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These entries are all adaptations of the work done by Ian Toltz, also known as Asmor, in his Encounter-a-Day-blog. Used with permission.


Encounters of the day

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19,[fantasy] 1,[other]


1,A band of mercenaries from the distant north, riding armoured bears and prone to wanton destruction, unless given a great treasure 1,A changeling finding out his true fey nature at puberty 1,A city living of art and wine, ruled by artists and vintners, with demagogues preaching about the power of the common folk 1,A city run by a trio of vampires, vying for total control of the city and other lands 1,A culture of pyramid-builders who bury the dead with great treasures and carefully guard their graves 1,A cursed military fort that slowly makes the inhabitants insane 1,A dwarf, dead and with an expression of great terror, and a list of names he carried 1,A dying messenger, those chasing her, and a message of great importance 1,A flight of small drakes, unparalleled in the accuracy of their flaming breath, loyal to any who feeds them 1,A guild of messengers dabbling in smuggling, protective of their monopoly 1,A hero exiled by her people, driven by the will to die on the peak of her lofty mountain home 1,A hole in reality, withering hope and self-esteem of those near it 1,A mad alchemist brewing potent substances in his lair, where a monster is about to break out of its cage 1,A man kills himself to frame another of murder 1,A marketplace that appears at night, disappears upon dawn, and where every purchase has an unusual price 1,A mighty berserker too easily provoked, but with good intentions 1,A mirror that reveals the muses and talents of people, making them vulnerable 1,A monastery inhabited by monsters, claiming to have given up their bestial ways 1,A noblewoman who buys the masterpieces of little-known artists, presenting them as her own and arranging the deaths of those whose work she claims 1,A person of virtue and compassion destined to be the next grim reaper, unwilling to accept the role 1,A pirate captain whose reputation is due to masquerading as a woman, successfully 1,A plague that keeps the diseased conscious but kills their bodies 1,A pot of gold stolen from a fey who seeks revenge 1,A priest hiding from a dragon in the woods 1,A room where everything turns invisible, including the treasure and guardian therein 1,A ship whose decks are littered with dead birds for no apparent reason 1,A thief who offers a job to any who corner her 1,A tower that grants great power to the one serving and living in it, but takes away all freedom 1,A wounded beast in a trap, more formidable than it seems to be 1,A young elven rebel seeking to change the world, opposing the wise elders 1,An ancient metropolis, original inhabitants long gone, whose ageless guardians still enforce the draconian laws of their masters 1,An arbiter of the dead and a murderer making an appeal for someone she killed 1,An elite order of assassins, each member devoted to single mark, waiting for the sign to strike 1,An expensive tavern where the rich patrons watch the poor, paid with food, fight and brawl 1,An innocent but monstrous witch and the merchants who want her property 1,An order of monks who believe the world to be controlled by a divine storyteller, trying to keep everything in control 1,An underwater city built to support land-dwellers, abandoned for unknown reason 1,Artificers inspired by a mad god, building slaves to do its bidding 1,Breeder of monsters now dying and the creations escaped 1,Chamber smells of ozone, for a reason, and is guarded by a golem 1,Chaos spirit who exchanges the valued possessions of people 1,Child of a noble following a great hero, now blamed for kidnapping the child 1,Cute wild creature and the ferocious parents searching for it 1,Desperate storycrafter seeking inspiration by hanging on the gallows, alive, for now 1,Donkey possessed by a demon, sometimes peaceful, sometimes succumbing to the evil within 1,Every night the doors are barred and windows covered, for something goes bump in the night 1,Fae with ivory masks, quick to take offense for the least significant transgression and terrible in their wrath 1,Fey who takes on the shape and memories of a target, feeding off despair and fear 1,Five men burying alive a young woman who remembers nothing 1,Former servant opposing a diabolical master, in spite of the odds 1,Friendly family offering shelter from the weather, ensorcelled to slay any visitors at night 1,Giant, berserk animals running free, their master in hiding 1,Grove of sentient trees, surrounded by their sapling and guardians 1,Host of angelic beings ruling over a city where all evil is punished, harshly 1,Infertile race that abducts females and raises them as their own, using males as slaves and brutes 1,Inn serving a foreign nation with trained prostitutes and ways to spy upon the most secret of meetings 1,Lonely kobold threatened by a pack of wolves 1,Mighty sorcerer disdaining the traditional tools of the trade, defeating every challenger with merely a look 1,Monstrous animals that clear the path for dawn, attacking anything that might compromise their task 1,Mountain guarded by an ancient dragon and the monastery on the top of the mountain 1,Mute, illiterate girl, far from home 1,Noble, drugged but in expensive clothes, vengeful towards any witness 1,Number-obsessed cult, seeking to have everyone conform in face of their immutable reality 1,Petty thief running from authorities, unfortunately meeting old “friends” 1,Pregnant princess, soon in labour, hiding from her family 1,Regiment of forgotten soldiers from a war no longer waged, still guarding the passage as ordered, eager for news 1,Religion built around harmony, with a cult seeking destruction of that falls short of their standards 1,Ruby, the owner of which is cursed by terrible misfortune 1,Secret society fighting against the end of the world as prophesied by a book that ever changes 1,Secret underground harem and two warriors, blades glistening, in there 1,Skeletons, flame-born, originally forge-workers, now with a spark of intelligence and ambition 1,Small hamlet, a tree with miraculous powers in the center, and a sword of great good and evil the tree has grown around 1,Tavern-keeper whose brews are made of sentient creatures, responsible for the disappearance of some guests 1,Terrible beast bursting through city streets on a day of great celebration 1,The gifts a necromancer gives to assassins, useful for getting rid of the bodies; where do they go? 1,The return of an ancient race that once ruled over those who are in power now 1,The river that flows through all the worlds and the souls of the dead it sweeps along 1,Town known for its hunting dogs is approached by the lord of canines, displeased with the misplaced devotion of the townsfolk 1,Two tribes of fearsome barbarians locked in continuous fighting and the shamans who want to destroy the other side, permanently 1,Zombies pouring upon unsuspecting treasure-seekers, driving them towards a deadly pit


1,A spaceship that stores the culture and memories of a dead race 1,Biological and experimental weaponry in a sealed suitcase lost in Russia, with mafia and international spies seeking it 1,Explorers slung into unknown space with no means of contacting the civilization 1,Solar system in the middle of the universe with various factions plotting to conquer it 1,The remnants of an alien spaceship, carrying powerful artifacts and a deadly disease


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