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… for “In a Wicked Age”, taken from Félix Fénéon’s Novels in Three Lines, which were news items that appeared in the French newspaper Le Matin in 1906. If you have the book, by all means add some. If you don’t have the book, please don’t

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Horrors of Rail and Motorway


The Lover’s Revenge


Criminal Lunacy


Strange Misdeeds




1,After he had been knocked out, Bonnafoux, of Johnquières, Vaucluse, was placed on a railroad track, where a train ran him over 1,At the station in Mâcon, Mouroux had his legs severed by an engine. “Look at my feet on the tracks!” he cried, then fainted 1,Because an automobile ran over his dog, a peasant from Dardilly, Rhône, shot at another automobile. He got a year in jail, suspended 1,Four horses, minus their dragoons, bolted on Quai de Javel. They knocked over a coach and it’s driver, Fouche 1,Hanging onto the door, a traveler a tad overweight caused his carriage to topple, in Menilmontant, and fractured his skull 1,Headless and with his chest torn open, Arsius, 15, of Champigny, lay in a tunnel. A crime, it was believed. No, he had fallen from a train 1,The Count or Bernis, secretary to the Duke of Montpensier, he of the murderous automobile, has imparted 500 francs to widow Riehl, of Nancy 1,Women suckling their infants argued the workers’ cause to the director of the streetcar lines in Toulon. He was unmoved 1,Yesterday, in the streets of Paris, cars killed Mme. Resche and M. P. Chaverrais and gravely wounded Mlle. Fernande Tissedre


1,“Fine. I won’t bother you any longer!” said M. Sormet of Vincennes to his wife and her lover, and blew his brains out 1,Finding her son, Hyacinthe, 69, hanged, Mme. Ranvier, of Bussy-Saint-Georges, was so depressed she could not cut him down 1,In a café on Rue Fontaine, Vautour, Lenoir, and Atanis exchanged a few bullets regarding their wives, who were not present 1,Jealous over nothing, Marius Guida, a locksmith of La Seyne, killed his wife of 25 years with a billhook 1,Mme. Vivant, of Argenteuil, failed to reckon with the ardor of Maheu, the laundry’s owner. He fished the desperate laundress from the Seine 1,Reverend Andrieux, of Roannes, near Aurillac, whom a pitiless husband perforated Wednesday with two rifle shots, died last night 1,Scheid, of Dunkirk, fired three times at his wife. Since he missed every shot, he decided to aim at his mother-in-law, and connected 1,Seamstress Adolphine Julien, 35, threw acid in the face of her runaway lover, Barthuel, a student. Two passerby were splashed 1,The photographer Joachim Berthoud could not get over the death of his wife. He killed himself in Fontanay-sous-Bois


1,“If my candidate loses, I will kill myself,” M. Bellavoine, of Fresquienne, Seine-Inferieure, had declared. He killed himself 1,A case of revenge: Near Monstrisol-d’Allier, M. Blanc and M. Boudoussier were killed and mutilated by M. Plet, M. Pascal, and M. Gazanion 1,A certain madwoman arrested downtown falsely claimed to be nurse Elise Bachmann. The latter is perfectly sane 1,A criminal virago, Mlle. Tulle, was sentenced by the Rouen court to 10 years’ hard labor, while her lover got five 1,Blindfolded, three Farons, ages 2, 4, and 6, were thrown into the Saône by their mother, a madwoman, who joined them 1,Despite a 20-year penitentiary sentence, in absentia, M. Miot, a Bordeaux architect, lived quietly in Toulon. He was arrested there 1,Furious that someone swiped his catch, M. Lepieux, a fisherman of Vieux-Port, Eure, nearly killed the seafood fancier 1,In Avignon, former policeman Anton, who, it was believed, poisoned his bullets, fired at Commissioner Chabrié, but missed 1,In Bone, the courts and the bar have reestablished contact with the prison, now that the typhus outbreak there has been curbed 1,Nurse Elise Bachmann, whose day off was yesterday, put on a public display of insanity 1,R. Pleynet, 14, of Annonay, has bitten his father and one of his pals. Two months ago a rabid dog licked his hand 1,Ten years’ hard labor were given Tournour by the court in Nancy. The adolescent killed a traveler who employed him as guide 1,The bones found on Ile Verte in Grenoble comprised not two but four children’s skeletons, minus two skulls 1,The city council of Toulon voted in favor of an eight-hour day for the police force. It’s decision was vetoed by the prefect 1,The recalled mayor of Montigny, his wife, and a member of the municipal council have been sentenced to prison for strike-related offenses


