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<sgdisplay iterations="2">[Name], a [MilitaryUnprofession]. [MartialIndistinguishment] he [FoughtAdverb] [FoughtVerb] a [Group] the [TribalHumanoids], [WarReason].

<sgdisplay iterations="2">[Name], a [MilitaryUnprofession]. [MartialIndistinguishment] he [FoughtAdverb] [FoughtVerb] [IndividualEnemy], [WarReason].

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[Name], a [MilitaryUnprofession]. [MartialIndistinguishment] he [DidSomethingStupid], [WarReason].



1,[Name], a [MilitaryUnprofession]. [MartialSentence]


10,[Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle] the [Dishonorific] 5,[ScottishMale.main] the [Dishonorific] 5,[German Male.main] the [Dishonorific] 5,[Catholic Saint Names.main] the [Dishonorific] 3,[German Male.germanmale] the [Dishonorific] 1,[Dishonorific] [Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle] 1,[Dishonorific] [ScottishMale.main] 1,[Dishonorific] [German Male.germanmale] 1,[Dishonorific] [ScottishMale.ScottishMaleFirstName]


1,Abject 1,Afraid 1,Alarmed 1,Anxious 1,Apprehensive 1,Ass 1,Awkward 1,Backward 1,Bad 1,Base 1,Bawdy 1,Beggar 1,Bereft 1,Blase 1,Boorish 1,Boring 1,Boycotter 1,Castrated 1,Cheap 1,Chicken 1,Chickenhearted 1,Clean 1,Clean-Booted 1,Cloying 1,Cockney 1,Common 1,Commonplace 1,Contemptible 1,Cowardly 1,Cowed 1,Cowering 1,Craven 1,Cur 1,Dastardly 1,Defenseless 1,Dejected 1,Deplorable 1,Despicable 1,Despondent 1,Destitute 1,Detestable 1,Diffident 1,Disastrous 1,Disenchanted 1,Disgrace 1,Disgraceful 1,Dishonorable 1,Dismayed 1,Distressed 1,Disturbed 1,Doleful 1,Dolorous 1,Draft Dodger 1,Drunk 1,Drunkard 1,Dull 1,Dullard 1,Dumb 1,Effeminate 1,Emasculate 1,Enervated 1,Exhausted 1,Faint 1,Fainthearted 1,Fat 1,Feeble 1,Filthy 1,Finicky 1,Flaccid 1,Foolish 1,Forgetful 1,Forlorn 1,Foul 1,Frail 1,Frightened 1,Fruitless 1,Fussy 1,Futile 1,Genteel 1,Gutless 1,Haughty 1,Hazardous 1,Heinous 1,Helpless 1,Hopeless 1,Ignoble 1,Imbecile 1,Inadequate 1,Incapable 1,Incomprehensible 1,Inconceivably Drunk 1,Inconsolable 1,Incontinent 1,Inferior 1,Introverted 1,Jittery 1,Jitterer 1,Joke 1,Ladylike 1,Lascivious 1,Lecherous 1,Lewd 1,Lily-Livered 1,Liquored 1,Long-Winded 1,Lost 1,Lush 1,Lowborn 1,Mad 1,Meager 1,Measly 1,Meek 1,Miserable 1,Miserly 1,Misshapen 1,Morbidly Obese 1,Mouse 1,Mousy 1,Mundane 1,Nervous 1,Numb 1,Obese 1,Old 1,Onerous 1,Outrageous 1,Paltry 1,Panicky 1,Particular 1,Pathetic 1,Petrified 1,Picayune 1,Pickled 1,Picky 1,Piddling 1,Pigeon-Heart 1,Pitied 1,Pitiful 1,Poltroon 1,Poorly Dressed 1,Portly 1,Powerless 1,Pretender 1,Pretentious 1,Pudgy 1,Puny 1,Pusillanimous 1,Quavering 1,Quivering 1,Primadonna 1,Rat 1,Rattled 1,Recreant 1,Rodent 1,Rotund 1,Round 1,Runt 1,Rustbucket 1,Sad 1,Scabbed 1,Scared 1,Shabby 1,Shaky 1,Shameful 1,Shivering 1,Shy 1,Sissy 1,Sleepy 1,Smelly 1,Soft 1,Soggy 1,Sordid 1,Spineless 1,Squeamish 1,Squirrel 1,Stilted 1,Stingy 1,Stodgy 1,Stupid 1,Sweaty 1,Swooning 1,Tarnished 1,Teeny 1,Tender 1,Terrified 1,Timid 1,Timorous 1,Tiny 1,Tipsy 1,Tragic 1,Trembling 1,Trifling 1,Trivial 1,Troubled 1,Ugly 1,Unassertive 1,Unbearable 1,Unimportant 1,Uninteresting 1,Unstable 1,Untrustworthy 1,Unworthy 1,Useless 1,Vain 1,Vapid 1,Villainous 1,Wavering 1,Weak 1,Weak-Kneed 1,Weak-Stomached 1,Whiteknuckled 1,Wimp 1,Womanish 1,Womanly 1,Worm 1,Worthless 1,Wretch 1,Wretched 1,Yellow 1,Yellow-Bellied


