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1,A[Theme] tale where the party attempts to [Goal]. They are drawn in because of [Hook]. It mostly takes place [GeneralSetting], with key events also at [SpecificSetting] and [SpecificSetting]. Aided by [AlliesNeutrals] but opposed by the [MasterVillains] and his minions, the [MinorVillains] and the [MinorVillains], the basic plot is [Plot], ending with [Climax]. Along the way, they will have to fight a [MonsterEncounters], deal with a [CharacterEncounters], and maybe even avoid getting caught in a [Traps].


8,n Action/Adventure 2, Comedy 3,n Espionage 4, Horror 3, Mystery 1, Revenge 1, Romance


1,clear their name 1,escape 2,explore a new area 1,encounter an old villain 2,gain money 2,gain power 2,protect endangered NPCs 1,rescue NPCs 1,retrieve an item 1,settle a debt 2,survive the environment 3,thwart a monstrous plan 1,win a war 1,prevent a war


4,a dying delivery 2,grim necessity 2,a Hero offended 2,legend and rumour 1,a case of mistaken identity 2,a mysterious woman 3,an old enemy 2,an old friend 2,someone pressing the PC’s buttons 2,an attempt on the PC’s life


1,on an alternate Plane 38,in a cosmopolitan city 5,in an exotic distant land 5,in a hero’s home town 20,on the road 10,on the sea 10,in torturous terrain 8,underground 2,under the sea


5,catacombs 5,caves of magical folk 10,a classic dungeon 9,the docks 2,a laboratory 5,a Legendary Forest 5,a lost city 5,a madman’s fortress 2,a magical lake 9,the mansion of powerful NPC 4,a military encampment 3,the palace of the ruler or local lord 4,ancient ruins 3,the slums 10,a tavern or inn 10,a temple or church 15,[Art, Grace, and Guts Oracle.Locations Lcase] 4,[Poetic Destinations.main]


2,Absent-minded expert 2,Merry minstrel 1,Arrogant snob 1,Childhood friend with a dark secret 1,Congenial madman 1,Crusty old professional 1,Gibbering madman 1,Government observer 1,Hero-worshipper 1,Ingenue in distress 1,Inquisitive chronicler 1,Obsequious merchant 1,Romantic loony 1,Talkative barkeep 1,Tragic fellow hero 1,Villain ally


2,Advance Agent 2,Conqueror 2,Corruptor 2,Destroyer 2,Lovable Rogue 2,Organizer 2,Ravager 2,Zealot 1,[Creepy Fantasy Villain.main] 1,Agent Provocateur 1,Avenger 1,Chance or circumstance 1,Sufferer


2,Chief assassin 2,Childhood friend with a dark secret 2,Inquisitor 2,Lovable rogue 2,Mistress or daughter with a heart of gold 2,Moronic muscleman 2,Single-minded soldier 1,[Secret Society Title.SecretSocietyName] 1,Avenger 1,Corrupted hero 1,Corrupted relative 1,Coward 1,Hard-eyed advisor 1,Misguided moralist 1,Sniveling vizier


2,A->B->C Quest 2,Accumulation of events 1,The Event 2,Geographic progression 1,Series of villains 1,a [MinorVillains] pretends to ally with the heroes before stabbing them in the back


1,Bloody battle 2,Chase to ground ([Chase]) 1,Divine retribution 2,Prevented deed 2,Scattered duels 2,Throne-room duel


3,Nocturnal predator 3,Ravager 2,Assassin-beast 2,Beast amok 2,Foreshadowing monster 2,King beast 2,Loving deceiver 2,Powerful tester 2,Terrain monster 1,Noble beast 1,Reconnaissance monster 1,Stampede


3,Blackmailer 2,Belligerent soldier 2,Inquisitive official 2,Mean drunk 2,New enemy 2,Old friend at the wrong time 2,Seducer 2,Thief 1,Bandit gang 1,Bureaucrat 1,Lying accuser 1,Press gang 1,Truthful accuser


4,Rock and a hard place 3,Pit and the pendulum 2,Animal pit 2,Demolition zone 2,Mutually assured destruction 2,Tomb deathtraps 1,Avalanche 1,Coliseum 1,Framed 1,Stampede


3,Coping with curse 2,Magic doesn’t work right 2,No hurting the villain 2,No lawbreaking 2,No weapons allowed 1,Omnipresent observer 1,Stolen identities 7,Time limit


1,Artifact doesn’t work 1,Extraneous details 3,False path to solution step 1,Loony has it all wrong 4,Lying rumour


1,Birthmark pertains 1,Comet’s progress 1,Fortune-teller predicts doom 3,Hero fulfills prophecy 2,Innocent fulfills prophecy 1,Reincarnation 1,Totem animal


3,Ally Quandary 3,Friend Quandary 6,Honor Quandary 4,Respect Quandary 4,Saving Quandary


1,Aerial 1,Endurance 2,Footrace 2,Horseback 6,Special terrain 1,Water


1,Element or ingredient 1,Holy symbol 1,Lack of familiarity 1,Love 1,Secret Embarrassment 1,Pride


1,Heroes must work with villain 2,Mission is a ruse 2,NPC turns traitor 1,Villain accompanies party 1,Villain related to hero 3,Wanted by the law


Inspired by the DM’s Design Kit for 1e AD&D