Goblin: Drossfoddyr

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This goblin is armed with a befouled spear and has a ball-headed walking stick. She is named Drossfoddyrr and is a bodyguard. Her skin is colored lime green.

In combat she makes guileful use of her quick feet and her long spear, typically only attacking when she is beyond the reach of counterattack. She has significantly more combat experience than the average villagob. She usually carries a butcher knife in a holster on her belt, however she is not proficient with the weapon and won't use it if she has her spear or her staff. She wears little armor: only a studded leather shoulder brace and leather arm wraps.

She is not devout, but keeps her lack of faith to herself. She speaks the common tongue fluently and, like most goblins, is illiterate.

Drossfoddyr has scars pockmarked across her face. She provides for three young children. They live in a round enclosure of packed mud walls with a gray shingled roof.

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Jozzvuddy was betrothed to Drossfoddyrr as a goblin little by his father, who sought influence with the court. Jozzvuddy is ambivalent about the arrangement, and not motivated enough to rid himself of it.

She carries a knitted denim bag. Inside it are:

  1. three pounds of hardtack sea biscuit
  2. a jar of mustard
  3. a flask of grog
  4. a potion of haste

She wears a leather belt upon which she keeps:

  1. a coin purse containing 13 copper pieces
  2. a chisel
  3. a dull butcher knife

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