hook 1,hourglass 1,ink bottle 1,specimen jar 1,key 1,knife 1,lantern 1,leaflet 1,letter 1,locket 1,loom 1,magnifier 1,manuscript 1,map 1,mask 1,medal 1,mirror 1,mortar / pestle 1,narcotic 1,needle 1,ornithopter 1,painting 1,pen 1,pendant 1,peppermill 1,pickles 1,pigment 1,pillow 1,pipe 1,pouch 1,prosthetic 1,puppet 1,recipe 1,ring 1,robe 1,rug 1,rug 1,safe 1,sandals 1,saw 1,scoll 1,shoe 1,shoes 1,shovel 1,snuff-box 1,spoon 1,spyglass 1,syringe 1,tapestry 1,tattoo needle 1,teapot 1,telescope 1,tongs 1,top 1,watch 1,wheel 1,whiligig 1,wrench 1,paintbox 1,chalk


1,adamantine 1,ancient 1,animated 1,astral 1,bejewelled 1,bone 1,brass 1,broken 1,charming 1,clockwork 1,cursed 1,dancing 1,demon 1,diamond 1,exotic 1,famous 1,flattering 1,foreign 1,fossilized 1,glass 1,golden 1,hissing 1,iron 1,ivory 1,meteoric 1,miniature 1,obsidian 1,ordinary 1,ornate 1,royal 1,scrying 1,star-forged 1,talking