Fantasy Person Of Interest

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<sgdisplay iterations="10">[main]




1,A[Gender] [Race] [Job]


3,(rumored to be possessed) 1,(rumored to be a werewolf) 1,(rumored to be a demon) 1,(rumored to be a vampire) 1,(rumored to be a doppelganger) 7,(rumored to actually be a[Gender] [Race] [Job] in disguise) 5,(rumored to be [Leader]) 5,(rumored to be allied to a group of [Humanoids]) 5,(rumored to possess [Found in a crate.main] of unusual properties) 5,(rumored to possess a magical [Weapon]) 5,(rumored to possess an important book) 8,(rumored to be the lover of a powerful [Job])


5,(married to a powerful [Job]) 5,(ex-lover of a powerful [Job]) 5,(lover of a powerful [Job]) 5,(soon to be wed to a powerful [Job]) 5,(possesses an important book) 5,(possesses a magical [Weapon]) 5,(possesses [Found in a crate.main] of unusual properties) 1,(actually a doppelganger) 5,(actually a[Gender] [Race] [Job] in disguise) 1,(actually a(n) [Weird Fantasy Monster.main]) 5,(secretly allied to a group of [Humanoids]) 5,(actually [Leader]) 1,(actually an automaton) 5,(sibling of a powerful [Job]) 5,(spouse of an NPC known to the players) 5,(lover of an NPC known to the players) 5,(ex-lover of an NPC known to the players)


1,weasel 1,idol 1,disc 1,symbol 1,skull 1,crown 1,tiara 1,mask 1,teacup 1,pair of gloves 1,cloak 1,hat 1,emerald 1,pearl 1,diamond 1,sapphire 1,onyx 1,opal 1,jade 1,amulet 1,shield 1,sword 1,bow 1,net 1,whip 1,staff 1,mace 1,morning-star 1,scythe 1,sickle 1,warhammer 1,war axe 1,throwing axe 1,spiked chain 1,dagger 1,ring 1,egg 1,torch 1,bracelet 1,grape 1,jewel 1,lamp 1,oven 1,ruby


1,goblinoids 1,dark elves 1,jackal-headed warriors 1,hyena-like humanoids 1,crow-headed creatures 1,leopard-people 1,goat-headed warriors 1,lizardfolk 1,snake-people 1,cannibal halflings 1,devildwarves 1,unnatural humans


1,a toad demon 1,a gnoll 1,a hobgoblin 1,a lizardperson 1,a half-orc 1,a werejaguar 1,a werewolf 1,a spider centaur 1,a dryad 1,a flesh golem 1,a hag 1,a lamia 1,a manticore 1,a medusa 1,a naga 1,a night hag 1,a rakshasa 1,a troll 1,a wraith 1,a cthuloid demon 1,a witch


30, male 30, female 1,n androgynous


60, 15,elven 5,dwarven 5,halfling 5,half-orc 5,half-elf 1,possibly doppelganger 1,possibly not-entirely human


5,-Lvl 1- 6,-Lvl 2- 7,-Lvl 3- 8,-Lvl 4- 7,-Lvl 5- 6,-Lvl 6- 5,-Lvl 7- 4,-Lvl 8- 3,-Lvl 9- 2,-Lvl 10- 1,-Lvl 11- 1,-Lvl 12- 1,-Lvl 13- 1,-Lvl 14- 1,-Lvl 15- 1,-Lvl 20-


