Goblin: Gruckstoh the Wyok

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Here we have a hoary red goblin with dark brown hair. He has a rough nose-ring and wields a rough spear. He is named Gruckstoh the Wyok and works as a hunter-gatherer.

He offers obsequience to all the goblins gods as expected. He grew up mostly sheltered from non-goblins and can only speak goblish.

His late grandmother taught him much useful herbalism, and he can craft remedies to a variety of goblin ailments. In addition to this, he knows the recipe to a decent sleeping draught. While this tonic is not magical, with marketing and distribution resources, it would be commercially valuable. Needless to say, Gruckstoh neither has these nor is aware of the potential opportunity.

Gruckstoh provides for three young children. They live in a five foot tall cottage made of kiln bricks and scrapwood.

Besides the equipment listed above, he has the following:

  1. 5 lbs of uncooked venison loin in a cotton sack
  2. a bristled bath brush
  3. a coin purse containing 27 copper pieces
  4. a fold of leather holding eighteen safety pins
  5. an ink well re-purposed to store mustard seeds
  6. child's toy: a tin top
  7. a variety of dried roots and herbs
  8. a half a pound of aniseed

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