Goblin Dwelling

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Goblin Dwelling

<sgdisplay iterations="1">The goblins live [main] [specialfeature][secondpara]</sgdisplay>


  1. add a template that is like, if comma, trailing comma
  2. furniture

Example Output

5 different types of buildings
    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  • [main]</sgdisplay>
shack output

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[shack] with [roof].</sgdisplay>

Example Communal House

    <sgdisplay iterations="1">
  • [grouphome]</sgdisplay>

Example Cottage

    <sgdisplay iterations="2">
  • [cottage]</sgdisplay>




0, - - - first we do main 0, - - - then the subtables are in 0, - - - alphabetical order 20,[shackvariations]. 10,[tent]. 10,[dugout]. 10,[cottage]. [door]. 5,[aerial]. 3,[grouphome]. 3,[other].


2,[shack] with [roof] 2,[shack]. [door] 1,[shack] with [roof]. [door]


1,in a tree house supported by a dying tree and a number of haphazard posts 1,in a hovel precariously built atop neighboring homes 1,in a palafitte supported on timber pylons 1,in a one-room softwood pyramid resting on four posts with slanting walls and ceiling made of thatch


0, - - - inferior cottages 9,in [adj] [wordforhouse] made of [bldgmaterial] 3,in [adj] shack 3,in [adj] [wordforhouse] 1,in [adj] two story house 1,in a large wooden shack 1,in a [wordforhouse] made of re-purposed pipes and lumber 1,in a mottle-and-daub [wordforhouse] 1,in a barn walled with mud and stone 1,in [adj] "A" frame shelter 1,in a round enclosure of packed mud walls 1,in a [wordforhouse] made of peat brick 1,in a wooden house made of re-purposed barrels and crates 1,in [adj] house of planks nailed together at odd angles 1,in a straw bale house covered in loam earthen plaster 1,in [adj] straw bale [wordforhouse] 1,in a log cabin 1,in [adj] cabin 1,in [adj] lodge made of [bldgmaterial] 1,in a [bldgmaterial] shelter 1,in [adj] earthwork shelter 1,in [adj] mudbrick [wordforhouse] 1,in a [bldgmaterial] [wordforhouse] 1,in [adj] construction of [bldgmaterial] 1,in a roundhouse made of reeds 1,in a wattle-and-daub roundhouse 1,in a roundhouse, [Utility.WoodsHard] frame construction with [Utility.WoodsSoft] infill


10,a narrow 10,a ramshackle 10,a simple 10,a crude 10,a drafty 10,an untidy 10,a haphazard 10,a disjointed 10,a sprawling 10,a rickety 10,a plaster reinforced 10,a strangely built 9,a rebuilt 8,an unfinished 8,a half-timbered 8,a weathered 8,a rambling 7,a derelict 6,a wood framed 6,a dilapidated 6,a shuttered 5,a large 5,a cozy 5,a snug 5,an improvised 5,an eclectic 5,an elaborate 5,an intimidating 5,a poorly kept 5,a dingy 5,a recently repaired 5,a dark 5,a stark 4,a practical 4,a tumbledown 3,a hastily repaired


0, - - - nicer shacks 1,in a decently built hovel underground composed of rammed earth and stone blocks. It has [roof] 1,in a five foot tall cottage made of kiln bricks and scrapwood with [roof] 1,in a round stone [wordforhouse] with [roof] 1,in a cozy turf house of peat brick with [roof] 1,in a low circular structure made of clay brick with [roof] 3,in a [shapeofhouse] [wordforhouse] made of sandbags packed with [MonsterParts.pi] 1,in a clapboard cottage with a tin chimney pipe poking out of [roof] 3,in a [bldgmaterial] [wordforhouse] with [roof] 1,in a small stone farmhouse capped by [roof]


