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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]



1,[Fantasy Town Names.main],
Local customs:[TownCustomsIntro] [Rituals.eventAny] [Rituals.riteClause].
Town contains:
Inn: [Inn and Tavern Names.main], famous for its [FantasyMenu.Descriptor][FantasyMenu.MainMeals]
Inn: [Inn and Tavern Names.main], famous for its [FantasyMenu.Descriptor][FantasyMenu.MainMeals]
[Fantasy Town Feature Description.main]



1,It is the custom in this town 1,Strangers often find it curious here 1,One thing you should know: here it is completely normal 1,This is the only town I know where folks do this, but here it isn't at all unusual 1,New in town, eh? Well, don't be surprised 5,[Rituals.ritualStart]


1,a renowned [Fantasy Profession.maleanyclass] 1,a low-level aristocrat 1,the guild master of the [Fantasy Guild.main] 1,a famous [Fantasy Profession.maleanyclass] 1,a magistrate 1,a retired adventurer 1,a prominent [Fantasy Profession.maleanyclass] 3,[Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [Fantasy Profession.maleanyclass] 1,the heir to a great fortune 1,the son of a rich merchant house 1,a [Fantasy Military Unit.MilitaryRank] of the [Fantasy Military Unit.main]


5,[Fantasy Names.StartFemale], the daughter of [prominentpeoplemale] 1,a princess 1,a duchess


1,There is a growing trade dispute between the [Fantasy Guild.main] and the [Fantasy Guild.main] 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] is attempting to force the [Fantasy Guild.main] out of town 1,There is a recruiting drive by the [Fantasy Guild.main] 1,There has been a sharp rise in business for the [Fantasy Guild.main] 1,A prominent member of the [Fantasy Guild.main] [personeventclause] 1,The leader of the [Fantasy Guild.main] [personeventclause] 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] is allegedly all out of money and heavily in debt 1,There is intense competition between journeymen at the [Fantasy Guild.main] to see who will be named the next Master 1,Apprentices at the [Fantasy Guild.main] got into a fight with apprentices from the [Fantasy Guild.main] near the [Fantasy Town Feature.main] 1,Local law enforcement is investigating allegations of corruption at the [Fantasy Guild.main] 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] has jailed one of its officers for alleged embezzlement 1,Several high ranking members of the [Fantasy Guild.main] have spoken publicly about starting their own guild 1,The guildhouse of the [Fantasy Guild.main] has been burned in a fire 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] are throwing a gala to celebrate 100 years since its founding 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] has commissioned the building of a new guildhouse 1,Several low-level members of the [Fantasy Guild.main] have been found dead under mysterious circumstances 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] has just been founded 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] has decided to disband 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] has taken out a large loan from the [Fantasy Guild.main] for unknown reasons 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] may merge with the [Fantasy Guild.main] 1,Someone has broken into the guildhouse of the [Fantasy Guild.main] and made off with the treasury 1,A new tax has been enacted that threatens to drive the [Fantasy Guild.main] into the poorhouse 1,The [Fantasy Guild.main] has revoked membership from [Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle] for violations of guild rules 1,A [Fantasy Profession.maleanyclass] was found to have stolen a beautiful [Color.bright] amulet from [prominentpeoplefemale]. The amulet was returned to her and the perpetrator is in the stocks 1,An auction of smuggled goods that the constabulary have recently seized will be held at [Inn and Tavern Names.main] 1,There is to be a public execution of an infamous [Fantasy Profession.maleanyclass] who killed his wife 1,There have been a series of escalating incidents between rival gangs from the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.sections] and the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.sections] 1,Ruffians and pickpockets have increased activity near the [Fantasy Town Feature.main]. [crimeconsequence] 1,A fire was recently started near [Fantasy Town Feature.main] that is believed to have been arson 1,An unidentified body was recently found on [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.streets], believed to have been killed in a botched robbery attempt. [crimeconsequence] 1,A smuggler's tunnel was recently found that circumvented the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.defenses] 1,A [Fantasy Profession.maleanyclass]'s son was found with his tongue cut out, floating face-down at the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.water] 1,Several recently buried bodies have been desecrated by grave robbers at the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.deadpeople] 1,Recently, [Fantasy Town Feature Description.Gang Names] has declared war on [Fantasy Town Feature Description.Gang Names] 1,A crew of con-men has been duping merchants' wives in the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.sections] 1,A cache of forged coins was recently discovered near the [Fantasy Town Feature.main] 1,Unlicensed prostitutes were recently arrested at [Inn and Tavern Names.main] 1,The coach of [prominentpeoplemale] was waylaid by highwaymen on [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.streets]. [crimeconsequence] 1,The daughter of [prominentpeoplemale] has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom 1,Pirates have stolen [Ship Names.main], a ship that had been anchored at the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.shipping] 1,[Inn and Tavern Names.main] was raided and its owner arrested on charges of running an illegal [Tavern.PitFighting] ring 1,A band of gypsies has set up camp on the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.openarea] 1,Authorities have imposed a curfew in the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.sections] until further notice 1,A city watchman was stabbed in the back near the [Fantasy Town Feature.main] but is expected to recover from his wounds 2,There has been a rash of [generalcrimes] in the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.sections]. [crimeconsequence] 1,The cornerstone will be laid tomorrow for the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.buildings] 1,The Author of "[FantasyBooks.main]" will be signing copies and leading a discussion at the [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.openarea] 1,[Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle], [prominentpeoplemale], will be marrying [Fantasy Names.StartFemaleNoTitle] at [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.religious] 1,Services will be held for the late [Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle], [prominentpeoplemale], at [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.religious] 1,The [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.buildings] will be boarded up due to unexplained supernatural occurrences 1,The [Fantasy Military Unit.OrdinalNumber] Annual [FantasyMenu.Veggies] Festival commences this week 1,There will be a ceremony at [Fantasy Town Feature.inspiration] [Fantasy Town Feature.openarea] marking the dedication of a new [Fantasy Male Military Hero.ArtworkType] commemorating [Fantasy Male Military Hero.main]


1,treason 1,adultery 1,smuggling 1,murder 1,poisoning 1,arson 1,running an illegal gambling establishment 1,running an illegal prostitution ring 1,delving into dark magicks 1,conspiracy to overthrow the government 1,illegal trafficking in monsters 1,illegal trafficking of magical items 1,espionage 1,running a criminal enterprise 1,failing to pay taxes 1,corruption of youth


1,horse thievery 1,burglaries 1,pickpocketings 1,barfights 1,muggings 1,kidnappings 1,confidence schemes 1,banditry 1,unseemly and lewd behaviour


1, The city watch have announced they intend to increase patrols in the area. 1, The city watch have advised that they are concentrating on other areas and will be unable to provide relief immediately. 1, Visitors are advised to visit the area with caution. 1, A curfew has been announced for the area until further notice. 1, [Fantasy Town Feature Description.Gang Names] are believed to be responsible. A reward has been posted for information leading to arrests.