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Setting, menace, and theme elements for Jonathan Walton's cinematic survival horror game, Geiger Counter. Pulled mostly from the IMDB plot keywords of appropriate films.

<sgdisplay iterations="6">• [main]</sgdisplay>



1,1920s 1,1930s 1,1940s 1,1950s 1,1970s 1,1980s 1,Abandoned Building 1,Abduction 1,Acid 1,Africa 1,Alcohol 1,Alien 1,Alien Planet 1,Alternate Reality 1,Amusement Park 1,Anarchy 1,Ancient Ruins 1,Ancient World 1,Android 1,Animal 1,Antarctica 1,Apartment Building 1,Aquarium 1,Archaeology 1,Artificial Intelligence 1,Ash 1,Asia 1,Attic 1,Autopsy 1,Bar 1,Basement 1,Beach 1,Biker Gang 1,Bio Organic Weapon 1,Biohazard 1,Biology 1,Blindness 1,Blizzard 1,Blood 1,Body Horror 1,Bones 1,Book 1,Brain Eating 1,Breeding 1,Camouflage 1,Cannibalism 1,Car Accident 1,Car Trouble 1,Casino 1,Cave 1,Cemetary 1,Children 1,Church 1,CIA 1,City 1,Claustrophobia 1,Cliff 1,Cloning 1,Clown 1,Cold 1,College 1,Colonial America 1,Colony 1,Coma 1,Computer 1,Conspiracy 1,Contagion 1,Convenience Store 1,Corruption 1,Criminals 1,Cruise Ship 1,Cryogenics 1,Cult 1,Curse 1,Cyborg 1,Dark Ages 1,Darkness 1,Decapitation 1,Degeneration 1,Demon 1,Department Store 1,Desert 1,Destroyed City 1,Dimensional Travel 1,Diner 1,Dinosaur 1,DNA 1,Doll 1,Dreams 1,Drugs 1,Earthquake 1,Eclipse 1,Egg 1,Electricity 1,Elevator 1,Entrails 1,Escape Pod 1,Europe 1,Evacuation 1,Exsanguination 1,Excavation 1,Expedition 1,Exploration 1,Eyeball 1,Fairy Tale 1,Far Future 1,Farm 1,Fear 1,Ferocity 1,Fire 1,Flesh Eating 1,Flood 1,Forest 1,Formlessness 1,Fossil 1,Full Moon 1,Genetic Engineering 1,Geology 1,Ghost 1,Giant Animal 1,Giant Bug 1,Giant Monster 1,Gold 1,Gothic Horror 1,Government Agency 1,Grave Robbing 1,Greed 1,Guerrillas 1,Guilt 1,Guns 1,Hallucination 1,Hanging 1,Head Explosion 1,Heart Attack 1,Heart Removal 1,Heat 1,Hell 1,Hibernation 1,Hollywood 1,Hospital 1,Human Sacrifice 1,Hunting 1,Ice 1,Implacability 1,Industrial Espionage 1,Infestation 1,Insanity 1,Insect 1,Internet 1,Invasion 1,Invisibility 1,Iron 1,Island 1,Isolation 1,Jealousy 1,Jungle 1,Laboratory 1,Labyrinth 1,Lake 1,Larva 1,Library 1,Lighthouse 1,Lightning 1,Lovecraftian Horror 1,Lust 1,Lycanthropy 1,Mad Scientist 1,Man Eating 1,Mansion 1,Mask 1,Megacorporation 1,Mental Institution 1,Mesoamerica 1,Metamorphosis 1,Military 1,Millionaire 1,Mind Control 1,Mirror 1,Mission 1,Mist 1,Mob Rule 1,Moorland 1,Morgue 1,Mountain 1,Museum 1,Music 1,Mutation 1,Mutilation 1,Mystery 1,Nanotechnology 1,Nazis 1,Near Future 1,Night 1,Occult 1,Ocean 1,Office Building 1,Old House 1,Old West 1,Oppression 1,Outer Space 1,Paleontology 1,Paranoia 1,Parasite 1,Parasitic Gestation 1,Party 1,Plane Crash 1,Planetary Alignment 1,Poison 1,Police 1,Possession 1,Post-Apocalyptic 1,Power Failure 1,Prank 1,Predator 1,Prison 1,Prostitution 1,Psychic Powers 1,Psychology 1,Punishment 1,Quarantine 1,Radiation 1,Rain 1,Reanimation 1,Rednecks 1,Regeneration 1,Religion 1,Religious Horror 1,Research Station 1,Resort Community 1,Revenge 1,Ritual 1,River 1,Robot 1,Rural Area 1,Sabotage 1,School 1,Science Experiment 1,Scientists 1,Screaming 1,Serial Killer 1,Sewer 1,Shape Shifting 1,Shipwreck 1,Shopping Mall 1,Siege 1,Skin 1,Skinning 1,Skull 1,Sleep 1,Slime 1,Small Town 1,Smoke 1,South America 1,Space Station 1,Space Travel 1,Spaceship 1,Stabbing 1,Staircase 1,Statue 1,Stealth 1,Stone 1,Stone Age 1,Storm 1,Strangulation 1,Suburbs 1,Subway 1,Summer Camp 1,Surgery 1,Survival Horror 1,Swamp 1,Swarm 1,Technology 1,Teenagers 1,Telephone 1,Television 1,Tentacles 1,Time Travel 1,Timebomb 1,Tomb 1,Tornado 1,Tourists 1,Toxic Waste 1,Trapped 1,Traps 1,Tundra 1,Tunnels 1,Undeath 1,Underwater 1,Vermin 1,Victorian Era 1,Volcano 1,Voodoo 1,War 1,Water 1,Whispering 1,Wilderness 1,Wind 1,Witchcraft 1,Xenophobia 1,Zombies 1,Zoo 20,[Plot Keyword Oracle.Keyword]


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