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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,The body guard of a powerful black market supplier. 1,An assortment of medicines bound for a rim world on the verge of an epidemic. 1,A female mercenary, small and cunning. 1,The arrival of a Reaver raiding party on a peaceful, rim world. 1,A crew of rival smugglers, here to help. 1,A displaced Alliance tactician full of self-loathing. 1,A destroyed township and its silent survivors. 1,A tattooed monk, fearsome in battle. 1,A squad of veteran Alliance soldiers. 1,An abandoned fort used as a base for a group of bandits. 1,A bounty hunter who has lost his way in the face of revenge. 1,A judge in a lawless land. 1,A band of brigands demanding tribute, and their spoils so far. 1,A religious community who believes in abducting those who can better their existence. 1,A cache of military weapons, and the jealous man who found them. 1,The captain and crew of a transport forced into servitude because of a job gone bad. 1,An ident card signifying its carrier has priority Alliance access. 1,A man in a brown coat drinking alone in a bar on unification day. 1,A doctor with a prejudice against the affluent. 1,An Alliance agent who has gone AWOL. 1,A wave describing an uprising intercepted by an Alliance cruiser. 1,The son of a town’s oppressive leader longing for change. 1,A herd of stolen cattle needing to be sold. 1,An abandoned Alliance checkpoint. 1,A woman with a gun, and a hatred of the Alliance. 1,A daughter accused of killing her father, the mayor. 1,An abandoned Independent blockade runner. 1,A pilot with a thirst for close calls. 1,A drought, crushing a farms existence, and the irrigation committee demanding too much for relief. 1,A core world politician on the run to the rim. 1,A space station locked down until the killer of a high ranking official can be found. 1,The mayor of a dusty town, and his group of murderous enforcers. 1,An alliance operative searching for an escaped reader. 1,A legendary gambler being hunted by Alliance agents due to his ability to seemingly read others thoughts 1,A mining community desperate for income discovers live ordinance from an Alliance patrol boat. 1,A self serving mercenary looking for work. 1,The shepherd who lost his flock. 1,A purveyor of stolen goods, who had his goods stolen. 1,A registered companion tired of her work. 1,A bounty hunter on the trail of his relative. 1,An exiled sheriff looking for acceptance. 1,A crime boss famed for his torture of those who fail, calls upon a debt owed. 1,A member of the syndicate willing to tell all. 1,A Reaver warship approaching a space station. 1,The captain of a lost ship, and a lost crew, searching for forgiveness. 1,A brash young engineer, with a knack for biting off more than they can chew. 1,A trigger happy crew member who forgot the loot in favor of shooting folks up. 1,A bandit camp, deserted hastily. 1,A bar full of patrons, robbed by a group of women. 1,An angry man desperate to hide the parentage of a whore’s child. 1,A former independent soldier mourning the death of his wife due to an Alliance experiment. 1,A group of rebels waiting to strike at the Alliance. 1,A young girl, naked, packed into a cryogenic box for transport. 1,An antique laser pistol, the last of it's kind. 1,A beautiful con artist, pretending to be an innocent. 1,A pair of emotionless men, wearing blue gloves, on Alliance business. 1,An Alliance cruiser, on the lookout for scavengers. 1,A Browncoat veteran, down on his luck, involved in a dangerous scheme. 1,A fake distress beacon. </sgtable>

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