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... for In a Wicked Age

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,[clubs] 1,[hearts] 1,[diamonds] 1,[spades]


1,A man is thrust into a dark place where swords gleam and told to fake it. 1,A company of thieves is cursed never to sleep again... 1,Councilors follow the whims of the long-standing dictator, their old ideals out of reach... 1,A the time of feasting and celebration has arrived... 1,A demigod realizes that the sun has become darker and darker over his beloved lands... 1,A dreamer takes her lover down to a sleepy cove. 1,Infernal monsters of one person's dreams take corporeal form in a ruined city... 1,A man sentenced to the service of the man he wronged is about to cause his charge even greater trouble... 1,The spirits of dead companions haunt the wanderer, and are able to act as he sleeps... 1,Friends trade bets as a companion barrels into a dangerous challenge... 1,A weapon used against a massive monster turns against its makers... 1,After sundown, apparitions speak in turn to a silent traveller. 1,A man awakens in a familiar place next to a strange companion.


1,A man sees himself in the street... 1,A sleepy town of innocents infiltrated by strange folk who wish to teach them the dance of the dead... 1,In a repeat of past events, a man apologizes and avoids paying his debts once again... 1,A woman flees, leaving behind broken hearts and dead bodies. 1,A choice between salvation and destruction must be made... 1,A wanderer gathering magic, travelling to different cities looking beneath the ground 1,A woman tempts the father of her lover, as he lies bleeding elsewhere. 1,A man who can become completely undetectable wanders through the city. 1,Sorcerous forces prepare to invade the city. 1,One desperate for money prepares to strike from the alleyway. 1,A prostitute kicks her would-be assailant and tries to flee. 1,An exodus marches from the city as some unwanted citizens are expelled. 1,A merchant laughs as he informs a former partner that the money is not coming back.


1,Lava, unleashed by greed, rolls towards a helpless town. 1,A reanimated head sings the truth in a dark place, hidden from the world... 1,A girl in a forbidden place dances to a melody from a distant place, it's as if she was there herself... 1,A single character painted on the wall reads "Challenge"... 1,A friend unlocks his companion's hidden psychic talent... 1,A man proclaims his innocence to all and sundry, admitting the act but denying the harm... 1,A floating island, piloted from its lonely windmill, home to a young woman seeking answers about her past... 1,A scarred degenerate, lifted above by the lustful hands of his many willing concubines... 1,Chaos springs up as a boy with black eyes and no thoughts wanders through the broken wasteland that is as much home as anywhere... 1,A captive girl sent to a distant land where she may discover her hidden strength... 1,A prisoner moans to his guard, asking to see the stars again... 1,After a cosmic event an isolated location wonders if they are the last living souls... 1,A cave, filled with jewels coveted by strange folk who appear as shadows...


1,A giant served by hundreds of soldiers marches relentlessly towards his august opponent... 1,Words from beyond the grave create a schism within a man even as they bring him closer to glory... 1,A treacherous pact is a lie, and the tempter marked for death... 1,A long line of soldiers drill in preparation for war, but the battle has already begun... 1,A pacificist walks the streets, an arsenal of terrible weapons in his pack... 1,A woman of unsurpassed beauty, whose lovers fall into madness and despair... 1,An army of children seizes the town, led by a woman no one has ever seen... 1,High above the city, the prophet whispers, his throne surrounded... 1,A happy man walks, with a bag containing a glowing stone, secure that his destiny has arrived. 1,A ghost claims to be a god, and summons supernatural creatures to prove his power. 1,Wicked men attack a place of peace and tranquility. 1,A shipwreck caused by no storm or foul current. 1,A caravan of mercenaries, armed to the teeth, a hard trek across the desert. </sgtable>