Field rations

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<sgdisplay iterations="1">Something edible for the soldier on the go</sgdisplay>



1,[Entree] Entree with [side], [snack], [juice], and a packet with [condimentpack], an individually wrapped [utensil], [condimentpack] and [condimentpack].


1,[meattype] Brisket 1,[meattype] sausage 1,[meattype] stew 1,[meattype] chili 1,[meattype] and noodles 1,[meattype] and rice 1,[meattype] and beans 1,[meattype] in [saucetype] sauce 1,Smoked [meattype] 1,[meattype] Lasagna 1,Spagetti and meatballs 1,[meattype] Burrito 1,Asian style [meattype] 1,[meattype] with veggies


5,Beef 3,Chicken 2,Lamb 3,Tuna 3,Salmon 2,Halibut 2,Bacon 2,Veggie 3,Pork 2,Molded protein 3,Soy 1,Veal 1,Pheasant 1,Caviar 1,Duck 1,Long pork 1,Dog 1,Cat 1,Pigeon


3,[taters] potatoes 2,[breadtype] 1,Tortillas 1,Crackers and [cheesetype] cheese


2,[cookie] 1,[berry] Ranger bar 1,[berry] cobbler 1,[berry] pie 1,[berry] muffin 1,[nut] muffin 1,[berry] granola 1,[nut] granola


1,[berry] drink 1,fruit punch 1,[berry] energy drink 1,pumpkin spice drink 1,[berry] electrolyte drink


3,instant coffee 2,an individually-wrapped [utensil] 2,[dice.1d6+1] sugar packets 2,salt and pepper packets 3,iodized salt 2,non-dairy creamer 3,a wet-nap 1,a compact toilet paper roll 1,grey pupon mustard 2,ketchup 1,hot sauce 1,mayonnaise 1,honey butter 1,a single-use toothbrush 1,[dice.1d4+1] condoms 1,paprika 1,chinese five-spice 1,nutmeg 1,allspice 1,red pepper flakes 1,Parmesan cheese


30,set of chopsticks 20,spoon 20,fork 30,spork 5,fish fork 20,butter knife 25,sporknife 3,lobster hammer


1,marinara 1,oyster 1,cheese 1,cream gravy 1,brown gravy 1,country gravy 1, [meattype] 1,veggie


1,Mashed 1,Garlic mashed 1,Baked 1,Country fried 1,Shoestring 1,Rosemary 1,Cheesy 1,Hashedbrown 1,Roasted fingerling 1,Scalloped 1,3 raw


1,blueberry 1,strawberry 1,cranberry 1,wildberry 1,raspberry 1,blackberry 1,apple 1,peach 1,pear 1,plum 1,apricot 1,tropical 1,orange 1,lemon-lime 1,lemon 1,grape 1,banana 1,loganberry 1,papaya 1,lychee berry


1,fig 1,pecan 1,peanut butter 1,coconut 1,almond 1,hazelnut 1,cashew 1,mixed nut


1,fudge brownie 1,carrot cake 1,Banana nut bread 1,lemon cake 1,coffeecake 1,sweet rolls 1,chocolate chip cookie 1,macadamia nut white chocolate chip cookie 1,oatmeal raisin cookie 1,snickerdoodle cookie 1,butter cookie 1,oreo cookies 1,thin mints 1,sugar cookie 1,peanut butter cookie 1,cinnamon roll


1,cornbread 1,fruitcake 1,raisin bread 1,soda bread 1,sourdough bread 1,pumpernickel 1,saltine crackers 1,graham crackers 1,buttermilk rolls 1,multigrain bread 1,garlic bread