1,[MilitaryRank] in the [Fantasy Military Unit.main]


3,[MartialIndistinguishment] he [FoughtAdverb] [FoughtVerb] a [Group] the [TribalHumanoids], [WarReason]. 3,[MartialIndistinguishment] he [FoughtAdverb] [FoughtVerb] [IndividualEnemy], [WarReason]. 4,[MartialIndistinguishment] he [DidSomethingStupid], [WarReason].


4,traded all of his unit's [Provisions] for [Flair] 3,led an entire [Unit] patrol [LedWrong] because [LostReason] 3,[UsedProvisions] 3,[MagicUser] 1,forgot to put on his pantaloons before going to role call 1,piddled his armor after seeing his own shadow


1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to add bounce and volume to his hair 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to makes his whites whiter and his brights brighter 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to put some real pop in his pep 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to cheat his whole squad on poker nights 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to evade doing any real work 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to keep his hands soft, moisturized, and pleasant-smelling 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to hide at the first sign of the enemy 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to unsuccessfully increase his chances with women-folk 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to turn his armor into a glittery, zinc-studded leather jumpsuit 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to turn into (more of) a fairy and fly away from the enemy 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to make his arrows never miss, but it had the opposite effect 1,[Honed] his [MagicalPowers] to cause the general to evacuate the whole camp


1,abused 1,honed 1,implemented 1,perfected 1,used


1,[Magical] [Powers]


1,arcane 1,magical 1,magical disco 1,mystical 1,otherwise mundane 1,pathetic 1,unimpressive


1,abilities 1,might 1,powers 1,prowess 1,skills


1,ate his entire unit's food rations in one [UsedTime] 1,drank his entire unit's beer rations in one [UsedTime] 1,drank his entire unit's water supply in one [UsedTime] 1,ate his entire unit's food rations in one [UsedPatrol] 1,drank his entire unit's beer rations in one [UsedPatrol] 1,drank his entire unit's water supply in one [UsedPatrol] 1,gambled away his entire unit's payroll money in one [UsedTime] 1,spent his entire year's payroll money in one [UsedTime] 1,gambled away his entire unit's payroll money in one game 1,accidentally lost all his unit's horses in one [UsedTime] 1,gambled away his whole unit's horses in one game 1,sold all his unit's horses to pay for his freakishly outlandish [Addiction] 1,spent his entire year's payroll money on his [Addiction] 1,spent his entire unit's payroll money on his [Addiction]


1,brothel dues 1,clothes 1,clothing 1,drinking addiction 1,gambling addiction 1,garb 1,golfing outfit 1,outfit 1,shoe collection 1,uniform


1,march 1,patrol 1,sitting


1,fortnight 1,week 1,day


1,he forgot the map in his other trousers 1,he had the map rotated 90 degrees 1,he had the map upside down 1,he knew the way by heart 1,he lost the map at a latrine break 1,he smudged the map after using it as a [Mapkin] 1,he sold the map for [Flair] 1,he was going on instinct 1,he wouldn't listen to his sergeant 1,he wouldn't stop for directions


1,bib 1,cleaning rag 1,handkerchief 1,makeshift bandage 1,napkin 1,rag 1,makeshift tourniquet


1,back to his own capitol 1,back through his own lines 1,over a cliff 1,around in circles for [Circles] 1,right into the hands of the enemy 1,to its demise 1,to certain doom 1,into the river


1,a fortnight 1,a month 1,a week 1,days 1,weeks 1,months 1,three weeks 1,two weeks 1,two months


