Goblin: Yahgrimky

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Yahgrimky is a lanky xanthic yellow goblin carrying a bent spear. He employs himself as a mushroom farmer. He wears a pigskin jacket over a muslin bib apron and thick cotton stockings.

In difficult circumstances he prays to the goblin god Kikanuti. He can understand some basic common, but speaks it poorly. He cannot read or write; he hasn't had the opportunity to learn. He is intelligent and fairly patient for a goblin.

In combat, Yahgrimky is likely to attempt to bite off an enemy's nose.

He has no young children. He lives in a wooden house made of re-purposed barrels and crates with a thatched roof.

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He carries a wool bag holding the following:

  1. four black feathers
  2. three coppers and a piece of silver
  3. a scrub brush
  4. a sturdy wooden coffer, sealed with clasps. Inside are gauze bandages.
  5. a scored and scuffed tin cup

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