Failed Sanity Check

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You failed your sanity check? For use when your character faces horror and fails to keep it together, descending into madness. Inspired by The Warlock's Home Brew.


<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,You [madness].


1,drop all held items and stand in a passive catatonic state, totally helpless and useless 1,scream uncontrollably, attracting unwanted attention 1,attack anyone who is near or comes near, a feverish look in your eyes 1,run away screaming in a random direction 1,believe you are covered in something (fire, bugs, etc.) so run around shedding items until completely without items or clothes 1,begin raving and drooling 1,drop into convulsions and foam at the mouth 1,think everyone is an enemy out to swallow your soul 1,are delusional and begin to talk to yourself 1,lose your connection to reality and start seeing things that aren't really there 1,lose all sense of self 1,have a change in personality ([personality]) 1,begin speaking in tongues 1,start raging violently with no regard to friend or foe 1,hear voices in your head telling you to do stupid and dangerous things 1,become blind, deaf, and dumb 1,become mute 1,are obsessed with eating bugs and freshly killed things 1,urinate on yourself and stands there helpless in catatonic state, violently resisting any attempts to move 1,begin clawing at your own flesh 1,can't stop pleasuring yourself 1,hit your head against a wall until you fall unconscious 1,start sobbing uncontrollably, becoming totally helpless and defenseless 1,start laughing uncontrollably, becoming totally helpless and defenseless 1,seek out the smallest, darkest place (cave, nook, under a bed, etc.) and refuse to come out 1,fanatically believe the end is near and doom is upon us all 1,develop [Fantasy Traits.MENTAL_AFFLICTIONS] 1,faint 1,are convinced that one of your companions has been replaced by an evil, identical-looking impostor 1,start pacing, mumbling, and wringing your hands, ignoring everything around you 1,feel bile rising in your throat, and start vomiting.


1,arrogant 1,bitter 1,brutal 1,clumsy 1,contrarian 1,cowardly 1,cynical 1,desperate 1,foolhardy 1,foolish 1,forlorn 1,gluttonous 1,hedonistic 1,impulsive 1,lustful 1,lying 1,mean 1,nosy 1,rebellious 1,reckless 1,remorseful 1,ruthless 1,sadist 1,untrustworthy 1,vengeful