1,ammo 1,armor 1,beer 1,equipment 1,food 1,food and water 1,hard cider 1,horses 1,livestock 1,payroll money 1,water 1,weapons 1,weapons and equipment


1,a [Phony] [FlairFake] 1,a [FlairCool] [FlairItem]


1,phony 1,fake 1,bogus


1,golden egg 1,genie bottle 1,invincibility potion 1,love potion 1,magic compass 1,magic mirror 1,magic vanity mirror 1,magic love potion 1,potion of charisma 1,magic wand 1,magic masculinity potion


1,chic 1,cool-looking 1,dandy 1,delightful 1,exquisite 1,fabulous 1,fancy 1,fashionable 1,foppish 1,lovely 1,new 1,nice 1,nifty-looking 1,posh 1,quite attractive 1,racy 1,stylish 1,sweet 1,vogue


1,baldric 1,baldric fob 1,coin purse 1,fedora 1,hair brush 1,hair comb 1,pair of cuff links 1,pair of kid gloves 1,pair of shoes 1,pair of silk breeches 1,pair of spectacles 1,pair of suede gloves 1,riding cap 1,silk tunic


1,abused 1,bashed 1,gaffed at 1,mocked 1,openly mocked 1,panned 1,ridiculed 1,scathed 1,scrutinized


1,He undistinguished himself when 1,He rose to infamy after 1,He became a legendary coward when 1,He became a local villain when 1,He lost his family's honor after 1,He disappeared from human society after 1,He fled the service after 1,His cowardice was comemmorated in a [WrittenRemembrances] after 1,He is mainly known through the sarcastic and satirical [WrittenRemembrances] about the incident when 1,As a joke, his unit commissioned a [WrittenRemembrances] written about the time 1,He was [Abused] in a [WrittenRemembrances] written about the time 1,He [Protested] the writing of a [WrittenRemembrances] about the time 1,He became a household laughingstock because of the [WrittenRemembrances] written about the time 1,He is mockingly depicted in a [ArtworkRemembrances] about the time 1,He is infamous for the occasion on which 1,He is worst-known for the occasion on which 1,He is remembered in drinking songs for the time 1,He is barely remembered for the incident when 1,He secured his lowly place in history when 1,He abandoned his town when 1,He became the village idiot after 1,He received a field demotion after 1,He is considered a complete failure for the time 1,A latrine in his hometown bears his name for the occasion when 1,An outhouse in his hometown bears his name for the occasion when 1,A gong heap in his hometown bears his name for the occasion when 1,A garbage dump in his hometown bears his name for the occasion when 1,He is not remembered by his hometown after 1,He was incredibly unpopular at court after 1,He was decommissioned when 1,He gave all blame to his unit when 1,Although safely behind friendly lines, 1,Though his kingdom spent thousands of gold teaching him the art of war, 1,Though his kingdom wasted thousands of gold in his combat training, 1,His grave is regularly defaced for the time 1,His name is often taken in vain because of the legend of when


1,feebly contested 1,feebly protested 1,openly contested 1,openly protested 1,vehemently contested 1,vehemently protested


1,adjutant 1,aide 1,aide-de-camp 1,band member 1,boot-shiner 1,bugler 1,butler 1,clerk 1,cook 1,cot warmer 1,drummer boy 1,field sanitation officer 1,fife player 1,finance clerk 1,finance officer 1,food taster 1,janitor 1,logistician 1,logistics officer 1,lute player 1,mail runner 1,personal assistant 1,personnel officer 1,personnel clerk 1,postmaster 1,quartermaster 1,service clerk 1,sommellier 1,staff officer 1,staff assistant 1,supply clerk 1,supply officer 1,support officer 1,tailor 1,tax officer 1,unit chronicler 1,unit clerk 1,unit historian 1,wine taster


1,already wounded member of 2,disarmed member of 4,fleeing member of 1,gravely wounded member of 1,greviously wounded member of 1,heavily wounded member of 4,lone member of 1,mortally wounded member of 2,pacifist from 1,passive member of 1,poorly trained member of 3,single member of 2,smallish member of 1,sole member of 1,tiny member of 4,unarmed member of 2,unassuming member of 1,unsuspecting member of 2,untrained member of 1,weakling from


2,ballad 2,bard's tale 3,book 1,drinking song 4,long-form epic poem 1,limerick 1,novella 2,poignant opera 4,poem 1,propaganda leaflet 4,song 5,story 1,three-volume novel