1,A complaint was sworn by the Persian physician Djai Khan against a compatriot who had stolen from him a tiara 1,A dozen hawkers who had been announcing news of a nonexistent anarchist bombing at the Madeleine have been arrested 1,A lamplighter in Versailles and a sexton in La Garenne-Colombes both found incendiary devices, their fuses snuffed 1,A thunderstorm interrupted the celebration in Orléans in honor of Joan of Arc and the 477th anniversary of the defeat of the English 1,A young brunette in a black tailored suit, whose delicate undergarments were monogrammed M.B.F., was fished out at Saint-Cloud bridge 1,After finding a suspect device on his doorstep, Friquet, a printer in Aubusson, filed a complaint against persons unknown 1,Arrested in Saint-Germain for petty theft, Joël Guilbert drank sublimate. He was detoxified, but died yesterday of delirium tremens 1,At the cemetery in Essarts-le-Roi, M. Gauthier had buried his three daughters. He wanted to have them exhumed. One corpse was missing 1,At Toulouse, the finale of the bailiffs’ convention. Their duties, said a speaker, are “delicate, dangerous, and insufficiently compensated.” 1,Because of his poster opposing the strikebreakers, the students of Brest lycee hissed their teacher, M. Litalien, an aide to the mayor 1,Burning with electoral fervor, persons attending a speech by M. Lafferre in Agde got into a fight. Several were injured, one seriously 1,Chases by a naval gendarme, a sailor dove into a pile of sheet metal scraps, one of which severed his carotid artery 1,Clash in the street between the municipal powers of Vendres, Herault, and the party of the opposition. Two constables were injured 1,D., of the 8th Colonial Regiment, Toulon, who incited inmates to riot in the correctional barracks, has been given 60 days in jail 1,Despondent owing to the bankruptcy of one of his debtors, M. Arturo Ferretti, merchant of Bizerte, killed himself with a hunting rifle 1,Due to their ardor during audits and polls, some congregants and a voter have been sentenced, in Cholet and Saint-Girons 1,During a scuffle in Grenoble, three demonstrators were arrested by the brigade, who were hissed by the crowd 1,Five hundred francs have been promised by M. Delarue to whomever can locate, within the next ten days, his son, parish priest of Châtenay 1,In political disagreements, M. Begouen, journalist, and M. Bepmale, MP, had called one another “thief” and “liar.” They have reconciled 1,In the course of a heated political discussion in Propriano, Corsica, two men were killed and two wounded 1,In the second arrondissement, 27 violations have been charged in three days against cabdrivers who demanded excessive tips up front 1,M. Jonnart denied to the commission that the new tax plan was a scheme to make the budget’s ends meet 1,No more briar pipes. Their makers, in Saint-Claude, have stopped work until they are paid better 1,On Place du Pantheon, a heated group of voters attempted to roast an effigy of M. Auffray, the losing candidate. They were dispersed 1,Sand and only that was the content of two suspect packages that yesterday morning alarmed Saint-Germain-en-Laye 1,The charge of embezzlement against the management of the Toulon artillery amounts to nothing, according to the manager’s inquiry 1,The fever, of military origin, that is raging in Rouillac, Charente, is getting worse and spreading. Preventative measures have been taken 1,The Finance Minister has recommended to tax collectors in Toulon that they be lenient to taxpayers adversely affected by strikes 1,The May Day celebration in Lorient was noisy, but not a hint of violence gave the slightest cause for police intervention 1,The Yodtzes, of Bezons, were somewhat burned in a fire from which they were rescued by two cuirassiers 1,While thundering for the Republic, a 300-year-old cannon exploded in Chatou, but no one was hurt 1,With a cheese knife, Coste, from the suburbs of Marseilles, killed his sister who, also a grocer, was his competition