0, - - - what is the entrance like? 10,It has a door made of [Utility.Wood] 10,It has a sturdy door made of [Utility.Wood] 10,It has a flimsy door made of [Utility.Wood] 10,In lieu of a door a curtain of [curtain adj] is hung 10,There is a sliding door that latches from the inside 5,The entrance is covered by a sailcloth awning secured by poles and line 5,The building is entered via a grated metal door hinged to a sturdy wood frame 4,The entrance is a two foot tall round barrel lid attached with an iron hinge at top and a loop of rope for a handle 2,The entrance is a narrow slab door set on pivot hinges 5,A slimy cobble stone walkway leads to a narrow door

curtain adj

0, - - - adjectives for one of the door types 10,faded [Color.dull] waxed canvas 10,[Color.dull] waxed canvas 10,torn [Color.dull] waxed canvas 10,patchwork canvas 10,[Utility.LeatherColor] leather 10,[Utility.LeatherColor] animal hides


0, - - - various synonyms for shack 0, - - - words that describe simple houses 20,shack 10,shelter 10,dwelling 10,roundhouse 10,cottage 10,house 5,construction 5,building 5,cabin 5,lodge 5,shed 5,barn 2,hovel 2,bunkhouse 2,bungalow 1,farmhouse


3,triangle shaped 4,oddly shaped 4,hexagon shaped 10,circular 20,rectangular 35,square


10,a thatched roof 6,a roof of tied sticks 5,wide wood and tar awnings open in the center 5,a sloped canopy of leather and hide 5,an animal hide roof supported by posts 5,a roof of wooden shingles 4,a pitched tarpaulin for a roof 4,a sloped canopy of dried grasses 3,a sharply sloped roof of wooden slates 3,a roof of haphazard wood and bark shingles 3,a roof of clay shingles 3,a gambrel roof of uneven planks 2,a shingled jerkinhead roof 2,a patchwork roof of tin sheets and scrapwood 2,a gable roof of steep pitch 2,a slanted roof of timber planks 2,a flat roof of timber planks 2,rafters made of [Utility.Wood] covered with bundles of thatch 2,wooden rafters covered by terra-cotta shingles 2,timber roof beams covered in thatch 2,a turf roof supported by log columns 2,a corbelled roof 1,a flat roof covered in brown ceramic tiles 1,a reciprocal frame turf roof 1,a hammer-beam roof 1,a tented roof 1,a barrel-arched roof 1,a gray shingled roof 1,a swag roof 1,a conical roof of thatch 1,a conical thatched roof 1,a conical dry-stone roof 1,a slate jerkinhead roof 1,a conical roof, made from rye straw on a wooden frame


0, - - - building made of cloth and leather 1,in a cluster of several repaired tents 1,in a tent made of animal hides 1,in a double belled wedge tent with lengthy canvas awnings 1,in an oval marquee military style tent 1,in a ridge tent covered by a large pavilion of tarred canvas 1,in a lean-to made of large sticks and pigskin leather 1,in a leather hide four post canopy with tree root guy lines 1,in a circular structure composed of thick wooden poles under a pitched tarpaulin 1,in [tentadj] [Utility.LeatherHide] tent secured with posts and guy lines


0, - - - details for tents 10,a large 5,an improvised 5,an eclectic 5,an elaborate 4,a colorful


1,in a subterranean tunnel burrowed under the ground 1,in a crawlspace dug underneath a wooden platform. The platform serves both as a cooking area and as a roof 1,in a mostly underground dwelling with [roof] 1,in a dugout walled with stone and plaster 1,in a covered dugout with a packed dirt walls 1,in a partially underground turfhouse made of peat blocks and stone, with [roof] 1,in a partially underground timber frame cabin 1,in a large underground den built by clearing out the root system of a long dead tree. A large, bare rock jutting from the earth provides cover near the entrance 1,in a house made of sod and turf cut from the ground and stacked around the cavity


0, - - - big houses for many gobs 1,with others in a long house made of mud-brick, wattle, and daub 1,in a large barn made of roughly planked lumber 1,in a longhouse that houses several families 1,in shared space enclosed by animal hides hung from wooden rafters. The space is rimmed by a two foot high fence made of [bldgmaterial]