1,[ArtworkAdj] [ArtworkType]


1,shoddily crafted 1,infamous 1,forgettable 1,little-known


4,illuminated book 5,painting 1,permanent illusion 2,sculpture 5,statue 4,tapestry 3,field manual 3,training manual


15,[Orc Names.main], [MilitaryRank] of the [Orc Tribe Name.main] [TribalHumanoids] 7,[Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle], who led the [TribalHumanoids]


1,brownies 1,faeries 1,halflings 1,midgets 1,pixies 1,street children 1,women-folk 1,[Number] Amputee [Unit] 1,[Number] Blind Bowmen's [Unit] 1,[Number] Bowling [Unit] 1,[Number] Children's [Unit] 1,[Number] Crippled Auxiliary [Unit] 1,[Number] Elderly Support [Unit] 1,[Number] Laundry And Sewing [Unit] 1,[Number] Nearsighted Archer's [Unit] 1,[Number] One-Legged Skirmisher [Unit] 1,[Number] Peace [Unit] 1,[Number] Peaceful Protest [Unit] 1,[Number] Peacetime Defense [Unit] 1,[Number] Retired Pacifist's [Unit] 1,[Number] Retiree [Unit] 1,[Number] Runaway Youth [Unit] 1,[Number] Washer-Women's [Unit] 1,[Number] Women's Reserve [Unit] 1,[Number] Wounded Veteran's [Unit] 1,[Number] Youth Scout [Unit]


1,1st 1,2nd 1,3rd 1,4th 1,5th 1,6th 1,7th 1,8th 1,9th 1,[Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]1st 1,[Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]2nd 1,[Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]3rd 1,[Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]4th 1,[Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]5th 1,[Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]6th 1,[Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]7th 1,[Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]8th 1,[Dice.1d8][Dice.1d8]9th


1,Army 1,Battalion 1,Brigade 1,Company 1,Corps 1,Division 1,Element 1,Platoon 1,Section 1,Squad 1,Team


1,while attempting to [Flee] from his [HumanSettlement] against enemy incursions 1,while attempting to [Flee] from his [HumanSettlement] against enemy invasions 1,while [Flee]ing from his [HumanSettlement] against enemy ravages 1,as he [Fled] from his [HumanSettlement] 1,as he [Fled] from his [HumanSettlement] from the enemy's constant raids 1,while [Flee]ing from his [HumanSettlement] against enemy aggression 1,while enroute to go and cry in a nearby well 1,while trying to [Surrender] after the destruction of his village at enemy hands 1,as he [Fled] from an imagined foe 1,as he [Fled] from some make-believe enemy force 1,while surrendering his entire [HumanSettlement] 1,adding to the dishonour of his [HumanSettlement] 1,dishonoring both the gods and his ancestors 1,as he tried to [Surrender] after the death of his lover at enemy hands 1,but thankfully died of a paper-cut a few days later 1,but died a few days later when he slipped on a banana peel 1,but exactly 24 hours later fell down dead for no apparent reason 1,in order to cower behind a nearby rock 1,for many years until he died of shame 1,until he was found shivering inside a closet 1,until he was [Executed] for his infamy 5,and was well-known for his comical lack of skill with the [HumanRacialWeapon] 1,and was distinctive for the [Color.bright] [HumanRacialWeapon] that he never used 1,and was distinctive for the [Color.bright] [HumanRacialWeapon] that he only used as a walking stick 1,and was said to go to war with a fake [HumanRacialWeapon] 2,and was easily recognizable for his rainbow-colored armor 1,and was said to regularly forget his [HumanRacialWeapon] in the latrine 1,until they captured him while he fled 1,until they captured him while running from his own lines 10,and was known for his [AdmirableQuality] 1,because he was never popular as a child 1,despite orders from his commander to attack the enemy 1,despite orders from his commander to charge the enemy 1,despite orders from his commander to hold the line 1,despite orders from his commander to not retreat 1,in a feat of stupidity that is sung about to this day 3,proving his skill with the [HumanRacialWeapon] to be the slapstick stuff of a true court jester 3,ensuring that his skill with the [HumanRacialWeapon] remains largely unknown 1,until he had to rejoin his men because he forgot his weapon in the latrine 1,until the remaining enemies laughed at him 1,until the remaining enemies belittled and scorned him 1,a feat for which he gave complete blame to his fellow soldiers 1,and was despised by the men he served with 3,and was easily recognizable because he rode a miniature [HumanUnusualSteed] into the field 5,and was easily recognizable because he rode a [HumanUnusualSteed] into the field 5,and was distinctive for his cute little pet [HumanUnusualPet], which accompanied him into the field


