Fantasy oracle compilation

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The idea is to compile a set of fantasy oracles with mostly compatible themes and little setting-specific jargon.

And the story will include...

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



8,[A Nest of Vipers Oracle.main] 1,[Against the forest oracle.main] 11,[Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.OracleResult] 7,[Blood and Sex Oracle.main] 3,[Cascadian Folklore Oracle.main] 1,[Champion of darkness.main] 9,[Conan Oracle.main] 1,[Dragon description.main] 8,[Elder Scrolls: Mephala's Web Oracle.main] 2,[Encounter-a-Day.fantasy] 1,[FantasyCampsite.Type][FantasyCampsite.Features] 2,[Fantasy Character Concept.main] 1,[Fantasy Pantheon.fulldescription] 1,[Fantasy Town Event.main] 8,[God Kings of War Oracle.main] 7,[Gorillaz Oracle.main] 4,[Harrow Oracle.main] 2,[Heavy Metal Fantasy Oracle.main] 1,[Land Between Two Rivers Oracle.clubs] 1,[Norse Oracle.main] 1,[One sentence NPC.general] 8,[Open story threads.tommi] 2,[Poetic Destinations.main] 3.[Samurai Oracle: Tales of mythic Japan.main] 9,[The Unquiet Past Oracle.main] 6,[Veshti Oracle: The Desolate Places.original] 6,[Veshti Oracle: All Too Human.StoughtonAllTooHuman] 2,[Wuxia Oracle.main] 1,The [Fantasy Oracle Maker.relationeither] of [Fantasy Scene.Character] at [Fantasy Town Feature.main]. 1,A [Fantasy Oracle Maker.maleperson] and [Fantasy Scene.Character], [Veshti Oracle: The Fractured City.multicharactivity] 3,[Fantasy Oracle Maker.multicharacters] 3,[Fantasy Oracle Maker.beasts]


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