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Alderknobl is a tall chartreuse grey goblin with a rusty iron face-mask and carrying a wooden club. He employs himself as a soothsayer.

He recognizes only Khurgorbaeyag as the god of the goblins. He can understand some basic common, but speaks it poorly. He cannot read or write. He is the local spiritual leader of the villagobs who worship Khurgorbaeyag.

Alderknobl refuses to drink water of any kind.

They provide for 11 young children. Alderknobl is the brother of Kutpidder and together they built Kutpidder's cabin, which they continue to maintain and improve.

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He carries these items:

  1. an empty red-orange glass vial
  2. an oversized spiced cheese, sealed in a brown wax rind
  3. three copper coins
  4. tin scraps
  5. a corroded bronze helmet
  6. a brown bottle of herbal liniment

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