1,beheaded 1,executed 1,hung 1,sent to the gallows 1,sent to the guillotine 1,sentenced to death 1,sentenced to hanging 1,summarily executed


1,[Beg] an armistice 1,[Beg] a ceasefire 1,[Beg] an end to aggressions 1,[Beg] a peace agreement 1,[Beg] for mercy 1,[Beg] for peace 1,[Beg] a truce 1,[Beg] a treaty 1,surrender 1,unconditionally surrender


1,ask for 1,beg for 1,plea for 1,seek


1,abscond 1,bolt 1,cut and run 1,defect 1,eschew 1,escape 1,flee 1,hightail it 1,leave 1,make a getaway 1,pull out 1,retreat 1,run away 1,run 1,scamper 1,scram


1,ability to be baffled by simple children's games 1,ability to get hopelessly lost in his own quarters 1,beard so long it dipped into his soup 1,breaking down like a blubbering baby under pressure 1,complete abuse of pay, equipment and supplies 1,crossed eyes and near-toothless grin 1,dishonourable practices when playing dice and cards 1,enormously thick spectacles 1,glass jaw and soft, half-hearted punches 1,inability to lead men into battle 1,lazy eye and never-used [HumanRacialWeapon] 1,long-winded, rambling soliloquies 1,monstrous obesity 1,record-shattering failure at the military academy 1,regularly being outmaneuvered by the enemy 1,regularly pushing the general to evacuate the whole camp and surrender 1,scraggly, wiry three-tone beard 1,sheer cowardice 1,thin, laughable moustache 1,thorough lack of any form of common sense 1,thunderous flatulence 1,triple chin 1,unfounded tales of bravery about battles he never participated in 1,utter lack of personal discipline


4,city 3,country 2,farm 1,hamlet 4,home 3,homeland 1,island 3,lands 3,lord's castle 3,nation 5,town 8,village


1,[Swords.StartNoDescription] 1,[Bows.BowType] 1,[XBows.XBowType] 1,[Lances.StartNoDescription]


1,calf 1,camel 1,cow 1,donkey 1,flying pony 1,mule 1,nag 1,ox 1,pegasus 1,pony 1,unicorn


1,bunny 1,chinchilla 1,doggy 1,ferret 1,finch 1,guinea pig 1,house cat 1,kitten 1,kitty cat 1,poodle 1,puppy 1,puppy dog 1,rabbit 1,terrier 1,weasel 1,wiener dog


10,[Fled] from 1,refrained from fighting 1,was ambushed by 1,slept through an attack by 1,surrendered to 1,begged for mercy from 1,raised the white flag against 1,defected to 1,was captured by 1,lost an easily-defendable [Utility.Terrains] from 1,gave an easily-defendable [Utility.Terrains] to 1,muttered under his breath about having to fight 1,thought about maybe conducting raids against 1,was insulted by 1,failed to defend against 1,failed to take the field against 1,hid from fighting 1,retreated from battle with 1,avoided armed conflict with 1,failed to stop 1,acquiesced to 1,bowed to 1,inspired his warriors to flee against 1,ordered his warriors to retreat from 1,invaded the harems of 1,laid a catastrophically unsuccessful ambush for 1,laid an terrible failure of a siege against 1,led a charge from the rear against 1,led retreats deep into friendly territory when faced by 1,was outmaneouvered by 1,was overcome by 1,was overran by 1,lost against 1,shielded himself from 1,allowed his unit's standard to be captured by 1,surrendered his unit's standard to


1,absconded 1,bolted 1,cowered 1,cut and ran 1,eschewed 1,escaped 1,fled 1,hid 1,hightailed it 1,retreated 1,ran away 1,ran 1,scampered


3, 2,passively 2,meekly 1,coweringly 1,softly 1,cautiously 1,shamefully 1,half-heartedly 1,meagerly 1,stupidly 1,foolishly 1,indecisively 1,pathetically 1,infamously 1,fearfully 1,cheaply 1,dishonourably 1,forgettably 1,regrettably 1,pitifully 1,recklessly 1,disgracefully 1,despicably 1,effeminately 1,futilely 1,inadequately </sgtable>

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