1,cleric ([Level]) 1,fighter ([Level]) 1,paladin ([Level]) 1,barbarian ([Level]) 1,wizard ([Level]) 1,thief ([Level]) 1,assassin ([Level]) 1,druid ([Level]) 1,ranger ([Level]) 1,witch ([Level]) 1,archer ([Level]) 1,assassin ([Level]) 1,bandit ([Level]) 1,jester 1,battlemage ([Level]) 1,battlepriest ([Level]) 1,caravan leader ([Level]) 1,cavalier ([Level]) 1,cleric ([Level]) 1,duelist ([Level]) 1,exorcist 1,explorer 1,geomancer 1,guide 1,healer 1,hunter ([Level]) 1,huntsman ([Level]) 1,knight ([Level]) 1,mercenary ([Level]) 1,pirate ([Level]) 1,priest ([Level]) 1,raider ([Level]) 1,ranger ([Level]) 1,sailor 1,scout 1,ship's captain ([Level] fighter) 1,soldier ([Level]) 1,soldier of fortune ([Level]) 1,strategist 1,swashbuckler ([Level]) 1,templar ([Level]) 1,warlord ([Level]) 1,warrior ([Level]) 1,armorer 1,armorsmith 1,blacksmith 1,coppersmith 1,cooper 1,ferrier 1,goldsmith 1,jeweler 1,journeyman 1,leathersmith 1,locksmith 1,master jeweler 1,master smith 1,metalsmith 1,milliner 1,silversmith 1,tanner 1,tinsmith 1,trapsmith 1,weaponsmith 1,architect 1,artisan 1,bricklayer 1,carpenter 1,cartwright 1,craftsman 1,draftsman 1,fletcher 1,framer 1,furrier 1,gemcutter 1,glassblower 1,glovemaker 1,glover 1,journeyman 1,mason 1,master artisan 1,master carpenter 1,master craftsman 1,master weaver 1,miller 1,painter 1,potter 1,roofer 1,shipwright 1,shoemaker 1,stonecutter 1,tailor 1,tanner 1,tinker 1,toymaker 1,trapper 1,stonemason 1,thatcher 1,weaver 1,woodcutter 1,auctioneeer 1,baker 1,basket maker 1,brewer 1,butcher 1,chandler 1,cobbler 1,eelmonger 1,fishmonger 1,flower seller 1,haberdasher 1,hatter 1,hawker 1,huckster 1,ironmonger 1,merchant 1,peddler 1,shieldmonger 1,shopkeep 1,spice merchant 1,trader 1,vendor 1,vintner 1,waremonger 1,weaponmonger 1,acrobat 1,actor 1,animal trainer 1,artist 1,author 1,bandmaster 1,bear-tamer 1,beast tamer 1,choirmember 1,chorister 1,composer 1,contortionist 1,dancer 1,drummer 1,fire-breather 1,gladiator 1,jester 1,jongleur 1,juggler 1,lutist 1,master performer 1,minstrel 1,musician 1,painter 1,piper 1,pit fighter 1,playwright 1,poet 1,puppeteer 1,singer 1,soothsayer 1,stage magician 1,storyteller 1,tattoo artist 1,troubadour 1,wrestler 1,writer 1,abbot 1,battlepriest ([Level]) 1,chanter 1,cleric ([Level]) 1,clerk 1,counselor 1,cultist ([Level] cleric) 1,fanatic ([Level] cleric) 1,healer 1,heirophant 1,herbalist 1,hermit 1,high priest ([Level] cleric) 1,inquisitor 1,itinerant 1,medic 1,missionary 1,monk 1,pardoner 1,philosopher 1,pilgrim 1,priest ([Level]) 1,prophet 1,religious fanatic 1,sage 1,saint 1,scribe 1,supplicant 1,templar 1,thaumaturge 1,vicar 1,zealot 1,aeromancer ([Level]) 1,alchemist ([Level]) 1,archmage ([Level]) 1,battlemage ([Level]) 1,blood mage ([Level]) 1,bonecaster 1,conjurer ([Level]) 1,demonologist ([Level]) 1,diviner 1,druid ([Level]) 1,enchanter ([Level]) 1,evoker ([Level]) 1,exorcist ([Level]) 1,geomancer ([Level]) 1,hedge witch ([Level]) 1,hex witch ([Level]) 1,hydromancer ([Level]) 1,illusionist ([Level]) 1,invoker ([Level]) 1,mage ([Level]) 1,necromancer ([Level]) 1,oracle 1,pyromancer ([Level]) 1,rune caster 1,sorcerer ([Level]) 1,warlock ([Level]) 1,witch ([Level]) 5,wizard ([Level]) 1,academic 1,alchemist 1,author 1,cartographer 1,copyist 1,counselor 1,dean 1,draftsman 1,engineer 1,eggler (sells eggs) 1,inventor 1,librarian 1,man of letters 1,master scribe 1,mathematician 1,navigator 1,professor 1,sage 1,scholar 1,shoolmaster 1,scientist 1,scribe 1,student 1,writer 1,advisor 1,advocate (lawyer) 1,ambassador 1,appraiser 1,bailiff 2,baron 1,baronet 1,chancellor 1,clerk 1,collector 1,count 1,courier 1,detective 1,diplomat 2,duke 5,emissary 1,executioner 1,grand advisor 1,grand inquisitor 1,hangman 1,empress/emperor 1,monarch 1,inquisitor 1,judge 1,lawyer 1,lord/lady 1,magistrate 1,mayor 3,page 1,ruler 1,scribe 1,tax collector 1,torturer 1,warden 1,archer ([Level]) 1,bodyguard ([Level]) 1,captain ([Level]) 1,cavalier ([Level]) 1,chief of the watch ([Level]) 1,constable ([Level]) 1,gatekeeper ([Level]) 1,general ([Level]) 1,guard ([Level]) 1,hunter ([Level]) 1,huntsman ([Level]) 1,master of hounds ([Level]) 1,militia ([Level]) 1,ranger ([Level]) 1,recruiter 1,sailor ([Level]) 1,scout ([Level]) 1,sharpshooter ([Level]) 1,soldier ([Level]) 1,warlord ([Level]) 1,warrior ([Level]) 1,watchman ([Level]) 1,accountant 1,aristocrat 1,banker 1,baron 1,baronet 1,bureaucrat 1,businessman 1,butler 1,chancellor 1,count 1,dandy 1,doctor 1,duelist 1,duke 1,falconer 1,fop 1,high official 1,horseman 1,husbandryman 1,interpreter 1,king/queen 1,knight ([Level]) 1,landlord 1,landowner 1,lord/lady 1,messenger 1,moneychanger 1,noble 1,philanthropist 1,scholar 1,scientist 1,servant 1,slave 1,slavemaster 1,usurer 1,arsonist 1,assassin ([Level]) 1,bandit ([Level]) 1,beggar 1,lunatic 1,idiot 1,brawler 1,burglar ([Level]) 1,cad 1,con artist 1,crime lord ([Level]) 1,criminal mastermind ([Level]) 1,crook ([Level]) 1,cutpurse ([Level]) 1,drug dealer 1,escaped convict 1,fortune teller 1,gambler 1,grave robber 1,gypsy 1,hired hand 1,highwayman ([Level]) 1,kidnapper ([Level] thief) 1,mercenary ([Level]) 1,pickpocket ([Level]) 1,pirate ([Level] fighter ([Level]) thief) 1,prankster 1,saboteur 1,swashbuckler ([Level]) 1,thief ([Level]) 1,thug 1,vagabond 1,wastrel 1,alehound 1,barber 1,barkeep 1,barman 1,beekeeper 1,beggar 1,boatman 1,chimneysweep 1,commoner 1,cook 1,dogcatcher 1,dock worker 1,drunk 1,elder 1,exterminator of insects and rats 1,ferryman 1,fisherman 1,gardener 1,gravedigger 1,handyman 1,hunter ([Level]) 1,immigrant 1,indentured servant 1,innkeeper 1,leper 1,longshoreman 1,madman 1,matchmaker 1,miner 1,miser 1,panhandler 1,outcast 1,pacifist 1,pauper 1,peasant 1,pigherd 1,rat catcher 1,refugee 1,runaway 1,serf 1,servant 1,slave 1,stableman 1,student 1,town crier 1,traveler 1,undertaker 1,urchin 1,village idiot 1,widow 1,woodsman