Goblin: Rentkin

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Rentkin is a jade brown goblin with an improvised wooden breastplate and carrying a pickax. He employs himself as a centipede rancher. He has a mohawk and wears black eye make-up.

He respects the goblin gods, particularly Khurgorbaeyag. He grew up mostly sheltered from non-goblins and can speak only goblish. Like most gobfolk, he is illiterate.

Rentkin <sgdisplay iterations="1">{{#sub:[marriedto.Rentkin]|0|Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".}} [[Goblin:_{{#sub:[marriedto.Rentkin]|Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".|0}}|{{#sub:[marriedto.Rentkin]|Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".|0}}]]. </sgdisplay> The two of them live with Kutpidder in Kutpidder's cabin.

Unknown to Alderknobl, Rentkin wants out of the relationship, but he hasn't another place to live. Plus he is intimidated by the cleric's social clout as a prominent local religious leader. The two of them provide for a group of 11 goblin orphans, but Rentkin is less involved than Alderknobl in the goblits care.

He carries these items:

  1. a pack made of sticks and a blanket
  2. a full-sized smelly cheese, sealed in a charcoal wax rind
  3. seven copper pennies
  4. a spinning mandrel
  5. a glass vial of grease
  6. seven cowry shells

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