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All credit due to David Malki’s Electro-plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre-Fiction Generator 2000:

    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  • [main]



10,[Title]: In [A World], a young [Hero] stumbles across a [Dingus] which spurs a conflict with [Villain] with the help of a [Female] and her [Trait], culminating in [Climax].


10, The [Preface][Suffix]s


1,Chrono 1,Neuro 1,Aero 1,Cosmo 1,Reve 1,Necro 1,Cyber 1,Astro 1,Psycho 1,Steam 1,Meta 1,Black


1,punk 1,mech 1,noiac 1,(o)poli 1,naut 1,phage 1,droid 1,bot 1,blade 1,tron 1,mancer 1, War

A World

1, a [Modifier] [Location]


1,alternate-history 1,anachronistic 1,ancient 1,coal-powered 1,dragon-filled 1,dystopian 1,leather-clad 1,metaphorical 1,neo-noir 1,post-apocalyptic 1,shrill 1,VR-simulated


1,America 1,Antarctica 1,Atlantis 1,Aztec empire 1,Japan 1,medieval Europe 1,one-way spaceflight 1,Outer Rim world 1,set from Road Warrior 1,Soviet Russia 1,terraformed Mars 1,Victorian Britain


1,a cliffhanger for the sake of prompting a series 1,a daring rescue preceding a giant explosion 1,a false victory with the promise of future danger 1,a fistfight atop a tower 1,a heroic sacrifice that no one will ever remember 1,a philosophical argument punctuated by violence 1,authorial preaching through the mouths of the characters 1,convoluted nonsense that squanders the readers' goodwill 1,eternal love professed without irony 1,the invocation of a spell at the last possible moment 1,the land restored to health 1,wish-fulfillment solutions to real-world problems


1,cleavage 1,closet full of assault rifles 1,condescending tone 1,discomfort in formal wear 1,facility with magic 1,propensity for being captured 1,reference book 1,wacky pet 1,welding gear


1,bookish female scholar with mousy brown hair 1,cherubic girl with pigtails and spunk 1,female former terrorist with a heart of gold 1,female who inexplicably becomes attracted to the damaged protagonist for unstated reasons 1,girl who takes tomboyishness to the extreme 1,girl who’s always loved him 1,leather-clad female in shades 1,sarcastic female techno-geek 1,shape-shifting female assassin 1,tomboyish female mechanic


1,a charismatic politician on the rise 1,a government conspiracy 1,a megalomaniacal dictator 1,a profit-obsessed corporation 1,a sneering wizard 1,an army led by a sadist 1,computer viruses made real 1,forces that encourage conformity 1,his own insecurity vis-a-vis girls 1,humanity’s selfish nature 1,murderous robots 1,supernatural monsters


1,alien artifact 1,arcane prophecy 1,crazy old man 1,dream-inducing drug 1,dusty tome 1,enchanted sword 1,encrypted data feed 1,exiled angel 1,magic diadem 1,otherworldly portal 1,talking fish 1,time-traveling soldier


1,author self-insert 1,brooding loner 1,collector of oddities 1,farm boy with dreams 1,flying message courier 1,idealistic revolutionary 1,journeyman inventor 1,milquetoast office drone 1,schlub with mild OCD 1,student of metaphysics 1,techno-obsessed geek 1,wisecracking mercenary