Fantasy Character Concept

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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]



1,A [personality] [profession] is [personal goal]. 1,[Pickpocket.NPCDescriptor] [NPC] is [personal goal].


1,[Pickpocket.PoorNPC] 1,[Pickpocket.MidNPC] 1,[Pickpocket.RichNPC]


1,bitter 1,brave 1,clever 1,clumsy 1,compassionate 1,cowardly 1,crazed 1,cunning 1,experienced 1,foolhardy 1,foolish 1,foppish 1,forlorn 1,humble 1,lovesick 1,lustful 1,lying 1,mean 1,misguided 1,naive 1,nebbish 1,noble 1,pious 1,remorseful 1,ruthless 1,seasoned 1,silver-tongued 1,sly 1,vengeful 1,veteran 1,well-meaning but dull-witted 1,wise 1,young and impressionable


1,acolyte 1,air pirate 1,archer 1,archmage 1,bandit 1,barbarian 1,bard 1,barkeep 1,baron 1,conjurer 1,druid 1,duchess 1,duke 1,farmer 1,god 1,hunter 1,innkeeper 1,jester 1,knight 1,martial artist 1,monarch 1,necromancer 1,oracle 1,pickpocket 1,pirate 1,priest(ess) 1,prince(ss) 1,prophet 1,rogue 1,savage 1,shaman 1,smuggler 1,sorcerer 1,sorceress 1,spy 1,squire 1,summoner 1,swashbuckler 1,thief 1,urchin 1,warlord 1,warrior 1,wizard 1,youth

personal goal

1,afraid of being recognized by an old acquaintaince 1,afraid of her uncontrollable powers 1,doomed to wander the world 1,engineering the downfall of the Empire 1,fighting for the rights of the common people 1,fighting to regain the throne 1,fleeing a dark past 1,hoping to undo the tragedy he has wrought 1,looking for redemption 1,looking to take over a powerful crime syndicate 1,masquerading as a [personality] [profession] who is the heir to a fortune 1,out for revenge 1,planning the heist of the decade 1,raising an army of mercenaries 1,reduced to stealing to survive 1,reluctant to fight, despite great skill at it 1,searching for a holy relic 1,searching for a legendary weapon 1,trying to find a cure before it is too late 1,trying to find a place to call home 1,trying to get a date 1,trying to prove himself to his unrequited love 1,trying to unite the barbarian tribes against a common enemy 4,seeking the [legendary location]

legendary location

1,Castle in the Clouds 1,City of Gold 1,Edge of the World 1,Entrance to the Underworld 1,Garden of Earthly Delights 1,Invisible City 1,Lost Gold Mines of the Dead 1,Lost Isle 1,Mountain of the Gods 1,Sunken City 3,[Poetic Destinations.main]


Inspired by this post at Deep in the Game. You might also try the Pulp Character Concept.