1,under a broken wagon augmented by some posts with a wooden lean-to attached 1,under a truss platform of rough hewn timber 1,a roofed pen of logs with the open entrance covered by hide and leather patchwork 1,a round barrow of earth and stone with a [Utility.Wood] door 1,under a rough timber portico walled with ragged sailcloth 1,within two parallel walls extending out from a ridge of packed dirt. Planks of timber and tarred burlap shelter the encampment from rain


0, - - - do we get a second paragraph? 0, - - - not all houses will have special features 0, - - - these are notable aspects or simple flavor text 0, - - - to distinguish this dwelling from others 20, 40,



0, - - - subtable of secondpara 40,[spcfeature]. 40,[floor]. [spcfeature]. 20,[floor]. 40,[spcfeature]. [spcfeature].


0, - - - This is referenced directly by the example and 0, - - - fleshes out the defacto first paragraph 0, - - - TODO get rid of this 100,[spcfeature].  35,[spcfeature]. A [Treasure Container.containeralt], can be found here.


0, - - - not all houses will have special features 0, - - - these are notable aspects or simple flavor text 0, - - - to distinguish this dwelling from others 0, - - - note that these special features can occur 0, - - - on homes that are caves, tents, dugouts, etc. 40,[Trees.main] grows nearby 30,[garden] 25,Outside is a large pile of waste and refuse spilling out of a shallow pit 25,Outside is a gravel pit someone has been sifting through 25,Firewood is piled high against one wall 25,The building is surrounded by sharpened posts jutting out of the ground 20,The building has a crumbling visage 20,The dwelling has been painted with whitewash 20,In the yard is a stack of rocks piled high 20,A sign lettered in goblish script adorns the dwelling 20,A cobblestone walk leads up to the entrance 20,There is a small yard with a low wooden bench attached to stone blocks 20,The walls of the dwelling jut out crooked at odd angles 20,The walls of the building are coated with stucco 20,The external walls of the building are protected by wood-shingle siding 20,A large cauldron sits in a fire pit out front 15,A small wooden cart filled with dung rests out front 10,A tiki torch is lit night and day near the entrance 10,Outside an oil lantern is hanging from a braced lamp post 5,Outside is an unfriendly looking pig with large painted tusks


10,There is [agardentype] garden nearby 10,In the yard is [agardentype] garden 10,Nearby is [agardentype] garden 10,A [veg] patch grows to the side of the building 4,[agardentype] garden competes with encroaching weeds


0, - - - vegetables 1,potato 1,carrot 1,turnip 1,cabbage 1,onion


0, - - - note the manual ia 10,an herb 10,a vegetable 10,a [gardensize] 10,a [gardensize] vegetable 10,a poorly maintained 9,a sheltered mushroom 4,an overgrown 4,a [gardensize] herb 1,an algae


1,sprawling 1,small 1,modest 1,large 1,extensive


30,The floor inside is covered with [Dungeon Dressing.cr3] 20,Inside, the floor is littered with stones and small bones 20,Inside, the floor is littered with stones and [Dungeon Dressing.cr3] 12,The floor is a layer of dried, cracked mud 10,The floor is strewn with [floorcover] 10,The floor is covered with [floorcover] 10,The floor is dirt covered in [floorcover] 10,[floorcover] covers the floor 10,[floorcover] is spread over the floor 5,The building has a concrete floor that also serves as its foundation


2,straw 2,fresh straw 2,pine straw 2,pine needles 1,sand 1,sawdust


0, - - - construction material 0, - - - this subtable isn't much used yet 12,timber 12,wooden beam 12,wattle and daub 10,mud-brick 8,brick and mortar 6,old stone 5,rough hewn tree trunks 5,rough lumber 5,loam post and beam 4,slate 4,limestone 4,compacted dirt 4,stave 4,sandstone 3,hay stacks and mud plaster 3,stone and lumber 3,clay tile 2,plaster 2,wood framed earthwork 2,earthwork 2,straw bale 2,clay brick 2,sod and canvas 2,sod and stucco 2,adobe 1,granite 1,stone blocks 1,marble 1,smooth lumber 1,peat brick


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